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yogapam 05-01-22 12:19 PM

Barefoot & On the Mat: May 2022
:sun: “All things seem possible in May.” :sun:
~Edwin Way Teale~

If you are lurking, please pop in and say hello! We are fun, friendly, diverse group. We are especially fond of barefoot workouts….Pilates, yoga, barre, CS/Essentrics, Qi Gong, dance. Some of us even like to do our cardio and strength workouts sans shoes. There are no rules here, everyone is welcome! Roll out your mat, slip off your shoes, & join us! :)

Didn’t see a new thread so thought I’d start us off. :)

Paine 05-01-22 12:50 PM

Today is a planned rest day as I did my marketing this morning, laundry and will do batch cooking for the week.

Pam, thank you for starting our month of May thread! :music:

, what rotten luck for your DH's nephew to get covid 3 times! He probably had all 3 variants.

Cyana, I was always uncomfortable when bear were in our neighborhood (sometimes in our backyard!) when we lived in Alaska. We had moose in our yard all the time but they didn't frighten me like bear did.
Thank you for the wonderful YouTube music links--I enjoyed them!

Sandra, my DH loves being retired and I'm sure you will too. :)

toaster 05-01-22 02:26 PM

Pam, thanks for starting us off! That's a nice quote. :sun:

Paine, luckily, I don't think he's been very sick any of those times. He probably has some good antibodies by now! ;)

Speaking of which, I got my 2nd covid booster yesterday morning. By the time we went to bed last night (surprisingly, I made it through all of Amadeus), I was feeling achy and chilled, and I had a restless night. I've taken it slow today but feel mostly recovered now.

cyana 05-01-22 06:16 PM

Quick fly by....haven't worked out yet and the day is getting away from me - yikes! At least I got in my breath work, meditation and stretching routine this morning.

I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but YMAA sent me an email yesterday with a handful of tai chi/qi gong streaming videos for $1 (you could pick one) to celebrate World Tai Chi/Qi Gong Day, so I got Helen Liang's Tai Chi for Women. She has an interesting history - she was diagnosed with lymphoma some years ago and was advised to have a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. She decided against it and is still around and appears to be quite healthy.

Paine - I'm glad you enjoyed the video links. :cool:

Beth - Glad to hear you're feeling better today.

Must run and get some things ticked off the to do list. Waves to ALL!

JustSandra 05-01-22 07:10 PM


Yogapam: Thank you so much for starting us off this month! I like that quote too. :)

Today's Workout: The Upper Body routine from Jessica Smith's first Walk Strong set. Earlier today I walked outside for an hour.

Question -- does anyone here have any experience with Planet Fitness? I'm giving consideration to joining an inexpensive gym :eek: for some varied cardio and maybe a few of the strength machines.

Beth: When my niece and grandniece got Covid earlier this year (it was my niece's second time!) they both felt pretty sick for about one day, then much better after that.

Waving to all!

yogapam 05-01-22 09:33 PM

Todays workouts:
~Qi Gong 30 day challenge: day 1
~BellyFit Rising Creativity
~Strength circuit day 1
~Long stretch & yin poses

Sandra - I havenít gone to a gym in decades so I have no opinion to offer.

Beth - Sounds like the booster wasnít too bad. I hope to get mine next month.

Paine - Iíd freak if a bear strolled through my yard! :eek: We do have the occasional bear or cougar sighting around here as we are semi rural, but Iíve never seen them myself. Cougars are the main reason I donít walk in the trail system alone.

Cyana - Enjoy your new video!

Waves to all!

Twigs 05-02-22 04:47 AM

Good morning all!

Pam, thank you for starting us off. :)

Yesterday's workouts:
- Bellyfit DOTM #4 Passion and Flowers - nice
- HealthBarre 40 minute class with Adelaide :heart:
- Karin Embody - Anatomy Spiral Line

This morning, all around 15 minutes:
- Chiball Energise & Tone - Segment 3
- Ellen B Quick Core Fusion
- Kassandra for the Hips (Water Element). :love: I'm really liking these short classes.
- Karin Embody - Functional Anatomy Spiral Line

Sandra - Thank you for the link. :) I've found the series on Youtube and will see how it goes, so long as there are not a load of advertisements. I haven't belonged to a fitness club in years. When I was living in Seattle, I went daily after work and really enjoyed the classes as well as the social interaction. It may be worth checking out, especially if you're not committed to a long-term membership.

Pam - I was quite excited that Alice had released some new 20 minute workouts. Just glad I didn't rush in and buy them, as they're the workouts featured in her Daughters of the Moon workshops! Cougars :eek:, I can see why you wouldn't want to walk the trails on your own.

Paine - I'd be freaked out too if there were bears in my backyard!

Beth - Glad you recovered quickly from your second booster.

Cyana - Sounds like a great deal. Did you succumb? I did this really strange qigong class with Pete C last week. With his intention, he was pushing us in different directions while we were standing in mountain pose. The weird thing was that it worked! Kind of spooky!

Waves to Pat, Carolyn and all.

Pat58 05-02-22 08:52 AM

Good morning, Happy Moan Day! It was so hard to get up at 5:30 a.m. :( I swear, sleeping until you natural alarm goes off is so much healthier. Yesterday I accomplished:

~ Holding Qigong Challenge Day 1
~ My own PT
~ Walk at beach
~ 6,563 steps

The walk was beautiful, the incessant wind gave us a break and I was even able to sit and meditate.

I'll be back to catch up in a bit ....

Paine 05-02-22 09:46 AM

Yin Yoga with Mimi Solaire (Leg and Hip Yin Yoga practice)
Jackie's Essentrics class

Pam, seeing a cougar on a trail would scare me to death! You are wise to avoid walking alone there. On the few occasions that I went for a walk outside in Alaska, I would take bear spray with me.

yogapam 05-02-22 12:01 PM

Good morning!

Margot - I wondered if Alice’s new series was from Daughters of the Moon. I’ve done two so far and really enjoyed them, fun & flowy.

Paine - Nobody has ever been attacked by a cougar here but there have been numerous sightings over the years we’ve lived here. Deer are plentiful so they won’t go hungry. The sightings are sporadic, a few close together and then none for long time. I suspect the cats move around a lot. We have a neighbourhood Facebook page where they get reported so people are sure to keep their pets safe.

Waves to all!

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