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Old 01-02-21, 04:27 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Québec City (Canada)
Hello Watulans and welcome Garrie!

Wow! This thread is busy already!!!!

Chele: I'm so happy that you got good news from your doctors. As for an app for mindfulness, I like Insight timer. There are a lot of choices!

FN1 and FN2: Congrats on Mess 2. You derserve your rest week!

Today and yesterday have been rest days. On Thursday, I did Live 239 LB barre and weights. I like that one. I've done it twice and I think that all that barre is good for my back. I've also been rather consistent with my stretching.

Waves to all!
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Old 01-02-21, 06:21 PM  
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Linda you had me laughing as usual with your post! I fear the thought of purging, but I just recently sent Garrie two DVDs. I figured he would get more use out of them than I would since he's an instructor and Rebecca Small workouts are geared towards other teachers. But I felt sort of guilty saying I hate purging right after I just sent him two.

So Watulans, the Viper is DONE!!!! I can't believe I actually did the entire thing! It's an hour and 20 minutes and it really flew by. By the time I was getting tired from the cardio sections, the weight section came along to mix things up. I didn't go crazy heavy on the weights and I modified some of the Imax intervals, but I modified a lot less than I thought I would. Very happy about that. Thanks Bee (I think it was you) for mentioning this one.

Lavna I hope your back is feeling better soon. :heart

Have a great night everyone.
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Old 01-02-21, 06:48 PM  
Join Date: May 2018
Hi All Fierce Friends!

Hope you are all doing well today! Welcome Garrie! You'll LOVE this group!

Kim CONGRATS on doing ALL of Viper! YAY YOU!! We all knew you could do it!

Bee I think I have Linda's Barre Bell HiiT. I was on a Linda kick at one point, buying her downloads for 70 cents. I believe that is one I bought. And Step Blast is one of my all time favorite Cathe step workouts. Everything about it just works and I'm always smiling afterwards. Great workout choice!

Cataddict and Kittybug congratulations on another week of STS behind ya'll. You gals are AMAZING! Hang in there! You're almost to the finish line! It's coming friends! What day are ya'll thinking about doing IMax Extreme? I might join ya'll.

Cataddict I'm going to have to do Viper again, but at the beginning of the week instead of the end. The combos didn't seem harder than Gauntlet, but for some reason I was more tired. Maybe just an off day. And I'm glad you're feeling better. You were hit hard last year. Hugs to you friend.

Today's workout was Cathe Live Rock It Sock It #82, followed by 10 Minute Stretch Routine (no equipment) with Kit Rich on YouTube. I REALLY like the stretch if you're looking for something quick. Rock It Sock It was a great cardio workout. I would recommend it and would do it again.

Have a great evening everyone!
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Old 01-02-21, 07:33 PM  
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Location: USA
Hello Fierce Watulan Deities!

Manley and Cataddict- I did The Viper today. I have not done this workout in quite a while but it does seem so much easier than it did when I first attempted it. I could not find my terminator DVD and I spend 30 minutes looking for it, so I did The Viper from Cathe on Demand. I think that I must have misfiled it in another binder. Cathe’s workouts have their own binder.

– Welcome! I often read your posts on the GD and I am so happy that you have joined us. You will be a great asset to the group. Congrats on completing your second round of STS and if you do a third round later this year, I may join you for my fourth round. I like both leg workouts in STS – Plyo Legs and Squat RACK LEGS. Sometimes I mix the two workouts and create my own leg workout. I too love complex step choreography.

Lavna - I like Lower Body Barre and Weights too!

Cataddict – Keep your head up. I am glad that you are feeling better. That 2021 will be better for everyone is my hope and prayer. I have not read The Silmarillon. I think my hesitancy is that Tolkien never completed the work but his son compiled and edited his father’s notes. I wonder how true to Tolkien’s vision the edited work would be? I would love a movie but the Tolkien estate has not sold the movie rights to anyone, so I guess that I wish will not be coming true. I would be more accepting of a movie because I expect a moderate degree of poetic film license.

Bee- You can keep your Xmas tree up all year! If the spirit of Xmas was exhibited all throughout the year, that would be marvelous. So, you love rainy weather? I love rainy days to cuddle up with a great cup of tea and a good book. I have been so engrossed in my academic career readings, that I do not get to read fiction as often as I would like. I told my family about your family’s accomplishment jar and they all thought it was such a good idea.

Chel the negative result was such good news!

Mickey- I do exactly the same thing at the holiday time- overindulge! I allow myself to do this but I am usually back on track in January. Thanks for the complement but creativity is not one of my strong suits, however much I wish for it.

Manelym- We joined you in watching College football.

Lavna – was that you who said that The Lord of the Rings trilogy is timeless and full of memorable quotes? I so agree.
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Old 01-03-21, 01:05 AM  
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Hi Watulans!

