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Brenda in WA 02-01-21 11:01 AM

Pilates Cross Trainers -- February 2021
Hello, all!!! :heart: Thank you for all the greetings. :sun: The end of January got really crazy with a trip across the state to see my mom and other random nuttiness.

I've been doing a LOT of stepping and not nearly enough weights, per usual. :p Goal this month: more actual Jessica Smith workouts. :D

Christine, thank you for the L-Theanine suggestion. I will look into that!

Dana, I'm exciting for your new furball in the house! He sounds like a sweety. And car fixits... ugh. I'm sorry you are having to deal with that. I also drive a 2008 (common in this check in, apparently)... a Ford Escape with 192,000 miles on it. Love that little green machine. :D

Yay for Covid shots! You guys are making me nervous about the side effects but certainly better than getting Covid.

Waves to everyone!!!! :cool:

furmomof6 02-01-21 11:26 AM

Hi everyone,

Shaped by Faith: Standing Pilates Total Body (15 minutes)

We'll see how my body responds to the increase to 15 minute workouts! The snow is really coming down. We already have about 8 inches, and it's going to continue through tomorrow morning. I've been out twice to shovel so far. We have ducks and I need to keep their pen clear.

Carol, the rash has improved, thank you. I wish I knew why I was so darn itchy though. Nice weather!! Enjoy! :sun: Oh, and you sort of got me interested in Lisa Hubbard's Pilates workouts. I'm going to look into OpenFit.

Donna, I have food prepped in the past and always loved having it done. However, it's hard to keep up with, lol. I'm with you on more water and eating better this month.

Dana, have fun pet shopping! I swear I have more fun shopping for them than for myself, lol.

Brenda, great! I hope it helps if you try it!

Hi Linda and Cheri!

Usia 02-01-21 01:31 PM

Brenda, thank you for starting a new thread for February! I posted my today's workouts in the old one.

txhsmom 02-01-21 09:03 PM

Happy February!

Today's workouts (so far) were Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 30 - 23 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates: 20 Minute Gentle Pilates for Beginners

I really liked this workout from Pahla - it was roughly half weights and half cardio - the cardio part on the front end and the strength work on the back end. This strength work was a little more traditional than what Pahla sometimes does - that allowed me to truly use my "moderate" 5 lb weights. Sometimes her strength work has too much overhead work and I can't use 5 lbs, but today's workout was not a problem.

Work went fine today - I was a little tired when I got home and wondered if I could get through my workouts okay, but I didn't have any problems.

Christine - Nice job with your workout.

Brenda - Thanks for getting us started.

Waves to all - off to watch basketball.


donnamp 02-02-21 09:09 AM

Hi Everyone,

It has been snowing here on and off for three days now - fortunately, it is not heavy snow - I'd say, overall, over these three days we got a total of 6 inches, but it is getting tiresome to see the gray skies....but... it is February.

I decided to finish up Lucy's Advent challenge -

I had left off at Day 18, so that is what I did today! It was a 30 minute workout - walking and body weight toning. I enjoyed it for a change of pace. I also still have to fit in Day 4 - along with Days 19-24, I remember I skipped that one b/c it was a longer workout. I'm not sure if I will do these as main workouts for the day or shorter ones to add on in the afternoons - but...we shall see.

It was a nice change of pace though!

I also did:

Blessful Body - Chest Expanding Backbend Prep - this was not as scary as it sounds. Mainly upper back/chest and hip opening exercises.

Yesterday for extras I did:

Lucy's walk up the mountain, it was really cute and fun to do and short!

I also did Essentrics Aging Backwards Pain Relief episode last night after work.

Brenda - thanks for starting the new thread, I always forget about that!

Christine - I hope you feel good after your workout and the shoveling. Yipes on the rash. My skin is super dry right now - indoor heating, cold weather...*sigh*

Carol -glad you were able to get through Pahla's workout! I enjoyed that one as well. Jessica has an Advanced HIIT on her calendar this month - I am wondering how modifiable it is...I could probably do it w/ modifications....but we shall see...LOL!...

