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fanofladyvols 04-06-21 10:41 PM

Malinda your work cation sounds like the dream life!! I don't think you could go wrong with the Katami or the RWH sets purchase. And I say that not having either set. I would probably pick up the RWH if I had to pick only one.

Jules that's fantastic that you're almost done with your RWH rotation. I'm immune to formal rotations but the idea of RWH with Xtrain sounds fantastic.

Today was a mobility warm-up before my TGU practice then T25 Focus Beta Ript circuit followed by mobility cooldown. Then later I did CS # 629 Hamstring and hips. Love being able to use resistance bands. I used three of Cathe's and they worked great. I wish I had all the workouts in the T25 set instead of this partial set. I had someone I tried to get the full set from but I deleted the pm and only have a vague idea of the person's VF name, lol.

I'm going to work to finalize my Totalfitness shopping cart before the sale ends on the 11th.

Happy midweek waves to all!! :cool:

KateTT 04-07-21 01:00 PM

Linda: I am avoiding Mary's sale. I am sooooo saturated with dvds.

Jules: I wish they would release more Combats on LMOD.
I LOVE Michelle's Peak Fit Challenge. Great deal on 4x4!

Malinda: That work-cation sounds great!! I would totally love to get away like that. Some work, some fun.

Kim: I am really enjoying the ID yoga too. Today I'm going to do the new Hands Free Flow.

Quick workout recap.
Fri: Cathe LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper + Lower
YW365 Mountain Warrior

Mon: One on One Be Stronger Upper Body + Lower
ID Detox 30 Messy Middle

Tues: Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn
ID Travis Spring Ayurveda

Today was Hannah Eden's 28 Day Fat Torch. I love Hannah from MetaShred Extreme but when I had this, it was just too hard three years ago.
Fast forward and I got this one back in a trade. Today I did the whole first disk which includes Total Body Burner, Non-Stop Sweat Sesh, Triple Torcher. All 20-25 minutes long so easy to put together time wise.

Tough stuff but I loved it. Before I didn't like all the "up and downs" but today I had lots of energy and although I modified some, for the first time I could keep up with Hannah which is not easy to do. Amazing what good eating and losing weight does for a girl. I used 12, 15, 20s for these.

Yoga will be from Inner Dimension again. New practice added today. :sun:

fanofladyvols 04-07-21 01:34 PM

Kate sorry I am not trying to enable! Haha! Ok so if I EVER do 28 day torch I will make a note to use my 3s,4s and 5s..:p BTW, Congrats on seeing so much improvement! I love it!!

Did full mobility before and after my workouts today which were TGU practice, lower body kettlebell strength and 10 min of kettlebell HIIT.

I feel a rest day coming haha. :sun:

KateTT 04-08-21 06:30 PM

Linda: I have worked out for years but it wasn't until about 5-6 years ago that I really concentrated on my weight. BAD BAD eating and way too much. I started off with Herbalife and lost 50 lbs. Then I found Keto and Fasting and lost even more. I haven't been eating as clean as I should and have gained 6 lbs. But if I lay off the carbs and sweets, I can get it off.

Today I did Cathe's Imax. The original...SO MUCH FUN! I can catch on to all the moves and it's got lots of intensity. Impact too but doable and modifiable.

Happy almost Friday all! :sun:

Jules 04-09-21 09:59 AM

TGIF! I am going to get my second covid shot this morning - hoping for no side effects! Last time I just had a very sore arm for a couple of days.

Wed: XTrain: AOLIH + Travis Short & Sweet
Thursday: RWH: LIHI Chest, Shoulders, Tris + Stretch Max (no equip) + Studio Sweat Straight Up Spin
Today: Not sure yet? Will see how I am feeling later today. I got 4X4 in the mail yesterday so I might try I am Change later.

Kate: You are so strong! Had to laugh at Linda's hypothetical 28 day Torch weight selection. That would be me as well. ;)

KateTT 04-09-21 12:06 PM

Jules: Two days later I had no reaction other than a slightly sore arm. Can't wait to hear what you think of 4x4.

Today's workout was Power Music Group Rx Boot #11.
#11 is all bodyweight and not easy but not killer hard or high impact. Mostly strength but some plyo so your HR goes up. This DVD has two 30 min workouts which I put together. Lots of pushups, squats, lunges, wicked mobility moves etc.

