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Jules 07-06-21 07:01 PM

What a busy weekend! We are still busy today as the kids and I all went to the dentist. We skipped last year due to Covid, so it feels great to have clean teeth again! :D Gotta take my daughter to pole vault practice tonight too.

I finished up my Strong & Sweaty week with Giant Sets today. Very nice, no-dread workout! I would classify this one as more of a maintenance/endurance workout than strength-building. I think the only exercises that were repeated were squats and deadlifts. I loved the stretch on the ball. I also did the bonus core work.

On Saturday I did Fit Tower Legs, Glutes & Core. I especially enjoyed the core work and stretch. The leg/glute work burned a bit, but wasn't over the top.

On the 4th I did not formally work out, but I did a lot of walking.

Yesterday (my 51st birthday!:music:) I did Strong & Sweaty Cycle Sweat. My knee did not feel great. I think maybe all the walking on the 4th tweaked it some? I also had cramps in my feet and calves last night. I might be dehydrated since I had a few drinks over the weekend. Cycle Sweat is a fine workout, but I would much rather do a Studio Sweat or Les Mills workout with fun music for spinning.

Overall I enjoyed the Strong & Sweaty series. Ranking in order of my Fave to Least Liked:

1. Boot Camp
2. PHA Training
3. Giant Sets
4. Bonus Core
5. Cardio Slam
6. Cycle Sweat
7. Ramped Up Upper Body

Next up is the LITE series - should give my knee a little intensity break.

Stay Strong! :sun:

Malinda 07-06-21 09:29 PM

Happy Belated Birthday Jules!!!!

fanofladyvols 07-07-21 07:06 AM

Happy Birthday, Jules

Jules 07-09-21 11:17 AM

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! :) I bought a new pair of Asics Kayanos with my b-day money. Love them!

LITE series is on.

On Wednesday I did Cardio Party + the Calorie Crush. Definitely felt intermediate. The Crush did have some tricky choreography on the step. Fun music in this one and Cathe and Crew are all smiles. Followed up with Flexibility & Beyond: Ultimate.

Yesterday I did Bodyweight & Bands + the Calorie Crush and Bonus Core #1. Solid, no-dread intermediate workout that hit a little bit of everything. I enjoy Travel Fit more, but this one was good. The core work was kickbox-inspired.

I got some Voltaren topical gel for my knee yesterday - hopefully it helps!

KateTT 07-09-21 01:40 PM

Happy belated birthday Jules!!

This week was SO busy!! I got my workouts in but not much time for anything else but work and running son and hubby to appointments!

Monday I did nothing but meditate. I was still celebrating 4th of July with my kids. :heart:

Tuesday: Les Mills on Demand Body Attack 110. Fun stuff!!!! I think this is one of my favorite types of floor cardio. Lisa always has so much energy.
Yoga was from, Bryan and Open your Legs. Ahhh.

Wednesday: Cathe Live 348 PHA No Repeats. !!!! Good stuff! I love all her PHA workouts and this was quite good. Maybe slightly slower pace.
Yoga was again, Byron de Marse and Squat Flow. Nice! This had some of the most unique sequencing.

Thursday: LMOD Body Attack 111. Two brand new Attacks and all amazingly fun. I was drenched.
Yoga: Eoin Finn Blissology on Demand Stay Om Yoga. Ahhhhhhh, love me some Eoin. And yes I subscribed. Cancelled my Inner Dimension subscription though.

Today: Cathe Live 342 Metabolic Core. Awesome workout!!! No core like floor abs, but rather all moves that work around the core, front, side, back. Really excellent. Just wish it was a bit longer than 45 min. Maybe next time I'll just repeat some sets. :D
Yoga was Gaia, Cameron Gilley and Yin Yoga for Courage.

Sorry to post and run but I have to run in for yet another appointment to renew the tabs on my car. Busy days.

Take care all. BIG HUGS to you girls!! Have a wonderful weekend!! :sun:

Mickey12 07-09-21 06:34 PM

Good to hear from you Kate. Youíre always so sunny :sun: and upbeat. I love your posts.

Jules I hope your knee feels better soon. I tried the Voltaren gel on my finger which I think is arthritic, and it didnít seem to make any difference. Hopefully it helps your knee.

I have been mostly walking for exercise lately but Iím beginning to miss my dvd workouts. Today I walked while I had the oil changed in my Jeep. We had a dumpster delivered today and I started cleaning out the garage when I got home. That counts as exercise in my book. Tomorrow will be more of the same. We went through a lot of junk in the cellar and I will transfer everything I can manage by myself to the dumpster. My husband has plans and wonít be home so it will be just me. I will leave the heavier and bulkier stuff for when he gets home. I will be so happy to have the cellar cleaned out. Itís a great feeling to declutter.