Waves, Dana - how is Oliver?

Hope everyone has a good day!


txhsmom 02-03-21 06:52 AM

Tuesday's workouts were

Walk - 20 minutes;
Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 31 - 24 minutes;
Jessica Valant Pilates: 10 Minute Beginner Ab Workout

I got home super late from work - it's (not) my favorite time of year - next year's tuition setting time. The Board, understandably, always wants to keep tuition low; on the other hand, we (Head of School) and I are generally pushing for an increase so we can give the staff a raise. Fun times. Anyway, I had intended to do a longer pilates workout from Pilates Nest, but didn't have the time last night. Pahla's workout was truly a finisher to the WOW series - walking, low impact cardio and a collection of balance moves that she typically uses for finishers for her workouts. I do think I'm seeing some improvement in my balance because I'm doing her workouts and they almost always have a component of balance work in them.

Donna - Nice job! While you are filing in February with the LWR Advent workouts you missed, I'm going to fill in February with the Pahla WOW workouts I missed - about 12 more of them! I didn't realize I had missed so many. Glad you weren't completely snowed under. For dry skin, I have started using Curel's Itch Defense line of products (body wash and in shower moisturizer) and they have really helped my dry, itchy skin. We are the land of dry skin folks out here, with relative humidities of less than 15% much of the winter - I highly recommend them. They are hard for me to find - I order them from Amazon. Advanced HIIT - not for me, no way, no how.

Waves to all ~


donnamp 02-03-21 09:58 AM

Hi Everyone,

Rough night last night w/ sleep so I am a bit low on energy and got a late start - so far today, I did:

Blessful Body - Barre Flow w/ Weights - it is a short - 30 min barre type/fusion class - it was pretty low key but good for being tired.

I plan to squeeze in a LWR walk later today - after my meetings and then something stretchy tonight.

Last night I did Ellen's Kick Butt workout which is her take on kickboxing - it was 20 min so not too long.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Carol - nice job -and yes I understand the dilemma about tuition hikes....did your school pick up more students as a result of the pandemic? I think some of the private schools here did - since they are able to be open....


furmomof6 02-03-21 04:06 PM

Hi everyone,

My workouts the past few days has been shovel-max! We got over 2 feet and it was quite heavy, so I didn't add anything formal. I hope to get in a workout tomorrow though.

Donna, I'm sorry you got a bad night's sleep. I hope you're feeling better, that's tough! I agree about the gray skies getting old. Glad to hear you didn't get buried in snow like us!

Carol, nice on improving your balance! I'm always working on that with my PT.


txhsmom 02-03-21 09:05 PM

Today's workout was:

Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 7 - 30 minutes. This combined walking, low impact cardio, and balance work. Pahla had an extra long finisher that was all balance work and was tough.

Christine - Oh wow, that's lots of snow! Shoveling that is plenty of workout!

Donna - Sorry you didn't sleep well. I hate it when that happens. We actually lost students - many of our preschool families just opted to stay home this year. We picked up a few students from public schools, although our public schools here have a really good reputation. We lost a few to public schools, because they didn't want to pay for our online school, but were too afraid to come in our doors, so they used the free online public schooling. Overall, I'd say we were down about 10 students, but enrollment actually ended up being better than we expected. It's been a hard year to budget and predict. Our public schools have been open and in person the entire 20-21 school year. Honestly, I'm having a hard time understanding why all public schools - especially K - 8th - aren't open for in person school. It can be done and done safely.

Waves all - it's time to let the dogs in for the night.


fanofladyvols 02-03-21 11:57 PM

Christine sorry to hear you don't know what caused the rash . I hope that bump in time is working for you okay!

Brenda thanks for starting the to see you!!

Carol you can't make everyone happy being a decision maker. I'm sure the need to give a raise is necessary if you have teachers you want to keep. They have certainly had a tough year!

Paired a Kettlebell cardio workout with Beach Pilates plus ball Workout. Felt great!

Waves to Dana and Donna!!

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