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Gams 03-24-21 01:57 AM

Jenny Ford Walk Across America
Ooh - these walks are now available on DVD!

Cher 03-24-21 05:22 AM

I was trying to decide whether to buy the downloads or not when I saw yesterday you could get the downloads AND DVDs so I ordered right away yesterday. I much prefer DVDs so was so happy to see this. I already got my shipping notice last night. :love:

I hope she also does this with Step Across America since I prefer step workouts.

txhsmom 03-24-21 05:40 AM

I noticed that the website mentioned that Step Across America (50 Step Workouts 50 States) was "coming soon".


Gemini2874 03-24-21 06:53 AM


Originally Posted by Gams (Post 2917847)
Ooh - these walks are now available on DVD!

Thanks for the heads up! I read great comments about Jenny! I just bought the downloads with DVDs as well! Great price for all those walks!!

Here is the link if anyone else is interested:

PennyK 03-24-21 07:14 AM


PennyK 03-24-21 08:21 AM


Gams 03-24-21 08:57 AM

Penny, shipping is $9.95. With tax and shipping my total was $80.10.

PennyK 03-24-21 09:12 AM


Paula N 03-24-21 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by PennyK (Post 2917876)
There is a clip of Jenny, Kathy Smith and Petra Kolber sledding down a hill together on her facebook page. So cool!

I saw this on Instagram. So great of Kathy and Petra to be reaching out and supporting Jenny during such a difficult time. I have huge respect for all three of them. I hope Jenny is doing okay.

Pam61 03-24-21 09:22 AM

Just ordered. It will be nice to change up my Leslie and Jessica walks. Plus see so many different locations!

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