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Brenda in WA 02-01-21 11:01 AM

Pilates Cross Trainers -- February 2021
Hello, all!!! :heart: Thank you for all the greetings. :sun: The end of January got really crazy with a trip across the state to see my mom and other random nuttiness.

I've been doing a LOT of stepping and not nearly enough weights, per usual. :p Goal this month: more actual Jessica Smith workouts. :D

Christine, thank you for the L-Theanine suggestion. I will look into that!

Dana, I'm exciting for your new furball in the house! He sounds like a sweety. And car fixits... ugh. I'm sorry you are having to deal with that. I also drive a 2008 (common in this check in, apparently)... a Ford Escape with 192,000 miles on it. Love that little green machine. :D

Yay for Covid shots! You guys are making me nervous about the side effects but certainly better than getting Covid.

Waves to everyone!!!! :cool:

furmomof6 02-01-21 11:26 AM

Hi everyone,

Shaped by Faith: Standing Pilates Total Body (15 minutes)

We'll see how my body responds to the increase to 15 minute workouts! The snow is really coming down. We already have about 8 inches, and it's going to continue through tomorrow morning. I've been out twice to shovel so far. We have ducks and I need to keep their pen clear.

Carol, the rash has improved, thank you. I wish I knew why I was so darn itchy though. Nice weather!! Enjoy! :sun: Oh, and you sort of got me interested in Lisa Hubbard's Pilates workouts. I'm going to look into OpenFit.

Donna, I have food prepped in the past and always loved having it done. However, it's hard to keep up with, lol. I'm with you on more water and eating better this month.

Dana, have fun pet shopping! I swear I have more fun shopping for them than for myself, lol.

Brenda, great! I hope it helps if you try it!

Hi Linda and Cheri!

Usia 02-01-21 01:31 PM

Brenda, thank you for starting a new thread for February! I posted my today's workouts in the old one.

txhsmom 02-01-21 09:03 PM

Happy February!

Today's workouts (so far) were Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 30 - 23 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates: 20 Minute Gentle Pilates for Beginners

I really liked this workout from Pahla - it was roughly half weights and half cardio - the cardio part on the front end and the strength work on the back end. This strength work was a little more traditional than what Pahla sometimes does - that allowed me to truly use my "moderate" 5 lb weights. Sometimes her strength work has too much overhead work and I can't use 5 lbs, but today's workout was not a problem.

Work went fine today - I was a little tired when I got home and wondered if I could get through my workouts okay, but I didn't have any problems.

Christine - Nice job with your workout.

Brenda - Thanks for getting us started.

Waves to all - off to watch basketball.


donnamp 02-02-21 09:09 AM

Hi Everyone,

It has been snowing here on and off for three days now - fortunately, it is not heavy snow - I'd say, overall, over these three days we got a total of 6 inches, but it is getting tiresome to see the gray skies....but... it is February.

I decided to finish up Lucy's Advent challenge -

I had left off at Day 18, so that is what I did today! It was a 30 minute workout - walking and body weight toning. I enjoyed it for a change of pace. I also still have to fit in Day 4 - along with Days 19-24, I remember I skipped that one b/c it was a longer workout. I'm not sure if I will do these as main workouts for the day or shorter ones to add on in the afternoons - but...we shall see.

It was a nice change of pace though!

I also did:

Blessful Body - Chest Expanding Backbend Prep - this was not as scary as it sounds. Mainly upper back/chest and hip opening exercises.

Yesterday for extras I did:

Lucy's walk up the mountain, it was really cute and fun to do and short!

I also did Essentrics Aging Backwards Pain Relief episode last night after work.

Brenda - thanks for starting the new thread, I always forget about that!

Christine - I hope you feel good after your workout and the shoveling. Yipes on the rash. My skin is super dry right now - indoor heating, cold weather...*sigh*

Carol -glad you were able to get through Pahla's workout! I enjoyed that one as well. Jessica has an Advanced HIIT on her calendar this month - I am wondering how modifiable it is...I could probably do it w/ modifications....but we shall see...LOL!...

Waves, Dana - how is Oliver?

