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fanofladyvols 09-22-21 06:17 PM

Malinda gonna echo Jules sentiment of happiness like a dishwasher that's working. Can't take things like that for granted!

Kate you're amazing. Please keep us posted.

Jules are you trying to go through the Cathe's chronologically? Did you see a movie? I loved reading no new cases and normal activities like homecoming dances :D

Kim hope all things in your recovery are going well.

I seem to need to dial it back a bit. At least with exercise, I get to be the boss of me. :cool: Here are my workouts so far.
Friday CS# 1224 upper pain relief
Sunday CS#1030 Stress release
Monday CS#1225 Balance
Tuesday kettlebell core workout; 21 DF dirty 30
Wednesday Boho yogalates Day #9

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Malinda 09-23-21 02:04 PM

Kate - Tae Bo Live! That IS an oldie! I might have to try to find one on YouTube sometime. A friend let me borrow some way back when I first started doing videos, and I remember they were pretty fun. I hope you and your family are all hanging in there.

Jules - You are one busy FitChick! I hope your GI issues are getting better. My favorite Combat workout on LMOD was one that they filmed in several different setting outdoors - the scenery was breathtaking.

Linda - Do you find that the CS workouts help with your back? Iíve never tried them.

Kim - I hope you are continuing to see improvement with your back/hip/leg.

Workouts for the past week:

Wed - DHís edited Low Impact Steady State workout - a mish-mash of one by BurpeeGirl, and one by Caroline Girvan
Thurs - #MBFA Day 8 Lower Body Burn
Fri - Breathless Body with DH
Sat - #MBFA Day 9 Core Circuit
Sun - #MBFA Day 10 Upper Body Burn
Mon - Core de Force MMA Shred
Tues - Off
Wed - #MBFA Day 11 Core Circuit
Thurs - Breathless Body with DH

DH is having oral surgery tomorrow so we squeezed in an extra BB today so we could hit our twice-monthly goal. We had to miss all of August so we are having to play catch-up for the year. And can yíall believe we only have three more months of 2021????

Mickey12 09-23-21 02:21 PM

Malinda you amaze me with your dedication to exercise with your husband. So inspiring and motivating! I hope his oral surgery goes well. My husband is beginning some dental work in the next couple of weeks. He is getting an implant for a tooth that was pulled but he needs to have a bone graft first, then the implant. It will take a fair bit of time to get all the steps completed. He was hoping to be able to have two implants done (the teeth that were pulled are next to each other) - luckily not visible, but he has too much bone loss to be able to do both of them. (not sure why - he's only 63 and healthy).

Oh, and last night I had a dream that I finally bit the bullet and had pink streaks put in my hair. It made me think of you, haha.

Jules those workouts in the mountains of New Zealand sound so pretty! I always think of Lord of the Rings when I think of New Zealand. My step sister traveled there right at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and was almost stuck there but was able to get back into the country by the skin of her teeth. :eek: Unfortunately, she had to cut her long vacation short and really didn't get to do very much of what she had planned. Bummer.

Linda I hope you're ok since you mentioned you had to scale back your workouts. I posted in the other thread that I was able to walk for 20 minutes at lunch yesterday without any ill effects. Today I was coming back from the printer and had to sort of run back to my office to grab my phone. Wow, what a difference in just that little bit of impact on my weak leg. It didn't hurt, but it sure didn't feel good. :( I'm still making good progress though.

Kate sending you fierce, positive vibes. Love you! :heart:

Malinda 09-24-21 09:18 AM

Kim, that is exactly what DH is having done today. He's had a previous implant, but it was a lower tooth. This one is an upper and the surgeon has to do a sinus lift as well.

I had a sinus lift and implant several years ago. I had to go through it twice, because the first bone graft/post failed. The surgeon was stunned and said that a very, very low percentage fail. He of course re-did it all at no cost to me (other than time and pain). I believe he is a good surgeon, and that it was just a fluke. I've had absolutely no problem with the implant, I forget I even have it. He is DH's surgeon as well.

