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paideiamom 11-18-12 03:38 PM

Time to start checking your CC statements closely.
Just got a call from the fraud department at my CC asking if I charged online $2.50 for online support from, or something like that.

I, of course, said no. It is that time of year where these fraudsters like to put small amounts on your CC to see of you notice before they start doing major fraud fun (fun for them, not for you). So check those bills and make sure you know what every little charge is before you get blasted with a biggie.

mandie123 11-18-12 03:53 PM

I hope not, as I got it twice in the last 6 months!:mad:

TriciaR 11-18-12 04:30 PM

This just happened to me. The cc company noticed there was a small charge for groupon and contacted me. Thieves charge just a little to see of the cc number is active or if they will be caught. So check your accounts before bigger amounts are charged. It is a pain to change your account but I am thankful my cc company is on top of it.
By the way my husband used groupon once and now we get continual spam at that email address. I do not trust them.

cataddict 11-18-12 04:37 PM

Thanks for this reminder and warning! I check my bank account regularly but the cc not as often. I really need to do so more often, particularly at this time of the year.

mtnmom 11-18-12 04:45 PM

My husband and I had decided to redecorate the livingroom. So that month we had contracted to have wood and travertine floors installed, and purchased a new sectional. I had also been looking at area rugs, coffee tables, and other furniture pieces. Some things went on DH's card, but most on mine. My bill came and there was a $951.00 charge on it neither of us could sort out. It was weird because any other month, a charge like that would have stuck out like a sore thumb. This particular month was unique in it's heavy credit card use.

I reported it and Visa closed the account and issued me a new credit card. It took me days to reconcile that it really was an invalid charge! I kept thinking we had overlooked something ordered or had made a deposit on. Now I wonder if a month or two earlier, I had let a smaller amount go through. I always check though. My sons are in college and they both have credit cards that are billed to me but they are authorized users. I send them a screenshot of credit card activity twice a month and ask them to look it over for anything they don't think they charged.

Thanks for the reminder!

hdw 11-18-12 04:59 PM

We had $2.50 for backup service. This is for a card we do not use online.

paideiamom 11-18-12 05:17 PM

Yeah, my college son has privileges on my card. I had to cancel it. I am glad he will be home tomorrow but I had to warn him to get enough cash for the trip home instead of relying on the card.

He had just called us to tell us about a large charge he made at a weird place (he is good about that) so when they called I thought they were questioning that charge. But my cc company has been good about catching stuff, although they told me there is usually a $15 cancellation charge. I was about to get peeved, but she told me she would waive it. Sometimes I think they make up charges to forgive to make you feel warmer toward them for the real charges that aren't waived.

ddj 11-18-12 06:55 PM

It is very important to be vigilant but they can do the damage in a hurry. I saw something on Dateline a few years ago where they put a couple of fake credit cards out there to see how long it would take to max them out. It took less than five minutes. :(

However, it does help to check them often!

FitBoop 11-18-12 09:23 PM

It helps a lot to set your account alerts and notifications so that you receive e-mail and text messages whenever there is any charge to the credit card account. This way you catch it immediately so you can call the credit card to close the account.

Fidget Queen 11-18-12 09:32 PM

I just had this happen, too.

3 months ago, I found an $800-something charge on my card for some computer supplies in the town I just moved away from. I think because I had just lived there, my credit card company didn't catch it. Anyway, I freaked when I saw it, but my company was really good about it.

The last few days, though, somebody was making charges ranging from $8 to $35. They managed eight(!) charges in two days before my CC alerted me to a charge they denied for :p. Anyway, I had it closed.

My last credit card company made me jump through hoops and roll over in submission when charges that were so obviously fraudulent showed up. I promptly shut down that card. I'll stick to a company that doesn't make such an effort to make me feel like a criminal :).

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