Hope everyone has a good day!


txhsmom 02-03-21 06:52 AM

Tuesday's workouts were

Walk - 20 minutes;
Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 31 - 24 minutes;
Jessica Valant Pilates: 10 Minute Beginner Ab Workout

I got home super late from work - it's (not) my favorite time of year - next year's tuition setting time. The Board, understandably, always wants to keep tuition low; on the other hand, we (Head of School) and I are generally pushing for an increase so we can give the staff a raise. Fun times. Anyway, I had intended to do a longer pilates workout from Pilates Nest, but didn't have the time last night. Pahla's workout was truly a finisher to the WOW series - walking, low impact cardio and a collection of balance moves that she typically uses for finishers for her workouts. I do think I'm seeing some improvement in my balance because I'm doing her workouts and they almost always have a component of balance work in them.

Donna - Nice job! While you are filing in February with the LWR Advent workouts you missed, I'm going to fill in February with the Pahla WOW workouts I missed - about 12 more of them! I didn't realize I had missed so many. Glad you weren't completely snowed under. For dry skin, I have started using Curel's Itch Defense line of products (body wash and in shower moisturizer) and they have really helped my dry, itchy skin. We are the land of dry skin folks out here, with relative humidities of less than 15% much of the winter - I highly recommend them. They are hard for me to find - I order them from Amazon. Advanced HIIT - not for me, no way, no how.

Waves to all ~


donnamp 02-03-21 09:58 AM

Hi Everyone,

Rough night last night w/ sleep so I am a bit low on energy and got a late start - so far today, I did:

Blessful Body - Barre Flow w/ Weights - it is a short - 30 min barre type/fusion class - it was pretty low key but good for being tired.

I plan to squeeze in a LWR walk later today - after my meetings and then something stretchy tonight.

Last night I did Ellen's Kick Butt workout which is her take on kickboxing - it was 20 min so not too long.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Carol - nice job -and yes I understand the dilemma about tuition hikes....did your school pick up more students as a result of the pandemic? I think some of the private schools here did - since they are able to be open....


furmomof6 02-03-21 04:06 PM

Hi everyone,

My workouts the past few days has been shovel-max! We got over 2 feet and it was quite heavy, so I didn't add anything formal. I hope to get in a workout tomorrow though.

Donna, I'm sorry you got a bad night's sleep. I hope you're feeling better, that's tough! I agree about the gray skies getting old. Glad to hear you didn't get buried in snow like us!

Carol, nice on improving your balance! I'm always working on that with my PT.


txhsmom 02-03-21 09:05 PM

Today's workout was:

Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 7 - 30 minutes. This combined walking, low impact cardio, and balance work. Pahla had an extra long finisher that was all balance work and was tough.

Christine - Oh wow, that's lots of snow! Shoveling that is plenty of workout!

Donna - Sorry you didn't sleep well. I hate it when that happens. We actually lost students - many of our preschool families just opted to stay home this year. We picked up a few students from public schools, although our public schools here have a really good reputation. We lost a few to public schools, because they didn't want to pay for our online school, but were too afraid to come in our doors, so they used the free online public schooling. Overall, I'd say we were down about 10 students, but enrollment actually ended up being better than we expected. It's been a hard year to budget and predict. Our public schools have been open and in person the entire 20-21 school year. Honestly, I'm having a hard time understanding why all public schools - especially K - 8th - aren't open for in person school. It can be done and done safely.

Waves all - it's time to let the dogs in for the night.


fanofladyvols 02-03-21 11:57 PM

Christine sorry to hear you don't know what caused the rash . I hope that bump in time is working for you okay!

Brenda thanks for starting the to see you!!

Carol you can't make everyone happy being a decision maker. I'm sure the need to give a raise is necessary if you have teachers you want to keep. They have certainly had a tough year!

Paired a Kettlebell cardio workout with Beach Pilates plus ball Workout. Felt great!

Waves to Dana and Donna!!

donnamp 02-04-21 09:08 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today I got the itch for some steady state cardio so I went with:

Leslie - 5 Boosted miles - Miles 1-3, i didn't do the whole thing. 2-3 miles w/ Leslie is my sweet spot - beyond that I either get bored or my hips/low back start bothering me from all the repetitive motion.

Jessica Valent - Renew and Restore - this was a nice stretch routine - worked well after Leslie.

Yesterday for extras I did LWR - Advent Day 19 - and a night time Pilates practice from Trifecta Pilates (You Tube).

I may be crazy enough to try to get Miles 4 & 5 from Leslie in later today - but we shall see how the day goes.

I think I needed the mental health boost of some steady state cardio - with the weather and darkness it has been hard to get out regularly for walks other than on the weekends.