DH and I are so lucky that we share a commitment to exercise and health. I appreciate your kind words about it.

Go for that pink streak! I'm going back in next month for more -- I haven't decided what colors this time.

Y'all have an awesome Friday!

Mickey12 09-25-21 01:58 PM

Malinda what is a sinus lift? I have never heard of that.

KateTT 09-28-21 12:49 PM

Made it back!! I am kind of slacking. Not on workouts, just on checking in. Last week I felt really uninspired to do much of anything but work and exercise. Thank goodness I have my workouts and yoga!!!!!!!!!!

Jules: I have tried some of the new LMOD workouts that are filmed outside. New Zealand is at the top of my bucket list of places to visit with Australia a close 2nd. Really good stuff!
Vikings? No comment..although they did finally win this last sunday.

Malinda: Here is a link to my playlist on YouTube of all the Tae Bo workouts.
If that doesn't work try this:

Linda: Your hugs are great!! Virtual or not, all your well wishes are SO appreciated!

HUGS and LOVE to all!!

So last week:
I've been working thru Autumn Calabrese's 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme. Last week I did my own rotation and paired two of the 30 minute Fix workouts and found I really liked them. Not killer hard but can always make it more challenging with heavier weights.
I paired Upper and Lower, the cardio workouts, etc. I found Barre Legs and Pilates Fix to be really good and I felt my inner thighs and quads more than usual.

Still fitting in Yoga in the afternoons. Just a mix of through all my streaming services.

This week 21 Day Fix Extreme.
Yesterday I did Upper Fix Ext + Lower Fix Ext + 10 Min core. All three were very good and definitely more challenging than the regular Fix. The 10 minute core add on was excellent! I really liked Autumn in 80 Day Obsession. Although not quite as fun as 80DO, still very good.

Today I did Plyo Fix Ext + Cardio Fix Extreme. Actually did Cardio fix first (good warmup??) and then the Plyo. Both cardio workouts use light to medium weights. I started using 5s but then just did the rest of the workouts with nothing. I think the weights just give it a little extra "oomph" but I just pushed the cardio factor. Both very good workout!

Autumn is really encouraging. I know some don't like her but I think she's cute. I think after this week I'm going to combine regular Fix with the Fix Xtreme workouts. That way I'll have tried each one twice. Except for the Yoga..I have not even viewed those yet.

Be well, stay safe and strong. Thankyou all for your kindness!

Malinda 09-29-21 04:22 PM

Hi FitChicks!

Kate - So good to see your post. I would never, ever suspect you of slacking on workouts. :) Thank you so much for the link to the Tae Bo playlist on Youtube! I am going to try one soon! I need to look at the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts; I love the Cardio Fix one from the regular 21 Day Fix. I like Autumn, too. I find there are very few instructors that I donít like.

Kim - From what I understand, when there isnít enough space to do the bone graft because the sinus cavity is in the way, they ďliftĒ the sinus and put a stitch in, and then put in the bone graft material. Itís not terribly painful but it does cause your face to swell and there is some sinus pressure for a few days. DHís face was also bruised for a few days -- he looked like I slugged him. ;) I hope your PT is going well.

Waves to Linda & Jules!


Fri - #MBFA Day 12 Full Body Burn
Sat - #MBFA Day 13 Power Ignite
Sun - Yoga with Adriene - Yoga Stretch
Mon - Turbo Jam Fat Blaster
Tues - #MBFA Day 15 Lower Body Burn
Wed - #MBFA Day 16 Core Circuit

My legs are so sore from yesterdayís workout! I donít know what it is about these MBF/MBFA lower body workouts that really work my legs like nothing else. I donít know that my legs look any different, but I am definitely lifting heavy (for me) and feeling it!

