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sciencelady 11-14-21 08:20 AM

Crone Cronies - Fall Is My Second-Favorite F-Word. Food is First. 11/14
The Cronies is a place for women who are mature in age or attitude. The group is highly diverse in that we have ages ranging from 30s to 60s, some are moms, some are single, some are teachers/professors, and some have jobs and work outside the home and some donít. We do our own thing and are happy when life doesnít get in the way too often. Some are training for a marathon, some donít even do vids, you get the picture.

Life and exercise are what we report. A thread is started every Sunday. Some report every day, others whenever they can.

Bottom line: we are a diverse group and very supportive of each otherís goals. Oh, and weíre funny as heck. If youíd like to join us, just come on down.

sciencelady 11-14-21 08:32 AM

Good morning!

Adelija is off overnighting at Snelling Fort with her foreign student friends. I need to pick her up at 8 am :eek: - much earlier than a normal slow Sunday morning. I did manage to rake my backyard and take it to the compost site yesterday - overnight we got about an inch of snow on the grass - pretty well melted on pavement (so no shoveling - yay!). I also took Adelija to a Russian food market and she was happy to pick up familiar specialty foods and junk food :p.

Today, I'm planning on walking Gus after picking up Adelija, putzing around the house, and just relaxing - I'm sure Adelija will be napping.

Laura, glad you got your hearing aid fixed! Hope you got paid for the extra time the student took. Thanks for the titles for the next week and today!

Paula, Glad you enjoyed a real quilt group meeting. Our state's Covid rate is the highest we've seen this year - I'm glad to be getting a booster this week. My stick vacuum is several years old, so the battery is getting worse - I think initially it stayed on high for a half hour or so.

Waves to all!


Laura S. 11-14-21 11:41 AM

Today is catch-up day (following a lazy Sunday morning). I won't get everything done, but I hope to feel like I've gotten traction and I know where I'm going with the coming week. Some of the things I have to get done today include researching the problems one client is having with a PowerPoint presentation, figuring out what I need to cook in the coming days, and working on finding someone to clean our house. It's harder than it should be at this point.

Anita - Have a relaxing day. Yeah, she paid it all and was happy to do it. Apparently, I saved her a ton of time and effort and taught her stuff she hasn't learned in class (which is just sad), so she was thrilled. We have another session scheduled for tomorrow. Go figure. I hope the aftermath of the booster isn't too bad for you. For me, I was fatigued, a little less than after the second vaccine shot.

Paula - It's great that you are getting back to normal and had such a good quilting group. I'm guessing that not meeting in December would be what happens in a "normal" year.

Paula 11-14-21 09:14 PM

Good evening. Workout this morning was Pahla B Body Shaping Day 13 Cardio Tone followed by some stretching and a neighborhood walk with DH.

Grocery day for us. I did meal prep, made a big pot of lentil soup. We made crockpot applesauce and the day melted away. My freezer is now full - I always like that feeling.

Anita, thanks for getting us started. Theme is good kudos to you or Laura whoever found the theme. Hope Adelija is having fun at her overnight. Our area's COVID rate is up a little too - but overall we're doing good. I think you'll be glad you got the booster. I certainly am glad we did but then neither of us had a bad reaction. The peace of mind is worth the minor side effects we experienced.

Laura, glad you were able to help this client. Sounds as though she's a happy customer (the best kind). It is nice to see my quilting buds again. You're right, we gave up meeting in December years ago because so many people couldn't come, too much going on. Now we just skip December and resume in January.

sciencelady 11-15-21 09:00 AM

Good morning!

Planning on walking Gus and putzing around the house. I rearranged my computer equipment so I can more easily see my Epson screen - it keeps giving instructions I couldn't see when it was on the printer shelf below my knee level. I might put up a "free" pile at the end of my driveway of stuff not taken by charities, like my walker, which I used after hip replacement surgery.

Laura, you're so good for your clients :heart:. I need to do some computer learning to see how to get Quicken working on my iPad and still work on getting stuff into iCloud - my iPad is on my current email as ID, and my old computer is on my old email - not sharing space.

Paula, I'm getting the Moderna shot after having the J&J in April - not sure if they use booster concentration for us or regular full strength stuff. Glad you got to enjoy real people in real time in your quilting club. I'm not doing the yoga for seniors on a real-time stream - just not as touching as real time real people socializing.

Waves to all!


Paula 11-15-21 07:08 PM

Good evening. Workout this morning was Yin Yoga with Travis Eliot "Presence". DH and I also went to Long Beach and went for a long walk in the marina and went to a favorite restaurant for lunch.

Today is my younger brother's birthday - he's 67 today. Gosh, that makes me feel old.

