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fanofladyvols 05-07-21 01:29 PM


Has anyone done these? Comments:
Sarah Lurie Kettlebells the Iron Core Way 1
Kettlebells the Iron Core Way 2
Kettlebells the Iron Core Warrior
Lurie Kettlebells the Iron Core Boot Camp

Sorry Kate, I haven't done any of these!

Malinda 05-10-21 11:30 AM

Happy Monday everyone!

So many varied workouts in our group! I love reading about them all.

Linda - how many sets of 50 lunges did you do? That sounds kinda brutal.

Kate - I did one of the Boot #11 classes yesterday. I liked it, but I think I will like the other one on the disc better (no breaks). I am actually sore from the pendulum things! Thanks again for those workouts! :sun:

Kim - I have RWH Low Impact #1 on the schedule for tomorrow. I've done it once and I liked it.

Jules - I am so impressed with all the step workouts you are doing!

Friday our former personal trainer who became a close friend, and eventually like a daughter to us, graduated from the Austin Fire Academy, and we attended her graduation ceremony. There were 3,770 applicants, 24 of whom were chosen for the class. Of those 24, 13 graduated. She was the only female, and also the oldest in her class. She is awesome! It was very moving for us to be in the room with so many heroes, and hear the Chief speak.


Wed - RWH Lift It HIIT It Legs - fun and tough!
Thurs - 3 mile walk
Fri - A homemade ISO core routine
Sat - Breathless Body with DH
Sun - Boot #11 - Class 1
Today - RWH Lift It HIIT It Legs again - I'm starting the one-month RWH rotation today

Have an awesome day!!!

Jules 05-10-21 08:34 PM

Hey Gals! I'm still here! I tweaked my knee so I did not work out over the weekend. It is feeling better today, but is not totally healed yet. On Friday I pushed pretty hard during a spin session and I had the resistance cranked way up. I think that is how I got injured. I felt totally fine Friday night. On Saturday morning I went to my son's soccer game in the cold rain and my knee was stiff and achey all weekend after that.

Mother's Day was nice. My husband took me out to eat. Most people here are not wearing masks any more - just in schools and the stores that require them like Costco. I am relieved that my kids will be eligible to get vaccinated soon too!

This morning I wore a neoprene knee sleeve and did the cardio from Cathe's CTX All Step on a 6 inch step. I followed up with Yoga 30 for 30 Yin and went on a 2 mile walk. So far my knee feels ok. The yoga felt great!


I just picked up HST and you have both? Is one easier in intensity and /or choreography than the other?
I find them to be pretty comparable in intensity. HST has A LOT of leg presses so I have to be in the mood to do that one. HSC has more variety and band work plus fun music. :music: HST has no core work so I usually add it in myself.

Kim:I hope that court case is an interesting one! My dad is a retired district court judge so I have heard a lot of fascinating tales from him.

Kate: Can't wait to hear more about the yoga training with Bryan! It sounds like you are having a blast with Tony too. :sun: I am not familiar with those kb workouts.

Malinda: Thanks for sharing the inspiring story about your former trainer. Wow! She sure has had an amazing journey so far! I am happy to hear you are enjoying RWH! :heart:

Mickey12 05-11-21 07:32 AM

Jules sorry you tweaked your knee. I'm glad you're taking it easy for a while. We live in a rural community so a lot of businesses don't require masks anymore but when we go to the "cities", (haha, we live in such a small town area), masks are still required. My husband and I are both vaccinated so I feel so much better about returning to things we used to do.

Malinda the story of your personal trainer turned fire fighter is really inspiring. That's incredible for her. Those applicant numbers versus those who graduated are remarkable.

Today I did Cathe's Tabatasize rounds 1 and 2, then a 30 minute practice from 30 Day Yoga Retreat. Really hard stuff and then really nice movement and easy stretches. It was a great way to start my day.

Hi to Linda and Kate :heart:

KateTT 05-11-21 06:43 PM

Malinda: So glad you are liking them!! Group Rx had some good ones.

