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Mickey12 06-13-21 07:58 PM

Oh Kate, I am praying for your son and your family. I am so sorry. Know that we support you. :heart::heart:

Jules 06-14-21 05:05 PM

Hello Ladies. Just checking in quick here. I decided to continue with the Cathe ICE series this week and will do the premixes that feature the main workout, Muscle Meltdown, and core. Yesterday I did Chiseled Lower Body Blast. It was very doable including the Blizzard Blast. Today I did Metabolic Total Body with the Muscle Meltdown for chest. The weight work was a little repetitive, but I am sure I will feel it tomorrow. :) I also took the dog for her walk and did 30 for 30 Gentle yoga.

fanofladyvols 06-16-21 05:58 AM

Malinda that's great that you're getting a great use out of your RWH purchase!

Jules one day I will break down and get the ICE series. I have hesitated because I tried (but didn't like) the LITE stacked sets upper and lower workouts. But then I tried LITE Pyramid pump upper and liked it a lot. Go figure!

Hi Kim !! Rested up from your vacay yet?

Kate still praying and sending you hugs! Update us as soon as you can. :heart:

I am still working through the March 2021 rotation and have added Lauren Brooks 7 day swing Challenge this week. Yesterday was Day 2 of the swing challenge and Cathe's Xtrain Hard strikes. Swing challenge is great so far (beachy background) but Cathe hit the rotating jumping jacks button a little too hard but overall I enjoyed it.

Have a wonderful day :sun:

KateTT 06-16-21 11:30 AM

Hello dear Chicks!
Well it's been a crazy couple of weeks. :eek:
I'll just say that son is ok. Liver blockage was removed and stint put in. Kidneys functioning again. However they found a tiny tumor on his pancreas and it is cancerous.
But it's very tiny and the whole team of doctors wants him to get his heart in tip top condition before they do the surgery. I guess they feel there is a little time.
So one more gigantic hurdle. So much for 2021 being a little better but one does NOT GIVE UP!
And I have kickboxing to work out stress. ;-)

Not to mention my stepkids' Mom died from lung and bone cancer and her funeral was last Wed. Then my dear sweet DIL lost her Mom on the 11th due to cancer also. Her funeral is this Friday. :(

So undoubtedly I missed a couple of workouts and Yoga days but still meditating every day. I did Cathe and Les Mills last week.

This week:
Mon: Nothing - was at the hospital all day
Tues: Cathe CTX Upper Body Mix (GOOD STUFF) and Bryan Kest Ever so Peaceful Flow on
Today I did Cathe Live 159 Cathe’s Birthday Bash. FUN!!!! I needed that. I had actually done this one back in 2017 when I subscribed but I just bought the download and glad I did. Love the mix of kickboxing and floor cardio.

Haven't gotten very far at all with my Power Yoga teacher training but I have 6 months so I'm not going to sweat it.

Take care all..going back to read some posts. And thank you all for your prayers and kind words!

KateTT 06-17-21 12:30 PM

Quickie checkin.
Today I did a new-to-me workout! Cathe's Lower Body Blast! That was a blast for sure! I love the mix of a little cardio to move the legs and plenty of weighted work. Only thing I didn't do is the bonus Barre work but next time.
I really liked this one. Cathe has so many lower body workouts and they're all great but this is a high fav.

Justin should be coming home soon. If not today, tomorrow. Then we plan the next steps.

Jules 06-17-21 05:47 PM

Kate: I'm so relieved to hear that Justin is doing ok. He sure is a fighter (takes after his mom). It sounds like there is still a tough road ahead. He is so lucky to have all your love and support. :heart:

I am working my way through the Cathe ICE workouts. Yesterday was To the Mat/Shoulders/Core and today I did Boot Camp/Biceps + Flexibility & Beyond: Foundation of Youth. I have also been walking the dog every morning and playing Beat Saber on the Oculus.

