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laurajhawk 05-22-20 02:27 PM

Focused 5 Mins Series
Has anyone tried Linda Wooldridge's Focused 5 Mins Series?

I have more of Linda's DVDs than I actually use - but these are 5- to 8-minute segments and sometimes I think that's about the right amount of Barlates for me :D

adrien_73 05-23-20 05:09 AM

I ordered it from Mary, and will hopefully receive it next week.

I, also, have many of Linda's workouts that do not get used. I tend to focus on cardio, so the 5-8 minute segments will be easier to squeeze in on a busy day.

I'll report beck when I've had a chance to give it a try!

Jennifer P. 05-23-20 07:43 AM

This looks good! I have never tried Linda's workouts but always wanted to, these small doses seem very versatile. I have to wait, though, I am on a "can't buy anything unneccessary until hopefully Black Friday lockdown," even though I work at a grocery store. Plumber bill, real estate & personal property taxes, plus I went ahead & bought myself a quality tablet (Samsung from BJ's.)

summer breeze 05-23-20 07:48 AM

Thanks for posting. I'm in the "I have more of Linda's workouts than I actually use" camp too. Most of them seem to focus such a long time on one body part so this seems right up my alley.

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