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donnamp 02-04-21 09:08 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today I got the itch for some steady state cardio so I went with:

Leslie - 5 Boosted miles - Miles 1-3, i didn't do the whole thing. 2-3 miles w/ Leslie is my sweet spot - beyond that I either get bored or my hips/low back start bothering me from all the repetitive motion.

Jessica Valent - Renew and Restore - this was a nice stretch routine - worked well after Leslie.

Yesterday for extras I did LWR - Advent Day 19 - and a night time Pilates practice from Trifecta Pilates (You Tube).

I may be crazy enough to try to get Miles 4 & 5 from Leslie in later today - but we shall see how the day goes.

I think I needed the mental health boost of some steady state cardio - with the weather and darkness it has been hard to get out regularly for walks other than on the weekends.

Carol- I agree this has just been a very unpredictable year for everything. Our schools have been closed for almost a year now - all of a sudden there is a push to open in March - I don't know what goes through the politician's heads sometimes - like why now, why not before, etc. From my point of view - if my DD doesn't go back this year - I don't mind -she hated H.S. and this is her last semester....I do hope that college can be somewhat normal. She is now looking at a small in-state school and they have had in person classes this whole year, some of the bigger universities have just been virtual. And the data does support that younger kids don't get COVID and don't transmit it the same way older kids/adults do - and i think that group is most harmed by being out of school - I mean, how do you teach a kid to read virutally?

Anyway - hope everyone has a good day!!


txhsmom 02-05-21 06:54 AM

Thursday's workouts were

Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 8 - 23 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates:Intro to Pilates - Pilates Camp - 22 minutes

Pahla's workout was straight-forward strength work, with just a touch of walking. I used my 5 lb weights for most of the exercises, as did Pahla.

Donna - I don't understand it either - schools not being open. Politics is definitely a factor. I understood the reluctance to open schools, at least I did at first, but study after study says that schools can be opened safely. I have a very liberal friend at school and she and I were talking the other day about the success of our small city's vaccination program as compared to other programs across the country, and her take on it was this - liberals dither around trying to make everything perfect, eliminating all the risk, being perfectly fair, etc., to the point to where they can't get anything done - and out here, our approach is just get it done reasonably well. Being a pragmatist, it warmed my heart to hear her say this. I think you can apply the same logic to the school reopening problem - powerful teachers' unions want to eliminate all the risk - all teachers must be vaccinated, all students must be vaccinated, we must socially distance perfectly, building ventilation systems must be overhauled, all teachers who are reasonably afraid to teach in person must be able to teach from home, etc. - and that's never all going to happen (and it makes my head explode from a budgetary standpoint). Soapbox rant over - so glad your daughter is considering small schools - that is the one thing I would do differently for myself if I had it to do over.

Linda - Nice kettlebell workout!

Waves! I'm thinking about following Jessica Valant's calendar next week.


donnamp 02-05-21 09:16 AM

Hi Everyone,

Well, yesterday I decided to finish off the two remaining miles from 5 Boosted Miles, so I did those during my "lunch" hour. And, then in the evening, I did Jessica Valent - Piriformis Syndrome Exercises and Stretches which is on You Tube:

Beware - it contains a paid add in the middle of the video - but it is a good routine and you could just learn the exercises and then do them on your own. I believe she has this in her Unlimited paid site - w/out the ad, too!

I don't think I have piriformis syndrome, but I did enjoy the stretches.

I think what I have honestly, is a arthritis in my lower back and hips and I learned that one of the moves that bothers me the most is tucking the lower back - I was feeling better, so I started doing more cat/cow movements and then something got irritated again - so I need to back off those. When instructors do them I'm going to sub bird dogs or something else form now on. In one of Jessica's videos for SI Joint, she does mention that doing pelvic tucking is not great if you have SI joint issues - I don't think my main problem is SI joint, but I think I can flare it up with certain moves. I do think in general though it is arthritis and a bit of scoliosis.

Anyway -sorry to ramble!

Today was:

1 Mile of Leslie from Leslie's 3 Fast and Fun Miles

I'm following this calendar for my Leslie walks -

I haven't signed up for this - b/c I own so much Leslie content, but I'm using it for my mileage guide!

I also did

Blessful Body - Core Flow
Jessica Valent Pilates - Pilates for Legs - I have done this one many times but it is a good one!

I may squeeze something in during my breaks today...

I think my February rotation is going to default to Pilates and Walking.....but we shall see, LOL!