In todayís Core Circuit, she had us do forearm plank bird-dogs. Wow, they were really tough. I canít believe I am almost finished with this rotation. I need to figure out what Iím going to do next.

fanofladyvols 09-29-21 08:23 PM

Malinda I do think CS helps with my back. I'm always trying something new though. Lately, I even hang from a pull up bar. My husband has started doing that too and it helps him with the arthritis in his back. One thing about CS is that you shouldn't reach or stretch nearly as far as she demonstrates when you first start out. Go easier than she does. And you have to be willing to be ok with listening to her...she's like a well meaning busy body aunt :p. When I first tried her, I couldn't stand her. But somehow she grew in me. You can usually catch episodes on PBS. Oh and here's a few good ones on YouTube

Longer one
Shorter one

How's your husband doing?

Kate I agree with what you thought about 21DF. And have mentioned my thoughts in the Watulan thread.

Kim I'm ok..thanks for asking. I think I just needed a low key week. My body tells me to slow my roll..haha. I can't run my engine at a high rev for a long time like these Fitchicks do :cool:

Jules I love outdoor settings in workouts. When I was doing the BOHO yoga, I wasn't sure whether it was the workout or being able to peek at the beach that made it so enjoyable.

I have a new fave's David Jack and Ingrid Romero! Today did MH60 50/10 Mayhem, EBE1 Booty and Core then back to MH60 for the long cooldown. Mh60 has great opportunities for kettlebells and mobility which is my favorite way to do strength. Very fun! I'll keep doing those together for this week.

You have just put hump day to bed...Friday is around the corner Fitchicks!!:music:

Jules 09-30-21 11:30 PM

Where did the week go? I just watched the Bengals vs Jaguars - great game! I was rooting for the Jaguars since they were the underdogs but they couldn't quite pull off a win.

I started helping out in 7th grade math this week so I have been brushing up on my math skills. It has been over 30 years and I forgot a lot of the terminology, plus the new common core way of figuring out problems is different from the way I was taught back in ancient times. ;) It has been fun - kind of like doing crossword puzzles. :)

My workouts have been mostly a mish-mosh of Cathe and Travis... some faves.

Cardio Core Circuit (modified)
High Reps
Flex Train
Power Max
UY Detox
UY CrossTrain

I went for a walk today and then did my first spin session in a couple of months: Les Mills The Trip #20. I will see how my knee feels tomorrow.

I thought about signing up for Cathe's Virtual Halloween Road Trip but our school's Halloween Carnival takes place that Friday evening. Did any of you gals sign up?

Linda: Great job listening to what your body needs! I also need more rest days and mobility work of late. My body still responds well to high intensity, but I can't do it every day or I am tired and sore. I am not doing Cathe's workouts chronologically, but I have been revisiting several oldies.

Kim: It's great to hear that you are able to do some walking again! I :heart: The Lord of the Rings as well. I have probably read the the trilogy 3 or 4 times and The Hobbit a dozen times. Love the movies!:love:

Malinda: Wow! Your husband has been through a lot this year. I hope he has a quick recovery. I am glad your implant procedure was a success after the failure. It sounds like quite an ordeal. My daughter had her top two front teeth knocked out during a basketball game when she was 10. We rushed her to the dentist and had them re-inserted, but she will probably need implants when she is an adult. Not looking forward to that day!

Kate: I truly admire your dedication to your health, both physical and mental. I'm curious... Have you ever considered becoming a personal trainer or yoga instructor some day?

Jules 10-05-21 05:46 PM

Hi Gals! We have been enjoying gorgeous fall weather here. I plan to take the dog for a walk after this. Today I did Tabatacise + 30 for 30 Yin - good stuff. Yesterday I did Boss Bands Total Body and on Friday I did Muscle Endurance. I had a lot of projects over the weekend so it was just functional fitness.

My son's teacher had a breakthrough case of Covid last week and now two more of my son's classmates have it. Fingers crossed we don't get it. I am going to have my son tested in the morning. He can still go to school since he is vaccinated as long as he tests negative. Masks are encouraged but almost nobody is wearing one.

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