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Brenda in WA 04-02-21 09:26 AM

Pilates Cross Trainers--April 2021
Happy April, everyone! :sun: :music:

My arm is still a mess, and my other arm is a mild version of the first. Sigh. I'm using the compression thingies and the ointment that was recommended. I'm going to set reminders on my phone to remind me to ice both arms a few times a day.

I've done some stepping but that's about it.

WAVES to all! :D

donnamp 04-02-21 11:21 AM

Thanks for starting us off, Brenda - I totally forgot it was a new month.

I'm sorry your arm is still bothering you. That is frustrating.


fanofladyvols 04-02-21 11:38 AM

Brenda I'm sorry to hear that. My husband has had really good pain intervention with the copper compression sleeves. I'm hoping you're able to keep resting them.

Busy day on the road so just barely had time before taking off for Brooks sexy strength warmup and cooldowns with some quick kettlebell flow moves in between. Cardio later..

Happy April, everyone ! :)

Usia 04-02-21 08:14 PM

Thanks for starting a new thread, Brenda! I too forgot that it's April already.

Nothing for me today. I slept badly and woke up with a hellish headache and feeling generally tired. I still have a slight headache but it's getting better. My doctor adjusted my medication couple of days ago and I wonder if that's what caused the headache. The good news is that the new meds appear to do what they're supposed to do. I hope headaches is not a trade-off because that won't work for me.

Thank you Linda for taking a raincheck on Insanity today! Please let me know when you want to try again. I'm definitely game. :)

I think in April I will pull out my Physique 57 DVDs and will alternate mostly the 30 minute workouts 3 times per week and will also add cardio. I have Volumes 1 & 2 and the Express and Advanced workouts. Somehow, Karen's barre workouts made me want to get back to doing barre - at least for a month.

Waving hi to everyone!

donnamp 04-03-21 06:50 AM


No workout to report yet this morning, Jessica's WS 1.0 total body is up, but I'm considering a substitute for today - there is a longer Trifecta Pilates workout I want to try and my subscription ends on Monday, so likely I will do that.

DD and I took a short walk yesterday - it was very windy and cold so we didn't go very far or long. Today we'll probably do a longer one....

I just came here to also rant about the vaccines. Maryland is just horrible. My DH is up in the next group and he is getting pressure to return to work and he doesn't want to go back w/out getting vaccinated. Before a few days ago - Thursday? - you couldn't even sign up to register to be notified to schedule an appointment until your "Phase" came up. I'm in Phase 3 - adults 16+ w/ no underlying health conditions and my Phase is available April 27th. Fortunately, I was able to register myself and DD to be notified. But, my DH is eligible so he has been registered and, get this, the mass vax site sends a text to your phone and you have 10 minutes to respond to schedule your vaccine. Well, DH missed the message on Thursday and again on Friday. Talk about frustration, you have to be glued to you phone 24X7 so you can respond to the text w/ in 10 minutes???? Anyway, last night, I couldn't sleep - nothing new there, and I found DH and appointment in a Walmart about 30 miles away for Friday. I had to scour the sites at 2:00 a.m. to get an appointment - how ridiculous is that? And how is that helpful to get people vaccinated???? It is like a full time job to search for and register for vaccines in this state. What a disappointment. And, I totally understand wanting to make it equitable and wanting to get the most vulnerable first, and all that, but honestly, the more people that are vaccinated the better and those who are most vulnerable will be protected by the widespread population of vaccinated people.

Rant over...I hate to think about what I will have to do to get myself and DD vaccinated. I guess take a week off and just hit the sites over and over again until I get lucky????


Usia 04-03-21 07:48 AM

Good morning!

Donna, I feel your frustration. That's exactly how I felt few weeks ago. There was nothing available no matter how hard I tried to find an appointment for DH but then the flood gates have opened up. Keep trying and good luck to you! Our 2nd shot of Pfizer is scheduled for the 13th, so 10 days from now. I really want this to be done and over with.

I just finished Physique 57 Classic Volume 1 - 57min. It nearly killed me, but time flew and I liked it a lot. It's a hard, hard workout and it's been a while since I've done it. I will feel it by this evening for sure!

