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AnMrsDe 03-29-21 10:10 AM

Just The Workouts~APRIL 2021~*Everyone Welcomed!*
April 2021

This month I am planning on a lighter weight/high reps rotation along with cardio, yoga/meditation, and mobility workouts. Yard work will be prevalent as well and finishing up my Lent Challenge.

1 - Meditation; X-10 (w/u); Caroline Girvan (Dumbbell HiiT Workout At Home - 15 min.); Winsor Buns & Thighs; Heather Robertson (Relaxing Full Body Stretch//Flexibility & Mobility - 26 min.) Caroline's HiiT workout has the format of :30/:30 and I used 10's for all but a couple exercises where I used 8's. This is definitely one of her easy ones with the :30 rest times. Perfect for an active rest day. Heather's stretch is voice-over and a really good one for flexibility; there are better ones for mobility (that I now seek). 279 cal burn
2 - Meditation; LM Body Pump #89 (55 min.); Five Parks Yoga (Weekend Warrior Yoga Class - 34 min.) Two brand new classes for Pump (well, reasonably new) & FPY....and what FABULOUS classes they are!! Great soundtrack for BP and with all the burn-out reps, it will get your muscles pumping!! This may actually be one of my favorite muscle goes untouched and the core work is quick and to the point. I used 5's (for w/u), 10's & 12's and had to take breaks throughout. What makes this one SO awesome is that Josef Matthews is in this Pump!!!! I LOVED him in Tracey Staehle's Cardio Kickbox Challenge with Jericho but didn't realize he joined LM!! Yahoo! He will make such a great addition with his precise form and I'm sure it'll be a matter of time before he leads in the Body Combat classes out, Dan, LOL!! Doing these LM classes with him will just make it all the more sweeter!!! :heart: Erin's class was great, too- filmed outside in a windy, tropical setting and is a great hip opener and stretch - loved it as well! And like Glen says, Pump was very much a Fat Burner class - I was 75 min. in the FB zone...gotta LOVE it! 359 cal burn
3 - Meditation; Five Parks Yoga (Balance, Strength, & Stretch for Your Legs - 41 min,); Cathe's Perfect 30 (Mobility) Erin's class was a goodie... had to modify a bit for putting pressure on my hands...I did dolphin a lot instead of DDog. Some good balance work in that one. I'm finding it's tough to beat Cathe's Mobility class all in one workout - hits every joint! I was really feeling my sore pecs from Pump yesterday during "Trace the Rainbow" pose. I always like to clasp my hands behind me in Scorpion and hold the stretch longer than Cathe does, as it just feels so good to really stretch those shoulders. Great total body stretch this morning!
4 - Rest day He Is Risen!!! Meditation

5 - Meditation; Yvette Fit #101 60 Min. Metabolic Cardio & Bodyweight Blast; LITE Extended Stretch #1 I had internet issues this morning for some unknown reason, so I was a little frustrated during this class but I kept moving the 4x until it corrected itself. This class uses 15# weights (I used 10's to keep it lighter), a mat and works shoulders & legs mostly but a couple exercises for bi's and tri's in there too. The cardio is high/low impact, agility drills and bodyweight/core exercises - a few too many agility drills for my liking so I did lots of tuck jumps and air jacks on the rebounder which get my HR up more than running back/forth laterally in my w/o area. I remembered to do jump roping in place of the j.jacks today and it was much better for my hips & the jarring! Lots of variety in this one!! 495 cal burn
6 - Meditation; Five Parks Yoga (Recovery & Strength for Swimmers Yoga Class - 33 min.) Early hair appt. so all I had time for.
