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cataddict 01-02-21 12:42 AM

Happy New Year, Watulans!

I had an off day yesterday so I did some walking for the final day of 2020. I was feeling a bit down, maybe thinking about the losses I've had in 2020. Today I feel better, and I'm determined to look forward and be positive about a fresh new year. So today was the completion of Mess 2 Week 4 Back and Biceps and it's done so WOO HOO Cowbells for us, FN1!! I am looking forward to a recovery week.

manley, for me, the Viper is easier than the Gauntlet, but not so easy that I did it today after STS! Nope!

FN1, I might be up for doing Imax Extreme this weekend, since like you I am not going to lift much other than STS. I still have to catch up and do Amy's BB 3 as well and I know you've done that one already. And I'm still loving the exploration of Cathe Live.

horusosiris, your New Year's Eve sounds like so much fun! And I love your friend group with the rings. I love Tolkien's books and have also seen all the movies. Have you also read The Silmarillion?

bee, yes definitely burn the 2020 calendar!

Kim, you can handle the Viper. You can handle a lot more than you give yourself credit for doing. :sun:

Chele, re husbands and clothing choices. Sometimes I don't think DH even looks at how I dress, since the few times he has bought me clothing he has gotten me something that is nothing like my style at all. :p Yes, it's the thought that counts, but he does want to please me as I do him, so after a number of years we pretty much pick out something that the other has already chosen. It spoils any surprise, but at least there's no awkwardness trying to pretend to really like something that I wouldn't buy for myself in a million years! I am truly in awe of Mr. FN1 that he can not only pick out something that is wanted, but also the correct size!

Waving to Nathalie, KateTT, FOLV, and any lurkers who may be thinking about joining us! Please do!

Garrie A. 01-02-21 09:22 AM

Ok, I have to admit. :p I've been lurking on the original thread for MONTHS, and last night I thought "Why not finally join?"

My name is Garrie, male (so I'm a Watulan God :D), 24. I'm also a member of the Barefoot check-in. I enjoy a wide variety of workouts--but my two absolute favorites are weight training and step aerobics (complex choreography). My favorite trainer is Cathe, although I enjoy many others as well. I consider myself an intermediate/advanced exerciser.

This week I completed my second round of STS (You're almost there, Cataddict and Kittybug! :sun:), and looking forward to revisiting my favorite workouts and some new-to-me ones. I am definitely planning a third round later this year because I love it so much.

My family doesn't do any special New Year celebrations.

ChelePA: Glad you are doing well! I don't make resolutions. Instead, I try to set a few goals each year. On the workout front, my goals are to be able to do 2-3 unassisted pull-ups, and focus more on flexibility and mobility. And I need to tighten up the dreaded (D-word), too. BUTT ice cream cake sounds yummy!

Kim: I haven't done a Charlene workout in a long time. Two years ago a VFer gifted me a bunch of Charlene workouts. While I prefer more complex choreography, I still enjoyed (most but not all of) them and really like Charlene's personality. My favorite was Low Impact, High Intensity.

Bee: Step Blast is my all time favorite Cathe step workout, too! Rhythmic Step and PRS1 are a close second.

Linda: I need to choose a word for 2021. Haven't decided yet.

Horusosiris: I haven't taken the plunge yet on Cathe Live. Right now I'm quite content with my DVDs and doing Live workouts now seems overwhelming to me. Butt that's just me, of course!

Garrie A. 01-02-21 09:25 AM

Before I go (for now--will be back later), here has been my week of workouts so far.

STS Mesocycle 3, Disc 34 (Chest & Back)

Unplanned rest day for me but I TAUGHT a step class

STS Mesocycle 3, Disc 40 (Squat Rack Legs)
Xtrain 100 Rep Hip Thrust Challenge (gotta give the glutes some extra love)

TAUGHT Cardio class
Marcus Irwin's Step Pro (gift from my Secret Santa; I absolutely :love:d it! I had to chapter back and do the final product two more times because I was having so much fun.)

TAUGHT TNT class (did lower body with a glute focus, mix of standing and mat work)
STS Mesocycle 3, Disc 36 (Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps; Round 2 complete! :music:)

Cathe's Great Glutes (Did the Extreme premix, which adds the bonus chair section into the main workout)

I'll be back later with my choice today. Waves all around!

Mickey12 01-02-21 09:54 AM

Yeah!! Garrie is becoming a Watulan!! :D:sun::music: Have you lurked long enough to know how the Watulan name came about? One thing you didnít mention is whether you have any pets. Many, but not all of us, are fierce cat lovers here. Cataddictís sweet, passed away, Watula is our namesake and her current avatar.

Also, let me know when you get the Rebecca Small DVDs I mailed you. :heart:

I am gearing up for the Viper later on. Iíll post my results when Iím done.

Garrie A. 01-02-21 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by Mickey12 (Post 2905339)
Yeah!! Garrie is becoming a Watulan!! :D:sun::music: Have you lurked long enough to know how the Watulan name came about? One thing you didnít mention is whether you have any pets. Many, but not all of us, are fierce cat lovers here. Cataddictís sweet, passed away, Watula is our namesake and her current avatar.

