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Old 01-06-22, 12:15 PM  
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Originally Posted by kittybug View Post
Hah, my comment was meant to disparage reiki and certainly not you, BabyW!!! I hope I [B]wasn't taken the wrong way. Anyway, that journey is a long story I won't bore you all with here.
kittybug - I'd be interested in your story. Maybe by email if you don't feel comfortable posting on about it on VF. I know I have an open mind because things keep falling out of it!

Originally Posted by bee View Post
Did you have any weird side effects from it? My husband was on it for a while and I think it made him sleep walk and do strange things in his sleep (but I may be confusing it with something else he tried). In any case, that is a good thought -- thank you! I will talk to the PT and doctor about it. Your back is better now?
bee - I took Gabapentin for a nerve issues years ago. I must be highly sensitive to it as I did have ill effects. It impeded my memory and made me groggy. I was on the way to my hairdressers and totally forgot where it was. I had to drive around for a while. I am weird because no one else I have spoken to has had those issues.

Originally Posted by horusosiris View Post
Lately I have been seriously considering leaving the university. I ponder it almost every day. I do not believe there is a sector of society that has been unaffected by covid. I think about how much our family and extended family dynamic has been altered. Normally we would have a big family and friends Super Bowl cross generational bash but not so this year. No thanksgiving get-together, no holiday get- together, no News Year marathon movie night. Normally on New Year’s Eve, we have a marathon Honey Mooners, Harry Potter, Stars Wars get together. No Super Bowl but I can hold out hope for the 4th of July! We shall see…
horusosiris - (((HUGS))) I wish I had some encouraging words. Sigh, the pandemic has to end sometime!

More hugs to all!
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Old 01-06-22, 12:50 PM  
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Originally Posted by ChelePA View Post
Kittybug…shoveling is always quite the workout. Hope your back is better.

Bee…I’m also thinking Ambien as the med. My sister had a similar reaction.

Kim…glad Gabapentin worked for you. We have talked about it in the future if my leg becomes a chronic issue. It did nothing for my husband. You just never know.

Interesting about the cats and eating issues. When we first got Winston, our breeder told us to make sure he felt safe with food. She thought the previous owners weren’t giving him enough to eat as a puppy. So at night we would always give him a snack so he never felt hungry. Maybe I made him feel a little too comfortable with food since he’s overweight now. Ha ha.

I just popped in to ask a quick question because I know you are all so much more knowledgeable in this area. I’ve started doing more and more meditation and yoga workouts these days. Can you tell me what the difference is with breathing in through your nose and out through your nose. Or breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Benefits? Differences? Why do you do it one way versus another? Thanks
ChelePA I wish I had an answer for you on the yoga breathing. I just breath like they suggest and I really don't know why it is done that way or why it's supposed to be good. I have trouble breathing correctly sometimes though. I can tell you that when I am breathing properly, I notice it and it makes a difference.
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Old 01-06-22, 04:43 PM  
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Originally Posted by bee View Post

manleym and Nathalie, the thing I really love about Caroline's workouts -- especially the more recent ones -- is that she wants you to go at such a slow pace and I really feel that. One of the upper body ones I've done recently does tricep dips really slowly -- opposite of Cathe who always whizzes through them. I do feel them with Cathe, too, but feel them differently with that slow Caroline pace.
I agree: it's possible to go slower and deeper. Also, since the focus is on time instead of the number of reps, I find it's easier to go to failure, which challenges the muscles differently. It's a different way of working.
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Old 01-06-22, 05:02 PM  
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Bee and Lavna- have you tried Cathe's Slow and Heavy series workouts? Those workouts are challenging. Yes, changing the pace of a exercise will change the dynamic and how you feel it. Lately, Cathe does seem to go even faster than she normally does. Interestingly, in today's Cathe Live workout, she mentioned that she felt herself speeding up, so she slowed down and tacked on a few more reps. Sagi also has a series of workout called "Tempo." They are brutal (in a good way) but I love them. Amy Bento's Slo-Mo is also very good.
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Old 01-06-22, 05:27 PM  
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Kim…Thanks for the reply. I prefer to breathe in for the nose out for the mouth. But doing Cathe’s yoga she is breathing in through the nose and out through the nose. Just different. Trying to understand the pros and cons.

Manleym… glad your husband is OK.

We definitely need one big group hug. I guess it will have to be virtual with all this Covid going around.

Every day my daughter says there are 5 or 10 additional students out in her class due to Covid. She thinks the principal has it now. The father that died is having his wake tonight. Originally my daughter really wanted to attend and I said she had to wear the N 95 mask. My husband and I had no plans of going. We sent messages and a donation to the family. But then she changed her mind because she is so exposed at school and didn’t want to be carrying anything into the funeral home. I’m actually surprised they are having so many people since he died of Covid. Such a difficult time. I’m sure the family needs the support but at the same time I struggle with the numbers locally. They are crazy through the roof. Such a hard balance of living your life and being cautious at the same time. I feel terrible we can’t go. But I already struggle with so many things sleeping and pain etc. I just don’t want to have to fight one more battle.

I completed the peloton top 50 songs cycling classes today. 30 minutes of fun. Then I did a 20 minute Pop music walking class. Definitely picked up my speed again. I added on 5 minutes of core plus a 10 minute barre class (modifications) and then finished with floor stretching. All peloton classes.

Sending positive vibes to all.
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Old 01-06-22, 07:10 PM  
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Oh no, forum problems for me!! Anyone else?

