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Jules 01-19-21 06:56 PM

Checking in today with BodyShred: Escalate + Yoga 30 for 30: Twists. I'll probably hit the spin bike tomorrow.

Malinda: I bet you don't see snow too often in Texas! Did you build a snowman? Shaun Week sounds like fun. Maybe some day I will subscribe to BBOD now that there is a lot of new content. I'm also tempted to resubscribe to Cathe Live. So many awesome workout choices these days - we are lucky. :sun:

Mickey12 01-20-21 12:43 PM

Jules we never watched Monk when it aired originally. I came upon repeats recently and I've been taping them. I love Tony Shahloub and I love the theme song by Randy Newman. The show is such fun nonsense!

Malinda When I was a kid my aunt/uncle and cousins lived in Texas. It was a big deal when they got snow and I recall they had pictures of a snowman they made in the front yard one time. Fun memories!

KateTT 01-20-21 02:15 PM

I'm here...busy days. Catching up!

Yesterday I stumbled through Cathe's Cardio Fusion. Not the intensity that threw me, but the choreography. But a good, sweaty workout for sure.
Yoga from PY - Bryan Awkward & Unique. A very different flow but really good.

Today I kicked my own butt with Cathe Strong & Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body + LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets Lower. Oh my! The S&S was really excellent! I hadn't done this set for a while and it was great to revisit. Going heavy and I'm sure feeling it.

LITE Lower was superb. This was brand new to me and I was thrilled with another great Cathe lower body workout! Good variety of weights and I loved all the different types of moves. Feeling it everywhere! Top to bottom..great workout day!

Just getting ready for yoga - PY Dan Don’t Need to Go That Far.

I'll be back!

KateTT 01-21-21 10:53 AM

Hello my friends. I feel SO much better today! New President. WOMAN Vice President. Kindness and good morals are back in charge. Lifted a great negativity off this country. Just sayin'.

Today I did BOD MBF Day 16 Core Circuit + Day 18 Core Circuit. Not so thrilled with these as both of these workouts just seemed too repetitive even though there were a couple new moves. I just wasn't feeling the love. I pushed through but I'm glad this is the last week of MBF. Hoping MBF Advanced is a lot better.


Malinda 01-21-21 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by KateTT (Post 2908576)
Hello my friends. I feel SO much better today! New President. WOMAN Vice President. Kindness and good morals are back in charge. Lifted a great negativity off this country. Just sayin'.HUGS!

A huge +1!

Jules and Kim - We rarely get snow here, especially snow that actually sticks. I think it was only enough for a miniature snowman, but I didn't try! It was funny seeing the chickens' tracks in it - they really weren't phased by it at all, but their tracks were cute.


Tues - Shaun Week Day 6 - Speed 4.0 - this was a tough one!
Wed - Body Project Cardio Starter with DH again
Thurs - Shaun Week Day 7 - Dig Deeper - another toughie

So I made it through Shaun Week - It took me 11 days, but that is totally typical of me! I enjoyed all of the workouts, and will revisit some of them as stand-alones. Next up, I'll try MBF - I can't wait to try out my new cordless jump rope.

DH thinks he is ready to try Breathless Body again. We usually do it twice a month, but we haven't done it since his shoulder surgery. His recovery has just been awesome!

It's almost the weekend! Woo-hoo!

Jules 01-21-21 06:26 PM


Hello my friends. I feel SO much better today! New President. WOMAN Vice President. Kindness and good morals are back in charge. Lifted a great negativity off this country. Just sayin'.
+2 :music:

Every morning I have to find the willpower to work out, but after I am done I feel so accomplished! I am dieting so my energy isn't all there, but that's ok. I am slimming down.

Today I did BodyShred: Amplify + Travis' Short & Sweet #3. Yesterday I did a 35 minute power ride from Studio Sweat + Yoga 30 for 30: Gentle.

Malinda: You and Kate can work out virtually together to MBF! Please let us know what you think of the cordless jump rope.

Waves to All!

fanofladyvols 01-21-21 09:21 PM

Jules sorry to hear about your lower energy and dieting. Maybe you can switch up some of those macros to boost your energy back?

QOTD Goals...well it has to do with logging more. I used to count workout days but no I am wanting to increase my Prehab, and pilates workouts so I'm counting workouts (part of my ultimate resilience goal) Still pushing strength... really want to do a pull-up.
QOTD worst Workout...I have had two I remember...Yoga Booty ballet and Bizzie Gold ..I think it was Soul Sweat..could have been Shakti sweat. Either way, both of those I couldn't even do a minute..just... not! And I already told you all my fear of Jillian!

kim I have two ORANGE Nike mat and a purple super thick may that I use for cushioning. If I buy another mat, it will be a round one I think. I'm ALWAYS tempted by orange though ☺️

Kate I'm so jealous of your Katami acquisition! I'm going to end up buying it soon. Looks so good! Please share your thoughts!

Malinda I have a couple RWH workouts that I'm going to try. I feel like I need to get stronger to do them though. I'm sure you'll enjoy them . How's your husband?

I have been doing kettlebells, CS, and pilates. Feeling good doing it. Today was Yogalink Hip helpers. Will follow up with some pilates plus :-)

Have a good week all!

Jules 01-25-21 12:51 PM

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We enjoyed watching the NFL playoffs yesterday. My son and I have a short week coming up due to parent/teacher conferences and we are thinking about going skiing on Friday, but there hasn't been much new snow lately. Also, my daughter is an alternate for the speech & debate state competition this weekend, so we shall see. I may just use the extra 2 days off to catch up on house cleaning.

Friday: BodyShred: Escalate + Yoga 30 for 30: Yin
Saturday: 60 minute SpinCore from Studio Sweat
Sunday: Flexibility & Beyond: Splits
Today: BodyShred: Amplify + Yoga 30 for 30: Victory

Linda: I hate dieting! I will probably start adding in a maintenance day once per week to get my energy levels back up. :D Nice mix of workouts you've got going!

Malinda 01-25-21 01:25 PM

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

I started MBF yesterday. I think I am going to like them. I've toyed with doing two per day like Kate, but I only had time for one yesterday and today.

The cordless jump rope is fun! I can't twirl them quite as fast as everyone on MFB, but today I was better at it than yesterday, so I think it's a skill I can acquire.

Jules - I'm impressed that you are able to do those workouts when you're feeling low on energy.

Linda - Nice to see you! My DH is doing fantastic; thanks for asking. We couldn't have asked for a better recovery.

Kate - I am so sore from the MBF lower body workout yesterday! And I only used 8 lb. weights! I haven't done any weighted lower body work in quite a while. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of MBF Advanced.

Kim - Hi! I hope all is well with you!

fanofladyvols 01-25-21 05:39 PM

Malinda good to see you and isn't it funny how quickly the body gets accustomed to using to lower weights? I'm a little worried all this bodyweight stuff I have been doing may have me whipped when I return to pushing myself with weights again.

Jules I like all the options...well maybe not the cleaning..haha!

I am doing an abbreviated version of the Lauren Brooks squat and single deadlift challenge. I am combining days but doing them with bands this first go around so I can concentrate on form. I really like how she imbeds mobility in between sets. I plan to do CS and the MA60 workouts in between for cardio. I think it will work well.

Cheers for a Happy Monday to you all including Kim and Kate!!

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