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Jules 12-01-21 08:23 PM

Hi Kate! I love your plan to work your way through the older Cathe Lives! Are you going to keep notes? I have a spread sheet of my thoughts from several years ago. According to my notes I really liked Drill Max (68), Cardio Leg Blast w/ High Step (56), Cardio Strength Blast (43), High Intensity Aerobic Weight Training with Step (56), Total Body Sculpt - similar to BodyPump (71), and the PHA workouts, of course.

I guess if you ever get the hankering to do some Beachbody you can always renew for a month or two, right?:p

Almost nobody is wearing masks here either. I have to go to my daughter's band concert tomorrow and I am sure it will be a germ fest. I will probably wear a mask since I still have a little cough from the bronchitis. Covid cases have actually been going down here, but who knows what will happen with the new Omicron variant?

So I decided to try a little cardio today and did Step Sync. I am happy that I was able to do the entire routine with only a couple of missteps! It is the first time I have done cardio since mid-October due to my knee issue. Step Sync is pretty low impact and I wore a brace. Tomorrow I plan to do Pyramid Lower Body plus the bonus core routine with the stability ball from Butts & Guts. Yesterday I did Flexibility & Beyond: Hips. Ohmmmmmmmm:asleep:

Waves to Everyone!

KateTT 12-02-21 01:01 PM

Jules: I have a huge spreadsheet of all my workouts/dvds etc. I try to log everything I own plus all streaming. So yes, I'm making notes of all my Cathe Live workouts. Thanks so much for your input! I'm making notes of those workouts you liked.
I don't know that I'll do them in order, but I think I'll work my way from old to new.

Super fun Cathe Live today. I went back to #1 Boot Camp. Although it started out a little shaky production-wise, it was lots of fun and a good workout. For a first time, they did a really good job. Mixing kickboxing, some hiit, some metabolic and regular strength moves. All around total body good stuff. Of course abs at the end.

Today I'm feeling the need for some Yin. Ohmmmmm right back at you!

KateTT 12-03-21 12:34 PM

Today was Cathe Live #2 Step HiiT and Upper Body. Another good, fun and challenging workout. Very basic step choreo but plenty of intensity. 65 minutes long with the first half all step cardio, 2nd half all weights and then core. The weight work was good and I went heavier as I tend to do. Although I just used 1 riser for my step - Cathe and crew move to 2 risers after the warmup.

Not feeling bored with Cathe or Live yet as I am doing that almost exclusively lately. My DVDs are lonely. ;-)

Have a great weekend!! :sun:

KateTT 12-06-21 03:03 PM

Me again and welcome to a new week!

Started off the week with a big bang! Cathe live #10 Upper Body Sculpting (51 min) plus #229 Awesome Upper Body (39 min). #10 was a bit more heavy lifting at a slower pace. #229 was faster...not quite metabolic but quicker transitions, more reps, lighter weights. Nice long workout and I felt great. Feeling it all over though, that's for sure. LOL

Cardio tomorrow...more Cathe? Or Breathless Body? Hmmmmm???
Hope everyone has a great week!

Jules 12-06-21 08:12 PM

Hello! We got a few inches of snow over the past couple of days and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. :music: My son wants to earn money so he is doing the shoveling.

Since my knee has been improving I have been doing some lower impact cardio - it definitely helps elevate my mood. :sun:

Thursday: Pyramid Lower Body + Stability Ball Core from Butts & Guts
Friday: Flexibility & Beyond: Fountain of Youth
Saturday: IMax 4 + Ab Stacker core work
Sunday: BodyPump 108
Monday: Les Mills: The Trip 20 + Flexibility & Beyond: Splits

I am participating in a Wellness Challenge at work and I need to choose whether I want to focus on exercise or nutrition through the end of February. Such a hard choice! I know I should pick nutrition since I struggle with it more, but I don't want to worry about food over the holidays. Hmmmmmmmm:confused:

Kate: I used to double up on those Cathe Lives too - some are a tad too short to feel worked out with just one. Good thing there are so many to choose from!

KateTT 12-07-21 03:11 PM

Jules: Wish I could get your son over here! We got snow too and I spent a while on Sunday doing Shovel Max. I did the whole driveway by hand as hubby did not have the snowblower ready.

