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donnamp 01-01-22 08:30 AM

Margaret Richard & Friends 2022

Whether you workout w/ Margaret exclusively or just once in awhile - please join us!

Let's hope for a good 2022 together!


donnamp 01-01-22 08:33 AM

Hi Everyone,

To start the year off today, so far, has been:

Silver & Fit - Advanced Yoga w/ Stacey Lei 12/30/21 - this was a nice routine, it used one yoga block as a prop.

I may do something later, maybe a strength workout.

Hope everyone has a good day and start to the new year.


Pat58 01-01-22 10:14 AM

Happy New Year everyone! :music:

Thank you for starting us off, Donna. Sounds like you started 2022 with boots on!

DH is doing better, thanks for asking. He gets up for a while then goes back to bed. We had a little talk about visiting the cardiologist so that's a goal.

I ended the year doing nothing except a reading marathon to achieve my 50 books goal. No walks or gym or anything. :o I meditated yesterday morning for my yoga sadhana and went to bed around 10:00. I'm feeling good after a day of total rest.

Does anyone have New Year's resolutions? I really don't, just a promise to myself to keep on doing my best and get some more decluttering done, which was already a work in progress.

amoodygirl 01-01-22 03:32 PM

Happy New Year!

Our disabled cat, Christopher, is sick and it has been stressful. We have him in a separate room thatís wall to wall wee wee pads covered by $5 yoga mats (easily washable). I just got done giving him a bath because he had explosive diarrhea. Yesterday he projectile vomited on me so itís been a fun couple of days! I say cautiously that he seems a tad better each day.

Anyway, I was too tired for a full on workout so I did a 45 minute Bad Yogi practice, which is exactly what I needed. Iím knee deep in cat laundry and thatís about all Iíve been doing! Tomorrow Iím planning on a Body Electric workout followed by cardio.

Pat I hope your DH is feeling better. After my booster, I had mild flu symptoms and took Tylenol and rest. New Year resolution for me is really try to consistently meditate. Iím such a worrier and I definitely need to meditate daily. Other than that, just to survive this pandemic! My entire sisterís family has it. Those who were boosted have what appears to be a bad cold. Those who are just vaccinated have what seems like a really bad flu. Everyone is on the mend, thankfully!

Donna thank you for starting this new check in!

I wish for us all a wonderful 2022. It has to be better than the last two years!

Waves to Pam and Summer Breeze!

yogapam 01-01-22 06:41 PM

Happy New Year!

Todays workouts:
~1 hour+ walking in the alpine village, lots of snow & lots of hills
~Calming Moon Salutation Flow (YT)- This was another nice wrist free practice
~1 hour of yin on my own

Donna - Thanks for starting us off!

Pat - My only resolutions are to keep moving & do more yoga.

Diane - Sorry your kitty is ill! :( I a lot of guided and sound bath meditations last year for my new year Sadhana. I have gotten away from them and they really were helpful with relaxation & reducing covid anxiety.

Waves to all!

Pat58 01-02-22 10:55 AM

Good morning, happy Second Day of 2022. 01-02-2022, hmm. Yesterday featured:

~ Annual New Year's Day beach meditation/walk
~ LWR Advent Calendar Day 16, 2,000 steps Walk At Home
~ YWK Yin Yoga for Serenity
~ 6,898 steps

I also worked on my square pose a/k/a double pigeon. The beach was unusually quiet, the tide was super low from the new moon and even the water was very calm. Usually I see lots of geese, ducks, etc. but yesterday I only spotted one cormorant and a handful of gulls.

Diane, poor Christopher sounds so sick. :( Best wishes with your meditation practice, it really does help. Sometimes I only have time for 5 minutes in the morning, but even that short amount improves my day.

Good morning Pam, Donna and Summer Breeze!

summer breeze 01-02-22 11:19 AM

Hi all !!

So many people I know have come down with covid this past week:eek: It's very scary. I hope the schools around here go remote for a few weeks but who knows. Both of my kids are teachers and I'm very concerned for them. Especially DS who teaches middle school where many kids aren't vaccinated. DD teaches at a community college but still with so many cases around no one is safe.

