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Mickey12 01-25-21 06:33 PM

Malinda a co-worker of mine did the Muscle Burns Fat program in the summer. She was telling me about the jump rope handle things. They do sound fun. I'm sure you'll be a pro at them in no time.

Tonight I did Amy Bento's Hi/lo Dome Challenge, just the cardio part. It's so much fun!!! I love the music, the choreography is pretty easy to get, although I leave out the spins and modified some of the moves to low impact. It's really a fun one. :D

Hope everyone has a great week.

KateTT 01-26-21 11:58 AM

Friends...gotta be brief but wanted to check in and say hi. I'm still working out and will post details later. But have to go be with my two boys shortly. They just lost their other grandma and her funeral is today. Lost both their grandmothers within 8 months of each other.
Still hoping for a better 2021.

I'll be back!

Mickey12 01-26-21 01:16 PM

Kate I'm sorry your family is going through this. You're such a good mom. You definitely have your priorities in the right place. :heart:

Jules 01-26-21 08:20 PM

Kate: Your family has been through so much this last year. :( I hope you were able to share good memories and lots of love with your sons and other family members today.

I have a headache today, but I still worked out. It was my last time doing BodyShred: Escalate. I followed up with Cathe's Perfect 30 Mobility.

Tomorrow I will probably do one of Cathe's step routines. I will start the level 3 BodyShred workouts on Thursday.

Kim: I had to check out the Dome Challenge workout. I was curious if it used a Bosu Ball? I guess not, but it sure does look like a blast! :p Did you see that Cathe is coming out with a round mat soon?

Linda: I have never tried Lauren Brooks but I hear she is awesome. Do you work out with kettlebells often?

Malinda: I am glad to hear you like the cordless jump rope. I am putting it on my Treat Yo Self list.

Mickey12 01-26-21 08:38 PM

Jules Amy Bento's hi/lo dome challenge does use a bosu, but it's the end portion when she does abs and some upper body weights, I think. I never do that part. :o I just like the hi/lo cardio section. It's So Much Fun!

I did see that Cathe's round mats are coming soon. I was disappointed that they are black though. I probably wasn't going to get one (even though I really want one) but the black color sealed the deal. No go. :(

Tonight I did a Youtube step workout. The instructor's name is Kat (I don't remember her full name) but if you put in Kat step you'll find her. She's got cats too that wander into the frame occasionally. :) The workouts are really fun, choreography is pretty easy to grasp, no commercials in the middle (Ugg!) and the music is good.

Hope everyone has a great night. :heart:

fanofladyvols 01-26-21 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by Jules (Post 2909336)
Kate: Your family has been through so much this last year. :( I hope you were able to share good memories and lots of love with your sons and other family members today.



Originally Posted by Jules (Post 2909336)
Linda: I have never tried Lauren Brooks but I hear she is awesome. Do you work out with kettlebells often?

Malinda: I am glad to hear you like the cordless jump rope. I am putting it on my Treat Yo Self list.

A treat yo self list? I love it!! Cathe's round mat is on mine!

Jules I'm super impressed with Lauren. I just got kettlebells for Christmas so I bugged the crap out of some folks I knew used them. Then I did some more research and it boiled down to a few instructors. Then after I found some clips I settled on her to try and have been very happy with what I'm learning. I couldn't have afforded her dvds back in the day but she has them priced so that I can now. I warned my husband since he bought me these I would have to have more workouts. He expected nothing less :p I'm being very careful concentrating on only two moves right now but am still having a blast!

Kim I'm so disappointed we won't be mat twinsies :( so what mat are you getting next?

Did mobility then squat and deadlift challenge today! I got the Cathe loops this Christmas (me likey) and I watch Cathe's name Stretch out and back and it makes me giggle. It's the little things... :D

KateTT 01-27-21 01:53 PM

I'm back. Thank you for all your kind words. I did not actually go to the funeral but went after to spend time with my boys. They were being pretty stoic but I know it pained them. :(

Linda: I am kind of OCD when it comes to logging my workouts. I have an excel spreadsheet with notes and then a word doc calendar where I plan out my rotations.
You know I'll post about Katami!
Haven't done any of Lauren't challenges for ages. Her first swing challenge toasted me behind!

Jules: We have had a very mild, low-snow winter too. And yet I'm still burning through the firewood! Eeek. Great workouts girl!
Headache better?

Malinda: Cool that you're doing MBF!! You WILL progress if you challenge yourself, even by 1-2 lbs more each time. First week for MBFA. See below.