Something different today although Cathe was still calling to me. I did Amy Dixon's Breathless Body #3. Good HiiT cardio although I think this may be the easier one of her 3 BBs.
I moved between Level 2 and 3 depending on the move. It was fun and Amy has a lot of energy. I like her instruction.

Hugs to all!

KateTT 12-08-21 01:59 PM

Me again!!! :D :sun:

Today was amazing Cathe Live #3 All About Legs!! Yowza! 69 minutes of tough leg work and most of it was even UNweighted! Tons of reps, some good barre work, some stability ball work and burning legs/butt!! Very enjoyable. There are a couple of long breaks while people grab their equipment but not too bad. I stretched. I know I'm going to feel it later because I'm feeling it NOW. LOL

Hope everyone is well! HUGS

I changed my schedule tomorrow...GOTTA try that Slam HiiT workout! :D

Jules 12-10-21 06:19 PM

Kate- It sounds like you are really enjoying Cathe Live. :heart: I have in my notes that I did All About Legs and that it reminded me of XTrain Legs but with the music from High Reps. I also noted that the sound was very loud! Do you have DOMS today?

I had my yearly exam with my gyno today and it went well. I told her about my digestive and reflux issues and also that I have had hives for the past 2 weeks. She thinks that all of it is allergy-related and recommends that I see a general practitioner and get referred for food allergy testing. She also said I should start taking an allergy pill like Zyrtec daily. I am going to start with the Zyrtec but probably will put off the allergy testing until spring or summer when my hay-fever is also active.

*Have any of you ladies been tested for allergies? If so, what was it like?

Wed: LITE: Stacked Sets Upper Body + 6 Pack Abs #1 + Flexibility & Beyond: Upper Body
Th: LITE Stacked Sets Lower Body + 6 Pack Abs #2 = Yoga 30 for 30: Yin
Fri: Studio Sweat: Straight Up Spin for 45 minutes

fanofladyvols 12-12-21 01:09 PM

Jules I have never had allergy testing. Re: hives You might change laundry detergents and softeners (if you haven't already.) I had to go to making my own for my children and husband and that eliminated their perpetual skin issues. I also eliminated nearly all household cleaners. I think smelling all of that was bad for us. Anyway, much cheaper for us and less clutter, too! (I was using entirely too many things.) Sorry to hear that's plaguing you.

Kate good to see you are still trucking along.

Melinda I'm wrapping up MH60 and pilates and lots of mobility.

Hugs to Kim!!

Jules 12-15-21 07:05 PM

Hi Gals! I've been pretty good at keeping up with exercise but that might change starting this weekend. My In-laws will be arriving on the 23rd for a week and I have no days off other than this weekend to clean the house. My daughter's b-day is also next week and I still need to wrap gifts, meal-plan, etc. Will just do what I can!

Sunday: Ripped w/HiiT: LIHI Chest, Shoulders & Triceps + Bonus Core #1
Monday: Ran errands in town and attended the end of season basketball party for my son's team.
Tuesday: Ripped w/HiiT: LIHI Legs + Flexibility & Beyond: Short & Sweet
Wednesday: Ripped w/HiiT: LIHI Back, Shoulders & Biceps + Bonus Core #2

Hugs to all!:love:

KateTT 12-17-21 01:44 PM

Hi all..quick checkin..the week got away from me. Again.

Mon: Live 25 Strong Upper Body with Core. I had actually done this way back when I had subscribed before. Super good, excellent core and lots of heavy weights.

Tues: Live 5 Cardio Leg Blast with High Step. Kick butt...literally. High step from 1 and 2 risers for the cardio, to 3, 4, and 5 for the strength work. Legs get burned out from every direction and plenty of cardio effect. Little floor work, little core, lots of butt ache.

Wed: Justin's Dr appointment...chemo "juice" numbers still going down to 74. Normal is 35. I did get in a little Yoga.

Thurs: Live 31 High Low Hiit and 207 Cardio Fusion. Both excellent together. 31 does use a 10lb weight to boost the cardio. Nice high and low and a bit of core work at the end. 207 was a great mix of boxing, old school cardio and HiiT. Most excellent together.

Today: Change of pace..Michelle Dozois Your Best Body Circuit. I just got this in a trade and first time doing it. Really nice. I love her Peak 10 workouts and this was just a tad easier but I also went heavier than Peak 10 and am feeling it. Circuits of cardio and strength and a little core.

Malinda 12-18-21 12:05 PM

Hi y'all!