7 - Meditation; Cathe's High Reps (Scrambled Premix = 64 min.); Extra UB stretch Last time I pulled this one out was in '18!! Great strength endurance workout and keeping my weights lighter with 5's - 20's, the REPS, all the REPS!! I love the core work in this one and always had to take breaks but today I made it all the way thru-yay! Cathe is pretty hyper in this workout with her non stop talking...I can only handle it once every 3 years or so, LOL. But how nice to work out with Cedie & Amanda again!! Wonder whatever happened to Nancy? 353 cal burn
8 - Meditation; X-10 (w/u); Heather Robertson (Low Impact Cardio & Abs Workout//No Repeats, No Jumping, No Equipment - 23 min.); Yvette Fit #102 45 min. All Out Cardio Kickboxing; extra stretch Great combo today - Heather's has the format of :45/:15 cardio intervals (lots of bodyweight & core) and was super fun. She includes some new moves keeping it all low impact - LOVED the Boxer Crunch ab move on floor...put your legs up over your head (like in plow) and then come down and roll out your legs into a wide V on floor and do boxer punches repeated for the duration - really a fun move! Love the no repeat workouts! Yvette's class got another "favorited" mark from me. It was a fun add-on - around 40 min minus the w/u and Yvette is alone in the class. High/low impact with HiiT thrown in now and again. Lots of kicks throughout which I loved! I jumped on my rebounder when she did long segments of j. jacks but mostly did jump roping for the jacks. About 2-3 min. of core floor work at the end - otherwise, all standing with fun moves. Very enjoyable and a super core workout! I sure got lots of core work yesterday and today!! 492 cal burn
9 - Meditation; Cathe Live #317 Metabolic Lower Body (53 min.); PHA3 Extended Lying Stretch I found this class to be REALLY sweaty - as my HR was up for a lot of it! I'd say this lower body class was a little more metabolic than its' sister class = UB #316. I matched Cathe's weights and it hit every LB muscle and HOW! I find some of her other LB classes a little more fun, but I attribute that to Cathe being by herself in this class. Sometimes she just talks too much (or maybe now I'm just more used to Yvette/Heather who cue minimally or by pictures & captions!) ;) 421 cal burn
10- Meditation; Winsor B&T; Cathe Mobility; Strong Knees (my own workout=13 min.); Five Parks Yoga (Toes to Head 15 min. Swimmer's Stretch) Ha, I just kept wanting to stretch and continue with the workouts on my new round mat! :heart: It is SO nice not going off of it when doing the mobility exercises! I kept it upstairs to admire it more. So happy with it!//I didn't enjoy this class of Erin's as much as her Recovery Swimmer's stretch, but had to try it to make sure!
11- Meditation; IDT Hands Free Flow (Christine- 47 min.) This is a new class...loved the idea of "hands free" and loved all the balance challenges. I could've done without her "story" while we were stretching toward the end....don't go there, that's Travis' area of expertise! :/

12- Meditation; Yvette Fit #104 60 Min. High/Low Cardio & Metabolic Weight Workout VERY FUN one with lots of variety once again! Format is high/low cardio & a few core exercises until the 30 min. mark, then TONS of shoulder weighted work with mostly 5's. I kept with my lower weight/high reps theme and did more reps for shoulder presses with lighter weights. I used 5's, 10's, and 12's. VERY SHOULDER HEAVY workout! There is one exercise that I changed up: it's like Cathe's "U" raises but Yvette drops her weights slightly behind her head in the "U" position which I knew my shoulders wouldn't appreciate. I just did Cathe-like raises. She also includes a FW band segment (which I grabbed my medium FW band by accident and wasn't feeling much, so I also added my wide band put above my knees and THEN felt the burn!). I also added ankle weights (not sure why Yvette doesn't?) for the leg lift variations. I'm thinking since there were some newbies in the class, Yvette kept the whole workout a little on the easier side...but I love those cause I can always take it up a notch if necessary. PUMP IT UP!! (which is in one of the songs;)). She also includes ONE OF THE BEST stretches on her site. Loved the IT band stretches using the band! :0) 481 cal burn Feeling really good!
13- Meditation; Heather Robertson (Arm Toning & Strength//Dumbbell Only Workout=25 min.); Cathe ICE Chiseled Upper Body (Mish Mosh-Scrambled #4 Premix=41 min.); Cathe LITE (Bodyweight & Band -TS #5=37 min.) I had kind of a Mish Mosh workout this morning...Heather's was a good warm up with :40/:20 format of 5 supersets and 2 rounds of working shoulders, triceps and biceps. I used 8's, 10's, & 15's. This would be either a good w/u or a good finisher....not enough on its' own, IMO. So I decided to add on and pulled out CUB which I didn't hardly remember at all. Oh yes, now I remember I liked it the least of the ICE series! :/ I used 5's-15's and with my hand flare-up, there were way too many table-top exercises so I ended up skipping a few exercises, making it around 30 min. Surprised that I even made it that far, I pulled out BW&B and did my favorite premix of that. LOVE this workout and that premix for really feeling the burn of the band for each muscle group and adding Pyramid Pump Tri's to it was the perfect finisher!! By that time, my UB was F-R-I-E-D!!! (I wanted to get a good arm workout in this week in case I can't lift my arms later in the week!) ;0) 474 cal burn ETA: First Mow Max of the season! 1.5 hrs yard work (again, trying to get my work done before the 2nd Pfizer tomorrow! Cleaned the house on Monday and will do laundry & groceries tomorrow, so I should be set)!