Carol- I agree this has just been a very unpredictable year for everything. Our schools have been closed for almost a year now - all of a sudden there is a push to open in March - I don't know what goes through the politician's heads sometimes - like why now, why not before, etc. From my point of view - if my DD doesn't go back this year - I don't mind -she hated H.S. and this is her last semester....I do hope that college can be somewhat normal. She is now looking at a small in-state school and they have had in person classes this whole year, some of the bigger universities have just been virtual. And the data does support that younger kids don't get COVID and don't transmit it the same way older kids/adults do - and i think that group is most harmed by being out of school - I mean, how do you teach a kid to read virutally?

Anyway - hope everyone has a good day!!


txhsmom 02-05-21 06:54 AM

Thursday's workouts were

Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 8 - 23 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates:Intro to Pilates - Pilates Camp - 22 minutes

Pahla's workout was straight-forward strength work, with just a touch of walking. I used my 5 lb weights for most of the exercises, as did Pahla.

Donna - I don't understand it either - schools not being open. Politics is definitely a factor. I understood the reluctance to open schools, at least I did at first, but study after study says that schools can be opened safely. I have a very liberal friend at school and she and I were talking the other day about the success of our small city's vaccination program as compared to other programs across the country, and her take on it was this - liberals dither around trying to make everything perfect, eliminating all the risk, being perfectly fair, etc., to the point to where they can't get anything done - and out here, our approach is just get it done reasonably well. Being a pragmatist, it warmed my heart to hear her say this. I think you can apply the same logic to the school reopening problem - powerful teachers' unions want to eliminate all the risk - all teachers must be vaccinated, all students must be vaccinated, we must socially distance perfectly, building ventilation systems must be overhauled, all teachers who are reasonably afraid to teach in person must be able to teach from home, etc. - and that's never all going to happen (and it makes my head explode from a budgetary standpoint). Soapbox rant over - so glad your daughter is considering small schools - that is the one thing I would do differently for myself if I had it to do over.

Linda - Nice kettlebell workout!

Waves! I'm thinking about following Jessica Valant's calendar next week.


donnamp 02-05-21 09:16 AM

Hi Everyone,

Well, yesterday I decided to finish off the two remaining miles from 5 Boosted Miles, so I did those during my "lunch" hour. And, then in the evening, I did Jessica Valent - Piriformis Syndrome Exercises and Stretches which is on You Tube:

Beware - it contains a paid add in the middle of the video - but it is a good routine and you could just learn the exercises and then do them on your own. I believe she has this in her Unlimited paid site - w/out the ad, too!

I don't think I have piriformis syndrome, but I did enjoy the stretches.

I think what I have honestly, is a arthritis in my lower back and hips and I learned that one of the moves that bothers me the most is tucking the lower back - I was feeling better, so I started doing more cat/cow movements and then something got irritated again - so I need to back off those. When instructors do them I'm going to sub bird dogs or something else form now on. In one of Jessica's videos for SI Joint, she does mention that doing pelvic tucking is not great if you have SI joint issues - I don't think my main problem is SI joint, but I think I can flare it up with certain moves. I do think in general though it is arthritis and a bit of scoliosis.

Anyway -sorry to ramble!

Today was:

1 Mile of Leslie from Leslie's 3 Fast and Fun Miles

I'm following this calendar for my Leslie walks -

I haven't signed up for this - b/c I own so much Leslie content, but I'm using it for my mileage guide!

I also did

Blessful Body - Core Flow
Jessica Valent Pilates - Pilates for Legs - I have done this one many times but it is a good one!

I may squeeze something in during my breaks today...

I think my February rotation is going to default to Pilates and Walking.....but we shall see, LOL!

Carol - Oh my - you hit the nail on the head. I live in a very liberal state - although we do have a republican governor - one who was always at odds with Trump - take that as you may - LOL - and I work for a very liberal local gov't - possibly the most liberal jurisdiction in the state - and I agree - we get nothing done b/c of exactly what you said....and I agree, not taking action until something is perfect ultimately means nothing gets done. From what I understand MD is woefully behind on vaccinations and it is a disaster - lack of information, lack of clarity. Terribly inefficient.....and ultimately, ironically, harmful to the population they are trying to be fair too. We have a huge budget so money is not an issue. I couldn't believe that we have a snow day in virtual school - but I suspect it may have been b/c some students access the schools for internet service - but I think there could have been a workaround to teach the majority of students able to attend virtually. And, our school system provides wifi hotspots to students w/out internet service, which are admittedly very few around here. Who knows though...