It has been a super-busy year-end push at work, plus all the holiday goings-on. I'm still doing LIIFT4 but subbing in some #MBF for the lower-body workouts because I really don't care for some of the LIIFT4 LB stuff. I've been fighting vertigo for about 10 days and I'm about sick of it. I've done the Epley maneuver without much success. I'm trying to figure out what is causing it, because some days it's worse than others. Seems like even one glass of wine the night before results in a bad spell of it the next morning. :(

Kate, I'm glad Justin's numbers are going down.

Jules, I hope you enjoy your visit with your in-laws.

Hi Kim and Linda!

We've had icky warm, humid weather since Thanksgiving, but a cold front is blowing in right now so hopefully it will make it feel more "Christmasey".

Y'all take care! :heart:

Mickey12 12-21-21 01:01 PM

Malinda so sorry you're dealing with vertigo. I have had it (luckily it didn't last very long) and I wonder if it's somehow related to stress. It seemed to come on for me during very hectic times. I wish you the best with it.

I've been sort of slacking with workouts. I was on vacation for 11 days in Walt Disney World in the beginning of December and I'm still getting back into a routine. We did tons of walking daily - averaged 6 to 7 miles per day, so I feel like that should count as exercise. Now that I've been back home, I'm trying to get in a groove again but this time of year is tough with so much other stuff to do for Christmas.

Last night I did synergistics from P90X3. The workouts are formatted similarly to P90X but they are only 30 minutes. I like that a lot! :p

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

KateTT 12-22-21 02:58 PM

Hey girls!! Good workouts for you guys!!

Malinda: Oooh that vertigo sounds nasty. I get motion sickness which is an inner ear thing so I can sympathize. I hope you get over it soon.
I really liked those LiiFT workouts.

Mickey: Disney sounded fun! 11 days of vacation!! I wouldn't know what to do with myself!

Detoured from Cathe Live this week and hitting it with THE BEAST! LOL

Monday was Body Beast Bulk Arms and also Bulk Shoulders. Both about half hour each and heavy heavy lifting. It surprises me when I life heavier than the guys (except Sagi - he IS a beast).

Yesterday I did a new-to-me Chalene's Turbo Kick Best of #2. That was fun!! Not as hard as Turbo Fire but fun stuff and pretty much the same format.

Today Beast Build Legs + Bulk Legs. YOW! Pure wickedness! When Sagi brought out two 50lb dumbells for squats, I about choked! But I'd love to see how many reps I could do with 100lbs!!
My Yoga today was mostly all side and leg stretches. Ahhh.

Closing in on Christmas quickly. Making a run into town to get last minute groceries as I know the stores will all be nuts tomorrow and Friday.

HUGS you girls! Take care!

Jules 12-23-21 11:54 AM

Glad to hear that the FitChicks are still hanging in there though this busy holiday season.

Today is my daughter's b-day and we are picking up my in-laws at the airport. I have not worked out since Friday, but have been very active cleaning the house. Unfortunately, I hurt my knee again. I was shoveling the deck and it was extremely icy. I slid awkwardly and now my knee is talking to me again. I guess I probably do have a small cartilage tear in my inner knee somewhere. It was healing nicely before I slipped, so I going to keep my focus on doing strength and yoga (and make my son do all the shoveling!)

Malinda: I sure hope your vertigo issues have settled down. I had similar issues in the past and it makes it incredibly difficult to read, watch tv or converse with other people for very long. :( In my case, the dizziness was caused by temporomandibular joint anterior disc displacement without reduction. I have since figured out how to manipulate my jaw to get the disc to pop back into place which has helped 90% with the vertigo. I only really notice it if I am in a store with lots of narrow aisles.

Kim: All that walking at Disney definitely counts as exercise! I have always wanted to try P90X 2 and 3 - only have the original.

Kate: Congrats on out-lifting the Body Beast guys. Didn't you compete in bodybuilding back in the day? You are Fierce!

Hi Linda!

Merry Christmas to All! :love:

KateTT 12-23-21 03:12 PM

Jules: I didn't actually compete in body building, just started the training. I love lifting heavy. I can NOT outlift Sagi though...not even close. Today he used TWO 70s! for squats. :o
Hope your knee gets better!

Today I did Beast Bulk Chest and Bulk Back. Holy !@#!. I am sore but I felt so strong today. I still struggle with pullups but there were only a few. I had all my heavy weights out. Good stuff.