These are fun but alas, Power Music doesn't sell the Boot workouts anymore.
WARNING...enabling link:


Malinda 04-09-21 01:38 PM

Happy Friday!

Jules - I hope you don't have any side-effects from your second shot!

Kate - I never did buy any of the Group RX Boot workouts; now I wish I would have!

Linda - It sounds like you are definitely due a well-deserved rest day!

Kim - Yay for a new yoga mat!


Tues - Core de Force MMA Mashup + pull-ups, push-ups & swings
Wed - LM Combat Power Kata (from the BeachBody set) + TRX rows, push-ups & swings
Thurs - An isometric core routine DH put together, and MBFA Day 21 Recovery
Fri - Breathless Body with DH

Man, we were both sucking wind today in BB. I don't know if it's allergies or what, but I could barely make it through the workout. I had to take it down several notches, but at least I stuck with it!

I ventured out to the salon yesterday for the first time in well over a year. My hair is long and curly and it was in desperate need of a cut. I am the queen of the cheap haircut, but I splurged and got a "Curly Cut", and also some teal, purple, and pink highlights. I love it; the highlights look great with my gray hair, and the cut is definitely the best one I've ever had.

I had mixed feelings about going to the salon, but the owner is a former ER nurse and she is militant about infection control, masking, and social distancing. I felt very comfortable.

Our work-cation lifestyle is what we hope our retirement will look like.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Mickey12 04-09-21 07:27 PM

Hello ladies,

Malinda your haircut and highlights sound so fun!! OMG, I smiled when I read the colors you chose. I LOVE color in just about everything in life. Given any choice and I will pick the one that is not just white or gray or navy or brown. I want the thing that is multi-colored, bright, patterned, etc. Regarding hair, mine is blonde and a few years ago there was a little girl (about age 5) at church with blonde hair and she got a pink streak put in it. I thought it looked so cute. I even went as far as asking my stylist what it would entail for my hair. I never took the plunge, but I think fun color in hair is great. So cool of you!! :love:

So that's a question - have any of you ever had anything unusual such as crazy color or cut done with your hair? I have always been pretty conservative so I never have. The only time I gave serious thought to a hair style choice was in the early 90's when I had long hair and I got a spiral perm. I wasn't sure it was professional enough for my job, but I loved the style.

Jules congrats on the second vaccine shot! Woo Hoo!! I get my second shot in 2 weeks. I'm very happy that (at least in our state) vaccines are more readily available now.

Linda I was giggling about your comment on the Watulan thread describing your stress and hair pulling with Minnie Pearl during your roof work. :D

Today I decided to do Michele Dozois Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn. It's so fun with all the jumping and turning and I like the music. I only did 30 minutes though. I find it to be a really tough workout and it was kicking my butt.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. :heart:

Jules 04-12-21 11:49 AM

Manic Monday!

I did end up feeling pretty cruddy from my vaccination for about a day. I had the chills and body aches plus a sore, red arm. No fever though. I felt totally normal yesterday when I woke up except I still have a sore arm.

Yesterday I did a long SpinCore from Studio Sweat. This morning I did Cathe's Hardcore Extreme Interval Circuit plus core work. I will do some yoga tonight.

I did Katami's I am Change on Friday evening. I like how all the different modifications make it as hard or easy as I want, so no dread there. I am glad I made the purchase.

Malinda - Sounds like you got a great cut and color! My daughter changes her hair color all the time. It is pinkish/orange right now. :D I also have curly hair and love my stylist who specializes in curly cuts - she was hard to find and I hope she never quits or moves away!

fanofladyvols 04-12-21 08:22 PM

Malinda congratulations on getting a wonderful salon day! I'm sure it looks fabulous :)

Kim the craziest thing I ever did was get a spiral perm in college. My hair was down to my butt and it took FOUR HOURS. Needless to say I only did it once. But I did love it and I really was able to channel my Guns and roses fan girl look hahaha.

Jules which vax did you get? I'm sorry you had some soreness and reaction :(

Today in between mobility get up practice and lower body kettlebell strength, I started my push pull swing challenge Day #1. It was super easy to add in.
I also did the partner abs section with my husband from STS abs. He blustered quite a bit about not wanting to but I finally got him to do it and after it was over he said it was fun and would definitely do it again. :D

So I thought of you Malinda and wondered if you had ever done those with yours?

I vote all of you try it and see if husbands like it too (if you have a medicine ball). :sun:

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