I think a small school would be best for her, at least to of the schools she was looking at has a great reputation but freshman intro classes are 200-300 kids...she will not learn well in that environment and she is not the most outgoing person on the planet so she would just be an anonymous name to a professor. In the school she is looking at I think 70% of classes have fewer than 20 students. And, it is a state school so tuition is not ridiculous for us and she got a scholarship...

Anyway - sorry to rant above! LOL!


donnamp 02-05-21 09:20 AM

I forgot to mention - I found this new Pilates channel on You Tube - I think it is Brooke Siler who did the Element Pilates for Weight Loss video:



Usia 02-05-21 10:33 AM

Good morning!

Sorry I've disappeared for a few days but I've been busy with "stuff". Little irritants of life but no big issues. Thankfully.

This morning I did:
GHUTV One Mile Power Walk - 15min
GHUTV Power Walk for Fat Burning - 20min
I used 2 lbs hand weights with this one.

This wasn't what I was planning on doing but it felt right, so I just continued with Chris and the gang. These are on Walk, Sweat & Sculpt DVD I purchased from GHUTV.

Donna, the link you provided to Leslie's calendar actually leads to JV Piriformis workout. Can you please post the link to Leslie's calendar if you can? Thanks! I haven't been doing a lot of JV's pilates. I should use this subscription more.

Hi to Carol, Linda, Christine, Brenda and Cheri!

furmomof6 02-05-21 06:12 PM

I went for a walk today. It was back into the 40's, so that's "warmer" for me compared to what it has been, lol.

Donna, thanks for sharing that Pilates channel!

Carol, I looked into OpenFit. That Pilates program looks good, but not something I would do right now. I'm going to keep it in mind though, so thanks again for mentioning it.

Linda, Pilates sounds like a nice compliment to kettlebells! I'm still dealing with my rash on and off, ugh. I'll be seeing my doctor on the 17th though, so I will mention it.


txhsmom 02-05-21 08:07 PM

Friday's workouts were

Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 9 - 23 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates:Pilates for Legs - 20 minutes

Pahla's workout was all low impact cardio - 30 seconds of walking and 60 seconds of low impact cardio moves. I liked it - and worked up a bit of a sweat. Jessica's leg workout was harder than I expected, especially the moves at the beginning. Once we got to lay down, I didn't have any problems, but that side leg series from a kneeing position was tough.

Christine - I previewed the first workout and it looked like a beginner workout. I started previewing the third workout and it had some tough (for me) stretches at the beginning - some of those intense thigh stretches just aren't happening for me anymore.

Dana - Nice workouts!

Waves to all ~ happy Friday night!


donnamp 02-06-21 06:42 AM

I'm sorry Dana - this is the calendar:

You can subscribe for $4.95/month but I own so much Leslie content - and other walking I though I could just follow this for the mileage...


donnamp 02-06-21 08:35 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Jessica Valent Pilates - Pilates for Scoliosis - Full Routine - this is on her paid site and has exercises similar to the shorter programs she has on You Tube but longer and a bit more thorough.

DD and I may walk today - so that is why I went w/ just Pilates this morning. It looks like this may be our last opportunity to walk for awhile - tomorrow snow/rain/ice and then freezing temps for next week.

Carol - I'm also considering Jessica's calendar for next week along w/ some walking w/ Leslie and maybe some Ellen tossed in. I think Jessica's calendar works well w/ a variety of workouts. I did look at her Advance HIIT - yikes. I probably could do it but I'd modify quite a bit. Maybe I should do the beginner HIIT! LOL!

Christine - we had nice weather here yesterday as well and today looks good, but after that...ugh - real winter is back.

Waves, everyone!


txhsmom 02-06-21 08:04 PM

Today's workouts were

Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 17 - 24 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates:Renew & Restore - 18 minutes

Pahla's workout was intervals of walking and stretching. I liked it quite a lot. Jessica's stretch was very nice.

Donna - Yes, the advanced Hiit workout is a little scary sounding. I definitely would need to preview it to see if it was even modifiable. If not, I'll do the beginner HIIT one on Wednesday instead of the do-it-yourself HIIT workout that is scheduled.

Waves to all~


donnamp 02-07-21 09:45 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday my DD and I got out for our walk - which is good b/c it is snowing today and next weekend will be really cold

Today was my Margaret Richard day!!