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow. We have a big garage cleaning project to do and I have the day off so maybe just some Yoga.

Have a wonderful happy loving Christmas everyone!!

Malinda 12-25-21 12:07 PM

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas FitChicks!

I hope each of you has a wonderful, blessed day!


KateTT 12-28-21 01:49 PM

Hey girls...still hanging in there? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. PLEASE let 2022 be a better year than the past 2.

Soooo...Xmas Eve was the 4 hours of garage cleaning. Yes it was that bad! I had bags and bags of garbage and junk.

Christmas was lovely! For the first time in many years, I was with BOTH my boys on Christmas Day. We've celebrated other days in the past so this was super nice. Grandkids were amazing as always! I didn't want to go home.

This week has been kind of a Tony Horton One on One rotation.
Mon I did Vol 3 Disk 10 Upper Body X plus half of ARX2. Lots of pushups, some weighted work, some band work. Goofy Tony.

Today I did Vol 2 Disk 11 On One Leg 4 Legs plus Vol 2 Disk 5 Butt & Belly I Dare you! Ohhhhh myyyyy! That was about 80 minutes of unweighted balancing leg work plus some core. Ow my butt! Amazing how no weights at all can really blast your legs and butt. The balancing was a huge factor. Burn!! Good stuff.

Tomorrow is a chemo day so I'll be gone all day. And the first CT scan since chemo started. Saying lots of prayers!

Take care all!

Jules 12-28-21 05:54 PM

Hey Gals! I just posted this question on GD - have any of you tried Travis' new PY 108 yet? I am trying to decide if I want to sign up for Inner Dimension TV before the rate goes up.

My in-laws are here for a couple more days so I have not really been working out much, but I did get in a BodyPump and one yoga session.

Today I signed up for a free year of Apple Fitness Plus and Peloton through my heath insurance. My knee is feeling better this week - hopefully I will be able to spin soon.

Kate - I hear you! Looking forward to 2022 being better! I am so glad you had a good time with the grandkids. Praying for Justin. :heart:

Mickey12 12-30-21 12:14 PM

Hey everyone,

Jules what features/benefits does the Apple Fitness Plus offer? I never heard of it. And did I understand that your health insurance pays for a Peloton subscription too? Wow, that's excellent! I have Inner Dimensions and I have to admit that I haven't even used it in the last 6 months or so. I have not tried the new PY 108 program. Sorry I can't be of any assistance.

Kate sounds like an epic garage cleaning! I like those Tony Horton One on One DVDs. I only have a few of them though. I did get some used ones through Mary that I haven't tried yet. I think they're in a format similar to his 10 Minute Trainer series so they're short.

Hey Malinda! Hope you had a very merry Christmas.

My workouts have been sporadic and not very interesting. I have been walking, and doing some new DVDs I got for Christmas. I need to get into a good rhythm with consistency. Last night I did a new one - 10 Minute Solutions 5 Day Fit Mix with Amy Bento. It was fun, lots of variety and moderate work.

We don't have any New Years plans except for dinner at my sister in law's house. We typically don't do any real celebrating for New Years and I am usually asleep before midnight.

Happy New Year!

Malinda 12-30-21 02:58 PM

Hi everyone!

Kate - I'm keeping Justin in my prayers. And yay for garage cleanout! I love getting rid of stuff, but I have to be in the right mood, for sure. It's about time for us to do a big pass through our attic and closets and donate/trash stuff.

Kim - Have fun at your NYE dinner!

Jules - I'm glad you've learned how to manipulate your jaw to control your vertigo. My doc put me on a short course of Prednisone, which did nothing, so I am off to the audiologist/balance specialist after the first of the year. It sounds like you are set for 2022 with lots of workout options!

I started week 5 of LIIFT4 yesterday. Today I did Cathe RWH Low Impact HIIT2 and RWH Abs 1. And some pull-ups. I've been slacking on them and need to get back to it.

We had a progressive dinner planned for NYE with our good friends, but we decided to postpone it in an abundance of caution over Omicron. We're all vaxxed and boosted, and mask in public, so we're probably safe, but one friend has elderly parents that he is seeing next week, and he doesn't want to take any chances, which I think is smart. One of my bosses and his entire family came down with Covid over Christmas. All were vaxxed but I don't think anyone was boosted. He said it lasted about 2-3 days, low-grade fever, cough, and terrible body aches. He still gets winded easily.