14- Meditation; Heather Robertson Low Impact, High Intensity Cardio Workout//No Jumping (36 min.); LM Body Combat Remix 30 (30 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga Heather's class was a great little class where low impact does not mean low intensity!! Format is :40/:10 with 3 rounds of same exercises for 2 cardio circuits. I didn't mind the repetition as this class doesn't have as many plank/floor type exercises...I'll gladly sub repetition for table-top/plank exercises currently! But for some, I just did squat thrusts with a jump if they compromised my hand too much. (It's always better using 2 hands opposed to putting full body weight on my wonky hand). I sometimes also got in more reps or moved faster than Heather on a few, i.e. Mt. climbers--I can go at a much faster clip than she does. And I always seem to 'need' to finish out the combo after the beep sounds...ALWAYS, anyone else? ;) I loved this Heather workout and will be returning to it. Combat was really a fun one too...great music with excerpts taken from classes #79, 81 & 82 with a short core segment but no cool down/stretch. They did show a lot of high impact in this class but basically, I kept it lower impact...I feel with BC, I can always put more power into the moves without jumping. Fun workout today! 486 cal burn // So far so good with my shot...true test is yet to come, though!
15- Meditation; Winsor B&T; Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility); Strong Knees (20 min); Debbie's TBS (Lower Back) I planned on Mobility workouts today and didn't have much planned, so I did a Mish Mosh of them! There were a lot of repeated exercises, but it was assurance knowing I own all the right workouts for my issues and my hips got worked very well! Some of the moves (esp. in Mobility) was painful to put pressure on my wonky hand mostly...not so much my vaccinated arm - well, except for laying on it in Scorpion!). I got a good night's sleep and have just a little ache in my arm is all for now....hope it continues!
16- Meditation; CDorner Fitness (Step Aerobics & Strength Workout/Legs & Abs #86 (58 min.); stretch I didn't have a whole lot of energy this morning and this class turned out to be just perfect for wanting to work legs and have fun in the process! I used my "step mat" in place of a topper (my hips are feeling good and don't want to jinx it!) but used a 2 riser step for the moves with a 12# dumbbell. So much great balance work in this!! Format is a circuit of step aerobics (pretty easy choreo) and weighted/non-weighted leg balance work. There's a short core segment at the end which is really easy and I mostly did full rocket chutes to her half ones. Not much of a stretch, so I added one to stretch my legs more. Really fun workout with fun choreo and my legs felt worked enough for an easier day. (Felt really lethargic in the morning but mid-day now I'm feeling really good after running errands, etc. No add'l side effects from the shot, so that's good).
17- Meditation; Heather Robertson Power Pilates Workout//HiiT Fusion (35 min.); Five Parks Yoga (Seated & Supine Twists Yoga Stretch - 28 min.) Heather's class has a format of :40/:10 intervals with 2 circuits of same exercises for 2 rounds. I don't usually go for pilates workouts but Heather makes them fun for me! However, the music was a little annoying to me in this one. Erin's class was a great seated stretch with lots of twists that my body appreciated. This is an older class...I just enjoy Erin's newer classes so much more as her voice is more soothing to me.
18- Meditation; Rest day

RECOVERY WEEK I will be taking somewhat of a recovery week, as I will be setting up for my garage sales...although, I'm sure I will want to workout, as we got an addition to my gym over the weekend: an elliptical!!! Found it at an estate sale - it's older, in great condition and got a great deal on it!
