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Mickey12 02-22-21 01:21 PM

Kittybug Is that Lux in your new avatar photo? And who is he taunting? OMG, that picture is the best!!! :love: :D:heart:

kittybug 02-22-21 01:27 PM


Originally Posted by Mickey12 (Post 2913342)
Kittybug Is that Lux in your new avatar photo? And who is he taunting? OMG, that picture is the best!!! :love: :D:heart:

Hah, Kim, yep, that's Lux with his paw over (a very tolerant!) Merlin's face. It's his way of annoying poor Merlin and taking over their cat bed for himself. :D:heart: I was just glad to get the picture to show my husband before Merlin got up and left to find another place to sleep! :p

ChelePA 02-22-21 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by kittybug (Post 2913343)
Hah, Kim, yep, that's Lux with his paw over (a very tolerant!) Merlin's face. It's his way of annoying poor Merlin and taking over their cat bed for himself. :D:heart: I was just glad to get the picture to show my husband before Merlin got up and left to find another place to sleep! :p

That is hysterical

kittybug 02-22-21 06:24 PM

ChelePA, oh, if you could only be a fly on the wall. Our cats are truly entertaining with all the nutty things they do!:love:

Watulans, today I wanted to see how Cathe's Pyramid Upper Body (the original) felt. Aaaand it still kicks my hiney!! I was shaking so badly by the ball planks I had to take a break in the middle of them before doing another set of V-ups, sheesh! :eek: Still my favorite upper body workout of hers, hands down. And Garrie was right that these workouts would feel harder after STS due to not having the long breaks. I'm stronger, yes, but that didn't really translate to comfortably lifting much heavier in this one than normal due to the pace. :o

Hope you're all having a fabulous Monday! Stay fierce, Watulans!! :sun:

bee 02-22-21 07:37 PM

Hello All!

cataddict, I'm so sorry to hear about your knee/leg! What a bummer -- try to take it easy, as hard as that will be for you, I'm sure. Thank you very much for the offer for tax help! That made me feel so much better, just reading it!! Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought I had to have the original purchase price so they can figure out how much gain there was over the years. Well, for now I'm concentrating on our stuff -- I'll get that squared away and then tackle my mom's stuff. It'll feel good to get something done!

horusosiris/cataddict, I listened to Shadow of the Wind a couple of months ago (I think that's when) and really enjoyed it. I love that it's one part of four, but the author didn't want to call it a "series" because the books can be read in any order. He's an amazing composer and piano player, too -- look him up on youtube when you're procrastinating doing your taxes. :D I keep thinking I will get other books in the "loop" (series) but I have so many other things on tap to read. I have never read Love in the Time of Cholera. I think I knew about the movie, but have forgotten, so this is a good reminder. I read 100 Years of Solitude when I was a senior in high school and I loved it.

I also have an embarrassing number of dvds -- I will try to remember to count and yes, I will also count a set as "one" because it's too hard otherwise. :o I have some Petra's that I think I have never done! A friend once told me I would like them so I bought a bunch and I'm not sure I ever tried them.

Chele, thanks for the Heather recommendation. In the end I had a craving for Cathe and Afterburn was calling my name, so I went with that. I was thinking I could do the Heather tomorrow but when I finished Afterburn, I wasn't so sure about that plan. We'll see. Anyway, I am happy to report that you Watulans with all your encouragement have definitely gotten me into better shape! I remember Afterburn being quite difficult, and while it wasn't easy this morning, it wasn't so bad. I modified a move or two, and I had to quit the horizontal disc work early usually, but I hung in there pretty well! I came very close to playing the short premix that is just one round of everything, but I wanted to try the whole thing and I was glad I did because even though I usually get annoyed by those kinds of repetitions, today I found myself trying harder the second time on most moves.

Hubby and I had an outing today -- we haven't done much of anything in the pandemic, so this was nice and totally safe. We went to a big field of mustard bloom. I'm going to try to attach a picture here. We'll see if this works....

hmmm, upload of file failed. I'll try again and maybe it'll at least go to my profile.

ChelePA 02-23-21 07:48 AM

Bee...I agree this board is inspirational...awesome to hear about your improvements with time. Congrats! Jealous of your outing. I was shoveling snow again yesterday. Only 4 inches or so but I want sunshine! We may hit the 40s this week...fingers crossed!

