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Old 09-17-17, 08:07 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
What are your go-to Pilates Workouts?

My next 4 week phase will be primarily made up of Callanetcs, Barre and Pilates. I have a few Winsor Pilates dvds, to start with. My schedule will looking something like this:

Barre ... and so on. Because Barre and Callentics have a lot of small movements and pulsing, I felt it would be good to put Pilates in between them. So I think I might need a few more routines for variety.

I only do dvds, so please don't list streaming or downloads please. If you name Winsor, please be specific due to all the different titles she's put out over the years. (it's overwhelming). Good upper body is important with bands or weights would be great.

For Barre I ordered in Suzanne Bowen's full set and her newest from Prevention. I only ordered Callanetics Express for now. It's well chaptered, so I'll start there.

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Old 09-17-17, 09:12 AM  
summer breeze
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I used to use the 10 Minute Solution Pilates dvds with Lara Hudson a lot, 10 MS Pilates Perfect Body with Suzanne Bowen and 10 MS Quick Sculpt Pilates with Andrea Leigh Rogers, which I still use segments on occasion. I also used Tracey Mallett's Pilates Super Sculpt often too. These are all very good pilates dvds broken down into 10 minute body part segments.

Lately I've been using Bernadette Giorgi's just b method dvds, mostly her Express dvd and her circle workout. I also have been using Mari Winsor's dvds lately, I like her circle workout dvds but I cycle through many of hers. I prefer using the pilates circle to bands and I'm always on the lookout for pilates circle workouts. Since incorporating more pilates into my regimen this summer my clothes are fitting better, shorts that didn't fit me at the beginning of the summer fit comfortably now, a few people have actually asked me if I work out and all of this is with no weight loss or dietary changes whatsoever. And my core is definitely stronger, I can see some of the moves that were difficult for me are becoming more doable.
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Old 09-17-17, 10:41 AM  
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I love Yogilates. I have 1 & 2, so I can't speak on 3.

I also like the crunch workouts by Ellen. Burn & firm uses light weights for the upper body.
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Old 09-17-17, 11:22 AM  
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I like DVDs with short segments that I can add on with other workouts. The 10 Minute Solution DVDs are great for that. I love Tracey Mallett's Pilates Super Sculpt, it's my favourite. I also like the Winsor DVDs with short segments.

For longer Pilates, workouts, my favourites are Trudie Styler's Core Strength Pilates & Jules Benson's Total Core Pilates.

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Old 09-17-17, 12:55 PM  
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I also like Tracey's Mallett's Pilates Super Sculpt. I also like Laura Tarbell's Pilates for Runners (though I'm not a runner).
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Old 09-17-17, 05:16 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2016
These are my go tos:
Kristen McGee Weight Loss Pilates
Lisa Watson Strong Stride
Casey Ho Pop Pilates

Runner up:
Molly Tittle Quick Cuts Pilates Practice
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pilates, trudie styler

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