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Jules 03-29-21 05:50 PM

It's still snowing here, but it is supposed to get up to 60 by Thursday - I'm sure looking forward to that! Maybe we will put out the trampoline this weekend. :sun:

I went off my diet over spring break, but I am back on it today. My digestive system definitely feels better when I am not eating tons of treats. When I eventually go into maintenance mode, I might just eat healthier food during the weekdays and save the treats for weekends.

I finished week 2 of my rotation on Saturday with Cathe: CrossFire + Core. Yesterday was Flexibility & Beyond: Splits. This morning I did Xtrain: Cardio Leg Blast + Travis Short & Sweet 1. I also plan to do a Les Mills: The Trip spin tonight. They run about 40 minutes long. Still loving this rotation! :heart:

Kim: Glad you enjoyed working out with Mindy. I have a few of her oldies - she can be a lot of fun!

Have a great week!

fanofladyvols 03-29-21 06:18 PM

Kim I liked Mindy..but I never could keep up with her. So I don't think I have any of her workouts anymore. She seems like she'd be a great person to go on a hike with. :D

Jules we had tons of rain last two days but today was beautiful sunshine and all my plants look like they are waking up. It's glorious. :sun:y daughter hasn't experienced Cathe but she has watched me use her stuff and has a healthy respect for her. She may agree with your daughter someday. She has told me the Cathe DVDs are some of my collection she will keep when I die, lol.

Let's see ...Sunday was XFST #8 and T25 Focus stretch. Today was Ellen Barrett Yogini.

Basketball 🏀 time 😁...

KateTT 04-01-21 12:15 PM

Malinda: ditto on getting RwH! GREAT set! Just sayin'.

Jules: I bought a few of Travis' yoga sets but am just going to stream for a while now. EGAD more snow?! We had flurries yesterday but it passed quickly.

Kim: I'm going to do Yin today too. I like a nice Yin or gentle practice on Thursdays for some reason. LOTS of Yin on ID!
Ooh, I used to love Mindy M. Got rid of all but one. Hmmmm

Oh fun week of workouts yet again!
Yesterday I did Cathe LITE PHA 2 Mix 2. That mix includes the bonus abs and stretch. I wanted to do this workout again as I've only done it once before. Cathe's PHA workouts are really a blast! The LITE workouts are better than ICE (IMO) and I can amp things up if I need to.

Yoga was ID Byron de Marse All Around Flow. Weee! I really like Byron's Yoga! He's one of my favs on

Today I did Michelle D's Peak 10 Fit Body Challenge Cardio Interval Burn Studio Version. Whew...long title...this was a download I bought a while back and for whatever reason, never got to it. Wow this was FUN!!!! The usual high energy Michelle but not killer impact and easy to modify if needed. I even caught on to her fairly simple choreography!

Probably more ID and a nice Yin practice although Bryan Kest just uploaded some new stuff on his site too. SO much to choose from! :eek: :D

fanofladyvols 04-01-21 06:20 PM

Kate I am a fan of PHA workouts too. I need to make sure I do one of Cathe's. You're doing and excellent job of mixing things up!

Tuesday was TGU practice, mobility and strength drills with a kettlebell. Wednesday was lower body strength with the kettlebell, TGU practice and mobility. Today is a rest day.

Weekend is coming...woot!!

Jules 04-02-21 11:48 AM

Spring has finally sprung! It's warm and sunny here today. :sun:

On to the workouts:

Tuesday:RWH Low Impact HiiT 1 + Core 2, Level Up Vitality
Wednesday: XTrain Supercuts, Rodney Yee Conditioning for Athletes, Les Mills The Trip
Thursday: RWH Low Impact HiiT 2 + Core 1, Travis Short & Sweet 2
Today: BodyCombat 83 (plan to do some yoga later)

Kate: I thought that BC 83 was a new one for me, but as I was doing it I remembered that I did it once before. It was fun - just enough plyo in it to keep me happy but not as difficult as some other recent releases. I still need to try BodyCombat United and #84.