Jules, I am not familiar with Travis' PY 108. I'm thinking of doing the 5 Parks 108 Sun Salutations practice that someone mentioned on GD for New Years Day. It's 2 hours long, so I'm not sure I have the mental stick-to-it-iveness to actually do it, but I might try. I've done the 36 Sun Salutations practice from the Ultimate Yogi set a couple of times, but the style is a bit more aggressive (that's probably not the right word but it's all I can think of right now) than Erin's. I prefer her laid-back-yet-professional style for something as ambitious as 108 SSs. Not that Travis is aggressive or unprofessional - I like him a lot!- I just can't keep up with him sometimes.

Best wishes to all of you for a very Happy New Year!

fanofladyvols 12-31-21 11:06 AM

Hey Fit chicks!

I am doing the NY VF marathon any chance anyone else is thinking about joining in?

It's the 20th so I think that's pretty special!!

I am planning on doing 20 swings for every hour I see a check-in buddy so I will be swinging for you if you decide to sign up.

Either way I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve! :music::sun:

KateTT 12-31-21 01:11 PM

Jules: I have not really heard much about the new Travis yoga. I am currently well saturated in Yoga practices.

Waves and hugs to you gals!! I really do appreciate your kindness!!

TGIF!! Where did this week go?
Chemo got postponed again on Wed. Labs were high (bilirubin) but the CT scan did not show anything around his liver stint. He has a PET scan Monday that his dad is taking him to then we have 2 more appointments next week.
So Wednesday was a bit of a bust but Justin did get the CT scan which was a lifesaver. We were afraid he would end up in the hospital again.

Yesterday I found a new Body Combat 88 on Les Mills on Demand so that was a no-brainer. I'll drop just about anything for a BC workout! Great stuff and they finally had an audience plus people exercising on the roof! Great workout.

Today I jumped back to Cathe live and did 375 Xmas Ball and 376 New year's Countdown workouts. 48 and 28 minutes. I cut out the cooldown on 375. Super super fun!! Xmas Ball is almost entirely on a stability ball and Cathe rotates thru upper, lower, core in no particular order. The leg work was all unweighted.

NY Countdown was fun too. 10 cardio moves done in descending rep order. Easiest move was 10 reps down to 1 rep for the hardest cardio. Then 5 weighted moves - very light and metabolic. Then the cardio countdown again, then 5 new weighted moves. It really was fun and the two were perfect together.

No plans for me tonight. I'll be lucky if I can stay awake until midnight.

Are we starting a new thread for the new year?

Happy New Year girls!!

Jules 12-31-21 03:58 PM

My in-laws departed yesterday afternoon. They are wonderful people, but these 1 week visits are just too long. It is probably a generational thing, but we are pretty much expected to converse for the entire day every day about mundane topics such as landscaping, hearing aids and incontinence. We also heard all about my in-lawsí friends we have never met who are ill or have recently died. I am an introvert, and it is mentally exhausting for me.

After the in-laws left, we had a fab night watching Christmas Vacation, Succession, and What We Do in the Shadows. I was really looking forward to a relaxing day today, but we had a power outage at 5 am that lasted for over 4 hours and took out half the ethernet in our house plus our mail server and movie/photo storage. My husband, who is an electrical engineer, is trying to order parts to restore everything. It is a real mess right now, all because somebody drove into a transformer in the middle of the night and killed the power to 8,000 households on one of the coldest days of the year. UGH. Probably a drunk driver.

I signed up for the 10-day free trial of Inner Dimension TV and am going to check it out today. One of the most interesting things I saw was the Workbook for Yoga Detox 30. You donít need to be a member to access it. I plan to work my way through the journal entries this winter:

Malinda: Sorry you had to cancel your progressive NYE dinner. It seems like Omicron is gunning for all of us now. I hope you get some answers re: your vertigo very soon! I did a lot of testing back when I had issues and the results were inconclusive. The ENT doctor was ready to refer me to a neurologist. My jaw had been aching for weeks at that time. One day, I was doing a P90X warmup and my jaw really hurt. I pressed on it hard and there was a huge POP as the disc went back into place. I instantly felt better. Surprisingly, the ENT doctor never asked me about any TMJ issues.

