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donnamp 02-07-21 09:45 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday my DD and I got out for our walk - which is good b/c it is snowing today and next weekend will be really cold

Today was my Margaret Richard day!!

I warmed up with:

CS 1113 - this was an all standing episode

And followed up with:

Margaret Richard - Give me Strength Workout # 1 - I was not expecting this one to be a full hour long workout - I don't know why, LOL! But It was complete, total body. I did skip the glute exercise (bridges) mainly b/c we did bridges for hamstrings. It had been a long time since I did this workout and I found it challenging at times. I did love the outdoor scenery though.

Carol - I forgot to mention earlier - on the Jessica Valent Pilates Leg workout - I will sometimes use a yoga block under my hand on the kneeling side exercises - and that helps a lot - it helps keep good form!!

I do find that Jessica's stuff is easy enough to modify but I'm not sure if I'll do the Advance HIIT or not - there are other workouts on her site that I enjoy and sometimes I do one of Jessica Smith's Low Impact HIIT workouts.

Hope everyone has a good day!!


Usia 02-07-21 10:36 AM

Good morning!

Chris Freytag's 10lb Down Slimdown Upper Body - 20min
10b Down Slimdown Xtreme Cardio Kickboxing - 40min

Seems I'm on a Chris Freytag kick lately. It's been years since I've done her 10lb Slimdown and Xtreme workouts and I totally enjoyed them today. Chris is a terrific instructor and her workouts are well thought out, thorough and enjoyable. :love:

Donna, thanks for the link to Leslie.

We woke up to -9F temps with real feel of -24F. Sunny and bright here and I'm all ready for Super Bowl! We're the Chiefs fans here, so we hope they win.

I'm off now to do some cooking, starting with the bacon for breakfast.

Hi to Carol, Christine, Linda, Brenda and Cheri.

fanofladyvols 02-07-21 10:16 PM

Hey everyone!

Dana I think doing a workout with a trainer you enjoy makes a world of difference! I'm glad she's hitting the right note with you!

Donna I hope your daughter chooses the smaller school based on what you've shared.

Carol thanks! I am enjoying the kettlebell quite a bit. I wanted to share that I generally shy away from HIIT in pilates ..add advanced to the title and I left swipe it! Ha!

Christine please keep us posted. I'm glad your temp was warm enough for you to get an outdoor walk. I had to use my elliptical but would have loved an outdoor one.

Worked on my swings by following along with a tutorial. Then did Cathe stretch max band workout and walked on my elliptical for some steady state. It was exactly what I needed. Will do my pilates routine before bed.

Waves to Brenda!

txhsmom 02-08-21 06:56 AM

Good morning ladies! No workout for me yesterday - I actually planned and took a rest day. I didn't feel like I particularly needed it, but it was planned so I took it.

This week I'm going to follow Jessica Valant's schedule and may add on a touch of weight work as well. Lauren Gleisberg has a paper weights program - well, she has lots of them - but this one is a post natal schedule and I figure it's good for someone who's been away from weights for a while. I keep thinking that Jessica Smith's new program will come out and I won't be even remotely able to follow it because I haven't done much weight work in the last few months. FOMO strikes again!

Donna - thanks for the yoga block suggestion. I'll try that next time and see if it helps. My biggest problem with those exercises is the cramping in my hips, which I imagine is a sign of weakness.

Linda - I think I'm destined to use the treadmill a fair amount this week. At least there's Treadmill TV on YouTube - I can almost imagine myself on location in the beautiful spots that they use.

Dana - I like Chris as well. She is so encouraging! Another one who wanted the Chiefs to win, but it wasn't even close. I was surprised!

Waves to Brenda, Christine and Cheri ~


donnamp 02-08-21 08:21 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today, Leslie's schedule called for 3 miles - but I don't have the workout she had listed for today - Walking Off the Pounds - I think it is may be a newer release that came out when I was feeling I had just about all the Leslie I would ever need - mind you, that didn't stop me from buying Miracle Miles or Walk 15...but...

Anyway...I decided to go through my DVD collection and stumbled up on a Denise Austin walk....

Fat Burning Walk -

This was a 30 min walk and then some ab toning - so it wasn't really 3 miles - if I'm substituting something else for Leslie I go by 15 min = 1 mile.. So, i think I will try to squeeze another mile in at lunch today.

But - this workout wasn't bad. Denise was subdued and the time went by fast.

In general, i really like the concept of Denise's workouts - it is just that sometimes she gets over the top! LOL!

But, she is a fitness inspiration for sure....

