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hch 12-23-21 07:18 AM

Workouts, 2021-12-23, Thursday
If you'd like to join, post your workouts and other activity for this day!

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Daffie 12-23-21 08:40 AM

32 minute walk

gigi 12-23-21 03:18 PM

Cdorner Fitness Hi/Lo Workout. It can all be done low impact. This was a fun workout. She does a great job of picking music to go with her workouts.

jetlitis 12-23-21 03:32 PM

Killer HIIT Cardio Kickboxing (25m)*

The Firm - Lower Body Sculpting (Firm Parts) (30m)**

*I was somewhat disappointed with this kickboxing workout. Some of the exercises felt awkward, and there was too much shuffling for me.

**I enjoyed The Firm LBS. I did not use ankle/toe weights; just dumbbells on the side thigh exercises. I loved the bridgework with dumbbells. I've never owned LBS on VHS/DVD, but am familiar with the instructors and exercises. Good workout! :)

Erica 12-23-21 09:34 PM

Indoor Cycling
Jessica Smith - 10 Minute Total Body Stretch

jetlitis 12-25-21 01:21 PM

Zumba Sulu:
30 min Christmas Dance Workout

Had a busy Christmas Eve, and didn't have time for a workout until later in the evening.

Although this workout was quite nice and doable, it was not the same Zumba Sulu Christmas workout that I remembered from 2020, which I loved and used numerous times. :heart:

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