Today I did the Perfect 30 HiiT workouts--High Impact, followed by Low Impact, followed by the Pyramid Bonus Hiit. Good stuff when put together! I then pulled out the Stretch Max DVD and did the No Equipment stretch. I really needed that, as I've been somewhat neglectful of my intention to focus more on stretching/mobility/flexibility.

horusosiris, I understand you hesitating to read The Silmarillion since it wasn't all J.R.R. Tolkien and I had the same qualms but decided that the core of the book would still be his. I think it's worth reading.

Kim, didn't I say you could do the Viper? You are a Fierce Watulan Deity, after all!!!

Garrie, you most certainly can count your teaching as a workout! You definitely have a busy schedule! Great that you could change it up this time with STS since you have a squat rack to do the optional workout. I don't have one and I don't have a weighted vest that's adjustable so I'm planning to stay with Option 1. I didn't do the 1RM again either, and like you I just went heavier than I did the first time. I do think it was helpful in giving me an idea as to how much weight to use.

Nathalie, glad you are healing and being sensible about it.

manley, I'm going to try more of the kickboxing Live workouts this week, so thanks for the rec on #82. I had been avoiding them since they tend to be shoulder intensive and I'm not really looking to add more shoulder work in the middle of STS but since I'm now "recovering" I can do a few of them. I've decided to table Imax Extreme since I've somehow tweaked my knee and step isn't the best cardio to do with a sensitive knee. Hopefully it will be okay in the next day or so and I may decide to put IE back on the table!

bee, I also like the rain. We need rain, and I grew up in an area that was rainy and as a result was very green and beautifully fertile. It annoys me to no end when one of the weather twits on our local station makes negative comments about rainy days as if her opinion is relevant to the forecast. LOL I'm a crotchety ol' thing!

Linda, THANKS for our Cowbell Celebration of the Completion of Mess 2!! I can't imagine what you will do when we finish the whole thing!!!

FN1, can you believe we are 2/3 through STS? Do you have a squat rack? As I mentioned above, I don't have one so I won't be doing that option.

Chele, glad the test was negative. It's always scary waiting for results.

Waves to all!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

Watula, Cheeto, Charli, Lux, Merlin, Rudy, Finley, Hobbes and Winston Fan Girl!
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Old 01-03-21, 08:41 AM  
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Loving all the posts...busy, busy! Welcome Garrie!!!

I am so glad that you ladies chose The Terminator DVD for the Fun Friday workouts. Loving this choice! I think we should do Imax Extreme this week...thoughts?

My rebounder has been an awesome gift. Definitely nice to mix things up especially since I like cardio and was taking it somewhat easier these days with my plantar fasciitis. I have been using Naomi Joy's Youtube workouts. Really enjoying them! I didn't realize how sore my thighs were until The Viper. My legs were really feeling it.

Those doing STS are rocking it. So impressed!!!

Garrie-I am also a big fan of step!!! Have you tried Kat Gates-Buettner on Youtube? Love her music and routines! She does basic as well as advanced choreography.

Lavna-thanks for the app recommendation. Hope you are feeling well!

Love the accomplishment jar! And also NYE movie nights plus the ring idea with friends. You ladies always give me food for thought. One year we chose a family goal of discussing nightly at dinner the book Wonder 365 days of quotes and what each quote meant to us.

I can't believe the holidays are over. I am going to miss all the quality time with my husband and daughter. Winston will be in shock. He gets so much attention these days. Back to reality tomorrow.

We are expecting some ice and snow today. Hoping more snow than ice but most likely not. Have a great Sunday!
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Old 01-03-21, 08:54 AM  
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Knock knock, hello!

Curious mind here - what is a Watulan?
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Old 01-03-21, 09:47 AM  
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Originally Posted by Pat58 View Post

Curious mind here - what is a Watulan?
I have the same question!
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Old 01-03-21, 09:48 AM  
Garrie A.
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A Watulan is named after Watula, one of Cataddict's cats. She passed away last year, and the "Watulan" name was born in memory of her.
-AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
-Licensed Zumba Fitness instructor
-Certified Barre Above instructor
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STS Grad 11/19-2/20
STS Grad AGAIN 9/20-12/20

"And remember the dishes will always wait. Have fun and go make a quilt!"-Debbie Mumm

"Be good out there. If you can't be good, be careful."-Denis Morton

Check out my blog by clicking on the "Home Page" link under my profile name.
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Old 01-03-21, 10:33 AM  
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Originally Posted by Garrie A. View Post
A Watulan is named after Watula, one of Cataddict's cats. She passed away last year, and the "Watulan" name was born in memory of her.
Thanks Garrie! Sorry to hear about Watula passing.
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watulan check-in

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