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Old 06-13-14, 02:54 PM  
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5 Steps for Dealing with Anterior Pelvic Tilt

This has been floating around Pinterest; maybe other VFers have seen it. I was glad to read it, as this is definitely something I've noticed (I'm a seamstress, and the fact that my front waistline is lower than my back beomes very apparent!), and I've wondered how to correct it through exercise.

But I found his descriptions for the exercises to be kind of vague, and difficult to see what's going on in his photos. I know the article is intended for PTs and trainers, though, so they probably don't need more guidance.

Does anyone have a better reference for lay-exercisers who have to go it alone?

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Old 06-13-14, 07:24 PM  
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Gem, I definitely have this same tendency--I have a bit of lordosis to my lower back and need to be careful not to exaggerate it.

The exercises in the article are suggestions that I've come across before--what didn't make sense to you? As noted at the end of the article, one recommendation is just to stretch your hip flexors. A simple way to do this recommended on the Core Walking Blog is to rest in the Constructive Rest Position for up to 30 minutes (see this post).

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I know sitting cross legged isn't as bad as 'regular' sitting. I think it stretches your hips and engages your lower abs. And you can do it while watching TV.
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anterior pelvic tilt, form, posterior chain, posture

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