Kim: I was tempted to by the BOD ropes as they look totally doable and under $30. I may still pick some up for future workouts. I have not been using anything.

Waves if I missed anyone. How on earth did I get so far behind? I'll just catch up with this week.

Monday was MBFA Day 3 Upper + Day 1 Lower Body Burn. The lower body workout was better than the upper but not feeling the love for these two. Too much repetition and it didn't seem that advanced. Like asymetric shoulder presses were done lifting the hips at the same time. Not that it's a bad exercise, but its the same chest work from the previous 3 weeks. Only slight differences. But we'll see. I'm not giving up yet!! I didn't start out liking 80 Day Obsession but quickly came to love it!

Yoga was from Gaia, David Magone Full Body Strength & Toning. An "ahhh" class. It was not killer despite the name of the practice. Just nice longer holds like Hatha.

Yesterday I did Cathe's Shock Cardio MMA Kickbox. Ok. Not her best kickboxing and I got lost on the last kick combo. But not ever bad. And the core work was excellent! I do love my core work!
No Yoga as I went to be with my sons.

Today back in love with Cathe! I did Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp. So I have only done this one ONE time four years ago. I didn't like it at all according to my log notes. I think that must have meant that it was too hard? Not sure but it sure was fun today. Tough but fun. Didn't get lost on anything. LOL
Usually went a little heavier than Cathe. It was a really good bootcamp workout. Glad I revisited!

Yoga pending. I see Travis has a Winter practice on YouTube..maybe. But David Magone is calling me too. I LOVE his stuff!


Malinda 01-27-21 02:43 PM

Kate - I am so sorry about your sons' loss; I'm glad you were able to spend some time with them.

I have been working on putting my workouts logs from the last 12 years into a spreadsheet. While working on 2011, I noted that the first time I did Cathe's Double Wave Pyramid was January 26, 2011. So... yesterday DH and I did our version of Double Wave Pyramid to celebrate the anniversary! DH digitizes all of my workout DVDs for me. He then edited DWP to add a third round (so, I guess it is a triple wave pyramid), so that is our version. Anyway, it was fun, in an "Oh my goodness, my legs are killing me" kind of way. My legs were still sore from MBF Lower Body.

Speaking of MBF, I did the first upper body workout today. The asymetric chest flies were really challenging! So far I am liking these, but I really do need to either double up or find some add-on materials - my body definitely responds better to 40-50 minute workouts rather than 30.

Waves to everyone!!!

fanofladyvols 01-29-21 10:01 AM

Yesterday was mobility, more squat and deadlift challenge and her Quick and Dirty Kettlebell workout. I'm not very advanced in kettlebell technique so I sub in cleans for snatches.

Jules I am putting Cathe's round mat on my treat yo self list. I've even cleared a space in a basket in the Shred Shed to store it. :D

Malinda 12 years? Wowee what a project?! I think my workouts are mostly documented with the card in its case. That would be too cumbersome to organize in a document.

Kim I love reading your post as you gush about choreography...even though I would never do that.

Kate I can see how much you have benefited in being able to celebrate your progress by having those notes. I need to make sure I do that beyond looking at them for my starting weight or changes.

Happy Friday Fitchicks!!

Jules 01-29-21 02:29 PM

Hi Gals! I am getting ready to do a grocery run in town. Ended up cleaning the house yesterday which was not fun, but it feels good to be done. Our border collie is a big-time shedder.

Wednesday: Cathe's Athletic Step + Stretch Max with the band
Thursday: BodyShred: Conquer + Yoga 30 for 30 Edge
Today: BodyShred: Triumph + Travis' Short & Sweet #1

I probably should not have followed up Conquer with Edge - my neck was hurting last night. Lots of planks in both. Also, it could be from all the house cleaning on top of everything. Triumph was a nice surprise today! It did not feel as intense as all the other BodyShred workouts up til now. I will probably up my weights next time I do it. Most enjoyable workout in the series so far for me. :love:

Kate: I agree with you on the MMA Kickbox. I like her MMA boxing a lot more. The Fusion one is ok but I rarely reach for it. BodyCombat has spoiled us! :cool:

Malinda: I hear you on 30 minutes not being enough. I try to shoot for 60-75 minutes. Nice job on the triple wave! :sun:

Linda: I am waiting to see how much the Cathe mat costs. Now Kim made me go look at the Mandala mats and they are sooo pretty! But out of stock.....

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