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cttx31 09-08-14 07:04 AM

Brazil Butt Lift price reduction -finally!
I have been patiently waiting for a couple of years for Brazil Butt Lift to go down in price. Looks like it finally has. Basic set is $40 (instead of $60). I was planning to order on totalfitnessdvds because you can get the deluxe dvds by themselves, instead of having to order the whole upgrade kit. The deluxe dvds are now $20 (were 30.) So I save $30 on both. The deluxe dvds are out of stock on totalfitnessdvds. Also I noticed that on the BB website, they are only showing the basic kit, and I can't seem to even find the upgrades any more. I'm fearing they stopped even making the upgrades? On the deluxe, really I just want Rio Extreme so maybe I can find somewhere to buy that used. I'll still buy the basic kit.

ETA: Hmm, even though it says the deluxe dvds are out of stock, when I go to totalfitnessdvds and click through to the BB site, they are there and looks like I could order them, but they are the old price $30, instead of the new price $20.

sillygirl 09-08-14 08:48 AM

This is GREAT news!! Thanks for the heads-up. I did find the Deluxe DVDs for $19.90 at Total Fitness DVDs so maybe you were just too quick and Mary hadn't updated the price yet? Here is the link:

How did you find out about the sale? Seems like they just lowered the price without making any announcement.

tifftaffy 09-08-14 09:11 AM

Before I pounce on this deal, does anyone know if they have those annoying Shakeology commercials on these dvds (airing either before or after the workout on the dvd)?

I understand I can fast forward through them, I just don't think that if I'm buying their dvd product that it should have additional commercials on them.

Pam61 09-08-14 10:20 AM

I just ordered the basic set, along with the deluxe add-ons. Shipping was $9.70 for me.

Have been wanting this one since DH just saw the infomerical the other day, and gave me "the look." ;)



deesharee 09-08-14 10:25 AM

This is superb news!!!! Thanks!

Pam61 09-08-14 10:31 AM

My guess is there will be advertising in these (after's Beachbody!) But, these came out some time ago, so maybe they don't have the newer Shakeology commercials that are on the 21 Day Fix set (Tony at the checkout counter selling a customer on shakeology.)


glamgal 09-08-14 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by Pam61 (Post 2445731)

Have been wanting this one since DH just saw the infomerical the other day, and gave me "the look." ;)

Love this! ;)

laurajhawk 09-08-14 11:07 AM

I did a P90X workout the other day and was downright startled that the workout ended and returned to the menu without any ads. Those were the good ol' days, hm? I don't really mind the ads at the end, though, because I just stop the DVD when they come on (or I leave them on, if I feel like it, while I put away weights etc. ... I have never found the end of the ads on the Body Beast DVDs! I feel like if I left the DVD playing 'til the next day's workouts, there would still be ads running).

I don't remember seeing any ads (except the WOWY ad) before the workouts. I have BBL, so *maybe* that means there are no before-workout ads on BBL. I do think this new lower price is a great deal!

Breezy Trousers 09-08-14 12:03 PM

That's an excellent price! ..... I was four years late to BBL. That title and Leandro sort of scared me off. However, I know a sophisticated woman at work who has * only * done BBL for years and looks gorgeous, so BBL always intrigued me. I finally traded for it and Deluxe/Rio this year. Definitely my best trades ever! These workouts are very well designed. Leandro is endearing, not annoying, to me. I've never done the full rotation but usually do BBL workouts for a week or two before moving onto something else. Love it!

violingal3 09-08-14 12:05 PM

Oh no, I've been clearing the shelves of old workouts, but I'm doing a darn good job of replenishing the collection! Another set to add! Do I need the deluxe?! :D

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