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Usia 05-01-21 11:59 AM

Pilates Cross-trainers May 2021
Starting us off in May!

I only did a quick Leslie Walk - 2 MM - 30m. I had to go to the office this morning so that's all I had the time for.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

fanofladyvols 05-01-21 01:19 PM

Thanks Dana! Good job! Working out before working a Saturday is impressive!!

I think I'm starting off May with a bang
..and taking a rest day!

donnamp 05-01-21 04:34 PM

Wow, I forgot it was May!!

Aside from my morning workout I went for a long walk today w/ DD. Our endurance has really improved - the 7-8 mile walk does seem like nothing now.

When she goes to college I need to find a walking buddy - I would like to do this distance once a week. I'm not sure if I can convince my DH to do that much with me....maybe I can get him to go once in awhile....but I'd like to do this about once a week. I guess I can start listening to music or books....


fanofladyvols 05-01-21 06:35 PM

Donna I hope you find a walking buddy!

Brenda in WA 05-01-21 07:01 PM

Thanks for getting May going! I've done some stepping today and plan to do more. :)

Usia 05-02-21 09:11 AM

Good morning!

Checking in with Ellen's Burn & Firm Pilates - 45min. Sneaky, sneaky Ellen! I started out with 5lb weights then towards the end I dropped it to 3lbs. Even her ab work at the end challenged me. I haven't done this DVD since sometime last year and it just reminded me how much I've always liked it.

I'm determined to get more yoga in this month and plan to start with Travis' Foundation class 1. He's got 3 classes in his Foundations series. I'm not a total novice nor am I a yogini, but few years back when I incorporated more yoga into my life I felt much better, more flexible and less creaky. Of course I was few years younger then, but the old "use it or lose it" really applies to me.

Hi Carol! I hope you're doing well. Waves to Donna, Linda, Brenda, Christine and Cheri!

fanofladyvols 05-02-21 08:29 PM

Brenda hope your arm is getting better.

Dana I'm so glad you suggested Burn and Firm..I totally enjoyed it! I used 1# weights though because I needed it to be a cardioish workout.

Donna I split my workouts up today as you seem to do and that worked really well!

Today was the end of week #3 of the push pull swing challenge day, plus Ellen Burn and Firm. Great workout day!

Hope you guys had a good weekend Christine and Carol!!

txhsmom 05-03-21 05:41 AM

I've been AWOL lately - very lazy, although I did manage to mow the yard yesterday in the 90+ degree heat. As usual we skipped spring altogether and went directly to summer.

Had I done a workout yesterday, I would have done Ellen's Burn & Firm workout - it's probably my favorite of her older stuff.

Hopefully, I'll get back on track today.

Waves to all ~


donnamp 05-03-21 07:37 AM

Hi Everyone,

Sunday was Ellen's new Fat Burning Fusion II - on her streaming site - I really enjoy this one. It is 45 minutes and has good energy- that is the only way to describe it - and that is a very Ellen-ish description, but it works.

DD and I also walked yesterday, it was very warm outside - and we weren't quite used to it so we cut it a bit short.

Today, so far was:

Ellen - Modern interval
Blessful Body/Ky - Pilates for Hip and Low Back tension (You Tube).

I'm getting my vaccine later today - I may follow Ellen's schedule for this week, it is very vaccine friendly. With low key workouts Tuesday and Wed and a day off on Thursday.

My DH had his second shot on Saturday - he had a sore arm and some fatigue yesterday, but nothing major.

Carol - we went abruptly into summer as well. It is hard to adjust when that happens.

Hope everyone has a good day!


txhsmom 05-03-21 08:32 PM

Finally, a workout:

Barre3 - Strength Conditioning with Trisha - 30 minutes & Restore with Allison - 15 minutes

I enjoyed this class with Trisha - she was a new instructor to me. The music is better than what they were using a few years ago - more variety - and the workouts do seem enough different to not be boring, at least not yet. The Restore class was basically a stretch session with breathwork at the end.

Donna - Hope your shot goes well today! I know - our weather! - we are back to cooler temps and actually having some rain tonight. Yay!

Dana - You are brave to even begin a high rep workout with 5 lbs!

Brenda - How is your elbow?

Linda - 1 to 2 lb weights is more my speed.

Waves to Christine & Cheri.


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