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mle777 02-22-13 10:19 AM

Brazil Butt Lift
Did they change up the system??? They were airing a new infommercial this morning that I had on while getting ready and the majority of the clips they showed had the background exercisers next to a pool (along with the beach scenes that we've always seen). Does anyone know if they refilmed the workouts so that the majority of it is outside. I already have the system, but I'm still curious, I love a good outdoor workout :) Oh and Chilli (from TLC) is in the new infomercial, she said something about being petite with meat and it made me smile :D

summer breeze 02-22-13 10:46 AM

I haven't seen the new infomercial but I think there was a Brazil Butt Lift Master Series or something like that that was filmed a couple of years ago and finally released last year. Maybe that's what the new infomercial is for? I want to see the new infomercial now :D.

mle777 02-22-13 10:49 AM

I've seen clips from the master series (which unfortunately looked very unappealing to me :() and these were different. These were exactly the same as the original workouts, but filmed next to a pool and on a beach instead of in a studio and on a beach. I hope you're able to catch it soon :) It had a bunch of new success stories. I love success stories :)

alydinva 02-22-13 10:59 AM

On which channel did you see the infomercial? I wanna see it!

mle777 02-22-13 11:08 AM

Oh, I'm not sure. It was on when I turned the tv on. Sorry!

mle777 02-25-13 10:24 AM

I went back and looked and the new infomercial was on WE network.

TinaT 08-21-13 05:38 PM

So how different is the Master Series vs the original? Very interested in trying BBL.

TinaT 02-26-14 09:00 AM

I'm bumping this thread because I'm still confused on what you get if you purchase BBL. Is it new footage or repackaged to feel updated?

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