Jules: Entering the 3rd week of Power Yoga teacher training and it's been good so far. The toughest thing is memorizing a specific practice and doing it on my own without cueing.
Hope your knee is better.

Kim: Is 30 Day Yoga Retreat on ID?

I have already totally changed my rotation for this week. I started doing P90x+ Upper Plus and just wasn't feeling it. So I popped in my new Iron Core Kettlebell set. Started with Iron Core Kbell #1. Very basic but really pretty good, especially going with heavier bells. I used my 20, 25 and 35. I like Sarah Lurie and will keep working through the other 3 (out of 4) workouts.

Today swung back to Cathe and did Step Boss Imax4. I did the Double Blast premix this time and it was fantastic!!!! Came in at just over an hour so perfect time too. What a fun cardio workout.

Belated Happy Mother's day. Hugs to all! Have a great week!

Mickey12 05-12-21 12:06 PM

Kate 30 Day Yoga Retreat is a Beachbody production. Thanks to Linda I have a set that she picked up at a thrift store for me. It's 30 minutes (or less) practices for beginners. It's very basic, but one of the instructors is Vytas and I just love him. :love:

KateTT 05-12-21 01:57 PM

Kim: Ah ha!!! I'll have to check that out as I subscribe to BOD. I love Vytas too. He can get really tough but his form tips are superb!!

Today I did Sarah Lurie Iron Core Way 2 and added on Skogg Kettlebell Roots Level 1. I wasn't as thrilled with ICW2 and the actual workout is only about 35 min so that's why I added Skogg. Short and sweet. I forgot how good his Kbell workouts are. And I haven't done them in ages.

I have still been doing Yoga almost every day. Today was Eoin Finn's audio practice called Blissology Conduit.
Check this out if you like Eoin. They're all free!

Jules 05-16-21 01:40 PM

Whew! This past week was packed with kids' activities but we powered through it. My son's last soccer game of the season was yesterday and they remained undefeated! My daughter qualified for divisional track & field. She still has one big meet left this week and then she will probably be done unless she miraculously qualifies for state. :p

My knee is still sore so I am limiting heavier cardio to 30 minutes per day while wearing a neoprene brace.

Mon: CTX: All Step cardio + 30 for 30: Yin
Tues: BodyPump 96
Wed: 4 Day Split: Low Impact Step cardio + Flexibility & Beyond: Foundations
Thur: 4 Day Split: Kickbox cardio + Travis Short & Sweet #1
Fr: BodyPump 108
Sat: Off
Sun: BodyMax 2 Step + Upper Body (No Power Circuit)

The new mask rule doesn't change much around here since hardly anyone is masking up any more. I scheduled my kids to get their shots soon so they will be fully vaccinated before July. There are still new Covid cases in our schools.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! :sun:

KateTT 05-17-21 12:56 PM

Jules: I am still going to keep wearing my mask if I go into stores. Our Walmart is gigantic and often feels like a huge petri dish to me. I am SO glad you can get your kids vaccinated.

Back to Friday: Les Mills Body Jam 70 which is my all time favorite Jam! Great tunes and I love the choreography. I still look like a dork but it's fun.

Friday was Amy Bento's Drop Set Strength. I just pulled this one out of the blue as I wasn't up for my planned workout. I decided I really didn't care much for the Iron Core set.

Today I started the week with Skogg Intervals Level 4. Yes! I had started an Iron Core workout but was not feeling it. Had a great time with Skogg and will continue on with some of his kbell workouts for a while. Mixing Cathe cardio in too.

Happy Monday :sun:

KateTT 05-18-21 01:55 PM

Hey Chicks!!
Today's workout was fun and fab! I did Cathe's Crossfire and boy, do I love that one!!! Yes there are very light weights and loop used but it's only to intensify the cardio. I think this is one of my favorite Cathe cardio workouts.

Popped in my Eoin Finn Blissology Project today..did Bliss Monday and it's SO sweet. And that boy Eoin is so super chill....still my favorite instructor!

Happy Tuesday!

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