I am still wearing a neoprene sleeve for my knee. I am pretty sure at this point that I damaged my MCL or have a small meniscus tear. I'm following the "PRICE" method but without much "Rest". (I am so bad about that!) I have had many injuries like this through the years and it seems like time heals them all eventually.

Linda: I totally agree with you on Hard Strikes... Waaaaay too many jumping jacks in that one.

fanofladyvols 06-18-21 12:00 AM

Jules I'm sorry to hear about your knee. :( When I was working through my knee issues the copperfit compression sleeve really helped.

Kate still praying...thanks for updating us. Sending you more've had too many hits lately ...I'm so sorry. You're doing a wonderful job of trying to care for yourself through it. :heart:

Still doing the Swing challenge..finished Day 4 and did Cathe's pyramid pump lower Timesaver premix. This was probably my least favorite Cathe lower body workout. Too many lunges for my taste. I will only use this DVD for the upper body.

Sending "hey girl...heyyyy!" waves to Kim and Malinda!

Malinda 06-18-21 01:58 PM

Kate - I hope your son is at home now and gets strong quickly. And I am sorry about your step-childrenís mom and your DILís mom. Too much sadness in your world. You are such a champion and I admire your approach to life and the way you keep on keepiní on.

Jules - Fingers crossed that your knee heals up like in the past. My sports doc recommended Incrediwear products - I have one for my elbow, and also gloves that I wear at night for arthritis. Those came in mighty handy during the Big Freeze of 2021. I also have a back brace that I use when my bulging disc acts up.

Linda - I registered for the 100 swing challenge, but havenít started it yet. I finished the P/P/S challenge today and I think Iím going to repeat it, only add more reps to each day. Itís kept me consistent with pull-ups and thatís the key for me!

Hi Kim!

So after being pretty good with the RWH rotation for several weeks, I got totally derailed this week. I was supposed to repeat the Lower body circuit and I just couldnít seem to make myself do it. The rotation has you repeat it just three days after you last did it, and it involves the step, which is not my forte. When I did it earlier, it took me FOREVER because I kept rewinding and rewinding to try to get the step moves down. I got a lot of cardio in that day from all the repeating! Anyway, so this week has been a mishmash of things.

Monday - MBFA Day 2 Cardio Core + P/P/S Challenge Day 15
Tuesday - Caroline Girvan 30-minute steady state cardio workout
Wednesday - Walk 5 miles
Thursday - Breathless Body with DH - this was our 150th time to do this workout together since we started doing it twice a month many years ago! We decided to do it the original way, and man was it different! I think I get a much better cardio workout doing it the way we do it (each circuit consists of all 8 exercises instead of doing the same exercise 8 times and then moving on). However, my muscles were really giving out on me by the 7th or 8th time of doing the same exercise, so my muscles are SORE today. It doesnít help that the last circuit I do basketball jumps ala Insanity instead of the pogo jumps Amy does, so my legs were fried by the end of the workout.
Friday - P/P/S Challenge Day 16

Kate, keep us updated as you are able; you and your family are in my prayers!:heart:

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Mickey12 06-20-21 06:26 PM

Hey guys,

Malinda I never heard of Incrediware products. The ones you described for your hand arthritis piqued my interest. I am starting to get stiffness and pain in one or two fingers. I will check them out.

Kate I hope Justin is home now and feeling stronger. Sending lots of good thoughts to your family. Youíre definitely an inspiration to me how you handle lifeís struggles. :heart:

So my workouts have been slim to none lately. We got back from a short Disney Springs trip a week ago and we are leaving on Wednesday for Gettysburg for 5 days so I have been unwinding from one vacation and gearing up for the second one. I will get back on track when we return and things are back to my normal routine.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.

