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NancyW 04-04-20 11:30 AM

Bellyfit workout on FaceBook
Alice is doing another workout on Facebook this Friday, April 10th at 10 am PST. The video for the workout from last Saturday is posted on the Bellyfit International Facebook page.

sherry7899 04-04-20 12:49 PM

Thank you!

pgun3 04-05-20 09:08 AM

Thanks Nancy!

NancyW 04-05-20 10:25 AM

I'm surprised more people aren't interested in her workouts. I really like them.
To each his own:).

Floren 04-05-20 11:15 AM

Thanks for posting Nancy! I did part of the first live one that she broadcasted. It was fun to know that many people around the country were doing it together with you at the same time. It was pretty easy and light, and kind of just a break from everything going on.

I've also done a couple of the live Powerstrike kickboxing classes. Those were not so easy and light :o

toaster 04-05-20 01:44 PM

Thanks for the info; I might try. Not sure if I can do live though--it's 10 a.m. PST, right? So 1 pm on the east coast...maybe I can try the first one tomorrow.

NancyW 04-05-20 01:45 PM

I like easy and light:). I haven't worked out in a while due to my work schedule, so that was perfect for me. I love the music!

NancyW 04-05-20 01:46 PM

I'll be working Friday, so hopefully she'll post the video to that one too.

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