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bzar 04-07-20 11:14 PM

USPS refunds for Priority Express
as a sender, i had paid for priority express. item was "guaranteed" to be delivered YESTERDAY, 4/6/20. it is still in transit. very upset - was trying to send some face masks to my son who is returning home from college. he won't be there when the item finally arrives.

how soon can i request a refund?

I'm reading online that senders got refunds by going in person to the PO and filing PS Form 3533.

bzar 04-09-20 07:55 PM

good news - went to the PO today and they gave me a full refund in cash. they will also notify the recipient to return the item since my son is not there to actually receive the item.

bubbles76 04-10-20 10:22 AM

That is great news!

bzar 04-13-20 07:16 PM


the item made it back to Hawaii today. PO delivered it in AZ 4/8/20, so therefore it took only 5 days to be returned to me.

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