Jules 06-21-21 04:13 PM

Not a great start to the week. Our fridge died last night, so I spent the morning saving what I could and cleaning it out. This fridge has died before - it has a small leak somewhere that our repairman has been unable to locate. We tried calling him, but he is either retired or is on vacation so we will have to try someone else. Seems everyone is booked up for the next month. Our fridge is an expensive stand-alone unit that matches our freezer so it will cost big bucks if we need to replace it. :(

On to the good stuff:

I finished up my ICE rotation yesterday and started Fit Split today. I did Low Impact Cardio/Metabolic Conditioning. Overall it was a very good workout. The weights were more challenging than ICE. Music was pretty generic but not annoying. I followed up with Short & Sweet Yoga. My knee feels about the same. Linda and Malinda: Thanks for the info on Incrediwear and Copperfit (Brett Farve!) They both look like excellent products.

Kim: Have a terrific trip to Gettysburg!

Kate: I hope Justin is recovering well at home now. I love Cathe's Lower Body Blast too! I reach for it when I don't really feel like working lower body b/c it is so much fun. :love:

KateTT 06-22-21 12:51 PM

Hello dear friends!! Yes Justin is home (thurs pm) and he even went with me to my DIL's Mom's funeral. He said he felt good and the fresh air was good for him.

Thank you all for your good wishes! I can't give up, must keep forging ahead. For my kids!!

Yesterday I started with Cathe's Body Blast Supersets. Just a really good basic workout. Lots of reps, and I liked the team as usual!
Yoga was Baron Baptiste's Soul of Strength which I found FREE on YouTube.

Today I did Cathe Live 120 Old School Cardio plus Kickboxing. Not her most thrilling cardio but actually pretty fun for me. I liked all the moves and just a big of high impact. I'm pretty happy with all the Live downloads that I bought so far.

Yoga pending but plan on the longer 75 min practice from Baron's Yoga Bootcamp Box. They are audio practices but good stuff.

fatkat555 06-23-21 01:39 PM

Iím coming out of lurking to say I hope your son feels better, Kate! Fresh air is always a good thing along with sunshine. :sun:

fanofladyvols 06-23-21 06:58 PM

Kate I'm glad your son was able to be out of the hospital and go with you to the funeral. You are such a trooper!! :heart:

Jules appliance issues are no fun. We actually have to solve my oven issue at some point. We can't agree on a replacement and are at a standoff. So far, my husband has it working ok but we really need to replace. I don't know what we'll do when it finally croaks.

Malinda you and your husband's commitment to Breathless body is so cool.

kim I hope you'll enjoy your Gettysburg trip.
We'll be here...waiting to hear all about it! :D

Hi there fatkat555!! Feel free to pop in again sometime :D

So after a couple of days rest, I tackled Cathe's total body Trisets upper body split. I added a mobility workout before the warmup and glad I did. It's a good workout but has some moves I'd rather not do. The soldier pushup for one... blech. I hopped back and forth to my weight bench and stability ball so that was fun. I liked the ab moves alot and having them mixed within the workout.

Well I'm ready to do some yoga tonight.

Jules 06-24-21 03:09 PM

Howdy! We found a repairman who is going to come out this afternoon and recharge our fridge with freon. He ordered parts to replace all the guts of the fridge where the leak could possibly be, but they won't be here until the end of July. Hopefully our poor fridge will limp along until then.

I have now done all 4 Fit Split workouts. I liked Boxing Bootcamp/Legs & Glutes the most. :music: Shred Cardio /Push Day felt the most advanced and challenging of the bunch. It was nice to see Cathe showing some modifications during the cardio drills. The music and set were both a little bland IMO, but the workouts were excellent - especially the weight work.

I tried the Bonus Core Training and I hated it. I usually love to work my core, but there were too many moves that put pressure on my wrists and I was not into it at all. Won't be doing this one again!

I am debating if I want to do the Fit Tower workouts or 4 Day Split next.

Kate: Thanks for the heads up on Soul of Strength! I bookmarked it so I can try it out later.

Waves to everyone! :cool:

Malinda 06-24-21 03:23 PM

Hi FitChicks!

Kate - Iím so very happy your son is at home, and I hope he is getting plenty of fresh air, feeling better, & getting stronger every day! Iím glad you are enjoying your Cathe Live downloads.

Kim - I hope you are having a wonderful time in Gettysburg!

