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ChelePA 01-11-21 02:02 PM

Thanks for the reminders on how important rest days are for recovery. I will definitely keep it much lighter on those days.

So how many of you are on Facebook? Iím finding that I waste lots of time scrolling. Itís amazing what a slippery slope it is. My phone reminds me weekly. Haha. Iím thinking of taking it off my phone and maybe only checking in once per day on my computer.

Today was Perfect Pump Upper Body with bonus added at the beginning. I like the flow better versus at the end or mixed throughout Afterwards I did Perfect Flow Mobility. It was definitely needed today after a few rough nights of sleep.

Happy Monday!

Mickey12 01-11-21 02:26 PM

Bee I didn’t do a Hardcore Extreme workout yesterday. I ended up laying on the couch and watching old movies. :p Pretty far removed from a tough Cathe workout, huh? So today I’ll do Interval Circuit.

ChelePA my husband has a Facebook account and I go on it using his account. I pretty much check it only once a day or not at all. It definitely can be a huge time suck though. Lately I am spending less time on it because stuff ends up making me feel bad or sad or angry. It’s not worth it.

Regarding rest days, you guys are so darn fierce that you consider a walk as a rest day, yikes! I count a walk as my workout for the day. :o

manleym 01-11-21 04:03 PM

Hi Fierce Friends! :sun:

Kittybug, I did Travisís Happy Hour yoga yesterday and LOVED IT!! Itís definitely a favorite! I hope that NEVER is deleted from Youtube! Bee, (and other yoga fans) you should try it! Whatís the update on the fridge? We have an extra fridge in our garage and it makes a huge difference. It really comes in handy.

Iím so glad Horusosiris, Bee and Mickey are doing PowerSrike 5 on Wednesday. For those of you who donít have it, just pick a kickbox workout so weíll all be doing the same type of workout together. That would be fun. 😊

Cataddict, I thought we had watched all of Poldark but when I asked hubby we have not. Apparently we have only watched 4 or 5 episodes. :confused: So we started at the beginning last night - season 1 episode 1. That will give us the history or background and starting at the beginning instead of watching a few episodes in a row. We also like period dramas. Let me know if you run across any other good series.

ChelePA, Iím glad you got some good ideas for rest/recovery days. My rest/recovery days are often yoga, stretching/mobility, maybe resistance bands. Something to get me moving, but not too hard. You might try a fusion type workout. I know Linda S. and Jessica Smith have some ďfeel-goodĒ fusion type workouts on Youtube.

I have a Facebook account, but am not active. The only reason I keep it is in case there some great deal on VF Roost. But I havenít even been on VF Roost in forever. I find social media to be a time suck and agree that it is a slippery slope. Thatís why the only social media Iím active on is this forum! :love: But Iím not a techy person anyway and get overloaded easily. I don't have Instagram, only Twitter for work, no TicToc, or whatever else is out there and available. Sometimes thereís just too much information (noise) out there and itís nice to unplug. Hubby is active on Facebook so when Cathe was offering her Live workouts last spring I would use his account to do them.

Saturday I did Cathe Live # 45 Push Pull Total Body and Perfect 30 core & stretch. Live #45 was just what I was looking for Ė a good, quick (40 minutes), slower weight workout, using heavy weights. IIRC, Cathe does a muscle group at a time. It flew by and I would revisit for a solid heavy weight workout. The Perfect 30 core felt more like mobility than abs, but it felt good so I didnít mind. And the extra stretch is always nice.

Gotta think about todayís workout. HmmmÖ.whatís everyone else doing???

Hugs and waves to all! :heart:

lavna 01-11-21 04:23 PM


Originally Posted by ChelePA (Post 2907060)
I think itís awesome that you take rest days as you need them. I was just coming here to ask others what they do on those days. I have a difficult time not exercising daily. Today was going to be my rest day. Instead I pulled out Step Sync since itís pretty low key fun cardio. Also for the January challenge it was strictly abs. Oh my! This instructor has the most amazing core strength. I had to modify 50% of the moves. It was one minute of an exercise with 15 seconds rest in between. I was quite happy when it was over. Ha ha

I only exercise 3-4 days per week (partly for logistics reasons). I'm in menopause and according to some fitness instructors, taking rest days is important in peri or post menopause even more since I'm a poor sleeper (have always been) and it's worse now. I do feel some guilt when I don't exercise on days when I usually do, but I try to remind myself that, in the long run, it's probably best to do so. These days, when I don't exercise on a day when I usually do, I try to go for a walk or to stretch to say that, at least, I did something. I don't feel physical negative effects when I don't exercise (I know some people do). It's mostly a guilt thing! :D

lavna 01-11-21 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by ChelePA (Post 2907224)
So how many of you are on Facebook? Iím finding that I waste lots of time scrolling. Itís amazing what a slippery slope it is. My phone reminds me weekly. Haha. Iím thinking of taking it off my phone and maybe only checking in once per day on my computer.

I'm on Facebook but I don't have many friends and I don't follow many pages. I tend to block publications that don't interest me some less new publications for me to see. I check it often but most of the time, nothing new has appeared since the last time I checked! :p I agree that it's a time suck!

Mickey12 01-11-21 05:56 PM

Hello Watulans!!!!!

