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JBliff 05-01-22 07:26 AM

Total Max Mixers - May
Hi all. Starting a new thread for May. I almost posted in the old one.

My workout Friday was a walk in town + Boss Bands Total Body. Saturday we met up with some friends about an hour away and we spent 3 hours walking around an outdoor art show which was wonderful. The weather was in the upper 60s and sunny. There were thousands of people there and I counted maybe 4 people wearing masks, excluding our group of 6.

Karjoy - That's great you had a good time at Biltmore. Maybe next time you can stay longer do some some extra hikes. When we went last month we did Devil's Courthouse and Graveyard Fields trails. In previous visits we did the waterfall hikes at Dupont Forest. I don't think the hike had a name. We just went to every waterfall they had there. If memory serves, it might have been 7-8 miles?

- Sorry you are feeling unmotivated. When I get to that state, I usually try to tell myself to just do 15 minutes and before I know it, I'm doing a whole workout.

Waves to all. Have a good day.

Vantreesta 05-01-22 08:12 AM

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. Murph training starts today, it's a new month, yesterday morning I found motivation to do a few hours of various house chores and then I got back to my workout organization project--I'm hoping all these things will help my mood!

karjoy 05-01-22 02:57 PM

Vannie maybe a new month will help you get where you want to be. Sometimes I have found that helpful. Weíre such creatures of habit and doldrums it seems! It happens to everyone I am sure.

Jbliff we had perfect weather in Asheville. Just like you said, 60s during the day and we had the high 40s to low 50s at night. So glad you had a nice outdoor visit with your friends. As much as we liked Asheville, there was hardly a mask in sight. Thank goodness we were mostly outdoors and well spaced. There was tons of outdoor dining too.

Resting today after running and doing total body at Burn.

JBliff 05-02-22 02:14 PM

My workout yesterday was 46 minutes of yoga + a walk in town.

Karjoy - Glad you had good weather in Asheville. Downtown definitely has a number of outdoor dining places and some good restaurants.

Vannie - I hope you are feeling better about things.

We are in a little bit of a heat wave. It's going to be in the 80s for a few days.

Waves to all. Have a good day.

JBliff 05-03-22 06:09 AM

My workout yesterday was a long walk + Xtrain Back, Chest &Shoulders.

Have a good day, everyone.

Vantreesta 05-03-22 08:36 AM

Finally got out there and did it yesterday! I made myself just start, and yoga is a good place for me to do that. My calf plyo warmup seemed to flip the "let's do this thing!" switch and I had a really good run. It was about 44 degrees so perfect for me.

Mon 5/2 137 minutes
5 minutes (from Yoga With Bird -5 Min Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch (DAY 1) 7 Day Morning Yoga Challenge, YT) 1st time
15 minutes (from Yoga With Bird -15 Min Morning Yoga Stretch (DAY 2) 7 Day Morning Yoga Challenge, YT) 1st time
13 minutes (from J Miller YTU QuickfixRx KneeHab -KneeHab 1)
5 minutes (from H. Estrada Aztec Athletics -5-Minute Calf Plyometric Workout for Runners, YT)
32 minutes (from 2.57 mi run for 10k trainer wk4 day3)
21 minutes (from CVG Murph Training day 1 The Prequel Stretch, YT) 1st time
46 minutes (from 3 dog walks 3.08 mi)

karjoy 05-03-22 07:52 PM

Hi guys. I fell asleep when I was getting ready to post last night!:p Sorry.

I went to Burn for total body strength today and ran 20 min on the treadmill. Thatís about all I can do after total body workouts.

Vannie good for you getting back on the exercise bandwagon with enthusiasm! Iím glad things clicked and that you had a good run. When is your 10K?

Jbliff we are supposed to hit the low 90s starting tomorrow. Itís already very humid. My DH played golf today and said it was pretty miserable. We desperately need rain too. Iíll be hibernating in the house soon. Iím glad you can still get some outdoor walks in.

JBliff 05-04-22 07:34 AM

My workout yesterday was a walk in town + Les Mills Body Combat + 20 minutes of yoga.

Karjoy - We had decent weather yesterday. It was in the upper 60s but we will be back to the 80s today. I don't think I could live in Florida anymore. It's just too hot.

Vannie - Glad you got your exercise mojo back!

Have a great day, everyone.

karjoy 05-04-22 08:25 PM

Resting today. I ran 20 Iím on the treadmill after Burn yesterday and I think I am just extra tired and it has been a stressful week but itís almost over. Yay!

Jbliff I have a patient who is a physical therapy student and she said boxing my moves are excellent for folks with Parkinsonís. Itís 4 limbed if you add the legs, and it helps with balance. Also, since you cross the midline when you punch itís good for the brain, stimulating both hemispheres. She and her husband own a boxing gym too.

Gosh itís hot and humid here already. Somewhat bearable before noon but after that it is miserable.

Waves to Vannie, Cher and Gibbee.

JBliff 05-05-22 07:43 AM

Hi all. My workout yesterday was a long walk with DH + Xtrain Biceps & Triceps sets 1-7 premix.

Karjoy - Interesting tidbit about boxing/kickboxing and the brain. It definitely works your whole body. Good thing I love it. I could do it every day.

We were going to go stay with some friends in northern VA over the weekend but it's going to rain all weekend so we bailed and are just going to stay home.

Waves to all. Have a good day.

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