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toaster 02-26-20 03:04 PM

Potential Yoga Workshop Get Together in Upstate NY (Rochester)
Hi everyone! I know we have a few VFers from the Syracuse/Rochester/Buffalo area, so I wanted to share this.

I teach yoga once a week at a local Rochester area studio called Eternal Bliss Yoga Center. Next month, the owner, Ana, has scheduled to bring in a yogi from Connecticut for a special series of workshops. I have followed this teacher, Allison Ray Jeraci, on Instagram and can't wait to meet her! She does amazing things with yoga props, making all kinds of poses accessible to anyone. She is also a frequent contributor to Yoga International. You can see more about her here:

Allison is scheduled to come for a series of 4 workshops the weekend of March 21-22, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. I was so excited that I signed up for all 4! Unfortunately, there is a chance that she may have to cancel if we don't get more people signed up SOON. It would be awesome to see area VFers there! I think the $60 per session fee will be well worth it.

Details and sign up info below!

antbuko 03-02-20 11:26 AM

I like her use of props, Beth! :) Wish I was close enough to go. She has a few videos up on Youtube:

toaster 03-02-20 12:18 PM

Hi Helen! Yeah, the stuff she does is really cool. Thanks for linking to her YT channel; I'm actually subscribed but don't think I've tried anything of hers from there.

bzar 03-05-20 01:16 PM

beth - thanks for sharing the link to her website.

yogapam 03-05-20 01:23 PM

Id be there for sure if I lived closer! I follow her on IG, love the innovative ways she uses props.

toaster 03-05-20 01:38 PM

Pam thanks for the endorsement. Hopefully enough people will come!!!

Jeannine you are welcome; I can't wait to meet her. :)

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