19- Meditation
20- Meditation; X-10 (w/u); Elliptical workout (50 min.)---YT To Lose 10# In A Week, Do This Elliptical Workout -Adrian Bryant (12 min.); My own workout on elliptical to one of Heather's formats while listening to her music; Yin Yoga Wow, that elliptical really keeps up your HR! I have to really get used to how to make it go! My knees like going backward better...wonder which is better or if it matters? ETA: [Studies show going forward works your glutes & hamstrings; going backward works your quads & calves]. I tried Adrian's workout doing 2 sets which is 12 min. of varied HiiT was tough...(even though we know the title is hogwash)! So I stopped after 2 sets (probably not a good workout for learning the ropes!) and just did my own HiiT workout with resting for :45 & :30 and doing the HiiT for :15 & :30, with my workout totaling 50 min. It sounds easy but it wasn't! I didn't have any resistance set - didn't even turn on the console and I could really feel it in my lower body with my HR consistently high - even during my rests. Stretched out my legs - did they ever need it! First time on it and I can say it definitely was challenging! 402 cal burn
21- Meditation; 5 min. w/u on the Elliptical; KCM Slim Sculpting (Workout 1 - 39 min).; KCM Sculpting Rx (Workout 2-standing work only 12 min.); Extra Stretch I acquired SS from a generous VF'er and was a good, basic, sweaty KB workout! I want Kelly's flat that would be easier to hold, esp. by the horns. I added some tricep work where she lays on the floor doing ab work and kicking out legs, but no upper body work(?). It just seemed to fit there - doing a pull-over or skull crushers while kicking out legs. Adding on the 2nd workout of SRx made for a great add-on--just love this workout! I used all 8's throughout and it got tough after her KB workout. Great workout today! (I worked a little harder than intended for a recovery week)! 386 cal burn
22- Meditation; Elliptical w/u (20 min. HiiT-like); Cathe Perfect Flow (Mobility); Winsor Buns & Thighs; Strong Knees (7 min. segment); 1.5 hours Mow Max/Yard Work 343 cal Now why can't Saturday be like today: sunny & 60* and not cold & rainy?! :/
23- Meditation
24- Meditation Well, the garage sales went really well! And the weather was beautiful yesterday and wasn't near as bad today as I was visualizing...the sun is even out! Really happy with the sales...two years of accumulating "junk" (no sale last year) and I got rid of SO much!! Like usual, selling popcorn and soda definitely helped sales as I made 3x the amount of what I paid for my elliptical, so I am a very happy camper!!! <3
25- Meditation; Yvette Fit #107 70 Min. Cardio, Chest, Triceps, & Abs Circuits; Yin Yoga Yvette's class had the Boot Camp format of cardio using step/abs/weights. I used my topper and 10's & 12's for all and did usually 16-20 reps to Yvette's heavier weights w/ 12 reps. Fun one - I got a great workout coming off a recovery week! It just felt sooo good to workout today after 2 non-workout days...I did stand more than sit, though, at my sales. 457 cal

26- Meditation; 3 hours Yard Work Hauling and spreading 20 bags of mulch. That was considered my workout today, oh, and taking all my $$earnings$$ to the bank! hahaha
27- Meditation; 2.60 miles on Elliptical; Heather Robertson Mini Band Workout For Strong Glutes//No Repeats (15 min.); Yin Yoga; 2.75 hours pulling weeds at DS's condo Steady state work on the that my HR & calories on the elliptical panel were very much in sync (like 1-2 off!) with what my HRM read!! Wow, that is awesome! Heather's little booty finisher was perfect and I used my wide fabric band for the standing work and my purple heavy latex band for the floor work. The bands just add so much to work the glutes...can't wait to get Cathe's new workouts!//What a beautiful, beautiful day--sunny and 82*...I didn't even mind to be out there a nice tan in my sports tank in the process, but those WEEDS!! I don't have 1/4 of the amount at my house that he does at his condo!! DS didn't ask me to do this...I volunteered. Now I don't know which is more booty/hips from all the yard work lately or my hands from pulling. :eek: Good thing rain is in the forecast the next couple is really dry out there and I need a break from yard work, LOL. On the way home, I rewarded myself with a Diet Coke! :love: Oh, that was good!!! But won't be indulging regularly; just for special rewards! 381 cal burn
28- Meditation; my w/u using light weights; Cathe Live #229 Awesome Upper Body (40 min.); Stretch Love this CL to get in/get out....took me a few exercises to get acclimated to her speed - glad I w/u'd in addition to her w/u b/c she goes at a pretty good clip. This class has combination moves and isolation moves to really burn out each muscle group. It felt good to work the UB for a change this week and this one gets a lot covered in 40 min.!! So nice to see the class behind Cathe!!! 222 cal burn
29- Meditation; CDoerner (Cardio Kickboxing HiiT/30 min./No Equipment/No Repeat - 15 out of 30 min.); Heather Robertson (Intense Cardio AMRAP Workout - 35 min. publ. 4/25/21); CDoerner (20 Min Full Body Stretch Routine/No Equipment) So bummed! Chris' class had great music and looked like sooo much fun with those combos (and it was!) but I.just.couldn' due to her non-cueing, forgetting her material, stopping, & mugging, ugh. I'm used to more polished instructors, I guess, but usually I can get thru her workouts. I found Heather's class and totally LOVED it! Great fun with the format of 5 cardio AMRAP circuits with 4 exercises, 8 reps each with a :30 rest between circuits. It was helpful she paired 2 harder exercises with 2 recovery-type exercises for each group! HR and I were in sync but I finished out the circuits - well, all but two when we were only on the first exercise when the bell sounded...have to be equal on both sides! Really loved this one and was a great calorie burner, but if you don't like drills, this workout is NOT for you! I did modify a few exercises (i.e. hip twister which my knees didn't like, with squat jumps---I didn't know they were coming later(!) but that's ok b/c I love those! Really had a fun workout after all! And glad I found something of Chris' I enjoyed...her mobility stretch was a good upper body one and I bookmarked it. 403 cal burn
30- Meditation; LM Body Pump United (52 min.); YT Lauren Eckstrom Channel (Full 30 Min. Yin Yoga for Hips & Shoulders); 1.5 hours Mow Max/Yard Work The United Pumps and Combats are my favorites and they just can't be beat! So much fun and such great tunes to pull you thru! This time I used all DB's: 5's, 10's (lats/delts) 12's (biceps/triceps/clean & press), 15's (legs) and a 25# KB for the lunge track. Lots of reps = lots of pump!! Last time I did this one, I added on a Beast add-on! :eek: Um, not today! Yin Yoga was my add-on, LOL. This is a great little stretch from Lauren...full body but she doesn't hold the stretches as long as other Yins or do wonky stretches for my! Hit the hips really well and had some upper body mobility too, so my whole body got stretched good. 307 cal burn// Beautiful day for Mow Max!