Linda: What is TGU? Enjoy watching the Final Four!

Waves to Kim and Malinda and everyone else.

Have a great weekend!

fanofladyvols 04-03-21 08:04 AM

Jules Turkish get up...sorry I'm not sure why I think everyone ought to automatically know that abbreviation. I get lazy trying to type it out.

Jules 04-04-21 12:57 AM

Just caved on Katami 4X4 at Total Fitness since it is on sale. With save10 it was $44.99. I also looked at Michelle D's Peak Fit Challenge, but I decided to pass on it for now.

Linda: That makes total sense now, LOL. I watched Gonzaga vs. UCLA tonight - Incredible!!!

Malinda 04-05-21 09:20 AM

I'm Still Here!
Hi FitChicks!

DH and I took a "work-cation" last week. We went to a cabin on the South Llano River in the hill country. We worked about 5-6 hours each day, took breaks a couple of days to go on trail runs, and shut down around 4:00 to go sit by the river and have a beer every afternoon. It was fabulous.

I finished up MBFA the day we headed out to the cabin. I really enjoyed that program.

I'm still considering a PX2 rotation of sorts, but the Lauren Brooks push/pull/swing challenge that fanofladyvols posted about on GD piqued my interest, so I think I'm going to do it and cardio-of-choice for April. I've been wanting to get back to pull-ups and to improve my push-ups, so that challenge fits the bill perfectly -- thanks so much for posting about it, Linda!

Jules, I almost caved on 4X4 as well, and I still might! I don't remember how long the sale is on; I'll have to check. I also want RWH, she has it on sale too, I think. I would only get one of those programs, so I'd have to decide which one I'd like best.

I won't back-track on workouts, but since we've been back home:

Fri - Turbo Fire 55
Sat - 21 DF Cardio Fix - plus I did a trial-run of the Lauren Brooks challenge - pull-ups, push-ups, and swings
Sun - Turbo Fire 30 + another trial-run of LB, with TRX rows, push-ups, and swings
Mon - DH and I are going to do Triple Wave Pyramid in a little while

I hope everyone has a great week!

Mickey12 04-05-21 08:07 PM

Malinda your getaway sounds sooooo nice! Glad you got to spend some time in the hills. And being near running water is so soothing.

Jules great price on Katami 4x4, I was going to get it last summer but never did then Kate recently gifted it to me! I'm slowly working my way through it. I did I Am Change workout 2 tonight. From what I understand, the first workouts are easier and they build in intensity, but within each workout Paul shows three levels, so it's really very versatile. I think you'll like it although it's not my favorite style of working out.

The Michele Dozios Peak 10 set is AWESOME! The price (last time I checked) was fantastic for all the content in the set. I really like the format on those workouts - all cardio or cardio/weights.

I have been wanting a Jade yoga mat for ages and I finally broke down and bought one. I have several manduka mats and I like them, but the Jade is really nice and grippy and it doesn't migrate around on my carpet as much. Buying it sort of coincides with subscribing to Inner Dimensions yoga. I've been loving all the Travis yoga.

Hope everyone has a great night. :heart:

Jules 04-06-21 07:36 PM

Hey Gals!

I am on my last official week of the RWH/XTrain rotation. It sure has been fun!

Sunday: Rest Day/Easter
Monday: Tabatacise, Yoga 30 for 30 Yin, Walked the dog, Watched B-ball
Today: RWH Back, Bis, Shoulders, Stretch Max (band), Les Mills The Trip

Kim: I am glad you got 4X4 too! I think I will like it since the format is similar to Cathe's original Boot Camp, which I love. I am worried that it might be a little bland, but Paul seems like a great guy. Despite all the glowing reviews, I am not sure I would click with Michelle D's workouts. On viewing the clips, they seem quite dancy and I prefer athletic moves... plus she is VERY high energy. :eek: Congrats on your mat purchase! :heart:

Malinda: Love the idea of a work-cation! Like going on a field trip. If I had to choose between 4X4 and RWH, I would go for RWH. It really is a must-have in my book.

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