Linda: I would love to do the marathon, but with our internet issues here today I am not sure how things will pan out. I will be happy just to get in a workout!

Kate: Ooooh - a new BodyCombat? Heck Yeah! I hope Justinís appointments go well next week. A lot of folks around here light off fireworks on New Yearís and we watch from our windows. We are high up so we have an excellent view. Please start up a new thread for the FitChicks in 2022 - we could use a fresh start!

Kim: I havenít really explored Apple Fitness +, but it seems to have a large variety of workouts with several instructors. I have my fingers crossed for good music. The coolest thing is it is integrated with oneís Apple Watch which tracks you while you are doing the workouts and saves all of your data on the iPhone health app.


fanofladyvols 01-02-22 11:59 AM

Kate Please keep us updated on Justin and praying for you guys. I will continue to post sporadically if you start a new thread.

Jules your story of your relatives reminds me of long ago visits with my husband's family. But we never did have them with us (or were with them) for more than a couple of days! We were constantly pushing to go places just to keep the stirring the environment. I hope your knee mends well.

Malinda that's so strange about the wine and your vertigo. Does it matter what kind of wine you drink? I know people have different responses to the tannins. I hope you discover what is causing it.

Happy New Year, Fit chicks!!

Malinda 01-06-22 03:00 PM

Hi all!

I hope everyone's new year is off to fabulous start!

Kate - That Cathe NY countdown workout sounds like fun!

Linda - I think I was over-analyzing the vertigo and the wine drinking -- thank goodness! I would hate to have to give up my wine! My doc said my ear drums looked a little bulgy, thus the referral to an audiology group. They can't get me in until January 20. Luckily, it only seems to bother me when I am working out - specifically, when I lay down, and then when I get back up.

Jules - Well, that stinks about your power outage! And I don't care how lovely a house guest is, a week is too long of a stay in my book. I am an introvert as well, so I can totally sympathize with you. My step-daughter was here for four days at Thanksgiving and I could.not.wait for her to leave. She is extremely unpleasant and it was not a good visit. It took us a couple of days to get over it, we were so mentally exhausted. I used to invoke a 36-hour rule for her visits, but I backed off of that for a time when she became a bit more reasonable to deal with. However, her last two visits have been just awful. I am hoping that DH will remember that when the holidays roll around again this year and we can schedule a shorter visit.

Kim - I hope all is well with you!

I finished up Week 5 of LIIFT4 yesterday. I am enjoying it as always, and wondering what I might do after I'm done with all 8 weeks. Lots of options!

It's almost Friday, y'all! Yippee!

Jules 01-06-22 03:35 PM

Omicron got us. :(

I knew it was coming. I scheduled my 13 year old son to get his booster shot next week since it was just okayed by the CDC for his age group. He was coughing yesterday, but said that the kids did intense fitness testing in P.E and that he ran hard. He came down with a bad headache at school this morning and had a fever and increased heart rate, so the nurse tested him and it was positive. I got boosted in November and tested negative.

I am going to stay home with my son tomorrow just to be safe. We are supposed to get several inches of snow tonight, so I am glad I won't have to drive to work. The nurse told me the rest of the family should mask up around others, but we are fine to go out in public as long as we are symptom-free. We are all boosted except for my son. He had some ibuprofen and just ate a large lunch. He can still taste and smell.

My daughter had a cold last week with a sore throat and fatigue and she thought it might be Covid, but we did not test her since she didn't seem too sick, plus we were pretty much isolating at home on winter break anyway.

I had some sinus congestion for a few days last week too. Who knows? :confused:

The good news is I've been getting in some awesome workouts:

Sunday: Cathe 4 Day Split Kickbox (cardio + core) plus ID Yoga Detox 30: Start Where You Are
Monday: Cathe ICE Metabolic Total Body
Tuesday: ID Yoga Detox 30: Purify. (lots of chaturangas!)
Wednesday: Cathe Party Rockin' Step 2

Hope everyone is doing well. Stay safe and healthy!

Malinda 01-06-22 04:30 PM

Well, boo, Jules, I'm so sorry. I hope your son feels better very soon, and that the rest of the family doesn't get it.

Great job on the workouts!!!