, my heart goes out to you. I think you nailed it though about not wanting to fight one more battle. I think that's smart, and you've come so far, why risk it? But I know it's not easy any way around. HUGE hugs to you, my friend!!

Horusosiris and Nathalie, THANK YOU for the Slow and Heavy and Slo-Mo reminders! That sounds sooooo good to me right now.

BabyW, if I can gather my thoughts coherently I will happily email you. Just give me some time, hah!

Bee, I just got your sweet card and it totally made me smile! Thank you for brightening my day!!

Watulans, Patrick tried to KILL me today. I pulled out Lean, Hot Body and holy moly, that's all I gotta say! Note to self: If you want to feel horribly out of shape, just revisit Patrick!

Have a great night you all!!
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Old 01-07-22, 08:18 AM  
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Kittybug I didn't see any bloopers on the Erin O'Brien workout that I did the other day but I have another one of hers, Strong Body, Fit Body, and I thought maybe that was the one with the bloopers. I didn't find any on that one either. BUT, I seem to recall seeing those bloopers of the film crew saying how they never work out somewhere, just can't figure out where.

Also, if you're so inclined, include me on the reiki email to Alta. I've got some opinions on it but I'm always curious to hear others' points of view.

Last night I did another walk from Walk, Run, Lift - the Leslie program that doesn't have Leslie in it. I like this program. It's funny how Nick gives the same cues that Leslie would give - I mean, he uses the same language as she would use. Even the "hands to heaven" phrase is in there. That just makes smile and I so love hearing it.

We had a few inches of snow last night. ChelePA, it wasn't so bad so don't fret. I know you don't like the cold and winter weather. I never minded it but as I get older I long for the sun a lot more. Our winter has been unseasonably snow-less so far.

Have a great day my Watulan friends.
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Kim… i’m glad the snow wasn’t too much. It’s going to be a challenge for me this year. I was always the who cleared it out since my husband works long hours. I told my daughter the days she doesn’t have to work, she will be responsible. I also helped out at my mom’s. Ugh! It makes it tricky for me to get outside with Winston when he goes potty and clean up. I need to be extremely careful so I don’t slip. Clean up duty will probably have to wait until everyone else is home.

Today I did a 20 minute cycling class. Followed it with a 20 minute body weight class. Surprisingly I was able to do many of the moves at a much slower pace. Then I did 10 minutes on the treadmill and followed that up with some stretching. Really trying to work on my ankle range of motion. Lots of tenderness and stiffness with walking. It hinders me from going down the steps without holding onto my cane or the wall. Just not safe.

Happy Friday!
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Old 01-08-22, 03:55 PM  
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Hi all! Where does time go??

Since I last posted I've done a Chris Dorner low impact workout, (yes, she's on YouTube CDornerfitness), Cathe Live Mobility #369, #97 circuit sweat, #96 Cardio Boxing & Plyo Legs, and a bunch of walking. The day I did the Chris Dorner followed by Cathe mobility was probably too much as the next day I was in a lot of pain. It feels good when I'm doing it, but boy howdy I paid for it. Anyway DH finally convinced me to see the doctor on Thursday, and as luck had it I was able to get a same day appointment. He confirmed what I thought---piriformis that is aggravating the sciatic nerve. He prescribed the medication that I had been taking off and on that was left over from the leg inflammation but told me to take it for 5 days straight. He said he was prescribing 30 tablets and I said "so I can use it the next time I diagnose myself" and he laughed and said "yes, doctor." I'm glad he isn't a physician who gets offended by patients who do a lot of research on their own. Anyhow I've been taking it easy and it's starting to be a little better consistently.

We've been lucky to only get "snush" (slush coming down from then sky like snow) during the recent storms, but yuck. Temps have been crazy up and down.

bee, I'm not sure if you have a diagnosis for your issue, but if it's similar to mine in that the muscles are pressing on the nerves, then gabapentin wouldn't necessarily be the answer. The med I'm taking is an anti-inflammatory. Oh and my DH takes gabapentin and it's helped him somewhat. It's been a gradual increase in dosage for him to get enough to help. He doesn't have any ill effects from it. FWIW Watula also took it for several years and it did help her with her joints. At any rate, I hope you feel improvement soon! P.S. I loved the card too! Cute and a day brightener!

horusosiris, I'm so sorry you are struggling. It sounds as though your routine has been completely upended by the pandemic, and how discouraging that we are now facing another wave! hugs to you.

ChelePA, no answer on the yoga breathing from me. I defer to the expert Watulans. Ugh on the kids at your daughter's school getting Covid. It seems that the protocols at the schools are changing daily based on the infections and it must be very unsettling for students, teachers and parents alike!

FN1, yes, Patrick's Lean Hot Body is a killer! I can't recall if I've ever even finished it, at least not until I've paused and rested a bit. You are still worthy of your name!!

Darn it, need to finish catching up later! DH calling me to help with some project he is doing...

Waves to all!
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Happy Saturady all!

Yesterday, was UB and I tried 2 C. Girvan workouts - a 20 min. UB and a 20 min. triceps. I was surprised that even though I was often lifting close to failure, I don't have too much DOMS today. Maybe, I'll have them tomorrow!

I had my booster shot today. It's been 6 months sonce my second one so I was eager to have it as soon as I was eligible. Luckily, it was possible to make an appointment on Thursday and one was free today! Yay!

I'm going back to work on Monday. It was nice to have 2 whole weeks of vacations. Thankfully, things are going to be less hectic than before Christmas!

Stay fierce everyone!
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fierce watulans, watulan check-in

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