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Malinda 09-09-21 11:18 AM

Oh my goodness, I am so far behind on our check-in! Itís been a busy few weeks.

Jules - Iím glad your first week of school is behind you, and that it went well! I also hope your knee stops acting up. How was the vanilla custard? That sounds delicious -- actually, everything you said you made sounds delicious! What time is lunch??? :D

Linda - Iím glad you are back to hiking again and that your calf has improved. And going back to the bulging disc -- you mentioned your back went out after a day of vacuuming -- vacuuming irritates my back SO MUCH if I donít switch off arms every so often - same thing with sweeping. And Iím weird, I love to do both. My Roomba is an awesome helper, though!

Kate - Iím so glad your son got through his first few days of chemo without incident. I hope that continues to be the case. Iíve never tried any Dove workouts.

Kim - How is that back/hip doing? I hope you are continuing to see improvement with PT.

I finished up my second round of #MBF and started #MBFA on Tuesday. Iím lifting a lot heavier this time around, and am really feeling it!

Our dishwasher is still broken -- we have tried three different repair people, and none of them have shown up. :mad: Our contractor is scheduled to do some work at our house over the next few weeks, so he is going to see if he can fix it. I know the appliance repair people are busy, but if they would at least call to let us know they wonít be here, it would be nice. I guess they donít need our business!

A friend from high school that I have stayed in touch with called last weekend to tell us that her husband died of COVID. She is a pharmacist and got vaccinated at the beginning of this year, but he refused. They both got COVID in mid-August; she recovered, he did not. I am so sad for her and their kids (21 year old son and 18 year old daughter - her birthday was just a few days after he died).

Challenging times in the world -- Iím so grateful for my health and ability to work out; it truly keeps me sane.

Keep on keepiní on, Chicks!

Mickey12 09-09-21 12:07 PM

Malinda your story of your friend's husband is just heartbreaking. It makes me so sad. Oh, and the repairman situation is deplorable. Truly unbelievable but you're not alone. It's that way in my area too. I'm glad you're seeing strength gains with your workouts. That's always so great!

Jules I agree with Malinda that your lunches sound very, very yummy. I hope you've settled into a school routine.

Kate, I'm sending well wishes to you and Justin. My sister had chemo several years ago for breast cancer. I know everyone is different and chemo is not the same "mixture" for all, but she felt well in the beginning and as the treatments went on, she felt worse. Fortunately, there are medicines to help these days. Sending you lots of hugs and love. :heart:

Linda I am going to be thinking of you a lot in the weeks to come when I hopefully start my core strengthening with therapy. As I know you know, one of the treatments for low back ailments is a strong core. I am seeing improvement in my pain, but I am really not doing anything much and doing NO EXERCISE at all. I saw my doctor yesterday and he wants me to keep moving - keep doing things and sort of "get out of my head" that I'm injured. I think I'm extremely focused on every little twinge and sensation I feel and he believes it's better mental health to try not to focus on that and just do things. I'm getting better for sure, so I'm happy about that.

I hope everyone has a great week. :sun:

Jules 09-13-21 03:26 PM

Monday Madness! I was really enjoying my Cathe CTX rotation but when I got home from work on Friday I was exhausted and took a nap instead of working out. By Friday evening I had obvious cold symptoms - sore throat and sneezing. I caught it from my son. (He tested negative for Covid.) I was super tired on Saturday and started feeling better yesterday.

We have already had 7 positive Covid cases at our small school and hardly anyone is wearing a mask. Strep is also going around. There is a new anti-discrimination law in Montana that makes it so our school nurse can't ask who has been vaccinated. People can offer information but she can't ask. Most of my son's class was quarantined last week but he got to attend school since I told the nurse he has been vaccinated and he tested negative.

This morning I had to go pick my daughter up from high school b/c she had nausea and a headache. Got her tested and she was also negative, thank goodness. We are so lucky to have the rapid tests available to us.

I am hoping things get back to normal this week. It will be very busy as we are celebrating my son's b-day and my daughter has a lot of homecoming week activities. I plan to finish up my CTX rotation and then go right into 4 Day Split.

Malinda: I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's husband. :( I keep seeing news stories about sick people in the hospital begging for the vaccine. Sadly, for many of them it is too late.

Good luck with the dishwasher repair!

Kim: I hope you are improving every day.

Linda: I am very jealous of your hike. Yay on the calf feeing better!

Kate: I hope Justin is still feeling ok and that you are not feeling too stressed.

KateTT 09-14-21 12:34 PM

Quick catchup. I did lot of workouts last week except for Wed appointment.
It sounds like the cancer has test found cells in the stomach. So surgery is off the table. :( :(

Got Jari Love's Ripped & Jacked last week and did that last Thursday. Loved it!! And the guy who leads is great!

Monday: Hammer Total Body + Max Hammer Strength + Abs, I went so heavy! Used only my 25s, 30s, 35 and 45 kbell. Wicked good expecially doing all 3 workouts.
Yoga: Gaia David Magone Stretch & Surrender

Today I did Peak 10 Fit Body Challenge Sweat & Burn mix. I did my own mix by going back and adding on some of the rounds. Really good cardio!

Trying to keep my head up. Birthday on the 11th came and went although I spent most of the day with my kids and grandkids which was great!!!

Stay well all~

Jules 09-14-21 08:12 PM

Kate - That is devastating news. :( I'm sending lots of hugs your way. It's good you have been spending quality time with family.

Happy belated birthday! :heart:

fanofladyvols 09-15-21 08:25 AM

Kate Happy Birthday! I see you're still working out fiercely. Good for you! I'm so very sad about your news. I have no words. :-( Super hard hugs!!