Also, let me know when you get the Rebecca Small DVDs I mailed you. :heart:

I am gearing up for the Viper later on. Iíll post my results when Iím done.

Yes, I remembered when that happened. :( :( I don't have any pets, but I love cats. My SO has a beautiful furry snow white cat named Pearl.

cataddict 01-02-21 12:15 PM

Just wanted to pop in and say WELCOME to Garrie! The checkin name should be changed to Watulan Fierce Deities to cover all bases! I've read your posts in the forum so I know you will fit right in.

Garrie, congratulations on finishing STS! I'm looking forward to finishing it. It's really been a challenge for me as I'm going all out. I can definitely see strength and muscle gains, and know for sure I'm stronger than I was the first time around.

Oh, I'm a Rebecca Small fan too. I've only done the one she has on You Tube, but I like her style. Are you familiar with Marcus Irwin? I have several of his DVDs and like him a lot.

I'll be back later once I decide what I'm going to do today!

Waves to all!

kittybug 01-02-21 12:44 PM

GARRIE!!! WELCOME!! I'm so beyond thrilled you've joined us AND impressed with your STS accomplishment!! I've seen your posts for ages on the forum and agree with FN2 (Cataddict), you fit right in!! :love:

I just had to jump in here really quick to welcome Garrie...will be back later to post more. Gonna check and see if I can change the thread name to Deities, hah hah hah....Enjoy your Saturday, Watulans!!

fanofladyvols 01-02-21 12:47 PM

Garrie Welcome! If you've been lurking, you also must be willing to accept the serious doses of enabling that unashamedly occur here... consider yourself warned!! As far as the word, I think when they're closely tied to your goals, those are the best.

Kim..your challenge is ACCEPTED! see my new signature line

Cough harrumph. bluster...
"Announcing one swing per week per Messer!" (lots of core bracing here)
(Now hinging and SAFELY swinging my orange and white cowbells)
gadankedy... Gank... GADANKEDY!!!
I promise they sound this way with the kbell swing :p...Ask Minnie who can still hear hiding from the auditory onslaught :cool:

Garrie A. 01-02-21 01:34 PM

Thanks y'all for the warm welcome!

My Saturday workout was Michelle Dozois BodyFit 360 Volume 2 (Dance Conditioning). This isn't a workout I normally pull out, but it was what my body was craving today and I'm glad I did. It was fun.

Cataddict: Yes! I have several Marcus and Rebecca DVDs. So far I've only done two of Marcus's workouts (4x4 and Step Pro, both gifted to me by my Secret Santa). 4x4 was ok, but the breakdown was too slow for my taste and I was a little bored. Step Pro, however, was awesome. Not an intense workout by any stretch, but so much fun. And I love his personality and Aussie accent!

Kittybug: I see you changed the thread title!

Linda: You crack me up with the cowbells! And like most, I'm easily enabled.

Re my STS results, I've noticed strength and muscle gains with both rounds, although moreso the second time around. Mom finally noticed that I've put on muscle this second round. For the first round I did 1RM testing, which helped a lot, but this time I just upped my weights from the previous round. Since I now own a pair of squat rack stands, I did the squat rack DVDs for the final "Mess" this time, and as such did 1RM testing for that.

bee 01-02-21 03:09 PM

Hello Fierce Watulan Deities! And welcome Garrie! I will echo everyone's sentiment that I've read your posts and you'll fit in just fine (even if you don't have any pets ;)).

Linda, you are so funny with your bells -- cow and kettle!! Moo!! :D

horusosiris, I love the ring friendship exchange idea -- how cool!!

Today was truly a Surprise Saturday for me! I decided to use Mary's list of sale items, scroll it in some random way and then point to a workout to choose my workout this morning. Coincidentally I landed on Linda W's Barre Bell Hiit, which I had set aside to do sometime soon anyway after all of our Linda's talk about kettlebells. So I did the lower body one -- I liked it. 50s of work and no repeats (except for those that needed the other side of the body worked). A combination of kettlebell and barre-type moves -- alternating that is -- not at the same time combo. Followed by Perfect 30's extended stretch because there was no stretch on the workout.

That reminds me that yesterday I forgot to tell you guys I followed Step Blast with Hot House yoga. Oh my gosh it was fast paced and my triceps were so sore from High Step Challenge that I really struggled with some of those vinyasas. At one point he says something like "this is not *fast* yoga.... this is rapid" and I'm thinking (what is the bloody difference?!). :) Glad to see I have friends in the Step Blast fan camp -- not surprising!!

It's a rainy foggy day here -- I love it! This is my favorite weather. I was going to take our tree down but hubby says "I like it" -- this is the first year he's ever expressed any sentimentality for Christmas! -- so, the tree stays up a few more days I guess.

I feel like I have seen both Rebecca Small and Marcus Irwin on youtube but I'm making a mental note to check them again.

Stay fierce, friends!!

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