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Erica H. 03-14-21 04:15 PM

Working out after Covid Vaccines
For those who have had the Covid vaccine, were you able to exercise the day after your first shot? What about the second? I might be getting my first shot later this week and am wondering what to expect the next day even though I know everyone reacts differently.

I haven't had Covid (that I know of) and I usually don't have reactions to vaccines other than a sore arm, so I'm expecting the first shot to go well. My poor DH has terrible reactions to vaccines and I don't know how he's going to handle these (he doesn't have an appt. yet). He must have an overreactive immune system.


txhsmom 03-14-21 04:27 PM

I exercised in the evening on the days I received each shot. As for the first one, it didn't slow me down at all, but the second shot eventually knocked me on the couch for a few days.


susan p 03-14-21 04:27 PM

First shot, yes. Second shot, no. (on edit: this is just my experience; yours may vary. Upon rereading I realized this sounds very definite and it really is an individual thing.)

After the first shot I just had a sore arm. After the second shot I had full-blown flu-like symptoms (fever 102, splitting headache, achey hips standing/sitting/lying, no position helped; no appetite, no energy) for 28 hours.

However, on the bright side, when the flu-like symptoms lifted, I felt like a MILLION BUCKS. So while it might trash your day 1 workout, you will likely feel, although not look, like Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk on day 2.

Paine 03-14-21 04:38 PM

Yes, I was able to workout after both Pfizer covid vaccines. I had no symptoms other than a sore arm from the injection for both vaccines (same thing happened with my DH and my sister and a dear friend of mine--no reaction except a sore arm for both covid vaccines). Some people who think they might have a reaction to the covid vaccine take a day off work just in case they don't feel well. Your DH might want to do that as a precaution.

Demeris 03-14-21 04:55 PM

No, I didn't simply because I still felt fatigued, which seemed to be the only reaction I had to the first shot. I get my second one in two weeks. I'm curious how I'll react to it. I got Pfizer.

desderata 03-14-21 05:01 PM

I knew my arm would be sore after the vaccine, so I worked biceps, triceps and shoulders the morning of. My arm was quite sore for several days, but the first syringe leaked mid-way through the first shot, so they gave me a second dose. I got two shots in the same arm and probably 1 1/2 to 1 2/3 doses. I didn't work out the day after, because I was very fatigued and felt as if I was running a fever. I felt fine the second day and did a lower body workout.

I get my second dose this week.

bzar 03-14-21 05:07 PM

compared to Shingrix, my 1st Pfizer shot has been a walk in the park. i had a headache after Pfizer #1, and ibuprofen or 2 regular tylenol were enough to get rid of the pain. i was able to work out and do my day-to-day activities in the normal fashion. i had to make sure i drank a lot of water.

i will be cautious for the Pfizer #2, however, since everything is case-specific.

LAC 03-14-21 05:17 PM

I got my first shot on a Tuesday afternoon and on Wednesday my arm was a little tender, but otherwise I was fine.

My second shot was also on a Tuesday afternoon and I woke up in the middle of the night with a a splitting headache and was so physically exhausted I literally did not have the strength to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. I was also really cold, even with extra blankets piled on. Somewhere around 10:00 a.m. Wednesday I was able to get up and make myself a slice of toast and take a Tylenol, but I was still tired and went back to bed until the afternoon. By Wednesday night I was fine. I had Pfizer.

wlorrie 03-14-21 05:22 PM

Yes, I was able to after both shots. I even did an upper body push up workout. However, my only symptom was a sore shoulder.

Pam 03-14-21 05:48 PM

I wasnít expecting to feel sick after the shot, as I havenít had a reaction to other meditation, but I had the reactions that are more common after the 2nd shot. The extreme exhaustion was the last symptom to disappear. I never had any symptoms of the virus previous to the shot. It was about a week before I worked out.

I am trying to get all client work out before I have the 2nd one. Also meals prepared, etc before I get the 2nd one. But hopefully it will not effect me so much. Has anyone heard of someone having a reaction with the first one, but not the 2nd one?

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