Tammie M 03-29-21 10:11 AM


2 - Kathy Smith Power Walk for Weight Loss - Walk I + Jessica Smith Simply Stretch - Standing Stretch
3 - Erin O'Brien Strong Body, Ageless Body
4 - Stott Pilates Walk On to Weight Loss
5 - Kathy Smith Secrets of a Great Lower Body
6 - Kathy Smith Secrets of a Great Upper Body
7 - Kathy Smith Functionally Fit: Peak Fat Burning + Stephanie Herman Alignment & Ballet Workout
8 - Gilad Sculpt & Tone
13 - Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga for Back Pain & Prevention - Session Two
29 - Molly Fox's Yoga Stretches and Relaxes
30 - Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Express: Super Challenge - Mile 1 + Amy Dixon Women's Health: Total Workout in Ten! - Lower Body + Ageless with Kathy Smith Staying Strong - Legs & Stretch

Pat58 03-29-21 10:22 AM

~~~ APRIL ~~~

“Change the world by being yourself” ― Amy Poehler

1 - Completed Holden Qigong 03/22/21 with flows and meditation; LWR BRB Challenge Day 27, ten minute lower body on mat; 5,414 steps.

2 - Jane Fonda's Walk Out level 2; 7,283 steps.

3 - Holden Qigong 03/24/21, warmups, balancing and strength; GYM for 10 minutes treadmill and weight machines; 8,871 steps.

4 - Finished 03/34/21, flows and meditation; walk around neighborhood with a tough hill climb; 7,474 steps.

5 - Holden Qigong 03/26/21, first half; Winsor Lower Body Pilates, hips and waist workout; Day 1 of Kassandra's evening yoga; 5,639 steps.

6 - Lunch walk; Home Improvement - abs, hamstrings and glutes; Day 2 of Kassandra's evening yoga; 6,872 steps.

7 - Finished Qigong 03/26/21; lunch walk; Shakti Warrior 1, Embody & Activate, Day 3 of Kassandra's evening yoga; 7,950 steps.

8 - Neighborhood walk; Day 4 of Kassandra's evening yoga; 7,505 steps.

9 - Beach walk; 8,564 steps.

10 - GYM for 15 recumbent bike and weight machines for lower body, chest and back; 5,899 steps.

11 - Two walks, a one mile path around an old farm and a half mile lap at the community track; 7,694 steps.

12 - Holden Qigong 03/29/21; 3,485 steps.

13 - Shakti Warrior 2, Root Down; Margaret Richard Home Improvement - outer and inner thighs; 4,607steps.

14 - Evening walk to osprey nest; a little blend of my own qigong and back stretches; 7,916 steps.

15 - Holden Qigong 04/02/21 - warmups and exercise part only; 5,020 steps.

16 - Winsor Lower Body Pilates, Trim & Tone Thighs; Home Improvement biceps and triceps; finished Qigong 04/02/21; 5,340 steps.

17 - Walked around casino after DH's second shot; 6,297 steps.

18 - Beach walk; 5,814 steps.

19 - Holden Qigong 04/05/21; Lucy Wyndham Read's newest, a 15 minute interval cardio; 6,257 steps.

20 - One mile lunch walk; Day 5 of Kassandra's evening yoga; 7,908 steps.

21 - Ellen's WW 10 minute walk; Kathy Smith Ageless arms workout; Winsor Lower Body "Lift and Firm Glute" (yep just one); 5,225 steps.

22 - Rest day; steps undetermined (forgot to put Fitbit back on).