Jules - I hope you were able to get the fridge fixed. We just spent big bucks replacing the A/C in one of our cars. Ya gotta have these cold things!

Linda - DH and I are a little on the OCD side (can you tell?), but we try to use it to our advantage! What set is Total Body Trisets a part of? It sounds interesting. Iíve never heard of soldier pushups but I am using my imagination and thinking they would be difficult!

Workouts this week:

Sat - Body Beast Total Body
Sun - 21 Day Fix - Plyo Fix - yikes, this is challenging
Mon - RWH Lift It Hiit It Back, Bis & Shoulders
Tues - RWH Lift It Hiit It Legs
Wed - P/P/S Challenge + 5 Parks Yoga hip/lower body - Iím done with Lauren's challenge but Iím doing my own version now - I went up to swinging my 20 lb weight, which I havenít done in a long time
Today - 5-mile trail walk with a few .25-mile running intervals

I keep thinking today is Friday, but no, we have one more day to go before the weekend! I hope everyoneís doing well. :)

Jules 06-25-21 04:41 PM

Decided to do Fit Tower Boot Camp today and I am so happy I did! A+ workout! I added on the bonus abs which were fun as well. Finished off with Flexiblilty & Beyond Hips.

Malinda: Great variety of workouts this week! I think Total Body Trisets is from Cathe's Low Impact series?

Happy Friday!

fanofladyvols 06-25-21 11:52 PM

Malinda, Trisets is from Cathe's low impact series as Jules mentioned. It's kinda wrist intensive at times but is a pretty interesting workout so time flies! Tons of premixes's the link

Jules I love good workout pics for a day!! :music:

Jules 06-27-21 01:35 PM

Just did Fit Tower Total Body and it was another awesome workout! I remember being put off by the equipment set-up the last time I did this and previewed it first. I decided that I don't need the Tower for the initial chest presses and flyes so I didn't use it until it was time to put the step away - much more enjoyable this time! I did the Bonus Abs again.

I just have Fit Tower Legs, Glutes & Core left to do. I think this one is similar to Turbo Barre which isn't a fave. I will give it a go tho.

Yesterday I did Les Mills The Trip. I was careful not to put on too much tension in order to protect my knee. It is feeling a little better the past couple of days. I've also been walking the dog each morning. It is supposed to be extremely hot all next week and I am so thankful we have A/C. Most people around here do not. I am sure the beaches will be packed!

Jules 06-29-21 02:28 PM

Hi! Yesterday was laundry and errand day. I wasn't motivated to work out other than walking the dog.

I was planning to do Fit Tower Legs today, but I really wanted some cardio. I decided to start up a Strong & Sweaty rotation and kicked it off with Boot Camp plus the bonus abs. Such a fun workout! The bonus core work was tough and effective. I like it when Cathe focuses on lower abs.

Since there is no dedicated leg day in Strong & Sweaty, I may do either Fit Tower Legs in this rotation or Lower Body Blast.

I am going to do some yoga this afternoon - probably a Short & Sweet.

Keep on keeping' on! :sun:

fanofladyvols 06-29-21 09:21 PM

Jules that S & S bootCamp is on my next to buy list. I should probably have bought the set but have just bought one at a time. I'm glad your knee is feeling better.

Sunday was kettlebells and yesterday was a rest day. I'm not sure what I want to do today. Will update this post later.

KateTT 06-30-21 01:59 PM

Fatkat!!!! SO good to hear from you my friend! I hope you've been well. Every time I see something about NO I think of you.

Linda: My two sons are my life! Just another (big) bump in the road but we'll get through it. Justin is staying positive.

Jules: Baron has several of his old practices on YouTube. I forgot how good they were.

Malinda: Thats a great rotation!!

So here is my week. Only one Dr. appointment so only a little interruption.

