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Old 02-25-09, 03:30 PM  
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Your Favorite Cathe Premixes?

Hi! I have finally managed to replace most of my Cathe VHS with DVD versions. My motivation was the premixes even though I have never done one . There are so many, though!

Can anyone share their favorite premixes? In a long-ago thread someone wrote that they loved the KPC/LG::KB + Strength Circuit + Abs premix. So, I added that to my workout spreadsheet as a good one to try . Thanks to whoever posted it!

Any other favorites? TIA!!
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Old 02-25-09, 03:35 PM  
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Location: CT
Do you have 4DS? My fave is the Bootcamp/Kickbox cardio premix called "Cardio Power". It's killer!

I also love B&G "leg blast" premix, the 82 minute premix on KPC/L&G, the Timesaver Cardio premix on LIC, and Timesaver Cardio premix on BM2.

I'm sure I'll be back with more favorites....
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Old 02-25-09, 04:18 PM  
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I really love to do the Step Pump and Jump pre-mix that is the step and hi/lo circuit. I usually rebound for the hi/lo, but sometimes I do it as prescribed.

I also really like the lower body pre-mix on Muscle Endurance. I second the one you said on KPJ with the circuits from L&G.

Mostly I use the pre-mixes to condense workouts for days when I don't have enough time. Like making IMAX2 a 30 minute workout or making Cardio & Weights a quick step workout. I also like just doing the combos from KPC w/o the drills.

On the Pyramids dvd, I wish she'd done a pre-mix with all ball work, but you have to click on the lower body ball work first, then go back to the menu and click on the ball work for upper. It's still easier than how I used to FF through the videos.
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Old 02-25-09, 04:45 PM  
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Location: Island off the NC Coast
I love the B&G Leg Blast Premix (also affectionately known as the "Oh no not THAT again" premix).

I also love Scrambled Eggs from Body Max 2 - that's a killer as is the Cardio Premix. Ouch.

Whenever I want a good sweatfest, I do the 90 minute Cardio premix on SJP and SB. That one is fun.

And the KCP/L&G premixes are great. There are several that I like on that one.

Have fun - the premixes are like having a whole new workout sometimes.
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Old 02-25-09, 04:51 PM  
Jane P.
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I like the timesaver premix on Muscle Max because entire workout is too long for me to do on most days.

I also like the low impact and upper body circuit on 4DS. I wish there was a low impact and lower body circuit premix on that set, but there isn't.
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Old 02-25-09, 07:37 PM  
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double post...deleted...
"You don't have to believe it, you just have to do it." Joyce Vedral
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Old 02-25-09, 07:39 PM  
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Join Date: Jan 2002
Thank you so much, everyone! This really helps. I will mark your favorites on the Cathe "Compendium" (thank you, Lainie!!

More suggestions greatly welcomed as you think of them (talkin' to you, beth22 ).

I actually traded away Timesaver but will note your faves for this as well (it didn't click with me but only tried the workouts once) but I have most of the others...I will probably want Timesaver back someday, in true vidiot fashion , right? ETA: I meant 4DS!

EDITED>>>I traded 4DS, not Timesaver! I love Timesaver, esp. # 5 (Legs & Glutes) - so many Cathe's to keep track of!
"You don't have to believe it, you just have to do it." Joyce Vedral
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Old 02-25-09, 07:44 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2007
The Blast Only premix on Lowmax is great! Do the warm up, then click on this premix and it's a great cardio & leg toner that clocks in at about 31 minutes w/o cooldown.

Joan (JP44)
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Old 02-25-09, 08:18 PM  
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Location: Santa Cruz Mtns, CA
Muscle Max and Muscle Endurance Upper Body premixes. Low Max 4-7 premix (gets it done in 45 minutes and I prefer it to 1-4, as the latter does not have a cooldown).

Any of the KPC premixes - KPC is well over an hour and I just don't do that!

Muscle Endurance/Bootcamp premix - 65 minutes, circuit-style, but 4 circuits and abs (from ME) are at the end.

PUB/PLB combo premix - 53 minutes. Yowza! (no abs)

Like the ankleweight/floorwork premix from L&G as an add-on.

Double step cardio from 4DS (probably the reason I don't sell 4DS).

CTX Upper Body!!!!
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Old 02-25-09, 09:42 PM  
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I really like the Standing Legs and Stability Ball Abs Premix on Butts and Guts. A great and through workout that gets you in and out in about 45 minutes. If you were really pressed for time, you could sub out some of the 'heavy' leg work for upper body exercises (pushups, pullups, etc.)
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cathe friedrich, premix

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