Kim cheering you on !! I try to look at injuries as cues that my body is alerting me how to address something different it needs. Now as to the hesitation over twinges. That sounds all too familiar to me. I had to overcome a sense of fear in feeling the pain or reinjuring myself. Honestly, I worked my back/core very little in the first few months that followed outside of PT. Since I was afraid of doing it wrong and hurting when I wasn't being supervised, I picked only the gentlest exercises they gave me. I worked other body parts until I felt comfortable. So the mental aspect is a real thing and not to be disregarded so quickly. Sending you healing hugs!

Jules thanks for the well wishes and good for you taking cues from your body to rest. I hope you have found some good mobility drills to care for your knee. And I'm trying to take the opportunities to hike with my husband as they present themselves. I know we won't always be able to do this together.

Malinda yes, in vacuuming/mopping, the way I was bending would aggravate my back. One of my pilates books actually helped. I tense my core and exhale as I retract my arms. I also extend only to the reach of my arms (instead of curling and torquing my back to stretch out) in any direction. When I need to reach to the side I tense my obliques but still face forward. It looks awkward to others but seems to save my back. I also don't try to vacuum or mop the whole dang house in one session either. :p There's no stars anyone gives for that anyway :cool:

Went on another 4ish mile hike Sunday, 21 DF cardio on Monday and CS #1223 stretch your spine today. I'll be doing more BOHO yoga later.

Many Well Wednesday Wishes to each of you. :heart:

Malinda 09-15-21 08:52 AM

Kate - I am so sorry to hear that. Iím sending more hugs and good thoughts your way. Iím glad you were able to spend your birthday with your kids & grandkids!

Kim - Iím glad youíre pain has improved. Linda is giving you some awesome insights. I did and still do a ton of core work to heal and maintain - especially side planks and dead bugs.

Jules - That is crazy that the school nurse cannot ask about vaccination status -- how very frustrating that must be. I would just hate to be in any sort of health care vocation right now. Itís good that your son and daughter tested negative, but there are SO MANY things going around right now. Bless you for working in education.

Linda - What? No stars for vacuuming & mopping? Well, crap. :p Good advice for vacuuming strategies!

The dishwasher is finally fixed! Our kitchen faucet also came loose and started falling apart, so our contractor installed a new one. Heís going to be busy around our house for a few months. He is installing a ventless heater in our living room, and building a covered deck on the back of our house. Assuming he can get materialsÖ


Fri - Core de Force MMA Power
Sat - #MBFA Day 4 - Core Circuit
Sun - #MBFA Day 5 - Full Body
Mon - #MBFA Day 6 Power Ignite
Tues - Homemade core circuit

Iím feeling a little puny this morning so Iím not sure what Iím going to do today.

Take care, everyone. Sending lots of healing vibes to the FitChicks & their families.

KateTT 09-17-21 12:36 PM

Thank you dear friends for your kind words. We will get through this one way or another. Must just stay strong for my boys. Justin is still doing well with the chemo but just getting started.

Finished up the week with a lot of fun (to me). LOL

Wed I did H&C Chisel Agility + Total Body. I think maybe my favorite 2 Chisels.
Yoga: Gaia, David Magone Advanced King Pigeon. Ahhhh...can't get into the full pose but everything else felt amazing.

Yesterday I pulled out an OLDIE!! Tae Bo Live Advanced #8. I have not done any TB for YEARS!! I used to do them all the time and that's what got me hooked on kickboxing.
What fun and lots of sweat. And feeling my butt. This one is mostly all cardio so perfect. I also found all the Live Advanced workouts on YouTube (my copies are shakey) so I may add these in from time to time.
Yoga: PowerYoga Dan Do You Yin. Wow...just what I needed to slow down.

Today I did Dove's Bodies #4. Weeee. This one uses a high step and the usual light weights or bodyweight. I used mostly 10s and one 15 for some tricep work. I really like these. Total change of pace for me. Big time metabolic! I have 2,3,4 and really do like them all. A great way to shake things up and I am feeling it now!

Happy Friday....stay well and BIG HUGS back to you all! :sun: :heart:

Jules 09-17-21 06:01 PM

Hello friends! My energy level is still not quite up to par, but I have been pushing through this week. We celebrated my son's b-day yesterday and are going to the homecoming game tonight. My daughter is in the marching band. Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut - yay! My daughter is helping out with the homecoming dance since she is on student council. My husband, son and I might catch a movie. I want to see Free Guy or The Legend of the Ten Rings.

Mon: CTX Leaner Legs + Flexibility & Beyond Short & Sweet
Tues: CTX Kickbox (Biceps + Core)
Wed: CTX: 10/10/10 (Triceps)
Thur: 4 Day Split Higher Intensity Step (Chest & Back)
Fri: 4 Day Split Kickbox (Legs + Core)

Kate: As always you have a great mix of workouts going. Have you done any of the new Les Mills workouts filmed outdoors? I want to try them next.

Kim: How are you feeling?

Malinda: Glad you have your dishwasher back in business!

Linda: i know that yoga helps my knee but I have had trouble fitting it in lately. I need to make it a priority. Hope you get in a good hike this weekend. :)

Jules 09-22-21 05:28 PM

Hi Ladies! Can't believe it's already Wednesday!

I tried out the new BodyPump and BodyCombat that were filmed in the mountains of New Zealand. The scenery was incredible! I sure hope they film more of these outdoor releases. Sometimes the moves were not quite in sync with the music, but that is understandable. The choreography was pretty basic in both and the music went well with the moves.

Today I did Ultimate Yogi Flexibility and I am about to take the dog for a walk.

We have no new Covid cases at school so far this week! (knock on wood)

Kate: Did you happen to catch the Vikings game on Sunday? So cursed when it comes down to kicking winning field goals. :mad:

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