Monday was Cathe Live 304 Burn Sets Biceps Triceps + Live 307 All Core on the Floor. I LOVE these Burn Sets. Very heavy lifting! Slower pace and did I say heavy? Very excellent! I added on the Core on the Floor and that was excellent too. Literally all floor work abs.
Yoga was Gaia/ Troy Hadeed/ Grace of Pranayama. So nice. Slow Hatha flow.

Tues was Cathe Live 262 Cardio HiiT plus Core. Starts of with steady state cardio then the Hiit which wasn't horribly high impact. The core work was so good I did it twice (today too).
No Yoga as Justin had a Dr. Appointment.

Today was Cathe Live 302 Burn Sets Back Chest Shoulders + 262 Abs. Again very heavy lifting and this time I went at least 5lbs heavier than Cathe on all. Sometimes more depending on the exercises. Felt amazing!!!! And the core work added on was icing on the cake.
Yoga will probably be from Eoin Finn's new On Demand site. Yes I subscribed because I love anything Eoin. (sucker)

Sorry (not sorry) to enable. NOTE: some of these classes are on his DVDs. Others look totally new to me.

Happy Hump Daaaay! :sun:

Malinda 07-01-21 11:25 AM

Happy Thursday!

I was going to do the 2-month RWH rotation, but I don't like it, so I'm just sort of bouncing around different things for awhile.

Workouts since my last post:

Fri - RWH Lift It Hiit It Chest, Tris, Shoulders
Sat - Turbo Fire 55
Sun - Pull-ups/Push-ups/Swings + abs
Mon - CLX Burn Intervals
Tues - Triple Wave Pyramid + abs with DH
Wed - Pull-ups/Push-ups/Swings + RWH Abs #1
Thurs - 5.25 miles of .25 walk/run intervals

Kate - your dedication to your family & fitness are inspiring!

Jules - I'm going to have to look at the clips for S&S Boot Camp, if you say it's fun.

Linda - Thanks for the link to Total Body Trisets. It looks tough!

Kim - I hope you had an awesome trip!

Y'all take care and keep cool!

Jules 07-01-21 01:46 PM

Hey Gals! Strong & Sweaty is going great! Yesterday I did PHA. This is such an efficient workout. I love combining cardio and weights - my heart rate averaged 153 so it was up there the whole time. I followed up with Short & Sweet Yoga #3.

Today I did Cardio Slam. I wouldn't say this workout is "fun" for me, but it gets the job done. I did get a little light-headed with all the burpees but I didn't have to take any breaks. I will probably do some yin yoga later today.

Kate: Nice consistency! I see you have been doing a lot of Cathe Live. I want to subscribe again but I told myself I need to do all her workouts that I have not done much first. I am working my way thru them.

Malinda: I like all of Cathe's Boot Camp workouts. I am a boot camp junkie! :cool:

Shout out to Kim and Linda and anyone else reading!

fanofladyvols 07-01-21 06:46 PM

Kate do you have a list of lives you are working through? Or are you picking randomly?

Malinda did you not like RWH or did you just need to change things? I only have the one workout in the set so I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

Jules shout back!! I enjoy the bootCamp and PHA workouts from Cathe, too. They are usually pretty easy for me to modify.

Today was PIYO upper and the upper body workout from Slim, strong,sexy body sculpt by Michelle Dozois.

After this week of lower intensity workouts, I think I will combine full body kettlebell workouts with some metabolic bodyweight workouts and alternate pilates with some elliptical work. I think it will work well for a couple of weeks.

Waves to Kim!!

Mickey12 07-01-21 07:20 PM

Hey everyone, Iím still here but donít have a lot to post. My workouts have been very spotty and sort of uninspired. I just donít have the motivation and have been feeling tired lately. I know it will pass so Iím just waiting for that to happen. :o I enjoy reading everyoneís posts.

Malinda since youíre working from home now do you ever have to go into the office? I think a lot of businesses are going to go (or have already) completely remote and close their physical offices. I am the opposite of you and was extremely grateful to be able to go back to the office last year. I much prefer being at the office.