I warmed up with:

CS 1113 - this was an all standing episode

And followed up with:

Margaret Richard - Give me Strength Workout # 1 - I was not expecting this one to be a full hour long workout - I don't know why, LOL! But It was complete, total body. I did skip the glute exercise (bridges) mainly b/c we did bridges for hamstrings. It had been a long time since I did this workout and I found it challenging at times. I did love the outdoor scenery though.

Carol - I forgot to mention earlier - on the Jessica Valent Pilates Leg workout - I will sometimes use a yoga block under my hand on the kneeling side exercises - and that helps a lot - it helps keep good form!!

I do find that Jessica's stuff is easy enough to modify but I'm not sure if I'll do the Advance HIIT or not - there are other workouts on her site that I enjoy and sometimes I do one of Jessica Smith's Low Impact HIIT workouts.

Hope everyone has a good day!!


Usia 02-07-21 10:36 AM

Good morning!

Chris Freytag's 10lb Down Slimdown Upper Body - 20min
10b Down Slimdown Xtreme Cardio Kickboxing - 40min

Seems I'm on a Chris Freytag kick lately. It's been years since I've done her 10lb Slimdown and Xtreme workouts and I totally enjoyed them today. Chris is a terrific instructor and her workouts are well thought out, thorough and enjoyable. :love:

Donna, thanks for the link to Leslie.

We woke up to -9F temps with real feel of -24F. Sunny and bright here and I'm all ready for Super Bowl! We're the Chiefs fans here, so we hope they win.

I'm off now to do some cooking, starting with the bacon for breakfast.

Hi to Carol, Christine, Linda, Brenda and Cheri.

fanofladyvols 02-07-21 10:16 PM

Hey everyone!

Dana I think doing a workout with a trainer you enjoy makes a world of difference! I'm glad she's hitting the right note with you!

Donna I hope your daughter chooses the smaller school based on what you've shared.

Carol thanks! I am enjoying the kettlebell quite a bit. I wanted to share that I generally shy away from HIIT in pilates ..add advanced to the title and I left swipe it! Ha!

Christine please keep us posted. I'm glad your temp was warm enough for you to get an outdoor walk. I had to use my elliptical but would have loved an outdoor one.

Worked on my swings by following along with a tutorial. Then did Cathe stretch max band workout and walked on my elliptical for some steady state. It was exactly what I needed. Will do my pilates routine before bed.

Waves to Brenda!

txhsmom 02-08-21 06:56 AM

Good morning ladies! No workout for me yesterday - I actually planned and took a rest day. I didn't feel like I particularly needed it, but it was planned so I took it.

This week I'm going to follow Jessica Valant's schedule and may add on a touch of weight work as well. Lauren Gleisberg has a paper weights program - well, she has lots of them - but this one is a post natal schedule and I figure it's good for someone who's been away from weights for a while. I keep thinking that Jessica Smith's new program will come out and I won't be even remotely able to follow it because I haven't done much weight work in the last few months. FOMO strikes again!

Donna - thanks for the yoga block suggestion. I'll try that next time and see if it helps. My biggest problem with those exercises is the cramping in my hips, which I imagine is a sign of weakness.

Linda - I think I'm destined to use the treadmill a fair amount this week. At least there's Treadmill TV on YouTube - I can almost imagine myself on location in the beautiful spots that they use.

Dana - I like Chris as well. She is so encouraging! Another one who wanted the Chiefs to win, but it wasn't even close. I was surprised!

Waves to Brenda, Christine and Cheri ~


donnamp 02-08-21 08:21 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today, Leslie's schedule called for 3 miles - but I don't have the workout she had listed for today - Walking Off the Pounds - I think it is may be a newer release that came out when I was feeling I had just about all the Leslie I would ever need - mind you, that didn't stop me from buying Miracle Miles or Walk 15...but...

Anyway...I decided to go through my DVD collection and stumbled up on a Denise Austin walk....

Fat Burning Walk -

This was a 30 min walk and then some ab toning - so it wasn't really 3 miles - if I'm substituting something else for Leslie I go by 15 min = 1 mile.. So, i think I will try to squeeze another mile in at lunch today.

But - this workout wasn't bad. Denise was subdued and the time went by fast.

In general, i really like the concept of Denise's workouts - it is just that sometimes she gets over the top! LOL!

But, she is a fitness inspiration for sure....

I finished off with

Blessful Body -Pilates for Hip Strength - this was some Pilates/some yoga-inspired stretching. It was short, under 15 min so it worked well.

Interestingly, I am not sore from Margaret Richard's workout yesterday - maybe Pahla kept me in shape, LOL!

