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donnamp 03-01-21 08:26 AM

Pilates Cross Trainers - March 2021
Hi -

Welcome to March! This check in is for anyone who likes to do a little or a lot of Pilates -

Please join us!!


donnamp 03-01-21 08:29 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today, so far, has been:

Pahla B - March Challenge Day # 1 - Walking w/ Weights

Robin Long/TBL - Challenge Day # 1 - abs/core

Both were good workouts. I decided to stick w/ Pahla for at least the first week of the month and then may change things up a bit - not quite sure how - was thinking of either switching to another instructor or doing Pahla's Body Shaping weeks from her prior mini-challenges for the rest of March...not sure yet, time will tell. OR, I do like Jessica V's calendar for this month - her stuff is easy to fit into whatever else I am doing, though.

I plan to get some CS in later and maybe a short walk if it stops raining.

Hope everyone has a good day!


furmomof6 03-01-21 05:30 PM

Hi everyone,

Trifecta Pilates: Day 2 Abs and Back

I chose this workout randomly on Youtube just to try the Trifecta workouts. I liked her, but I miss Theresa and Michelle, so I think I will go back to their workouts. I took a short rest break this past week, but I'm ready to try again!

Donna, I signed up for Robin's challenge, but I couldn't get into it. I don't know why but I just don't click with her. I really wish I could!

Waves to everyone!

txhsmom 03-01-21 09:03 PM

Today's workout (accidentally) was

Define & Align - Cardio Strength - 30 minutes

This was a very strength intensive workout, with just a tiny bit of cardio, all of which I modified. I thought it was an odd placement in the rotation, coming after yesterday's lower body strength workout, but I just went ahead and did it. Turns out my instincts were correct - I should have been doing a different workout. Oh well, I'll do that one next week when I am supposed to do the workout I did today.

As I said, this workout was very strength intensive - 3 strength exercises, 1 cardio exercise, then you repeat the same 3 strength exercises and move on to the next circuit. Each move is done for about 45 seconds and there's a little rest as you set up for the next exercise. Karen gave modifications for all the cardio exercises. There was no floor work, except for mountain climbers, in this workout.

Tomorrow is a rest day, and I'm ready for one!

Donna - Nice job! It was all I could do not to start on Pahla's March workouts today. I haven't gotten to Robin's challenge video and I may not get there tonight. I'm pooped.

Christine - Good job - Robin's workouts generally haven't grabbed me in the past and I'm not sure why. I've said I think they are boring, but I'm not sure that's exactly it.


donnamp 03-02-21 08:39 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today, so far, has been:

Ellen - Gentle Barre - from her streaming site

Jessica Valent - Pilates & Yoga For Arms

Jessica Valent - Sciatica Routine - some nice stretches....

Thinking, maybe, of doing Jessica's calendar this month - who knows...I suppose the important thing is just to be consistent!

Carol - that does seem like an odd placement for that workout in the rotation! I still have her You Tube channel in the back of my mind to try soon. I also saw that Lauren from Senior Shape posted a barre workout recently. It looks nice. her workouts seem to be very calming - not a bad thing at all. I enjoyed Pahla's walk w/ weights yesterday I will probably do the cardio workout today at lunch time - it is only 20 min.

Christine - I like Beth, too, but I think I have convinced myself that I can make do w/ her You Tube channel and that I don't really need another subscription!!

re: Robin - I like her - but I don't really completely connect w/ her either - I guess i'm at a different place in life - I don't have little kids and I don't feel like I have body image issues that I'm trying to overcome - I'm just trying to be functional and feel good. So maybe that is why I am more drawn to instructors like Pahla, Jessica V. and Ellen - they are less about overcoming body image issues and more about health and function. Not like overcoming body image issues isn't healthy....but it seems like Robins' focus is towards women who are dealing w/ body image and not feeling good about themselves, that really isn't me these days. All that being said, it is nice that you can download her workouts and it may be worthwhile to subscribe for a month or two to download a few of them...but I don't know...probably not. The beach scene is nice though!

Hope everyone has a good day!!!


Usia 03-02-21 08:52 AM

Good morning!

D&A Pilates Precision - 30min. Not the hardest pilates class I've done by any means, but I enjoyed it. It covered the basics and time flew. No endless reps.
Beginner Trampoline w/hand weighs - 15min. Youtube Naomi Joy Fitness:

Thanks for starting us in March, Donna!