Malinda 07-01-21 09:19 PM

Linda, I meant I don't like the 2-month rotation calendar for RWH. I love the workouts! I really enjoyed the 1-month rotation because you do a variety of the strength-focused workouts (straight lifting, plus the circuit/contrast training), whereas you only seem to do the straight lifting for the first month of the 2-month rotation.

I should have been more clear about that!::D

Kim, I only go into the office once or twice a month now. My bosses are fine with me working from home. The firm isn't formally sanctioning it, but management is aware of the arrangement. I like working at home, and my back is much happier without the commute. I have a great set-up at home with a sit-to-stand desk & that helps my back, too. I don't miss the office at all. Funny how we are all different! I'm glad you are back in your office!:)

fanofladyvols 07-02-21 07:48 AM

Malinda thanks for letting me know that I still need to buy the RWH workouts. I have never been able to do a set or series for longer than a month. I'd like to blame it on having too many workouts...and certainly that doesn't help. But I think I have so many workouts because I don't like doing the same ones. :p

Kim you've been really busy and traveling. Sometimes we just need to rest! :heart:

Jules 07-02-21 02:04 PM

Just did Ramped Up Upper Body and I wanted to write down my thoughts on this one while they are still fresh in my mind.

I don't think I will reach for RUUB often in the future. The main deal-breaker for me is the music. I did not care for it at all and it was so loud that it drowned out Cathe's instructions. (I got the Strong & Sweaty workouts as downloads so there is no music off option.)

The weight work itself was very straight-forward. I usually chose to go one increment lighter than Cathe to lift with good form. I really liked the band finishers for shoulders, triceps and biceps. (I'm getting excited for Boss Bands!) All body parts seemed to be worked to exhaustion except for chest.

One major gripe that I have is for the triceps standing overhead extensions. At some point several years ago Cathe started using 2 lighter dumbbells pressed together instead of 1 heavier db for this exercise. I have long, curly hair and my hair gets caught between the dumbbells every time! It is quite painful. I make sure to sub out with 1 heavier db whenever she does this. I do the same when she uses 2 db's for back pullovers.

I will do some yoga this afternoon - not sure what practice yet.

Have a great holiday weekend!:sun:

fanofladyvols 07-02-21 02:41 PM

I agree but it's because my hands don't like two dumbbells, Jules.

I have this on DVD and so I do my own music. I love RUUP but wonder, if I couldn't opt out of music, if I still would? Probably not!

fanofladyvols 07-05-21 04:46 PM

Focusing on core, kettlebells and trying dancy cardio this week.

Today was kettlebell, core exercises and mobility. I'll be adding CS later.

Keep on flexing Fitchicks!!

Jules 07-06-21 07:01 PM

What a busy weekend! We are still busy today as the kids and I all went to the dentist. We skipped last year due to Covid, so it feels great to have clean teeth again! :D Gotta take my daughter to pole vault practice tonight too.

I finished up my Strong & Sweaty week with Giant Sets today. Very nice, no-dread workout! I would classify this one as more of a maintenance/endurance workout than strength-building. I think the only exercises that were repeated were squats and deadlifts. I loved the stretch on the ball. I also did the bonus core work.

On Saturday I did Fit Tower Legs, Glutes & Core. I especially enjoyed the core work and stretch. The leg/glute work burned a bit, but wasn't over the top.

On the 4th I did not formally work out, but I did a lot of walking.

Yesterday (my 51st birthday!:music:) I did Strong & Sweaty Cycle Sweat. My knee did not feel great. I think maybe all the walking on the 4th tweaked it some? I also had cramps in my feet and calves last night. I might be dehydrated since I had a few drinks over the weekend. Cycle Sweat is a fine workout, but I would much rather do a Studio Sweat or Les Mills workout with fun music for spinning.

Overall I enjoyed the Strong & Sweaty series. Ranking in order of my Fave to Least Liked:

1. Boot Camp
2. PHA Training
3. Giant Sets
4. Bonus Core
5. Cardio Slam
6. Cycle Sweat
7. Ramped Up Upper Body

Next up is the LITE series - should give my knee a little intensity break.