Carol - Oh my - you hit the nail on the head. I live in a very liberal state - although we do have a republican governor - one who was always at odds with Trump - take that as you may - LOL - and I work for a very liberal local gov't - possibly the most liberal jurisdiction in the state - and I agree - we get nothing done b/c of exactly what you said....and I agree, not taking action until something is perfect ultimately means nothing gets done. From what I understand MD is woefully behind on vaccinations and it is a disaster - lack of information, lack of clarity. Terribly inefficient.....and ultimately, ironically, harmful to the population they are trying to be fair too. We have a huge budget so money is not an issue. I couldn't believe that we have a snow day in virtual school - but I suspect it may have been b/c some students access the schools for internet service - but I think there could have been a workaround to teach the majority of students able to attend virtually. And, our school system provides wifi hotspots to students w/out internet service, which are admittedly very few around here. Who knows though...

I think a small school would be best for her, at least to of the schools she was looking at has a great reputation but freshman intro classes are 200-300 kids...she will not learn well in that environment and she is not the most outgoing person on the planet so she would just be an anonymous name to a professor. In the school she is looking at I think 70% of classes have fewer than 20 students. And, it is a state school so tuition is not ridiculous for us and she got a scholarship...

Anyway - sorry to rant above! LOL!


donnamp 02-05-21 09:20 AM

I forgot to mention - I found this new Pilates channel on You Tube - I think it is Brooke Siler who did the Element Pilates for Weight Loss video:



Usia 02-05-21 10:33 AM

Good morning!

Sorry I've disappeared for a few days but I've been busy with "stuff". Little irritants of life but no big issues. Thankfully.

This morning I did:
GHUTV One Mile Power Walk - 15min
GHUTV Power Walk for Fat Burning - 20min
I used 2 lbs hand weights with this one.

This wasn't what I was planning on doing but it felt right, so I just continued with Chris and the gang. These are on Walk, Sweat & Sculpt DVD I purchased from GHUTV.

Donna, the link you provided to Leslie's calendar actually leads to JV Piriformis workout. Can you please post the link to Leslie's calendar if you can? Thanks! I haven't been doing a lot of JV's pilates. I should use this subscription more.

Hi to Carol, Linda, Christine, Brenda and Cheri!

furmomof6 02-05-21 06:12 PM

I went for a walk today. It was back into the 40's, so that's "warmer" for me compared to what it has been, lol.

Donna, thanks for sharing that Pilates channel!

Carol, I looked into OpenFit. That Pilates program looks good, but not something I would do right now. I'm going to keep it in mind though, so thanks again for mentioning it.

Linda, Pilates sounds like a nice compliment to kettlebells! I'm still dealing with my rash on and off, ugh. I'll be seeing my doctor on the 17th though, so I will mention it.


txhsmom 02-05-21 08:07 PM

Friday's workouts were

Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 9 - 23 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates:Pilates for Legs - 20 minutes

Pahla's workout was all low impact cardio - 30 seconds of walking and 60 seconds of low impact cardio moves. I liked it - and worked up a bit of a sweat. Jessica's leg workout was harder than I expected, especially the moves at the beginning. Once we got to lay down, I didn't have any problems, but that side leg series from a kneeing position was tough.

Christine - I previewed the first workout and it looked like a beginner workout. I started previewing the third workout and it had some tough (for me) stretches at the beginning - some of those intense thigh stretches just aren't happening for me anymore.

Dana - Nice workouts!

Waves to all ~ happy Friday night!


donnamp 02-06-21 06:42 AM

I'm sorry Dana - this is the calendar:

You can subscribe for $4.95/month but I own so much Leslie content - and other walking I though I could just follow this for the mileage...


donnamp 02-06-21 08:35 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Jessica Valent Pilates - Pilates for Scoliosis - Full Routine - this is on her paid site and has exercises similar to the shorter programs she has on You Tube but longer and a bit more thorough.

DD and I may walk today - so that is why I went w/ just Pilates this morning. It looks like this may be our last opportunity to walk for awhile - tomorrow snow/rain/ice and then freezing temps for next week.

Carol - I'm also considering Jessica's calendar for next week along w/ some walking w/ Leslie and maybe some Ellen tossed in. I think Jessica's calendar works well w/ a variety of workouts. I did look at her Advance HIIT - yikes. I probably could do it but I'd modify quite a bit. Maybe I should do the beginner HIIT! LOL!

Christine - we had nice weather here yesterday as well and today looks good, but after that...ugh - real winter is back.

Waves, everyone!


txhsmom 02-06-21 08:04 PM

Today's workouts were

Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 17 - 24 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates:Renew & Restore - 18 minutes

Pahla's workout was intervals of walking and stretching. I liked it quite a lot. Jessica's stretch was very nice.

Donna - Yes, the advanced Hiit workout is a little scary sounding. I definitely would need to preview it to see if it was even modifiable. If not, I'll do the beginner HIIT one on Wednesday instead of the do-it-yourself HIIT workout that is scheduled.

Waves to all~


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