23 - Rest-y type day; yin yoga and yoga nidra workshop from the local studio (Zoom); 3,644 steps.

24 - Beach walk; Sarahbeth Gentle Yoga for Scoliosis; Day 6 of Kassandra's evening yoga (yin); 9,000 steps.

25 - GYM for 15 minutes recumbent and weight machines for lower body, chest and back; 4,576 steps.

26 - More movement breaks at the office (lunges and DBs for deltoids); a good PT session with Pilates ring, band and stability cushion; Day 7 of Kassandra's evening challenge; 3,611 steps.

27 - One mile lunch walk; 1.75 walk to check osprey nest; Kathy Smith's Tummy Trimmers, Pilates Mat; office movement challenge - squats and triceps; 10,010 steps.

28 - Office movement challenge - static lunges and back; 20 minute walk around neighborhood; Kathy Smith Ageless Staying Strong - Legs; 7,889 steps.

29 - Holden Qigong morning routine; PT for my back; 3,472 steps.

30 - Office movement challenge - squats and biceps; PT session with disc, hip circle and Pilates ring - added more reps and/or sets; Rodney Yee's Yoga for Energy & Stress Relief, Gentle Relaxation; 4,844 steps.

allgirlsinaz 03-29-21 10:28 AM

Continuing Caroline Girvan's Epic II with cardio thrown in.

1. SSoD Love Train 50 min ride
2. nothing
3. LB Complexes
4. Back
5. RI:ID Hiit 25 min ride; RI:ID Cardio Strength 20 min ride
6. Core and Hamstrings
7. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness #61 30 min ride
8. nothing
9. Full Body Cardio Complexes
10. Joe Alvarado Travel Lightly 20 min ride; Hiit with DB's
11. 1.91 mile walk; Abs and Shoulders
12. nothing
13. SSoD Quick Speed and Power 30 min ride
14. Glutes
15. UB Complexes
16. SSoD Endurance Express 20 min ride
17. Total Body Tempo Training
18. Lunges and Calves I stopped at the 40 min mark, too many lunges for my liking and my knees liking.
19. nothing
20. nothing
21. Chest and Core Trisets
22. Squats and Presses
23. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness #55 45 min ride
24. Calisthenics
25. Posterior Chain
26. nothing
27. Arms and Shoulders
28. nothing
29. Legs

Mell 03-29-21 11:11 AM


amg 03-29-21 11:36 AM


1 - 6. Camping so lots of hiking and a little bit of mountain biking
7. Cathe - Push Pull and Perfect 30 Mobility
8. Bodystrikes 2
9. 60 min walk
10. Rest
11. 30 min walk
12. Cathe Legs and Glutes
13. Cathe Perfect 30 Pump Upper Body, 30 min walk, Essentrics Stretch Series: Full Body Deep Stretch
14. Cathe Imax 4: TS# 7 Combos Only
15. Cathe Great Glutes
16. 60 min walk
17. Rest
18. Cardio Barre Ultimate Advanced (1st 30 mins at my pace) and Mindy's Intensity Overload 30-20-10
19. Powerstrike 6
20. Bodystrikes 3
21. 60 min walk
22. 60 min walk
23. Turbo Jam 20 min wo, Cathe Fit Split Legs and Glutes
24. Rest
25. 60 min walk
26. Rest
27. Cathe Perfect 30 Pump Lower Body
28. 60 min walk
29. Rest
30. Rest - I have an infected bug bite. They are treating it with antibiotics for Lyme disease which is making me feel really sick all day. Waiting for blood test to hopefully come back negative for Lyme. I am not sure when I will feel back up to an actual workout.

Luv2WO 03-29-21 11:45 AM


1. TBL Total Body Toning Circuit, Quick Back and Core, 25 min walk
2. TBL Pilates for Stress Relief, Hamstring Flexibility workout, Essentrics Express Butt with Meg
3. PBL Trim it Down Leg Workout, Toned in 10 Abs, Strength And Stability Shoulder Workout, Essentrics PM Stretch
4. Essentrics 30 min Waist Toning with Gail, Hip Stretch with Meg

Dontmindthemess 03-29-21 01:31 PM


1. JNL Fusion TKO Fat Blast + 30 for 30 Edge Fat blast felt a little on the easier side and I wore my weighted gloves. Edge is my favorite of these yoga practices. It’s a tough little practice that was simple with great cuing and Travis doesn’t seem to talk on and on in this one.