Stay Strong! :sun:

Malinda 07-06-21 09:29 PM

Happy Belated Birthday Jules!!!!

fanofladyvols 07-07-21 07:06 AM

Happy Birthday, Jules

Jules 07-09-21 11:17 AM

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! :) I bought a new pair of Asics Kayanos with my b-day money. Love them!

LITE series is on.

On Wednesday I did Cardio Party + the Calorie Crush. Definitely felt intermediate. The Crush did have some tricky choreography on the step. Fun music in this one and Cathe and Crew are all smiles. Followed up with Flexibility & Beyond: Ultimate.

Yesterday I did Bodyweight & Bands + the Calorie Crush and Bonus Core #1. Solid, no-dread intermediate workout that hit a little bit of everything. I enjoy Travel Fit more, but this one was good. The core work was kickbox-inspired.

I got some Voltaren topical gel for my knee yesterday - hopefully it helps!

KateTT 07-09-21 01:40 PM

Happy belated birthday Jules!!

This week was SO busy!! I got my workouts in but not much time for anything else but work and running son and hubby to appointments!

Monday I did nothing but meditate. I was still celebrating 4th of July with my kids. :heart:

Tuesday: Les Mills on Demand Body Attack 110. Fun stuff!!!! I think this is one of my favorite types of floor cardio. Lisa always has so much energy.
Yoga was from, Bryan and Open your Legs. Ahhh.

Wednesday: Cathe Live 348 PHA No Repeats. !!!! Good stuff! I love all her PHA workouts and this was quite good. Maybe slightly slower pace.
Yoga was again, Byron de Marse and Squat Flow. Nice! This had some of the most unique sequencing.

Thursday: LMOD Body Attack 111. Two brand new Attacks and all amazingly fun. I was drenched.
Yoga: Eoin Finn Blissology on Demand Stay Om Yoga. Ahhhhhhh, love me some Eoin. And yes I subscribed. Cancelled my Inner Dimension subscription though.

Today: Cathe Live 342 Metabolic Core. Awesome workout!!! No core like floor abs, but rather all moves that work around the core, front, side, back. Really excellent. Just wish it was a bit longer than 45 min. Maybe next time I'll just repeat some sets. :D
Yoga was Gaia, Cameron Gilley and Yin Yoga for Courage.

Sorry to post and run but I have to run in for yet another appointment to renew the tabs on my car. Busy days.

Take care all. BIG HUGS to you girls!! Have a wonderful weekend!! :sun:

Mickey12 07-09-21 06:34 PM

Good to hear from you Kate. Youíre always so sunny :sun: and upbeat. I love your posts.

Jules I hope your knee feels better soon. I tried the Voltaren gel on my finger which I think is arthritic, and it didnít seem to make any difference. Hopefully it helps your knee.

I have been mostly walking for exercise lately but Iím beginning to miss my dvd workouts. Today I walked while I had the oil changed in my Jeep. We had a dumpster delivered today and I started cleaning out the garage when I got home. That counts as exercise in my book. Tomorrow will be more of the same. We went through a lot of junk in the cellar and I will transfer everything I can manage by myself to the dumpster. My husband has plans and wonít be home so it will be just me. I will leave the heavier and bulkier stuff for when he gets home. I will be so happy to have the cellar cleaned out. Itís a great feeling to declutter.

Hope everyone is enjoying life. :heart:

Jules 07-10-21 03:25 PM

Hi everyone! I am just putting down my Cathe LITE thoughts here while they are still fresh in my mind. Then I can refer to them later (as long as VF is still online.)

Yesterday I did Metabolic Blast + Calorie Crush. The main workout felt pretty intermediate and short. I should probably up the weights next time. Cathe included a little core work at the end. ICE Metabolic Total Body feels like a more well-rounded workout to me. As in the ICE series, the Calorie Crush for this one was intense. There were a lot of jumping jacks and my knee was feeling it. Music was ok. I followed up with the 30 minute Yin practice Travis posted on YouTube. Ahhhh.

