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horusosiris 12-06-21 09:50 AM

Happy Monday to All!

Bee - I did not know that you played the piano. Did I miss that in your prior posts? I play violin and cello. We could play together along with our other talented Watulans. Doing Classical Stretch sounds like a good idea. CS has a Healthy Through the Holidays 10 day program that begins today.

KateTT 12-06-21 03:03 PM

manleym: I have not done Slam HiiT yet. But great idea to put with #83 Crush It Low Impact. I might have to try that.

Kim: Around here it seems like there are MORE Christmas decorations than usual. I love all the lights!

ChelePA: SO SORRY to hear about your MIL. How amazing that your hubby got that time with her. Priceless!
I bet you can rehab yourself just fine!

bee: I'm already skipping around but trying to stay with some older workouts. Just depends on what I feel like in my rotation calendar.

horusosiris: I used to play drums a little. ;-)

Started off the week with a big bang! Cathe live #10 Upper Body Sculpting (51 min) plus #229 Awesome Upper Body (39 min). #10 was a bit more heavy lifting at a slower pace. #229 was faster...not quite metabolic but quicker transitions, more reps, lighter weights. Nice long workout and I felt great. Feeling it all over though, that's for sure. LOL

Tomorrow I am a bit undecided. Now I want to try manley's two cardio workout. I had planned on a Breathless Body..will see how I feel in the morning.

Hope everyone has a great week!

cataddict 12-06-21 11:11 PM

Hi all! My behind is sooooo behind! Just busy! Special thanks to Kate and Chele for keeping us going!

First, the workouts. Plenty of gym days alternating walking, elliptical & biking. We met the tee shirt challenge and should be getting our shirts in a week or two. :sun: At home I've done Hair Max along with a bunch of Cathe Lives. Here's the list:

#92 Boot Camp Blast Off
#208 Glassboro Road Trip Upper Body & Core
#106 Low Impact Cardio Leg Blast plus Upper Body with Ball
#371 Step & Weights
#372 HiiT Slam and #240 Stacked Sets Upper Body
#3 All About Legs.

HiiT Slam---I realize that since I've been going to the gym my cardio has been almost 100% steady state and the You Tube "hiit" workouts aren't hiit (IMHO) so this was tough! Cathe mentioned that it's been a while since the class has done hiit and there are a number of alternatives/modifications available. She also demonstrated some of them. Because I am crazy, I followed this one with the stacked sets upper body workout which I really liked and was quite challenging. #3 was a long workout and even though she cut out a couple of moves she had planned it still clocked in at 69 minutes. It was definitely thorough! My butt is pretty numb today.

Kate, I've been going from older to newer Cathe Lives in a way. I have been mixing them with newer ones as well, particularly since she is doing some new things with the mobility one, revisiting step, and revisiting hiit. There are so darn many of them! I agree with horusosiris that they start to look similar, particularly the boot camp/circuit/metabolic ones. I also alternate with other exercise options, or I would get tired of just Cathe Live.

Chele, I'm so sorry about the loss of your mother-in-law and my sympathy to your husband. It is truly a blessing that he was able to spend that special time with her prior to her passing. I also wanted to ask if your PT gave you a handout of what exercises you had been doing so that you can repeat them at home. I know that she did that for my DH so he could cut back on his visits to her and save some $$. We already had the equipment that she used---rubber strap, mat, tubing/bands, and a stability ball.

bee, I'm sorry your butt is still hurting! It might be a good idea to have a professional evaluation and a PT visit just to get some exercises and to make sure you're on the right track with what you are doing.

Kim, great that you are enjoying your trip! A former coworker and his family went to Disney World for a family vacation every year and have continued to do so even now when the "kids" are in their 40s and have kids of their own.

manley, I have to get back to Caroline weight work. Last week was so crazy I was lucky to get in some walking. I need the variety with weights.

FN1, keep it going, girl! Maybe you can dance when horusosiris and bee play their instruments. Although maybe they don't play the kind of music that goes with pole dancing? :p:p

The new kitties have fit right in! Amethyst has recovered from her surgery, and we released her to the wilds of the house on Sunday. Sunday night all three inside guys piled on the bed to sleep with us! I'd been sleeping on an air mattress in the workout room with her and I was glad to get a night's sleep in a real bed! They have been a real treasure for us and for their adopted brother. :love:

You all made me laugh with the comments about your husbands' driving! I nicknamed my DH Grandma because of his driving. It makes me crazy and yes, I sometimes feel carsick when he pumps the accelerator. Fortunately, he doesn't really like highway driving so I do it on the rare occasions we have to do it.

I still need to do some catch up! I'm hoping things will settle down a bit now.

Waves to BabyW, MamaW and Nathalie!

KateTT 12-07-21 03:10 PM

Something different today although Cathe was still calling to me. I did Amy Dixon's Breathless Body #3. Good HiiT cardio although I think this may be the easier one of her 3 BBs.
I moved between Level 2 and 3 depending on the move. It was fun and Amy has a lot of energy. I like her instruction.

cat: I think I will be doing the same thing, going back and forth between older and newer Lives. I'm actually doing #3 All About Legs tomorrow!

Hugs to all!

horusosiris 12-08-21 08:05 AM

Happy Hump day to ALL!

Has anyone had their first snow storm yet?

