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Mickey12 03-22-21 05:27 PM

Malinda I hope your vaccine day went well. My husband's second shot is this Thursday.

Jules the ripped with hiit and xtrain rotation sounds great. I signed up for Inner Dimensions yesterday. Travis had the Bend don't Break practice on Youtube so I did that one last week. I liked it a lot. I mentioned in the other thread that I was so impressed that he cued the workout while he did it instead of doing voice over. He not only cues, but does a lot of talking throughout the practice so I wonder how much he has memorized or if he talks off the top of his head.

Enjoy your spring break!

Yesterday we had simply gorgeous weather so my husband and I went for a walk. Today we also did some walking (another gorgeous day) and I'm going to do a 30 minute practice from Inner Dimensions now.

Hi to Kate and Linda! :heart:

fanofladyvols 03-22-21 09:48 PM

Jules wow a RWH and Xtrain rotation sounds like a good one! The idea of plugging in other cardio is a great one..esp. Body Combat!

Kim I did more of that Beach pilates today..this time one of the core workouts. So far, all of them have been hits for me. Love the 20ish minutes length for busy days like today. :heart:

Waves to Malinda and Kate!

Mickey12 03-23-21 11:38 AM

Linda I'm so glad you're liking it. :heart::):sun::music:

KateTT 03-23-21 12:27 PM

What's new pussycats? (whoa whoa whoa whoa). :D

Jules: I just think it's safer still for people to stay home a little while longer. MN cases went back up a little. It's not over.
GREAT rotation!!!!!

Kim: Why do I have a feeling I'm going to cave on Travis' Detox set?

Friday I did my new Cathe FitTower Boot Camp workout. I have a big pullup stand so I used that and it was perfect. I have ways to raise and lower a bar on it so was totally able to do it with that. I think I felt my triceps the most.
Yoga from Udaya and Annie's Smartflow Yoga Grounding Practice. Fantastic Iyengar yoga!

Yesterday I did MetaShred Extreme MetaMatrix Upper. Using my heaviest bands and loops and still using the fat grips. Really burns out the forearms. Popeye anyone? Almost done with this set. I'm really pondering what I want to do next.
Power Yoga and Mike Nader's All Around Spine Health. Excellent!!!!

Today I did Cathe 2013 Series Party Rockin' Step 2 again but this time I did the Finished Routine 3 times. That was fun! One of my favorite Cathe step workouts, that's for sure.
Yoga pending...Travis, Udaya? So much good content out there!


Malinda 03-23-21 02:00 PM

Hi everyone! Sorry to have disappeared for a few days. Just busy!

Looks like you are all kickin' booty as always. I am starting to regret my decision to not purchase RWH at the beginning of the year. Oh, well, I'm sure Cathe will have it on sale again at some point.

So last Thursday we got a call from our small local pharmacy that they were getting the vaccine in, so we cancelled our Sunday appointments and got our first shots here yesterday afternoon. We were so happy to not have to drive not once, but twice. Not that we weren't willing to do so or grateful for the appointments, but getting them locally is just a real blessing. No side effects so far except for some soreness in the arm. I iced it last night before bed, and this morning after my workout. It's getting a little more sore as today is wearing on, so I'll ice it again this evening.


Thurs - MBFA Day 15, Lower Body
Fri - MBFA Day 16 - Core Circuit
Sat - MBFA Day 17 - Upper Body
Sun - Breathless Body with DH
Mon - Core de Force MMA Speed
Tues - MBFA Day 18 - Core Circuit

Two more MBFA workouts to go! I will definitely revisit these programs; I'm thinking of rotating MBF and MBFA weeks when I do, since some of the exercises are different between the two programs. I love mixing cardio intervals with weight training, which is why I love LIIFT4 so much, and why I would probably love RWH.

Enjoy Spring Break, those of you who get it!

Mickey12 03-24-21 11:59 AM

Malinda high fives for getting your first vaccine shot locally!! Great news!!!

Kate regarding Travis's Yoga Detox, it irks me that he doesn't offer his programs as downloads anymore. So, if you want to try it, you have to subscribe to Inner Dimensions to get it. His spring 40% off sale is over, but it was only for new subscribers so I don't think you could have taken advantage of the discount anyway. I believe you used to subscribe, right? I still have only done the one practice from that series that he has on Youtube. I'm sort of loosely doing his 30for30 program now. (God forbid I commit to any type of rotation or firm workout schedule! :eek:) I haven't done a lot of yoga lately and I feel like I need to do the 30 minute practices first to ease into doing it more often.

Hi Jules, hope you're enjoying your spring break week! :music:

fanofladyvols 03-24-21 07:24 PM

Kim I only have one dvd left in the set to try.