Carol, kudos to you for doing D&A every day. I can do it every other day, maybe 2 consecutive days in a row but then I need a break and do something else. My body needs it.

I've decided to pull out my rebounder for cardio this morning. I'm clearly out of condition because this mornings the 15 min beginners class was plenty enough for me. I used to do 45-50min easily but not today. Even the 15 min rebounding gave me a good cardio workout.

I hope to do some ePilates tonight but as always, we'll see if I get around to it.

Waves to all!

furmomof6 03-02-21 08:12 PM

Hi everyone,

TBL: Pilates for Energy Boost

I guess I'm eating my words today since I didn't Robin's Day 2 workout! I liked that one, although it didn't change my original feelings.

Donna, I hear you. I think Robin's mission is a good one since our culture tends to be so outward appearance focused, but I'm with you in just wanting to be healthy and functional.

Carol, I agree with what you said. I'm not sure if boring is the right word either. It sounds like maybe there should have been a gentle workout on the calendar with that program today!

Dana, Oliver is so cute!

Waves Linda, Cheri & Brenda!

txhsmom 03-02-21 09:00 PM

Today was supposed to be a rest day, but I had such a day at work that I needed to do something when I got home, so I did

Pahla B - March 1 Walking with Weights Workout - 25 minutes; Senior Shape - 10 Minute Stretch

I found Pahla's workout to be on the high side of moderate for me, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I might otherwise have.

I noticed that Lauren from Senior Shape has posted another Barre workout on her channel. I may try to squeeze that in at some point this week.

Today our Governor took the ill-advised step of removing the statewide mask mandate, although his order "strongly recommends the wearing of a mask". What a coward and political hack! Needless to say we already have parents pressuring us to remove our mask requirement. We don't want to do this - our health department advises against it, etc. The entire thing is so d*** political it makes me want to throw up. We are hoping against hope that the Texas Education Agency continues to recommend mask wearing in schools - if that happens we believe we could convince our community to hang tight with us through the remainder of the school year. I honestly don't think they will, but we will see. Teachers in Texas are not in a priority group for vaccination, so unless they are over 65 or have serious health problems that put them in the 1B group they aren't vaccinated. It was one thing to put unvaccinated teachers in classrooms with masked students, and another thing entirely to put them in classrooms with unmasked students. What was he thinking???

Dana - I don't think I could handle multiple rotation weeks like last week - it's too much for me right now. The second week doesn't look as tough to me, but we'll see. I may start alternating days.

Donna - Nice job! I saw Lauren's new barre workout as well - I think she has posted two new workouts this week. If I need a break from Define & Align everyday, I may work in some of Lauren's more gentle workouts or some of Jessica Valant's. I think we will get more info on Jessica Smith's new program by the end of the weekend. One of the gals that moderates the Jessica Smith Junkies Facebook group has access to the program and has been given permission to host a Facebook Q & A to fill folks in on the details. I am just positive that this is going to be online only.

Waves to all! I hope I can sleep tonight - I am pretty worked up.


fanofladyvols 03-02-21 11:05 PM

Donna, thanks for starting us off!

Dana sounds like you're off to a good start with your rebounder. I'm sure you'll bounce back to your previous capacity. The body remembers!

Carol hang in there. Hope you rest well tonight.

Christine nice job! I have to learn to never say never myself. I thought I would never try kettlebells. Oh well!

Yesterday was a rest day and today was squat challenge and and a basic kettlebell workout with planks and lots of mobility ..I'm a broken record 😂

Happy Marchness...BIG WAVE to Brenda!

Usia 03-02-21 11:49 PM

Well, I feel like an old person today. :D My dh and I had our wedding anniversary so what had we decided to do? Buy a Laz-y-boy recliner rocker. For me! :D I found a great snoozing recliner that suited me, but then I've noticed my dh looking around longingly, so I suggested that we get one to replace the one we now have in our living room and which I hate. He doesn't like it either It's huge, uncomfortable and just plain-old butt-ugly. So, we walked out of the store having purchased 2 wonderful Lazy-boy recliners! How is that for an old married couple on their anniversary? The bad news is that their delivery time right now is 4-6 MONTHS! Due to Covid we're told. I wish we had our chairs sooner but it is what it is. I don't want to settle for just any old chair to get it sooner. If I pay top dollar, then I want exactly what I want even if I have to wait 6 months for it!

Just chatting here....

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