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KateTT 08-13-21 12:54 PM

Hello dear friends. This week started some of the appointments for my son. He had a pre-op physical and consultation with the chemo Dr. Eek! :eek: Scary stuff.
Next week M-W we have many appointments at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. About a 4 hour drive for me.
Then next Thurs after we get back, he has a port put in for the chemo which will probably start the week after that. So much!!! One good thing is my brother is flying in from VA to spend a couple days with us. The support will be wonderful.

Workouts..only missed yesterday.
Mon: Cathe Live 124 Vertical Loading. I really love her Vertical loading workouts! Heck anything Cathe does is ok by me.
PowerYoga Bryan Kest From 16 to 66. All around good flow that wasn't killer.

Tues: Cathe Live 181 Jabs and Kicks. I get a "kick" out of this one. So fun!!
Gaia Yoga, David Magone Total Body Tuneup. One of my all time favs! Includes a lovely Yoga Nidra at the end.

Wed: Chisel Agility + Total Body + Abs. I love Autumn and I really can't figure why I didn't click with this set before. Good cardio moves and strength with good raise in HR.
Gaia Yoga Bernie Clark Yin Side of Letting Go. Ahhhhhh

Thurs: Nothing except meditation in the morning. I NEVER miss that.

Today: Hammer Power + Hammer Conditioning + Abs. Holy crap these are the hardest ones out of the set! Pretty heavy lifting but also some compound stuff.

I think I'll do Rudy's YW365 Coiled Warrior this afternoon.

Quick hi and bye! Will keep you all posted. Don't give up on your workouts!! They keep us going!

fanofladyvols 08-14-21 04:27 AM

Dear Fitchicks,
I'm about to leave for the trail but wanted to let you know I'll be praying for you guys at the top of the mountain.

No screen time this weekend but know that I will be hoping you guys are taking good care of yourselves..whether it's resting, doing mobility or kicking it.

Have a great weekend!!:heart:

Malinda 08-18-21 12:03 PM

Happy Hump Day, FitChicks!

Linda - Anxiously awaiting your report -- I hope everything went as planned and that you had a great time.

Kate - Sending up prayers for you and your son, and wisdom for his doctors and healthcare providers as well. And safe travels to and from appointments. I'm glad your brother will be visiting to lend support.

Hi Jules & Kim!


Saturday - 3-mile walk with friends
Sunday - TURD. The whole day got knocked sideways by delays to DH's flight out to Miami. It was supposed to leave at 2:00, but a big storm hit around Noon and we were already in town (30 miles from home) so we ended up waiting it out as the flight got delayed over and over - I dropped him at the airport at 3:30, and after several more delays the flight was cancelled at 6:30 so I had to go pick him up. I had him back at the airport at 5:15 AM for a 6:45 AM flight Monday.
Monday - #MBF Day 5, Total Body
Tuesday - #MBF Day 6, Power Ignite
Wednesday - Turbo Fire Fire 30

Everyone hang in there!

Jules 08-19-21 06:46 PM

Hi Fellow FitChicks!

My folks left this morning and I am exhausted. My mother is quite a handful these days. She talked pretty much nonstop for a week - my introverted soul is drained. :eek: Her world viewpoints and mine are very different and it was hard to bite my tongue. I did manage to get in some exercise on most days.

I am scheduled to get an endoscopy and colonoscopy next Friday. It will be a relief to finally know if there is anything serious going on. (Hopefully just IBS.)

Linda: Congrats on completing your big hike!

Malinda: Sorry for the airport nightmare. :mad:

Kate: I hope all goes smoothly at your son's appointments. My dad was treated for cancer at the Mayo and has been cancer-free now for several years. The doctors there are the best.

Kim: Sending you healing vibes!

Mickey12 08-19-21 07:05 PM

Jules, I’m sorry you’re having belly issues. They’re no fun. :( You will be relieved after the procedures, and as you said, hopefully just IBS. I always find the waiting for answers is the worst part. And I have so much empathy for you having to deal with your mom for that long with your differing opinions. I’m sure it’s different with a relative, but I find dealing with situations like that to be completely exhausting too. It takes a lot of mental energy. Good for you for getting through it tactfully.

Kate, I hope things are going well for you. :heart:

Linda I loved reading about your hike in the Watulan thread. Thanks for sharing the experience with us. :)

Malinda, no wonder you missed your workout on the day of your husband’s flight. Wow, what craziness! I guess that’s sometimes par for the course with traveling.

