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kittybug 12-31-21 11:12 PM

Fierce Watulans of 2022!
Welcome to the 2022 check-in for the Fierce Watulans!! All are welcome because we love new friends, and we're here to support and motivate each other no matter what. So how fierce will you be in 2022? Let's keep this check-in going, Watulans!! :heart: Happy New Year!

ChelePA 01-01-22 12:47 AM

Happy New Year!!!

cataddict 01-01-22 01:42 AM

Happy New Year to all!

lavna 01-01-22 08:10 AM

Happy new year to all !!!

Mickey12 01-01-22 09:09 AM

Happy New Year Watulans!

I got some new Ilaria workouts for Christmas so I am going to do a new Athletica workout at 10:00 am for the New Year marathon. Go Linda, do those swings! :music::):D

Ok, so I did Ilaria's Athletic volume II. It had lots of full body moves including swats, lunges, swings and overhead presses. Only a few pushups which surprised me. The total workout time was 45 minutes and although it's repetitive, I really like Ilaria's workouts. I checked my log and I haven't done any Ilaria workouts since January, 2021. I knew it had been a while, but it's crazy how the times flies. :eek:

Oh, Cataddict love the new picture of Olly. He looks like such a lover. Does he let you squeeze him or is he too kitten crazy?

Thanks Kittybug for starting the new thread. I love you guys and this checkin so much. :heart:

Vintage VFer 01-01-22 12:01 PM

Happy New Year!!!

ChelePA 01-01-22 02:08 PM this your son's first pet scan? Or a follow up to a previous one? Hoping for only good results. I am assuming you know that they take several hours between prep and actual scan. Are they scanning his whole body? Glad he didn't need to be hospitalized. My thoughts and prayers continue for you, Justin and the rest of your family.

Cataddict...loving the new cat pics :heart: My husband still feels blah. He continues to question if it's Covid because home tests aren't 100 percent accurate. But formal testing is hard to come by these days and the results are quite delayed. My daughter is improving...mostly cold symptoms. Fingers crossed I don't catch what they have. So far so good. Hoping your pain is improving.

Kittybug...sorry to hear you have some challenges in life. Just know we are here if you ever need to vent. Sounds like you may have big changes happening in the near future. Not a snow person either. If my whole family would move with me, I would go to a much warmer place. I would be happy with spring, summer, fall and skip winter :) And thanks for the kind words. I don't always feel very inspirational.

FOLV...thanks for the email about the 24 hour NY marathon. I did my 10 am slot and thought of this board and what an awesome community of support.

Bee...sounds like your pain is coming and going...ugh! So frustrating trying to find the right balance. I barely made it to midnight. The Times Square Rocking Eve Party was somewhat disappointing this year.

Mickey12...I've also considered HBO Max. I've seen Big Little Lies (loved the book) and Mare of Easttown for free. Both were excellent.

We just watched The Unforgivable on Netflix...really good with Sandra Bullock.

Manleym...hoping your husband is starting to feel better. What an awesome coincidence on your workout schedule! Those Cathe compilation workouts are great ones to end and start the new year! I don't have on demand so I like the DVDs that combine workouts.

Lavna...sorry to hear Covid has hit hard yet again. Same here. I was hoping my daughter's school would go virtual for 2 weeks but it is not. I really think it's a poor decision with the numbers locally. But I think if you go online only then it interferes with sports. That sometimes seems to be the focus way too much.

Vintage VFer...nice to see you on the general boards. How are you liking the Apple Watch now that you have had it for several weeks. I am seriously considering it. Did you get the one that connects to WIFI? Anyone else with input...pros and cons? It might be a nice birthday present in the future. :D

Horusosiris...are any of your mobility recommendations free on YouTube? I basically own Cathe only with a few others mixed in.

Hoping I didn't miss anyone. Thanks for starting this new board for 2022. I am hoping for a much better year. The past two have been quite challenging for our family.

ChelePA 01-01-22 02:16 PM

Forgot to add today’s workout. I did a 20 minute recovery ride as well as walk. Both were from peloton. Excellent start to the new year. Very motivational music. Plus the instructor who did the cycling class was formally a monk. He actually went through some breathing exercises, how to combat negative thinking, and ended with a short meditation. Loved it! I then added on a Cathe stretch.

bee 01-01-22 04:32 PM

Hey All! Happy New Year! Thanks for starting a new thread, kittybug!

Kate, you must be freezing! Yowza!

Kim, fun to do a new Ilaria! I think I might have that one..... I should check. It's been a while since I've done Ilaria too, but in all honesty it's going to have to wait a bit.

Chele, that Unforgivable movie looks pretty intense. I have an apple watch also -- got it about six months ago, maybe? Mine definitely connects to wifi, but I don't have a phone plan with it. Is that what you were thinking? I thought they all connect to wifi? I like mine quite a bit, though I'm sure there are things I don't know how to take advantage of. I bought a couple of extra apps (cheap) for tracking sleep and exercise. I am definitely way more aware of my heart rate these days -- mostly a good thing until it keeps racing after a covid booster shot. I mostly use it for exercise and sleep tracking, but it is easy to read and reply to texts -- so nice to not always have to have my phone right on me.

I did my 9am walk for the marathon -- yes, go Linda! There was ice on my windshield when I left for it, so chilly, but nice!

manleym 01-01-22 05:26 PM

:music:Happy New Year!:music:

Thank you Kittybug for getting us started for 2022!

Today's workout was Cathe's 4 Day Split Kickbox and legs. I wanted today's workout to be a goodie and it was! Both sections (kbox and weights) fly for me and I'm always wanting each section to be longer. I really like the different moves in the weight part. Different meaning, not the same-ole-same-ole moves. Cathe uses the step, ankle weights, resistance band. Nice variety. This really is an excellent series. Nice to have 30 minutes of cardio followed by 30 minutes of weights.

Hugs and waves all! :heart:

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