Hope everyone is enjoying life. :heart:

Jules 07-10-21 03:25 PM

Hi everyone! I am just putting down my Cathe LITE thoughts here while they are still fresh in my mind. Then I can refer to them later (as long as VF is still online.)

Yesterday I did Metabolic Blast + Calorie Crush. The main workout felt pretty intermediate and short. I should probably up the weights next time. Cathe included a little core work at the end. ICE Metabolic Total Body feels like a more well-rounded workout to me. As in the ICE series, the Calorie Crush for this one was intense. There were a lot of jumping jacks and my knee was feeling it. Music was ok. I followed up with the 30 minute Yin practice Travis posted on YouTube. Ahhhh.

Today I did Stacked Lower + Upper Body. Lower Body was great! The music really went along with the moves in this one. Upper Body weight work was good, but Cathe worked off the beat of the music a lot which was kind of annoying b/c my rep count was different from hers due to poor cuing. Not a deal-breaker, but I definitely enjoyed the lower body workout more. I added on Bonus Core #2. This felt harder than Bonus Core #1. I also did the Extended Stretch #1 which was a nice yoga-inspired stretch. I skipped UB w/up and both main workout stretches and the whole thing clocked in at about 90 minutes.

Kate: I am so glad to hear all is well. Hopefully you will get a breather soon!

Kim: Cleaning out the junk is a huge project! I agree that it counts as exercise. So far the Voltaren doesn't seem to be doing much but I am giving it a try b/c I don't like taking ibuprofen on a regular basis.

Hello Linda and Malinda!

Jules 07-12-21 04:10 PM

It's been an unusually hot summer here and now the wildfire smoke has rolled in. It is too early in the season for that! :(

Yesterday I did LITE Revd Up Rumble + Calorie Crush and Short & Sweet Yoga #3. RUR was very low impact but the CC was advanced. I wore 1 pound gloves and my lats are sore today. Music went well with the moves.

Today I did PHA 2 + 6 Pack ABs #1 and the Extended Stretch #2. PHA 2 definitely felt easier than PHA, but it should since it is supposed to be intermediate. The stretch was yoga-inspired with lots of sun salutations. There was a nice hip stretch at the end. The music was just ok - kind of reminded me of elevator muzak.

I just have Pyramid Pump left for the LITE series. I am going to alternate it with the Step Boss workouts. The LITE series was good, but not very challenging for me. It felt easier than the ICE series. I will use it in the future when I need a recovery week.

fanofladyvols 07-13-21 09:50 AM

Jules I tried the Lite stacked upper and lower body and just didn't care for those workouts at all. But I loved Pyramid Pump! Now I know I will pick up the cardio in that set sometime plus you said it was easier. :D I have ICE upper and it's ok...not my favorite. I may end up getting the ICE set sometime and giving it a fair shake.

Kim are you moving? That is alot of work and heavy decluttering you're doing. You'll be so happy when you're done though. Also, you are so close to Cathe and the road trip. Are you going to go?

Kate just sending you special hugs!

Malinda I know you like Amy Dixon but have you ever done any of her other Give me 10... workouts? They look like they have great add on potential or for days when I just don't want to do a long workout.

Which reminds me, is anyone here planning on the Cathe road trip?

Yesterday was MB45 beginner#2 and PIYO core. That was a sweatfest sesh overall. But maybe chasing my kitty during the workout helps? :p

Today will be Lauren Brooks core workout and Piyo buns...I think. Maybe I'll be able to update later.

Jules 07-13-21 02:02 PM

Checking in with Step Boss: Imax 4. Excellent workout! My first thought was that the background looks a lot like the view of the mountains outside my windows at home. Second thought was I like the colors of the crew's outfits and Cathe must be sponsored by Nike. :D

Imax 4 feels like the easiest of the Imaxes to me. There are still 10 intervals, but they are a little shorter so the run time is only about 45 minutes. There are also some low-impact moves. I had to rewind on the 2nd and 6th intervals but caught on to the choreography fairly quickly. I also had to modify the donkey kicks in blast 4 to plyo jacks b/c they hurt my knee. I took a small "brain break" after interval 8. I enjoyed the music. :music:

I followed up with the Ab Stacker bonus. Holy crow this was hard! :eek: It is right up there with a couple of the Ab Circuits workouts for me.

Finished up with the bonus chair stretch which was really good. I used my mini step with 6 risers instead of a chair.

Linda: I am excited for Pyramid Pump! The original Pyramid workouts have a special place in my heart. :heart: I am not planning on attending the Cathe road trip - too much hassle for me. I wish she would have a road trip in Las Vegas some time.

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