I finished off with

Blessful Body -Pilates for Hip Strength - this was some Pilates/some yoga-inspired stretching. It was short, under 15 min so it worked well.

Interestingly, I am not sore from Margaret Richard's workout yesterday - maybe Pahla kept me in shape, LOL!

Carol - I know what you mean - but I was pleasantly surprised NOT to be sore from MR - so who knows, maybe Pahla B is enough. I am sure I'll go back to her at some point, right now I am enjoying mixing things up, though.

Nice work, Linda!

Dana - it has been ages since I did those workouts from Chris - I agree, they are very well done.

Waves, Christine, Brenda...missing Cheri....


furmomof6 02-08-21 10:31 AM


Faithful Workouts: Florida Yoga Sculpt

This was Michelle's typical "yoga", which was more like stretching and strengthening. I really liked it.

Donna, it's funny you mentioned Denise Austin. I just signed up for a free trial to her website. She's offering 30 days free! Anyway, I previewed some workouts which look good, but I don't think I can handle her voice. :o She is definitely an inspiration though.

Linda, thanks, I will! So far I have been doing better. I always prefer to walk outside when I can too.


txhsmom 02-08-21 08:38 PM

Today's workouts were

Treadmill - 35 minute walk;
Lauren Gleisberg - Week 1, Day 1 - Upper Body - 20 minutes

I walked to a video on Treadmill TV - it wasn't a bad way to pass the time. Lauren's workout was very basic, just what I needed.

Christine - Bless her heart, I can't stand Denise's voice either. From everything I read, she is a nice person, but I just can't get past that breathy voice.

Donna - I suspect Pahla's workouts are just fine to keep us in shape, but I was looking to do something different for a few days. I'm sure I'll be back to Pahla.

Waves to all ~


donnamp 02-09-21 08:56 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday for my add-ons I did Lucy Wyndham Read's Advent Calendar Day 20 - which was cardio and arm toning. I also did a 10 min walk from Denise Austin that was a clip, I believe, from her LifeFit program.

Today, I got more done on the Advent Calendar:

Day 21 - Standing Abs
Day 22 - 7 Min Walk & Glute Toning
Day 23- 7 Min 1,000 step walk

I enjoyed all of these and they made for a nice routine.

I finished w/:

Jessica Valent - Pilates for Stress Relief - 10 min

I still have Day # 4 and Day # 24 of the Advent calendar to complete! She has a new rotation for January and February...

Christine, LOL! I saw that free trial and I admit I'm tempted, but I'm not sure how long I would last w/ Denise. her workouts are good, she is nice and perky and positive and her sets are usually nice w/ bright lights and colorful outfits - all the things we need to see during the winter...but I'm not sure about it...although 30 days for free is not a bad deal.

Carol - Nice job! I agree, I will be missing Pahla sooner or later...I almost did one of her workouts this morning, but then i remember Lucy. I like her stuff too. I don't feel as "connected" to her as I do to Pahla - but her stuff is simple, gets the job done, etc. It reminds me in some ways of Slim Series/Slim in Six - a lot of endurance moves w/ no weights...but that still seem effective!

Waves, everyone...back to the salt mines...


donnamp 02-09-21 08:59 AM

Forgot to mention re: Denise that her daughter is also in the fitness business and looks and sounds just like Denise! they did a mother/daughter workout on You Tube

Usia 02-09-21 09:49 AM

Good morning!

Leslie 2 Miracle Miles - 30min.
Kristin Dowell's Dressed Up Drills Cardio, drills 1-4. 30min.

I was planning to do JV pilates and only used Leslie as a warm up, but I'm definitely a cardio junkie and needed more since I barely broke a sweat with Leslie. Dressed up Drills DVD was only OK but it gave me that cardio rush I was looking for. I got this DVD on a whim from Mary during her Thanksgiving sale and it was my first time trying it. Never got to do pilates.

Starting today I'm going to try doing something different. I'll be splitting my exercise routine. I'll do my "heavy-duty" main workouts in the morning and will do pilates in the afternoon/evenings. So, I'll do either JV or ePilates later this afternoon. We'll see how that goes. :)

Carol, I hear you about the Chiefs! What was that? Seems that Bucs showed up to play and Chiefs just showed up. Bleh.

I hear you all about Denise Austin. I have couple of her DVDs including her 360 set and she's OK but all that perkiness is NOT for me. Like Casey Ho. I tried her workouts several times and she's just way over the top for me.

We got some snow again yesterday and are in the grips of frigid temps. I'll take cold temps over the snow any time.

Waves to all!

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