Two of my fitness subscriptions auto-renewed. I wanted to cancel KCM Raw and Barre 3. For reasons that I have previously expressed, I am done with KCM and I am just not using Barre 3 enough to justify a subscription. I think the only subscription that I am going to keep is Cathe Live. I am going to remove my CC info so that will not auto renew next year.

Kate- I really like CL #3- All About Legs. It is one of my go to leg workouts. You play drums- great. One of my sons was a drum player but he gave it up and plays the trumpet now.

FN1- So you pole dance? Awesome!

Cataddict- Hiit Slam and Stacked Upper Body- You are indeed fierce! You could do hitt on any cardio equipment. rather than just steady state. I do hiit on the treadmill, elliptical and rower.

KateTT 12-08-21 01:55 PM

horusosiris: We have had a couple of small snowstorms here in MN so far. In the West Central part of the state, we got about 3-4 inches. I'm never ready for it. The next two weeks weatherman says above normal temps so it may all melt anyway. :D
I'm definitely cancelling my Beachbody subscription. I don't think I used it even 2 times this year.

Today was amazing Cathe Live #3 All About Legs!! Yowza! 69 minutes of tough leg work and most of it was even UNweighted! Tons of reps, some good barre work, some stability ball work and burning legs/butt!! Very enjoyable. There are a couple of long breaks while people grab their equipment but not too bad. I stretched. I know I'm going to feel it later because I'm feeling it NOW. LOL

I changed my schedule tomorrow...GOTTA try that Slam HiiT workout! :D

horusosiris 12-08-21 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by KateTT (Post 2949087)
horusosiris: We have had a couple of small snowstorms here in MN so far. In the West Central part of the state, we got about 3-4 inches. I'm never ready for it. The next two weeks weatherman says above normal temps so it may all melt anyway. :D
I'm definitely cancelling my Beachbody subscription. I don't think I used it even 2 times this year.


Kate- Your post just reminded me that I need to cancel my BBOD subscription too. Please keep all of the snow in MN. I am unrealistically hoping that we get NO snow this year. I am already wishing for Spring to arrive.

cataddict 12-08-21 09:10 PM

Hello Watulans!

Since I last checked in, I've done a gym workout, Chris Dorner Step (2000s), and CL #9 Senior Fit. I thought the senior one would offer some different options and exercises and it did. I used heavier weight and the new long band. It was a nice change of pace. It's inspiring to see some of the folks in the very full class pushing through and Cathe was encouraging without being condescending IMHO. I liked that there were some balance challenges that I wish she would include more in her "regular" classes, since balance is critical at all ages! Chris Dorner step is always fun to me at least.

Oh, no snow here! Northern peeps, we don't get much snow, but we get that cold bone chilling mixed rain/sleet which IMHO is worse. When we do get snow, it doesn't tend to happen until February.

Kate, I'm actually glad to read your comments about All About Legs! You are my Weights Queen and if you thought it was tough, I don't feel like such a wimp! I usually get DOMS around 2 days after a workout, and yes, that's definitely the case for this one! Yikes!! I'm also a big Amy Dixon fan. I haven't done any of the BB in a while, but probably should get some more HiiT in my routine.

horusosiris, I was doing some HiiT on the cardio machines at the gym but haven't done it lately. I guess I get a little lazy since I really just want the machines to be as painless as possible since I'm not a big fan of them. I need a swift kick in the butt.

Waves to all!

ChelePA 12-09-21 11:55 AM

Appreciate your kindness and condolences. I’m glad I was able to be there for my husband Monday and Tuesday for services. It was tough mentally and physically. I’m not very good in the car. I actually had to ride in the backseat. The drive was several hours. They have additional services today and tomorrow. She was a cloistered nun for 25 years. So they are doing a special wake and mass at the monastery and then she will be buried with the other nuns. The ride is over five hours and then I would have lots of difficulty walking to the burial site, etc. So we all agreed it was better for me to stay home. And my daughter is traveling with my husband today. I’m glad she can go but I feel terrible that I can’t be there. He’s always been by my side for everything.

Cataddict… my physical therapist does give me handouts to follow at home. It’s just tough to realize that I have so far to go and therapy will be ending. I completely understand. I didn’t expect to have services for a full year. Plus the cost is crazy. She has taught me the basics and I just need to follow through. i’m glad your new kitties are adjusting well.

Bee… sorry to hear your pain is continuing. Maybe physical therapy will get you started in the right direction. It’s so tough to scale back and not be as intense when you’re used to exercising daily.

Horusosiris…. you have many talents! Quite impressive! I played the violin up until eighth grade. My sister continued through college. And my niece plays the viola. She just had her first college Christmas concert. My daughter played piano at a very young age and was quite good at it. But decided to quit of course.

Kate… i’ve started doing five minute meditations with my peloton app. Baby steps. I know it could be really good for me.

I’ve been doing my usual 20 to 30 minutes of cycling. I’ve actually been using the peloton app for some light weight upper body 10 minute classes. Then beginner core classes. Followed by some stretching. They have lots of holiday music in their classes these days. Lifts my mood!

Waving to the rest of the gang and I hope you are all doing well.

KateTT 12-09-21 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by horusosiris (Post 2949089)
Kate- Your post just reminded me that I need to cancel my BBOD subscription too. Please keep all of the snow in MN. I am unrealistically hoping that we get NO snow this year. I am already wishing for Spring to arrive.

You and me both. Big storm coming but my part of the state is only supposed to get 1.5 inches.

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