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TinaT 08-22-17 04:42 PM

Brazil Butt Lift Questions
This Sunday will be my weigh and measure day. I will have finished 28 weeks of working out and trying to eat better. I've started thinking about the "problem areas" and the butt, hips and thighs are for sure at the top of my list.

Has anyone gotten good, noticeable results with BBL? Am I better off just sticking with my Firms? I haven't hit the Firms weight routines during this 28 week stretch. I've been focused on big calorie burn with light sculpting. I think I need to start adding in more moderate/heavy weight work to balance out my next 4 weeks.

If anyone has a great BBL story to share, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, I might just stick with what I have.


MARIKA 08-22-17 07:33 PM

I got BBL when it first came out and LOVED it. It really does what its says. Its a bit cheesy but all the workouts worked for me. They don't focus on the quads so you dont get the thick bulky leg when try to slim and tone your lower half. I highly recommend it.

TinaT 08-22-17 10:00 PM

Thanks, I'm on the fence about any Beach Body programs these days. So reading that it helped you is encouraging.

Sandrine 08-23-17 07:27 AM

I'm really glad you asked about BBL, Tina. I have a question about it also. Since the ship of possibility of me ever having a Brazil Butt sailed long ago, I'm focused on building lower body strength. Would BBL help to accomplish this or is it more effective for slimming?

Thanks for letting me tailgate on your thread, Tina!

LoveVA 08-23-17 08:28 AM

I lost several inches across my body overall, my hips, thighs, waist, upper back when I did the 2 month rotation of BBL. I also followed the meal plan and lost several pounds. I wrote more details about my results in a thread several years ago. I got more muscle definition and I was definitely stronger. If you do the rotation as it is written, you actually get good results across your body. BBL works your abs, lower body and upper body. I'll try to find it.

Here they are:

In addition, I still do Bum Bum and the High & Tight workouts on occasion. They are solid workouts on their own.

cherimac 08-23-17 09:02 AM

Pilates and Barre did far more for my lower body than BBL. BBL was a blast, though, and I remember it doing really good things for my abs, oddly enough.

athompson10 08-23-17 09:55 AM

I loved BBL, I think that was the first rotation I ever finished!

I think of it as a slimming/toning set of workouts, cardio and muscle endurance over muscle building for sure, though you can use heavier weights on the Sculpt workout for exercises like one-leg deadlifts.

I lost inches on my waist, lower abs and inner thighs, and got a little bit of a butt lift using the BBL Flat Butt rotation. The only change I made was substituting another cardio workout for Cardio Axe, which I didn't love.

High and Tight has really good standing and floor work for glutes and thighs, and Bum Bum is soooo much fun and goes by quickly.

Leandro is a cheeseball but such a happy, high-spirited one that I never dreaded any of the workouts.

laurajhawk 08-23-17 11:14 AM

I agree with what others have posted. It's been some years since I did a full BBL rotation, but when I did, I got overall toning/slimming results. I prefer the "combination" rotation & think it's harder than the others. (I don't always prefer "harder", but it's also more rounded, no pun intended!) I also usually prefer to sub other cardio for Cardio Axe and that's fine; there's nothing "special" about Cardio Axe (unlike Bum Bum which is cardio but is really central to the BBL program!).

BBL is not moderate/heavy weight work, though. The only workouts that use weights are Sculpt (dumbbells; I've used up to 7 lbs but usually go lighter) and High & Tight (ankle weights only).

Vintage VFer 08-23-17 11:25 AM

I did a partial rotation of BBL when it first came out. It did nothing for my stubbornly flat butt. It did trim my waist a bit.

TinaT 08-24-17 08:25 AM

Now I'm really curious. Hmm....

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