It's supposed to be 70F and sunny today. I guess that's OK although these long sunny days make me irritable. I already long for short, dark and cold days.

Waves to Carol, Linda, Brenda, Christine and Cheri!

txhsmom 04-03-21 08:23 AM

Yesterday's workouts were

GHUTV - Chair Strength - 30 minutes & 10 Minute Total Body Stretch #2

I've done the Chair Strength workout before and it is no joke! This time was no different - I am sore today and I used lighter weights than I would have used had I been standing. This one is led by Chris - she and I had a really nice IM conversation yesterday about her trip here 2 years ago when her daughter danced in our company's production of The Nutcracker. If you ever want to sign up for her streaming but don't want to pay full price, you can IM her and she will send you a code for the big discounts. Weird, I know.

Donna - I am so sorry you are having such a hard time getting your family vaccinated. It's not right and I simply don't understand why it's so hard there and so easy here. Right now anyone age 16 and up can get vaccinated here - and while it may be more difficult to get appointments downstate, up here we are still operating on the walk in and stand in line process and it seems to still be working pretty well. The offer's still open - come to Amarillo and we will vaccinate you. And yes, you may have to make it a full time job to get appointments there for you and DD. I know it was that way for my sister in law and brother (both over age 65) in Oklahoma - the appointment scheduling in Oklahoma was a PITA - but they managed to finally get their first vaccination in February. I think the scheduling for their second dose turned out to be easier. Surely with the President's push to open it to everyone by May 1st, Maryland will get their act together and make things easier.

Brenda - Sorry your arms are still hurting. My recollection is that it takes a pretty long time to heal up from tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. You may need to make sure you aren't bending your arms at night too. Dr. Google can answer that question, I don't remember for sure.

Dana - Good for you finishing P57! I don't think I ever managed to do that entire workout, although I have owned it at least twice.

Waves to Linda - let's watch basketball today!


donnamp 04-03-21 09:15 AM

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for listening to my rant earlier this morning. Unbelievably frustrating. I'm just thankful I'm not in a high risk group or being pressured to return to work in person. That at least makes it more bearable. I sure as heck hope that when DH gets his first shot on Friday that they schedule him then and there for the 2nd one. I mean, they would make sense, but these days things making sense and working they way they should.....just doesn't happen all that often.

Anyway - I ended up doing - Trifecta Pilates - Balance & Strength - this was an interesting workout - standing w/ a band and then some floorwork both with and without a band. If this site were more reasonably priced, or if I felt like I was going to focus on these workouts I would keep my subscription. I do enjoy the way she varies Pilates workouts w/ different props and exercises - it keeps it interesting.

Hope to walk later!

Carol - I would love to come to Texas to meet you - we have known each other forever - I bet we'd have a good time working out and walking dogs! I think at some point I will re-sub to Get Healthy U TV!

Dana - I'm glad you are on the road to getting fully vaccinated. Maybe, by the time my turn comes up it will be easier - they are opening up more mass vax sites - but if nothing else, i know about 1:00 a.m. is a good time to schedule.

Brenda - I hope you feel better. I have been having some shoulder pain which is unusual for me - I think in my case it is from computer mouse use. I sure don't want it to get worse. I'm left-handed and use my right hand to mouse, so I'm thinking if trying to teach myself to do it left handed so I can give my right shoulder a rest. It is so funny though how hard it is for me to do it left-handed...when you think that would be the most natural thing. I may also opt to just use the touch pad....and this way eliminate the mouse for a time.

Hope everyone has a good Saturday!!


Usia 04-03-21 10:27 AM

Donna, the way it works here is that they automatically schedule you for your 2nd shot at the time you get your first one because of the timing you have to get your second one in. Pfizer is 21 days and my 2nd appt was scheduled for 21 days later and at the same time as the first one - 12:15. So, the only appt I had to worry about making is the first one. Good luck!

txhsmom 04-03-21 12:21 PM

Brenda - from Brad & Bob's YouTube channel:

a playlist for tennis elbow info, exercises and stretches.


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