Malinda congrats on almost being done with MBFA.

Kate are you almost done with Metashred?

Jules hope spring break for you has some great weather.

Today was working out with my daughter using The Firm Bust and Butt. We did mobility before and after and we subbed in some exercises but otherwise had a blast following along. (She doesn't like Tamela, lol).

Happy springy Wednesday :sun:

KateTT 03-26-21 11:54 AM

Malinda: Yay on getting the shot! And I understand busy! I missed a few days too. Oops.

Kim: I caved and resubscribed for just a while. I was hoping for downloads too for Detox 30 but no go. I have TONS of Yoga practices so no worries. It will be fun to try for a while.

Linda: Yes done with MetaShred...see below. :sun:

Wednesday's workout was the last MetaShred Extreme - MetaMatrix Lower. I hit my exercise ADD point and just wasn't feeling it, so I did a mix of the MMlower + Cathe FitTower Legs Glutes Core. I fully expected to have trouble walking but it wasn't half bad. Barre work slays me but this FitTower workout wasn't too bad.

Soooooo. I caved and subscribed to Inner Dimension. At least for a little while. Glad I did as I did the new Yoga Detox 30 Purify practice. I did the Start Where You Are yesterday afternoon. Worth the price even if I do stop it.

Yesterday was Body Combat 82. Jules - this is on the LMOD site. SOOOO much fun! Still my favorite form of cardio and my favorite kickboxing workouts.
ID Detox 30 Letting Go Yin was my Yoga but I got interrupted and only got through half. LOVELY as usual Yin from Travis.

Today was Cathe FitTower Total Body. I did the mix that included the bonus abs. This is the best DVD out of the set and I was totally able to use my pullup stand again. I really enjoyed this and went as heavy or heavier than Cathe on everything. It seems like I had been doing so much band work that it was great to have more weight work again.

Unsure of Yoga yet. More Travis?

Have a marvelous weekend everyone!!

Jules 03-26-21 04:22 PM

Spring break has sure been a snowy one, but it has been nice to have the time off. I got my hair cut and colored on Wednesday and my head feels so much lighter! :D My hair grows really fast and my last haircut was 9 months ago!

Did some goodies this week:

M: Ripped w/HiiT LIHI Legs, Travis Short & Sweet, Studio Sweat Spin
T: XTrain Bis & Tris, Cathe 4 Day Split Kick box (just the cardio)
W: Ripped w/HiiT Lower Body Circuit, Travis Bend Don't Break
Th: Xtrain Chest, Back & Shoulders, Stretch Max w/Band, Studio Sweat Spin
F: Ripped w/HiiT Plyo HiiT One + Core #1, Ultimate Yogi CrossTrain

I tried Bend Don't Break on YouTube and it was challenging for me. I liked the green set and, like Kim, I was impressed with Travis' stellar cueing.

Plyo HiiT One today just about killed me! My lungs hurt afterwards.

Kate: Those Fit Tower workouts are excellent! I plan to do them again after my current rotation. Have fun with Inner Dimensions!

Linda: I love that you work out with your daughter! I did Cathe's Travel Fit with my daughter once and she said Cathe is pure evil. ;)

Kim: I wish Travis would still offer downloads as well. I have purchased all of his sets that ran about $100. I passed on the Power Yoga Gold tho - too rich for my blood!

Malinda: You should totally get RWH some day - you and your hubs can do the HiiT cardios together. There are premixes that combine them on the DVDs.

Mickey12 03-27-21 05:57 PM

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. My daffodils suddenly popped open yesterday and they look so gorgeous this year! So many blooms! :sun:

Jules I did Cathe's Ripped with Hiit Plyo #1 this past week too. I cheated a little towards the end though when my husband came home, I went in the kitchen to talk to him and left the workout playing.....gave myself a little break. :p

Regarding Travis cuing while doing the practices, it's not just that he can cue and also do the workout, but he says so much during the entire hour. How does he remember it all? Does he have cue cards that we don't see him looking at? Does he spout all his motivation, stories and affirmations off the top of his head? It makes me wonder.

Kate I'm glad you signed up for Inner Dimensions again for a while. I just finished my workout for today and reading your post reminded me, hey, I have ID now, I can do some yin.

Today I did a virgin workout I bought from Mary a few months ago. Mindy Mylrea All Systems Go. She uses the body bar in this one but you don't need it. I just used light hand weights or didn't use the bar at all. It's really fun, lots of jumping and hopping. She incorporates strength moves and cardio moves with so much variety. I am hit or miss with Mindy's workouts, but this one I really liked.

Have a great night all!

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