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JBliff 01-10-21 01:15 PM

Total Max Mixers - Week of January 10
Hi everyone. My workout yesterday was 45 minutes on the elliptical + a segment of Classical Stretch for stress release. I am really struggling to like CS. It's a good thing it's free on PBS ;).

I've been up since 1:45 a.m. this morning so I'm pretty tired. I've been getting up before 4 a.m. all week and can't figure out why.

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday.

Vantreesta 01-10-21 02:30 PM

JB, I struggle with Classical Stretch too. I don't mind Essentrics and even have some of the DVDs, but Miranda and CS just bug me. I still have over 60 episodes on the DVR I recorded last year. I know people rave about them and I know some people say there's no difference btwn CS and Essentrics but I guess I'm just in the minority. I am tempted to just delete all the episodes but there's that FOMO that maybe there's smthg fantastic in an episode and I'll miss it. Do you think the current events of the week could be affecting your sleep? I don't watch the news and didn't even know anything was happening Wednesday until I logged on for grief group and the facilitator mentioned the chaos and had to tell me what happened. But my mood and outlook definitely changed after hearing about it. It hasn't affected my sleep but my mood has been affected and I'm feeling more irritable. Hopefully you can find a way to get more rest.

Hubby got my Bluray player hooked up today so I can resume DVD workouts tmrw. I'll be glad to get back to my Cathe rotation. Still need a new tube for my bike tire and THEN my gym will be fully functional again. I had to move stuff so he could get to the TV so rather than just moving it all right back where it was, I plan to reorganize and put things away on Tuesday. He also got all the Christmas tubs put away. Some of them are just too heavy for me to lift above my head into the closet.

karjoy 01-10-21 08:50 PM

Thanks for starting us off JBliff. Sorry about the sleep. I am like Vannie and am wondering whether current events are stressing you out. I can certainly understand that. Here’s to a good night’s sleep tonight.

Vannie I feel a bit irritable too and today maybe a little bored, unusual for me. Do you have a treadmill? Glad you got your Blu-Ray hooked up.

Rest day for me.

Waves to Cher and Gibbee, kareng

Vantreesta 01-10-21 10:21 PM

Karen, glad it's not just me who's irritable! I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself today bc hubby got snippy with me and I held my tongue, remembering that a sharp word benefits nothing. Wasn't easy though! Yes, I do have a treadmill. My first big fitness buy! After my first dog died I couldn't bear walking outside alone without his company so got the treadmill in 2005. :eek:

JBliff 01-11-21 10:10 AM

My workout yesterday was Lean Legs & abs + 25 minutes on the elliptical.

Vannie - I didn't think about the recent events affecting me but it's possible. I certainly have been glued to the TV last week watching things unfold and it's been super stressful. Great news on getting the new DVD player. I'm going to try a few Essentrics and see how I like them.

Karjoy - I took a Tylenol last night and got 8 hours of sleep, thank goodness. I hate doing it but it's about the only way I can sleep through the night sometimes. I used to take a Benadry once in a while, but I've read in two different books (including the new one by Sanjay Gupta) Benadryl can cause Alzheimer's so I've stopped doing it.

Hi to Cher and Gibbee. Have a good day, all.

Vantreesta 01-11-21 10:17 AM

JBliff, how is the new Sanjay Gupta book? I've been hearing about it and would like to read it. Probably will look for it at Walmart today. Glad you were able to get some sleep. I try not to take Tylenol for sleep either but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I hadn't heard that about Benadryl but will pass the info on to my aunt bc I think she takes it sometimes. I am trying not to take melatonin bc I've been hearing there could be drawbacks to it too. I'm taking two Valerian root every night. I just need to start taking it and drinking my chamomile earlier so I get sleepy earlier!

Cher 01-12-21 06:01 AM

I thought I posted here this week but I guess not. Workout yesterday was Jessica Smith 5 Mix & Match Miles Energy Boost Walk and Walk On Strength Interval Walk. Nothing on Sunday.

JBliff - Glad you got 8 hours of sleep finally. I have no idea when the last time I got 8 hours. I occasionally take a Xanax to help me sleep better but it usually only gets me maybe to 6 hrs without waking up much. Maybe I should try a Tylenol. Was it any special kind of Tylenol? I never heard that about the Benadryl.

Vannie - Glad you can get back to your dvds now. Oh man, I so wish I had a treadmill (or a Peleton :p )!

Waves Gibbee!

JBliff 01-12-21 06:52 AM

Hi all. My workout yesterday was Tae Bo Celebrity Fit Sculpt. I haven't done this one in years and it was surprisingly fun. I even was OK with the incessant counting! I also did a segment of Namaste Yoga.

Cher - I just take one of the regular extra strength Tylenol. I used to take a Zyrtec which has the same effect but it turns out they're bad for you too.

Vannie - I have heard that melatonin was OK for a short period of time. The Gupta book was fairly interesting. It didn't have a lot of info I didn't already know. One interesting tidbit was he said you needed to exercise 450 minutes a week for optimal health. Connecting with others, mindfulness/meditation, eating healthy are also things you should do for brain health. I got my book from the library. Maybe yours has it too.

Karjoy - I hope you are feeling in a better mood today.

Hi to Gibbee. Have a good day, everyone.

karjoy 01-12-21 09:32 PM

Hi guys. We’re drowning in COVID here. If we’re not talking about Covid shots given in our office we’re talking about Covid tests and talking to patients who have Covid. It’s unbelievable. I have never seen such as this. But it is gratifying that we are giving Covid shots though.

Jbliff as soon as you mentioned Tae Bo I flashed back to that endless counting. :D
It was fun though and how could you not love Billy Blanks?

Cher and Jbliff, when I was a hospital nurse we sometimes gave patients Tylenol
at bedtime. It did seem to pretty reliably help people relax and go to sleep, maybe by relieving minor aches and pains? I think Tylenol is pretty safe although you wouldn’t want to take it every night.

Vannie I find camomile tea relaxing. Have ya’ll tried Sleepytime tea?

I did a peloton tread workout tonight and last night. Really enjoying these.

Night, kareng

Cher 01-13-21 06:20 AM

Workout yesterday was Jessica Smith Walk On 30 Minute Fat Blaster.

Joseph has an in person interview tomorrow. He had a phone interview Monday and they called back yesterday for 3 references (which we know they called), then they called back yesterday afternoon to schedule an in-person interview. Praying this one works out.

JBliff - I think I have that Tylenol in my medicine cabinet. Maybe I will take one tonight. I’ve been awake since 3:30 this morning.

Karen - Our restaurants we’re supposed to open Friday for indoor dining but Governor just changed it to Feb 1 now. They have been closed since mid November. Hopefully things settle down a bit with Covid down there. Geez, last year when our vacation to Florida got canceled, we booked our trip back in October for May. Hoping things improve a bit by then with the vaccine. Never dreamed it would still be that bad.

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