Carol - I know what you mean - but I was pleasantly surprised NOT to be sore from MR - so who knows, maybe Pahla B is enough. I am sure I'll go back to her at some point, right now I am enjoying mixing things up, though.

Nice work, Linda!

Dana - it has been ages since I did those workouts from Chris - I agree, they are very well done.

Waves, Christine, Brenda...missing Cheri....


furmomof6 02-08-21 10:31 AM


Faithful Workouts: Florida Yoga Sculpt

This was Michelle's typical "yoga", which was more like stretching and strengthening. I really liked it.

Donna, it's funny you mentioned Denise Austin. I just signed up for a free trial to her website. She's offering 30 days free! Anyway, I previewed some workouts which look good, but I don't think I can handle her voice. :o She is definitely an inspiration though.

Linda, thanks, I will! So far I have been doing better. I always prefer to walk outside when I can too.


txhsmom 02-08-21 08:38 PM

Today's workouts were

Treadmill - 35 minute walk;
Lauren Gleisberg - Week 1, Day 1 - Upper Body - 20 minutes

I walked to a video on Treadmill TV - it wasn't a bad way to pass the time. Lauren's workout was very basic, just what I needed.

Christine - Bless her heart, I can't stand Denise's voice either. From everything I read, she is a nice person, but I just can't get past that breathy voice.

Donna - I suspect Pahla's workouts are just fine to keep us in shape, but I was looking to do something different for a few days. I'm sure I'll be back to Pahla.

Waves to all ~


donnamp 02-09-21 08:56 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday for my add-ons I did Lucy Wyndham Read's Advent Calendar Day 20 - which was cardio and arm toning. I also did a 10 min walk from Denise Austin that was a clip, I believe, from her LifeFit program.

Today, I got more done on the Advent Calendar:

Day 21 - Standing Abs
Day 22 - 7 Min Walk & Glute Toning
Day 23- 7 Min 1,000 step walk

I enjoyed all of these and they made for a nice routine.

I finished w/:

Jessica Valent - Pilates for Stress Relief - 10 min

I still have Day # 4 and Day # 24 of the Advent calendar to complete! She has a new rotation for January and February...

Christine, LOL! I saw that free trial and I admit I'm tempted, but I'm not sure how long I would last w/ Denise. her workouts are good, she is nice and perky and positive and her sets are usually nice w/ bright lights and colorful outfits - all the things we need to see during the winter...but I'm not sure about it...although 30 days for free is not a bad deal.

Carol - Nice job! I agree, I will be missing Pahla sooner or later...I almost did one of her workouts this morning, but then i remember Lucy. I like her stuff too. I don't feel as "connected" to her as I do to Pahla - but her stuff is simple, gets the job done, etc. It reminds me in some ways of Slim Series/Slim in Six - a lot of endurance moves w/ no weights...but that still seem effective!

Waves, everyone...back to the salt mines...


donnamp 02-09-21 08:59 AM

Forgot to mention re: Denise that her daughter is also in the fitness business and looks and sounds just like Denise! they did a mother/daughter workout on You Tube

Usia 02-09-21 09:49 AM

Good morning!

Leslie 2 Miracle Miles - 30min.
Kristin Dowell's Dressed Up Drills Cardio, drills 1-4. 30min.

I was planning to do JV pilates and only used Leslie as a warm up, but I'm definitely a cardio junkie and needed more since I barely broke a sweat with Leslie. Dressed up Drills DVD was only OK but it gave me that cardio rush I was looking for. I got this DVD on a whim from Mary during her Thanksgiving sale and it was my first time trying it. Never got to do pilates.

Starting today I'm going to try doing something different. I'll be splitting my exercise routine. I'll do my "heavy-duty" main workouts in the morning and will do pilates in the afternoon/evenings. So, I'll do either JV or ePilates later this afternoon. We'll see how that goes. :)

Carol, I hear you about the Chiefs! What was that? Seems that Bucs showed up to play and Chiefs just showed up. Bleh.

I hear you all about Denise Austin. I have couple of her DVDs including her 360 set and she's OK but all that perkiness is NOT for me. Like Casey Ho. I tried her workouts several times and she's just way over the top for me.

We got some snow again yesterday and are in the grips of frigid temps. I'll take cold temps over the snow any time.

Waves to all!

furmomof6 02-09-21 05:20 PM


Shaped by Faith: Pilates Mat Floor Work (15 min)

I'm glad it's not just me with Denise!