2-6. Nothing I got sidetracked with unexpectedly hosting an Easter lunch then I had a couple of tough work days of 15,000 steps each and it wore me and my feet out! My goal Tuesday was to be under 10,000, did not happen. I have been really careful about my eating so I don’t feel like a total slug. Of course I don’t feel all in with JNL right now so this week I’m just going to do whatever I like.
7. CDornerFitness fast basic step 3/31/21 (30 min) + Penny Barnshaw 30 min total body kettlebell + 30/30 yin Very fun step workout that was easy to follow! It really made me miss that old school steady state step. I went to the 30 minute mark which was conveniently the end of a section. Penny’s kettlebell workout was mostly strength based but it still had me breathing since it’s all compound moves. There’s a thruster in there but you stand with the bell so it’s on the easier side. Not one of Penny’s tougher workouts and I enjoyed it. I did yin with my husband.
8. CDornerFitness Step and core 7/13/20 Another fun step but this one had way too many ads. I ended up closing YouTube and reopening but there were still a couple on there. I really enjoy that live class feel. This one had 8 minute step segments alternating with 3 minutes of core. So retro in the best way.
9. Tracie Long Leaning Out In my never ending quest to find workday workouts I picked this up during Mary’s sale. It so reminded me of a Firm workout! Just the way the segments were structured and how there was a little choreographed cardio section in there. She even ends that segment in a “star” stance like in a firm workout. Tracie doesn’t do a ton of reps so the workout moves by pretty quickly and I’d call it intermediate. I did enjoy it and it had a bit of everything in there. I got a couple more from that series (longevity) so I thought I’d do a couple a week.
10-11. Rest Saturday afternoon my daughter and her boyfriend had a very nice and small outdoor gender reveal! It’s a boy!! My husband and I are very excited to be grands even if it does make me feel really old :) She’s due in September. Sunday I was just plain tired.
12. Tracie Long Defining Shape Another Tracie workout that reminds me of a firm workout. The best way I can describe it is as a choreographed weight workout. I wouldn’t say it was especially sweaty but I definitely had moments of exertion. There’s mostly compound weighted exercises, a short balance section and then some side lying floorwork that leads to Abs. It’s a nice balanced workout and I added ankle weights to the floorwork but I could have worn them for the balance exercises too. No cardio in this. Tracie finishes up with a very nice stretch.
13. Fe Fit Total Body 1 + Moving Mango 20 min Booty and Thighs workout I liked total body 1 but I didn’t find quite challenging enough. I really enjoy light weight and fusion styles but for some reason they’re either too easy or Dream Body hard. I’ll have to go through my Barlates workouts to find more intermediate offerings. I was thinking of mixing fusion with a couple of Tracie Longs a week with some cardio and yoga thrown in there. I really need things with absolutely no dread factor for my after work workouts. The moving mango was a nice Pilates lower body workout. Not so many reps that she’s trying to kill you. I should have worn my ankle weights for this but I wasn’t sure how hard it would be on its own.
14. CDorner Fitness Fast Basic Step 2/10/21 + Fe Fit Core 1 Another fun and pretty easy to follow step. The music was all mashups of an 80s song with a newer song. I found this core workout challenging. I just took mini breaks when I needed it. It’s all on the floor except for the w/u and c/d. Lots of crunches and a plank series in the middle to break it up. My core is definitely a lot weaker than I’d like and I have a feeling that I’ll have some DOMs from this later.
15. Yvette Fit 104 High/Low Cardio and Metabolic weight workout + 2 mile walk I was feeling good today and thought I’d hang with Yvette. AnMrsDe, I agree that it was very shoulder heavy. I ended up only using two sets of dumbbells, 15s and 5s, a heavy firewalker band and ankle weights. This was on the easier side for an Yvette workout but I appreciate that right now. No extra breaks necessary.
16. Barlates Dynamic Flow Functional + Fe Fit Lower Body 1 I needed barefoot workouts today, my feet aren’t awesome the last couple of weeks, especially my toes. Even my comfy shoes don’t feel 100%. I ordered three new pairs of work shoes to change it up.
17. The Firm Total Body Time Crunch Feeling nostalgic for the pink firms so I pulled this one out of the storage box. I don’t particularly remember it but they’re all kind of similar. They use those little pink weights in this one but I went heavier. It was still a bit too easy even for an easy day workout.
18. Yvette Fit #67 Step Metabolic Workout I revisited this Yvette today thinking it would be a good fit for a higher energy work week workout and it really was. I just used one riser this time like the class but I was really feeling energetic and could have used two risers. My energy levels have been much better since the temps have been higher. I’m hoping it stays this way and I can eventually start adding my old workouts back in.