I have been having hip pain and went to my PCP on Monday. He diagnosed a pinched nerve in my back. I’m medicated so the bad pain is gone but I still have trouble walking or standing. I will be starting therapy next week. I’m hoping this will be a minor speed bump and I can resume normal activity soon. I’m learning that I am an inpatient patient. It’s a good lesson to not take good health for granted. I have been very lucky to have not had any serious injuries before but one never knows when that will change.

Take care everyone.

Jules 08-20-21 01:09 PM

Hey Gals! I downloaded Cathe's Boss Bands & Loops workouts this morning! Unfortunately, my bands won't be here until late Monday. I am soooo tempted to try out the Total Body one today with bands I already own. Report to follow.....

Kim: Yikes on the pinched nerve! :( I hope the therapy helps your pain go away quickly. Do you have any ideas as to what caused it?

Mickey12 08-20-21 09:02 PM

My Cathe package and bands arrived today! Jules bummer you have the downloads but not the bands. Itís so hard to be patient!

I asked my doctor what caused it. I told him my exercise routine wasnít anything new or crazy. He said it can just be part of getting old, it can just happen. I remember a co-worker who tore her meniscus getting into the bathtub. That always amazed me that she was not doing anything weird or exertional and she needed knee surgery.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Jules 08-21-21 11:18 AM

I was too impatient to wait and I did Boss Bands Total Body yesterday! I used Cathe's medium strength Fit Tower band and her heavy blue TPE band. Since the Boss Bands are loops I had to get a little creative in places, but overall the bands I had worked well. I did sub in dumbbells for some of the bicep and forearm curls.

I really like the background featuring beautiful mountains, a lake and a cottage. The gals look great as usual and everyone seems relaxed and happy. The music is good - I recognize some of it from past workouts.

Total Body feels like a solid intermediate level workout to me. It might feel tougher when I get the actual Boss Bands - will see next week. I burned about 300 calories. I was already familiar with most of the moves and will probably do TB in the future when I want a no dread workout that hits a little bit of everything. The stretch with the band is a condensed version of Stretch Max.

Malinda 08-24-21 11:45 AM

Hi FitChicks!

DH returned from his business trip yesterday, and I am so happy to have him home! I got very lonely over those 8 days!

Kim - I am so sorry you are having issues with your hip, and I hope you find PT to be helpful. I have a bulging disc that irritates my femoral nerve quite often. I was in tremendous pain at the end of 2019 and start of 2020 that led me to get a series of epidural steroid injections in early 2020. I also went to PT, and was prescribed an anti-inflammatory, a muscle relaxer, and a medication for nerve pain. Slowly but surely the pain resolved and I was able to get back to my usual life, and wean myself off of the medications. The switch to working from home also helped - the 45+ minute each way commute had really been beating me down. I still have to take the anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers every so often, but the nerve pain is rare and nothing like it was at the beginning. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!! Oh, and icing my back after working out really does help with the hip pain! And Adriene has a short Low Back and Hip practice that was about the only workout I could do for a few weeks, and it was very healing for my body and mind. She became my best friend, and Happy Baby pose was definitely my happy place (still is!).

Jules - Iím glad you made it through having all of your company. Your mom sounds a bit like my step-daughter. She believes everyone has the right to her opinion, and it is exhausting to be around her. Her father and I try hard to be kind and supportive, but it is very difficult and definitely a one-way street. I am already dreading the holidays for just that reason.

Linda - I am so glad you enjoyed your hike, and the photo you posted on Watulans is absolutely breathtaking! Yay you!

Kate - You and your family continue to be on my mind.


Thurs - MBF Day 8 Lower Body
Fri - 5.0 mile walk/jog
Sat - Pull-ups/push-ups/back extensions + abs
Sun - MBF Day 9 Core Circuit
Mon - Pull-ups/push-ups/swings
Tues - MBF Day 10 Upper Body

I hope y'all enjoy your new Cathe's! I know bands are a great way to add in some different muscle work, but I really don't like them at all. The fabric ones are intriguing, though. I'll look forward to more reviews!

Take care everyone!:)

Mickey12 08-24-21 08:21 PM

Malinda thank you for sharing your experience with your back pain. Iím so happy you got back to normal. You do some really hard workouts now so that gives me hope that I can resume normal activity eventually. Yikes, even with the epidural injections youíre back to doing a lot. Thatís so great. Iím in my first week of PT so itís really early in the process. I keep telling myself Iím getting a little better each day; trying to stay positive. My pain isnít debilitating so I hope I can overcome it soon. Thanks again, it helps to hear other peopleís experiences.

Jules howís the belly issues?

Shout out to Kate and Linda, love you guys! :heart:

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