Donna, thanks for sharing that link! I saw her daughter on the website and wondered if the apple didn't fall far. :p They're cute together!

Dana, I hope Oliver is doing well!

Carol, I had never heard of Treadmill TV. I checked out the website, the scenery looks nice!

Usia 02-09-21 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by furmomof6 (Post 2911461)
Dana, I hope Oliver is doing well!

Christine, Oliver is doing great! It's only been a little over 2 weeks but he's totally at home with us by now. We love him to bits! Just a wonderful cat that deserves all the love he's been needing and getting from us. :D He eats a lot though. I've never seen a cat eat as much as he does. He was dewormed by the shelter and he got a clean bill of health, so it may be that he was hungry in the past and is eating now like it may be his last meal. I will take him to our vet for a check up but I don't want to do it just yet. He's been abandoned twice that I know of, and I don't really want to put him in a carrier and hand him over in the parking lot to the vet tech to be examined by a stranger without us being there. He's healthy otherwise, so I'll wait a month or so. I don't want to cause him any unnecessary stress. Wonderful cat. He made us come to terms with losing Basil. One cat never replaces another, but adopting Oliver had filled the big hole in our hearts. :heart:

txhsmom 02-10-21 06:44 AM

Tuesday's workouts were:

Jessica Valant Pilates: Pilates Challenge with Weights - 30 minutes and 10 Minute Stretches for Relaxation and Flexibility

Jessica's Pilates Challenge with Weights was new to me. I did have to modify some of it and used my 3 lb weights (Jessica used 5lb weights and she struggled with some of this workout, so I didn't feel so bad for modifying). Good, strength based workout.

I noticed Lauren at Senior Shape Fitness has released a new pilates video that runs about 30 minutes - I previewed it and it looks good! I will try to add it on this weekend.

Dana - So glad Oliver is doing well! He probably does eat well because he hasn't always been sure where his next meal is coming from. Or maybe he was the runt of the litter - I've had dogs like that, and they never get over that fear of not having enough to eat. As for the Super Bowl, it looked like the men playing the boys this year. I didn't expect that.

Christine - No, it's definitely not just you with Denise. And you're right, the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Donna - Good job! I haven't tried LWR. It's nice that she provides a calendar - direction is generally good, especially with so many available choices.

Waves to Brenda, Linda and Cheri!


donnamp 02-10-21 08:22 AM

Hi Everyone,

I wasn't feelin' it today - so I just did a stretch routine this morning - it was the Deep Stretch from CocoLime - MitFit 90.

Late on today I will get my walk in w/ Leslie!

Yesterday I did a walk at lunch - from Leslie/Walk at Home's You Tube channel - it was actually filmed outside and lead by Rocky!

Not much else to report - snow for the next few days....but I guess it is February.

Carol - I did that routine from Jessica awhile back, I enjoyed it! I was going to focus more on her stuff this week, but I just haven't yet, LOL! I have previewed bits of the Senior Shape workouts and they look pretty good. They would probably "play well" with CocoLime actually, similar concept, "traditional" workouts for people who don't want to be worked to death. She has a kickboxing one that looks interesting, barre and a low impact HIIT. I will have to fit them into the schedule - I shouldn't be vain, but it is the "senior" title that bugs me...maybe call them something else??? I should just get over it though.

Dana - I'm glad Oliver is settling in so well! I agree, one pet never replaces another, and they are all special in their own way. I like the idea of splitting up workouts!

Christine - nice job! Are you feeling any better?

I have a crazy busy day today....back to back meetings...

I think I get a break at 2:30 at which time I will schedule my walk.


txhsmom 02-10-21 07:55 PM

Today's workouts were

Jessica Valant Pilates: Low Impact HIIT - 20 minutes;
Senior Shape - Pilates Mat Toning for Abs, Butt & Thighs - 30 minutes

I really enjoyed Jessica Low Impact HIIT routine - it was the least hiit-like of any I've done, but it did get my heart rate up.

Lauren's new pilates workout was a nice one - it was mostly focused on butt & thighs, with some really nice lower body stretching at the end. I need to do more of her workouts.

Nothing new here - it's cold, going to get colder and snow on Sunday they say - a high of 3 and snow, I can hardly wait - and we will struggle to get above freezing for the next week or so. We've already had several cold days and freezing fog and snow in the mornings - I'm tired of it.