Today I did Stacked Lower + Upper Body. Lower Body was great! The music really went along with the moves in this one. Upper Body weight work was good, but Cathe worked off the beat of the music a lot which was kind of annoying b/c my rep count was different from hers due to poor cuing. Not a deal-breaker, but I definitely enjoyed the lower body workout more. I added on Bonus Core #2. This felt harder than Bonus Core #1. I also did the Extended Stretch #1 which was a nice yoga-inspired stretch. I skipped UB w/up and both main workout stretches and the whole thing clocked in at about 90 minutes.

Kate: I am so glad to hear all is well. Hopefully you will get a breather soon!

Kim: Cleaning out the junk is a huge project! I agree that it counts as exercise. So far the Voltaren doesn't seem to be doing much but I am giving it a try b/c I don't like taking ibuprofen on a regular basis.

Hello Linda and Malinda!

Jules 07-12-21 04:10 PM

It's been an unusually hot summer here and now the wildfire smoke has rolled in. It is too early in the season for that! :(

Yesterday I did LITE Revd Up Rumble + Calorie Crush and Short & Sweet Yoga #3. RUR was very low impact but the CC was advanced. I wore 1 pound gloves and my lats are sore today. Music went well with the moves.

Today I did PHA 2 + 6 Pack ABs #1 and the Extended Stretch #2. PHA 2 definitely felt easier than PHA, but it should since it is supposed to be intermediate. The stretch was yoga-inspired with lots of sun salutations. There was a nice hip stretch at the end. The music was just ok - kind of reminded me of elevator muzak.

I just have Pyramid Pump left for the LITE series. I am going to alternate it with the Step Boss workouts. The LITE series was good, but not very challenging for me. It felt easier than the ICE series. I will use it in the future when I need a recovery week.

fanofladyvols 07-13-21 09:50 AM

Jules I tried the Lite stacked upper and lower body and just didn't care for those workouts at all. But I loved Pyramid Pump! Now I know I will pick up the cardio in that set sometime plus you said it was easier. :D I have ICE upper and it's ok...not my favorite. I may end up getting the ICE set sometime and giving it a fair shake.

Kim are you moving? That is alot of work and heavy decluttering you're doing. You'll be so happy when you're done though. Also, you are so close to Cathe and the road trip. Are you going to go?

Kate just sending you special hugs!

Malinda I know you like Amy Dixon but have you ever done any of her other Give me 10... workouts? They look like they have great add on potential or for days when I just don't want to do a long workout.

Which reminds me, is anyone here planning on the Cathe road trip?

Yesterday was MB45 beginner#2 and PIYO core. That was a sweatfest sesh overall. But maybe chasing my kitty during the workout helps? :p

Today will be Lauren Brooks core workout and Piyo buns...I think. Maybe I'll be able to update later.

Jules 07-13-21 02:02 PM

Checking in with Step Boss: Imax 4. Excellent workout! My first thought was that the background looks a lot like the view of the mountains outside my windows at home. Second thought was I like the colors of the crew's outfits and Cathe must be sponsored by Nike. :D

Imax 4 feels like the easiest of the Imaxes to me. There are still 10 intervals, but they are a little shorter so the run time is only about 45 minutes. There are also some low-impact moves. I had to rewind on the 2nd and 6th intervals but caught on to the choreography fairly quickly. I also had to modify the donkey kicks in blast 4 to plyo jacks b/c they hurt my knee. I took a small "brain break" after interval 8. I enjoyed the music. :music:

I followed up with the Ab Stacker bonus. Holy crow this was hard! :eek: It is right up there with a couple of the Ab Circuits workouts for me.

Finished up with the bonus chair stretch which was really good. I used my mini step with 6 risers instead of a chair.

Linda: I am excited for Pyramid Pump! The original Pyramid workouts have a special place in my heart. :heart: I am not planning on attending the Cathe road trip - too much hassle for me. I wish she would have a road trip in Las Vegas some time.

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