Bee I did Interval Circuit from Hardcore Extreme today. I found it very challenging and thought about quitting around the 30 minute mark but I kept going and I'm glad I did. I really like the music in this series. Did someone say they liked the music better in the Intensity Series or did I dream that? Anyway, during the workout I kept thinking how much I really like the music in the hardcore series. Good, tough stuff! :D

Bee I keep meaning to ask you about your chickens. You must sell the eggs, yes? 60 chickens is a lot of eggs for one family, just sayin'. ;)

Hope everyone is having a great night!

kittybug 01-11-21 06:54 PM

Happy Monday, Watulans!!

Today was Mess 3, Week 1, Chest and back. I'm definitely stronger from this series already but there were times I was hitting chest failure with those heavy dumbbells above my head, yikes!!! :eek: FN2, how'd you do?

Watulans, guess what happened today? Yeah, I got a surprise in my mailbox...those Patrick DVDs that were supposed to be here way over a month ago actually showed up. I could not believe it!! Just so odd. They were also in one package even though it was two different sellers I bought them from, sooooo....???? :confused: Manleym, did your lost DVD ever show?

ChelePA, nope, no social media whatsoever for me apart from this forum and other forums I'm on for work type stuff. Years ago, friends and family urged me to get on but I was always SO wary and just didn't trust any of those platforms. Now I'm glad I stuck to my guns! I do, however, check out any public pages when it's something I'm interested in, like Cathe's page, etc. Speaking of which....FOLV, her page is back to being viewable for those of us not on FB, if you haven't checked it out yet!

Manleym, I know on Happy Hour, right???? LOVE it!! So glad you tried it! Oh, and OH....I stumbled on Poldark on Amazon Prime last night and started watching it because of you and am already hooked! I LOVE period pieces and have watched every period piece I could find on Starz when we got that. If you have access to that, check out Outlander, The Spanish Princess, The White Princess, The White Queen....OMG I'm going on and on. I love period pieces, can yah tell?? :p Thanks for the recommendation is what I'm trying to say. :D

I might have to pick some sort of kickboxing tomorrow in lieu of y'all and your Wednesday Powerstrike party, hee hee. :music:

Nathalie, I so get that guilt thing. I'm really good at guilting myself!!

Kim, WAY TO GO on Interval Circuit!! You are making me want to acquire that DVD....stop enabling! :heart: I too like the music in that series.

All right, gotta run...stay fierce, Watulans!! :sun:

bee 01-11-21 07:22 PM

Hello All!

I forgot to answer the question about rest days..... I think it's been answered for you, but if it bothers you to not move at all, do something easy like a walk or yin yoga on days you don't feel like you can be your fiercest. These days I don't schedule rest days -- I just take it when I feel like I need it -- and like yesterday, my body definitely tells me when it's had enough.

And facebook.... I do have an account but I never go there and look at the feed. Some people message me there and if I'm lucky enough that my email alerts me about it, I go directly to their message. I never had it on my phone. I do have instagram. Would not have gotten it but when it was fairly new my best friend moved to Seoul and that was the way she was going to update her peeps back in the states so I had to join. I do like it because it's a quick and maybe mostly political free, depending who you follow, way to keep up with things.

Kim, big high fives for Interval Circuit! Way to go!

Today was Mellow Monday so I did a Rudy yoga called Triplets -- each pose done three times. I wasn't sure how it was going to go -- figured it might feel very disjoint but I really liked it! He did things in a clever way so it felt like it flowed pretty well and boy the third time in a pose really did feel different (better) than the first. Interesting! I think I've done that Travis Happy Hour practice, but I'm going to try it again soon!!

kittybug, so funny about your dvds..... I had an order from Macy's that showed up like that -- months later! They had long since refunded me. I sort of wonder if it was stuck at a neighbor's house all that time, but who knows. The package looked like it had been through the wringer.

Waves all around!!

bee 01-11-21 07:25 PM

I forgot to answer about the chickens...... we do sell some eggs, but just to pay for the feed -- not to make money. We ask people to pay what they're able to and some people don't pay but a fair number of people are willing to pay. During the winter it's tough to keep up with demand but in this last week they've started laying pretty well again.

cataddict 01-11-21 07:37 PM

Happy Monday, Watulans!

Like FN1, I started with Mess 3 Week 1. FN1, I was finding it tough doing the chest flyes with dumbbells! I am stronger, and I went heavier than I have ever done, and it was tough! I found it as tough to raise the dumbbells from the floor to the top of the move as it was to do the actual fly! I used a barbell whenever I could, and I was glad I had the tower to put the bar on between sets. We can do this! We are the Messies!!

I have a Facebook account, check it daily but don't watch the videos people post. I don't have many "friends" and have snoozed a number of people for getting too political with their posts. I'm pretty paranoid and tend to avoid posting much or commenting on things that people share. It seems we are all kind of in alignment on this subject!!

FN1, didn't I tell you the Patrick DVDs might show up eventually???? Good news since they are scarce! And I'll forgive you for crediting (blaming?) manleym for your addiction to Poldark when I was the one who first mentioned the series in my post. We are about halfway through Season 5. Such a good series and acting! manleym, we have another period series in mind once we've finished watching Poldark, and I'll let you know what we think.

Kim, walking IS a workout for me. If I don't do at least that I feel so sluggish during the day. Movement seems to keep my motor running more smoothly. It's not power walking so not too strenuous. I do have to take my rest, though, particular during STS. I'm finding it pretty exhausting. I'm fortunate that on most nights I sleep well.

I may pick up a kickboxing workout to do with you all, or Powerstrike 1 or 2, but probably not on Wednesday! Not sure I will be able to double workouts on Mess days.

Time to focus on Ken Jennings' debut on Jeopardy!

Waves to all!

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