Donna - Good for you for doing something especially when you didn't want to! LOL about the aversion to the name Senior Shape. I used to feel that way until I finally accepted that I will turn 65 this year.

Waves to all ~


fanofladyvols 02-11-21 03:12 AM

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to check in and tell everyone good job with your workouts!

Keep up the good work!

donnamp 02-11-21 08:45 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I managed to do 2 miles w/ Leslie in the afternoon - it was one of those days at work - so I needed the stress relief. I did the Purple and Green Miles from the DVD w/ the color coded Miles - I think it is Daily Walk?

Today, so far, has been:

Walk at Home - Run, Walk and Lift (20 min). This one is on You Tube and is pretty meh - am I in the minority in not liking Nick all that much? I don't know what it is...but he isn't one of my favorite Walk at Home instructors - anyway, it did the job - steps and a tiny bit of bicep and tricep toning.

I followed up w/ CocoLime MITFIT 90 - Total Body Mat Workout which was pretty good - all floor work exercises done 40 seconds on/20 seconds off.

I will probably try to get a little something else in today as well.

Carol - We are getting some snow and cold weather, too, but not as bad as you - 20's and 30's much better than 3! Freezing fog?? YIKES.

Hope everyone has a good day!!


furmomof6 02-11-21 09:37 AM

Hi everyone,

Wed: Shaped by Faith: Standing Pilates (15 min)
Thurs: Shaped by Faith: Pilates Mat: Core & Legs (15 min)

I'm really liking these 15 minute clips on Youtube. They're perfect for me right now. I found yet another Pilates channel if anyone is interested! I came upon it by accident. It's called "The Girl with the Pilates Mat".

Donna, my rash has been gone, yay! Thank you! We got another 5 inches of snow the other day, and more to come within the week. I think our temps and weather are about the same.

Dana, I'm so happy to hear that about Oliver! :love: I totally understand wanting to put off the vet visit for now. It's sad how upsetting that is for them. We have a cat that we rescued from a feral group - he was friendlier than the rest. He still eats like it's his last meal. I feel bad, he gets so anxious he always makes this desperate meow and starts grabbing it off of the spoon while I'm putting it into his bowl. And believe me, he's not starving, lol.

Carol, yikes 3 is cold! We had a low of 9 the other night. Is that Pilates for Seniors on Youtube?

Hi, Linda!

Waves to Cheri!

Usia 02-11-21 10:09 AM

Good morning!

Cathe LITE Metabolic Blast 40min. I started with JS Poise and Grace but I only lasted 2 minutes. While I normally like that class, I was in a mood for something more upbeat and with better music which is a great motivator.

I'm planning to do ePilates Intermediate Flow class - 20min later in the afternoon. Hopefully I'll do it. :o

Sunny here but continues to be cold. We're up to 7F right now, real feel is -6F. I like it! :D

I have to run some errands today but no work. Waving hi to all!

txhsmom 02-12-21 06:58 AM

Good morning ladies!

Thursday's workouts were:

Treadmill - 15 minute walk;
Jessica Valant Pilates: Hip Mobility Routine - 17 minutes & Beginner Ab Workout - 10 minutes

Jessica's Hip Mobility Routine was interesting - definitely some movements that I hadn't done before, and as to be expected, one side is more open - much more open - than the other.

Dana - Metabolic Blast is a really good workout! I need to figure out how to work those kinds of Cathe workouts into my regular workout schedule without over doing it. You would like our weather for the next few days. Cold, cold and more cold, with a touch of wind and snow. I'm glad I can stay home out of the weather for the next days (after today).

Christine - nice job! The Senior Shape workouts are on YouTube. They are generally longer than what you are doing right now, but she has workouts ranging from 10 minutes all the way up to 45 minutes. I've only done a couple of them, but I've liked what I've done. She has barre, pilates, weights, low impact cardio. Here's her channel:

Another nice looking pilates channel is Move with Nicole:
Her workouts look tougher than SeniorShape Fitness.

We are in for some cold weather the next few days, with lows well below zero. I think our all time low is something like 12 below, but I don't think we are in danger of breaking that record.

Donna - Nice job! I'm not the biggest Nick fan either. I can take him in small doses, but as the heir apparent to Leslie, he's not it for me. Freezing Fog is pretty common out in the Plains in the winter. That 100 car pile up in Fort Worth yesterday - I'm betting that was due to freezing fog. Freezing fog is bad, but better than freezing rain.

Waves to Brenda, Linda, and Cheri.


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