19. Yvette fit #92 70 Bosu/Back Circuits & Ankle weights Sometimes I just feel like doing another Yvette. This felt tough for me but I just told myself I could stop at the 30 min mark or the 45 min mark if I wanted. I just kept going. Tough but fun!
20. Rest
21. Nourishmovelove 45 min Cardio Barre + 3 mile walk Very enjoyable fusion workout but it was only 40 minutes. I’ll do more of these. Started with a tough and good plank sequence. Beautiful day to be outside.
22. Yvette Fit #99 60 min Boxing Bootcamp Another fun Yvette. I used my 4lb weights for the punching combos instead of 5s. Just feels better on my shoulders. More shoulder work in this one :) The cardio really doesn’t let up in this. Great burn.
23. Svelte U 1 first 2 sections + Tracey Long Signature 1 mobility section Tracey Mallets Svelte U, didn’t really enjoy these workouts but I will say I felt my obliques the next day.
24-25. I wasn’t feeling great. TOM for the first time in 6+ months and it really left me feeling lousy.
26-27. Yard work
28. Yvette Fit #86/Kettlebell Step Mashup Loved this Yvette. No repeats with the kettlebell exercises. I don’t even mind when Yvette repeats because there’s so much variety.
29. More yard work


shoegoddess 03-29-21 04:30 PM

April 2021

1. LIFT4 50/50
2. LIFT4 HiiT
3. Walk Outside

4. LIFT4 Triceps 50/50
6 Cathe Gym Styles Back/Biceps/Shoulders
8. Cathe Gym Styles Legs
10. KCM Body Traininhg

11. Cathe Pyramid Pump Lower Body



txhsmom 03-29-21 05:00 PM

April 2021

1 GHUTV - Fat Burning Cardio Walking - 20 minutes & 10 Minute total Body Stretch
2 GHUTV - Chair Strength - 30 minutes & 10 Minute Total Body Stretch #2
3 Jenny Ford - Walk Across America - Vermont - 30 minutes; Journey to Mobility - Day 1 of 30 Day Stretch Challenge (Total Body) - 20 minutes
4 GHUTV - Beginner Gold Upper Body Tone Up - 30 minutes; Yoga With Kassandra - Evening Yoga #1 - 20 minutes
5 GHUTV - Beginner Gold Lower Body Tone Up - 30 minutes; Moms into Fitness - Hip Stretches - 8 minutes
6 GHUTV - Gold Hatha Yoga 1 - 45 minutes
7 GHUTV - Beginner Gold Starting Strength 1 - 35 minutes
8 Rest Day - Walked the dog for 20 minutes
9 GHUTV - Walk & Sculpt 4 - 45 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - Full Body Stretching - 20 minutes
10 Rest Day - Walked the dog for 25 minutes
11 Ellen Barrett - Lifted & Lean - 30 minutes
12 Faithful Workouts - Mix It Up - 35 minutes
13 Workout Hotel - Pilates Mat Sculpt - 20 minutes; Senior Shape - Bedtime Stretch - 15 minutes
14 Jenny Ford - Walk Across America - New Hampshire - 30 minutes; Fittbe Pilates - Electrifying Arms & Core - 15 minutes
15 Pahla B - March #1 - Walking with Weights - 25 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Small Ball Core Workout - 11 minutes & Lower Body Stretches - 15 minutes
16 Pahla B - March #2 - Shoulder Friendly Cardio - 22 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - 7 Day At Home Pilates Challenge - Day 1 Core Pilates Workout for Beginners - 15 minutes
17 Rest Day
18 Pahla B - March #3 - Simple Strength - 25 minutes
19 Dog Walk - 30 minutes; Jessica Valant - Barre Pilates Workout - 20 minutes
20 Cathe - Slim and Trim - 35 minutes
21 Jenny Ford - Walk Across America - Maine - 30 minutes; Winsor Pilates - Power Sculpting: Buns & Thighs - 20 minutes
22 Define & Align - Pilates Sculpt - 30 minutes
23 Barre3 - Strength Conditioning with Lindsay March 15 - 30 minutes
24 Barre3 - Strength Conditioning with Holly (Live) March 16 - 30 minutes
25 Jenny Ford - Walk Across America - Massachusetts - 30 minutes; Allaire Back Fitness - Episode 1 - 23 minutes
26 Barre3 - Strength Conditioning with Allison (Live) March 18 - 30 minutes
27 Walk at Home - Steel City Mile led by Rocky - 16 minutes; Allaire Back Fitness - Episode 2 - 25 minutes
28 Barre3 - Cardio Focus with Andrew March 17 - 30 minutes
29 Rest Day
30 Rest Day


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