DONNA, thank you so much for starting us off for the New Year! Hope DD is doing well.

PAT, your beach walk sounds lovely as always. Hope DH is on the mend. I don't do resolutions but doing my best and decluttering are certainly ones I should follow.

DIANE, so sorry about Christopher. I truly hope there is small improvement each day.

PAM, enjoy your winter wonderland.

Happy New Year and best wishes for happiness and good health to all!

donnamp 01-02-22 01:58 PM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I also managed to do:

CocoLime Fitness - 30 min Cardio Tone - Suzanne from CL Fitness offered another special $1 for your first month - so I signed up again. I wouldn't subscribe at full price - $14.99, but these $1 months are good for me. If her price were lower - like in the Ellen B range I'd probably subscribe regularly but her stuff is nothing I want to do regularly, if that makes sense. For me, I guess if I'm paying for a site I want to use it most of the time..... anyway, this was a cardio/body weight routine, nothing too taxing.

Man Flow Yoga - Yoga for Herniated Disc - this was on You Tube a nice add on.

Today, so far, has been:

CL Fitness - 30 Min Full Body With Weights

Man Flow Yoga - Yoga for Sciatica - I did this one a few days ago. It really hits the spot for me. Ironically, the pigeon and figure 4 type poses tend to really irritate something. I do better w/ working on opening my hip flexors rather than stretching the piriformis.

I may do Annie Pilates PT - piriformis exercises w/ the band - those hit the spot for me too as it works to strengthen my glute/hip area.

VERY dreary weather here....

We are having some major plumbing work done here this week - it is going to be a major PITA, but hopefully will be worth it to avoid emergency plumber calls. Then, at some point we are having some painting done. January is going to be a pain with all of this going on but hopefully it will be worth it.

For now my only real "plan" for working out is to do Man Flow Yoga's Mission: Daily Yoga - plus whatever else I feel like doing.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday, unfortunately, back to work for me tomorrow.

Summer Breeze - I know, cases are rising here as well. My DD is doing much better, but she is planning to get her booster this week. I wish she would put it off - but there is no talking to her. I understand the desire to get it but I'm just worried w/ it being so close to her having mono.

Pat - I'm jealous of your beach walk!! Sounds very nice and peaceful.

Pam -very nice workouts as usual!

Diane - Yikes, poor Christopher and poor you. I hope he is feeling better.

Oh - I haven't even thought about resolutions - I think I'm just going to take everything one day at a time.


yogapam 01-02-22 08:45 PM

A quick fly by for meÖ

Today was a rest day of sortsÖ
~40 minute Lunar Flow Yoga (YT)

We left the ski resort in a crazy blizzard, the truck was literally buried in the parking lot this morning. :eek: So our drive down was slow, but the snow turned to rain once we got down lower and closer to the sea. We had a great time! :heart:

Waves to all!

amoodygirl 01-03-22 05:37 AM

Good morning, everyone,

Well, we made it through the holidays. I've had maybe 4 hours of sleep but this too shall pass. Christopher is still with us and we made it through the weekend without having to go to the emergency vet. Still, he is not feeling well at all. The gabapentin really makes him, first, very loopy and he has a harder than normal time getting around and crawling into his tent where he does his business. Therefore I have cleaned quite a lot of poo and pee and managed to not step in it. Thankfully we prepared for this by having all the floors covered in wee wee pads, then a large rug, then $5 yoga mats from Five Below covering the floor. The yoga mats make it easier for him to get around. Getting him to the vet today one way or another.

So, workouts - today there won't be any but yesterday:
Body Electric Perfect 10 - Program 2A- Abs, inner and outer thighs, pecs and triceps. Followed by Bad Yogi's I Am Challenge Day 1.

Wish us luck. My husband is so bereft at the thought of losing him and, although I love the boy, I don't want him to suffer and have to keep a cool head. Something is going on that we're hoping an x-ray will tell us.

Have a great day guys and sorry for being a Debbie Downer.

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