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Vintage VFer 10-13-04 10:23 PM

Mind-numbingly dull, boring and repetitive workouts?

I'm having a slump lately. All I can face is Leslie Sansone. Or, maybe Debbie Seibers (but only "Start It Up"). Maybe, Tony (but not this week - LOL!).

I'm dealing with low physical energy and zero mental focus. I prefer workouts that most VFers find dull, boring and repetitive. I look for phrases in reviews like:

"kept watching the clock"

"too much cueing"

"too many form pointers"

"good for TTOM"

"somebody shoot me"

Any suggestions for dull, non-killer, yet effective cardio? (Bearing in mind that I might already have it. And, yes, I already have and like "Chizel-It! :) )


KickDancer 10-13-04 10:27 PM

Umm, treadmill?

pipsqueak3211 10-13-04 10:34 PM

Kathy Smith Peak Fat Burning
Karen Voight Energy Sprint (actually anything by KV is :asleep: to me!)
Swimming (or aqua jogging if you aren't a swimmer)

I sympathize with you. I started running mainly because I really enjoy "zoning out" during cardio. I don't even listen to music when I run. Elisabeth

gelfling 10-13-04 10:38 PM

Well there's Cher's "Hot Dance" routine from the "CherFitness: Body Confidence" video. The workout is lead by Dori Sanchez and I consider the choreography to be a notch up from Leslie's, but it's still basic. There's a lot of TIFTing and it's only half an hour. I like it because it's simple.

The Lotte Berk and Bar Method videos definitely qualify under your "too much cueing" and "too many form pointers" criteria ;) As much as I like them, they can be hard going at times.

Then there's Cathe's Basic Step which I really enjoy because it's dull, boring and repetitive. Basic Step can be done whilst (in my experience)
1. in the height of allergy season
2. with a grouchy stomach
3. hot and humid (for England) day
4. suffering raging PMS
5. sleepy

I know I have a few more recommendations up my sleeve somewhere...
- Lisa :)

AnnieQ 10-13-04 10:58 PM

Fat Burning for Dummies by Gay Gasper. Lots of TIFTing. Very easy choreography. I like it, though!

Loretta S. 10-13-04 11:05 PM

Alta, didn't you once call Pilates the exercise equivalent of watching paint dry. Is that boring enough for you?

Celia M 10-13-04 11:18 PM

The TIFTing King and Queen
If you're looking for repetitive, you could try Jennifer Mills-Palmer's CIA 9908. Or Arth-Tavia (Hyphen Boy)'s CIA 2405. The choreography might be a bit more complex than a Leslie Sansone, but you can't help but catch on after doing the combos a billion times. TIFTing gone wild!

Vintage VFer 10-13-04 11:41 PM


Originally Posted by Loretta S.
Alta, didn't you once call Pilates the exercise equivalent of watching paint dry. Is that boring enough for you?

LOL! I said boring, not zombifying!


glitterhair 10-14-04 12:02 AM

Maybe you would like the Gaiam walking video:

isa 10-14-04 03:24 AM

Maybe you'd also like Crunch FB Pilates (the cardio section), Kimberly Spreen's Functional Power (medicine ball cardio) :love: or Petra Kolber's Cardio Interval Training. The intervals consist of a power move done over and over again for a minute (like a front kick-runner's lunge combo), when you skip the weight work it's 30 minutes.

I agree with Elisabeth, Karen Voight's cardio is also repetitive (think Sleek Physique).

Gay Gasper's latest CIA workout is said to be repetitive too.


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