I did another mix and match today. Started with Growing Annanas Monday Madness Workout--30 minute HIIT Circuit Training Full Body, No Equipment...posted February 22nd. It's 3 circuits that are repeated once. In the description, she said each exercise was done 30 seconds with a 10 second rest when actually they were done for 50 seconds. That makes a big difference. Phew, I was feeling it. She's another one that goes deep into the legs were trembling. At one point, she held a low plank for 50! I needed to take rest breaks throughout that exercise. She ended with 2 different types of burpees. They weren't pretty on the last circuit :D. Her workouts usually clock in around 40 minutes including warm-up and stretch. I then added on the Lite Metabolic Blast floor portion since I skipped it yesterday. I finished with a Sydney Cummings 10 minute resistance band stretch and foam rolling with Caroline Jordan.

Happy Tuesday!

manleym 02-23-21 10:35 AM

Quick wave to all! I hope everyone is doing well! :heart:

Yesterday for Metabolic Monday I did Katami 4x4 I Am Change 1 again. I used heavier weights than last week and that made a difference.

Bee I'm sorry to hear about the Tax Mess you are dealing with. I hope it all gets straightened out soon. I remember how stressful it was, and how long it took, settling my mom's estate. We had some major issues too so I know the stress involved. Hugs to you. :heart:

ChelePA sounds like your husband and daughter owe you another bag of M&Ms! And thanks for posting the release date on workouts. It helps me find the exact workout you did. They can be very similar in names, so without the date I just kinda pick.

Cataddict I'm so sorry to hear about your knee. :( Please take good care of yourself and take time to recover.

Remind me again which Kat step we're doing for Fun Friday. :confused:

Hugs and waves to all! Sorry this was so short - just going off the top of my head (what stuck).

KateTT 02-23-21 10:52 AM


Originally Posted by cataddict (Post 2913037)
horusosiris, Kate, and manley, so when was it exactly that the 'Boys last won the Super Bowl? **microphone drop** :p

hahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Not unlike the Vikings....that's hilarious!

KateTT 02-23-21 11:17 AM

Geez you guys!!! So chatty! I love it.

bee: softer foam roller...roger that!

manleym: Ditto on the foam roller input. I'd like to say I'm a big MN Vikings fan now but they play so poorly! Sorry guys.

Kim: I have several workouts that call for foam rolling and I just do something else. Time to take the plunge.

ChelePA: I tend to copy my post first before I try to post it because they do occasionally get lost. Caroline Girvan's new Drop HIIT Cardio Full Body Workout sounds great.

Nathalie: I am THIS CLOSE to restarting my Cathe Live subscription. Heck, it's only $10 a month!

horusosiris: I am a total fair weather fan when it comes to the Vikings. However I'll root for my Twins regardless. :heart:

Love in the Time of Cholera might have to be my next book.

kittybug: I'm really getting brave!! Today I did one of the Hardcore Extreme workouts. Stay tuned....

Backtracking a little.
Last Thursday was LMOD Body Step 120. Totally fun new release!! I do like Cathe's step workouts but love the simplicity of BS.
Yoga was Udaya/Rudy Mettia/ Blockhead. I don't usually use blocks but this was a great practice to try to improve form and not force going deeper.

Friday was Katami 4x4 2x4 Up & Low + 2x4 Cardio & Core. These are the two led by Amy Dixon and I love them! But I love her. Did the strength work first, then the cardio/core. Really the only difference is that there are 2 rounds instead of 4. Same format.
Yoga was Udaya/ Jason Anderson/ Game Post Game 2 Lower. So-so. I want to like Jason but I'm not too keen on how he instructs. This was more Yin like.

This week!
Yesterday was Cathe Live 194 Vertical Loading 2. Love all the Vertical Loading workouts. She mentions something about making a VL3 sometime. Wonder if she did?
Yoga was Power Yoga/ Steve Jones/ Side Body Release. Ahhhh very nice stretches especially for the whole side body.

Today the big girl pants went back on and I tackled Cathe Hardcore Ext Hi/Lo Intervals! Hey, not as bad as I thought it would be!! I have NEVER done this workout ever. I've only done #3 and that was years ago. So now I'll be adding these into my rotation.
I was surprised that I didn't get too lost on the choreo. Cathe cued well and I watched carefully. I was dripping sweat! Lots of fun. A little of Imax3 (which I now want to attack), Low Max and Kickmax. My legs are tired though. But really good stuff!

Hope everyone has a great day! You are SO FIERCE!!! Yes YOU! ;)

ChelePA 02-23-21 11:32 AM

Manleym... Hop Hop Step #3 Basic/Intermediate. Released on February 20th.

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