Mickey12 01-06-22 07:03 PM

Oh boy, you guys, so sorry about COVID hitting your family, Jules. It’s definitely raging in our area too. All last year we only had one person in our office that had it and in the past three weeks we have had 4 people with Omicron. We were with family on New Year’s Day and the next day my niece tested positive. My work policy allows me to still come to the office but I have to be masked for 10 days. I have been vaccinated and boosted, and so far, I feel fine.

I posted on the Inner Dimensions thread you started. I also don’t care for Lauren’s practices and I can figure out why. Travis is so incredible though, love his practices so much.

Malinda what a trial having a family member that is so unpleasant. I can’t even imagine having to host someone in my home that I have such conflict with. I’m with you guys, I’m definitely an introvert and it is very exhausting to have to entertain for that long.

I’m glad you may have your vertigo figured out too. And VERY happy for you that it isn’t related to wine drinking. ;)

Kate, we’re thinking of you. Hope things are ok in your world. Are you going to start a 2022 thread?

I got quite a few new DVDs for Christmas so I have been trying a bunch of them. I did an Athletica workout with Ilaria, I did some Zip Trainer workouts, I did some walking workouts. Lots of variety, for sure.

Jules 01-10-22 01:11 PM

I came down with cold symptoms on Saturday and tested positive today. It isn't too bad so far - I have a cough, sore throat, and congestion. I had a small headache yesterday and feel a little bit achey. I don't have a fever and can still taste and smell. Other than 3 hours of shoveling snow on Friday, I have been taking it easy. I might do some yin yoga this week.

KateTT 01-10-22 01:59 PM

Do you guys want me to start a 2022 thread? I'd be glad too. Just say the word. For now:

Last week was CRAZY! Justin had appointments each day except for Friday. Gotta say my ex is really stepping up with helping with appointments. Whoda thunk it?

GOOD NEWS!! So between the CT and PET scans, the Radiation Dr. said she is not seeing the pancreatic tumor anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! And the "cancer juice" reading is down to 45 with 35 being "normal".

That doesn't mean we're out of the woods, but it is very promising. Now we have radiation EVERY Day for 28 days!! The hospital where we go is 90 minutes away for me so will be a lot of driving. Yes the ex is going to help too. Starts the 19th.

So....catching up. Last week was mostly Tony.
3rd: One on One Vol 3 Disk 3 Shoulders and Arms MC2 plus Vol 2 Disck 12 Upper Body Balance. Nice!
4th: Nothing..dr day.
5th: OoO Vol 1 Disk 9 Bun Shaper plus P90X+ Interval X Plus.
6th: Nothing but did get in a 20 minute Yoga practice.
7th: Cathe Live 371 Step & Weights plus 370 Chiseled Upper Body Blast. Now THAT was good!! Both workouts had cardio and weights and was about 80 minutes total. Whew!!

Today back to Cathe Live 214 Total Body Giant Sets #2. Very good. The rep pace was good but the pace in between exercises was really fast! I really liked the first TBGS and I see there is a 3rd. Will be checking those out again.

Mickey12 01-10-22 08:28 PM

Kate I'm so happy you posted. I was wondering and praying for Justin. Oh what wonderful news!!!!

And I would like a 2022 thread since the title of the current one says "2021". ;)

Jules so sorry you have Covid but I'm glad the symptoms are manageable. We now have an additional 3 or 4 people in our office who have tested positive. It's just spreading like wildfire. I have test scheduled for Wednesday. I've been symptom-free but I have to get a test for my HR Department since I was in contact with a positive case. Lets hope for negative.

Tonight I did a new DVD, 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body with Jessica Smith. I like the 10 Minute Solution workouts. They usually have a lot of variety and they're not too brutal.

Happy Monday everyone!

Jules 01-11-22 12:08 PM

Kate: That is the best news ever! :sun: I am with Kim - please do start a new thread for 2022 whenever you have time.

Kim: I will have to check out 10-minute Solution. I have Jessica's Walk Strong 3 but I don't use it much since most of the workouts are intermediate. I originally got it so that I have no excuses when I don't have much motivation to exercise. I am reading that I should ease back into exercise after Covid because there isn't a lot known about how it affects the heart, etc. I am feeling a lot better today and I think yoga should be fine to do for now, but maybe I will do some Walk Strong next week. I am sure that I will be tempted to hit the workouts hard and need to restrain myself. :o Fingers crossed for you to test negative.

Hello to Linda and Malinda and anyone else out there!

KateTT 01-11-22 01:39 PM

Here's the link to our new thread:

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