Anita, de-cluttering and reorganization is always a good feeling isn't it? After pulling everything out of our back closet for carpet cleaning, we did a major declutter and reorganization is that closet and gosh darn it, it's so much better. We should have gotten rid of much of that stuff before this.
On the COVID vaccine, I found it intersting the advice now is to get a booster of any type regardless of what the type of vaccine you received. I can see the Moderna/Pfizer overlap as I've heard they are very similar. But what we were told initially was the J & J was a different type of vaccine entirely. guess is your Moderna booster is just like getting the initial shot, but my medical training is zero.

Laura S. 11-15-21 08:51 PM

Today just melted away. I picked up an order at WalMart this morning and went to the library and pharmacy this afternoon. Got some crafting in and had a longer session brushing Polly (the cat). Her winter coat seems to be coming in and I brushed out a lot of hair. We also got a lot of boxes delivered and I spent time sorting through those and putting stuff away.

Paula - When I have a problem with a birthday, it's usually my brother's more than mine. He's almost three years younger than me and his birthday is two months before mine. By the time mine rolls around, it's not big deal...

Anita - I have heard that mixing and matching vaccines can improve coverage against infection, at least between the J&J and the other two. I had heard that a Moderna booster would be a half dose, but the GP told us last week that for those of us who are immunosuppressed, it's a full dose.

sciencelady 11-16-21 08:38 AM

Good morning!

Planning on walking Gus, seeing an eye doctor, doing some shopping on that end of the world where the doctor is, and more putzing around. I do have some things on the corner of my lot with "free" on them for scavenger pickup. I watch a burst of Hoarders on TV to get me in the mood to get rid of more things :p. This time it's my walker I used after hip replacement (charities won't take it) and a rusty, but not leaky empty gas container. My snowblower takes very pure gasoline that comes in its own container and my mower is electric now. If I ever needed gas on the road, I'd probably buy one from the station, not run miles home and bring my rusty one :cool:. The walker is fine and very basic, but not needed now - I'm keeping my cane in case something is needed in the future.

Paula, now I feel like the baby around this group at age 60 :p. I did a lot of decluttering when I had the remodeling project upstairs and downstairs years ago - it does help when you have to pull everything out of a room or closet and figure out what you'll keep. I'm glad I did that and my closets still look well organized and decluttered.

Laura, Polly must've loved your brushing :heart:. I did fill out a form for the vaccine so they know I've had a single J&J shot. I just chose that pharmacy as Moderna gave a slightly better reaction than Pfizer or another J&J and that pharmacy was giving Moderna. That'll be tomorrow.

Waves to all!


Laura S. 11-16-21 01:33 PM

This morning, I had a training session with someone on editing a PowerPoint presentation. I threw a lot of information to him and he seemed to have what he needs to get it done. This afternoon, I have an appointment with an ENT. For the past couple of months, I feel like it's hard to clear my throat, and that's after feeling like things - pills, food - can get stuck at a point in my throat sometimes. I figure it's time to see what's going on. I think some of it is the aftermath of the gallbladder surgery I had, or rather the general anesthetic, that was used.

Anita - Nope. You're the middle child here. I'm 58. This year, I had trouble with the fact my younger brother turned 55. I hope the Moderna vaccine was easy for you. For me, the first shot was fine. It was the second shot that made me fatigued.

sciencelady 11-17-21 08:13 AM

Good morning!

Planning on walking Gus, doing some raking, getting my Covid booster and doing some grocery shopping. I might make some roasted brussel sprouts also - my fall favorite veggie!

Laura, how did it go at the ENT? I'll find out about the Moderna vaccine this afternoon.

Waves to all!


Paula 11-17-21 08:57 PM

Good evening. Workout this morning was Pahla B's Body Shaping Day 16 Recovery Stretch and a neightborhood walk with DH.

Did I forget to post yesterday? It looks as though I did.

Anita, hope the booster shot went well for you and you didn't have any negitive side effects. As Laura said, you're the middle child - I'm the oldest at 70. Did anyone pickup the free stuff you put out?

Laura, how did the appointment with the ENT go?

Paula 11-18-21 08:36 PM

Good evening. Workout this morning was Pahla B Body Shapring Day 17 - moderate cardio followed by some stretching and a neighborhood walk with DH.

Guess I am the only one posting today - hope everyone is having a good day.

sciencelady 11-19-21 07:58 AM

Good morning!

Weird, I thought I had posted yesterday.... :confused: Yesterday we played Carcassonne, I walked Gus with my friends, and just basically spent the day catching up on recorded TV shows. Adelija came home with a female friend from her school and they are sleeping together downstairs - no school for them today. I did step outside tonight at 3 am to see the moon eclipse - cool! I'll be going off to work at the WRC this morning and may stop by a grocery store on my way home to pick up a few things. I'll take Gus for a walk, then do more putzing around the house.

Paula, sorry you've been the only one on here yesterday! I was kind of sore yesterday - don't know if it was the booster or everything I've been doing around here. My walker got picked up yesterday - gas container is still out there - I might crush it and toss it when garbage comes for me next week if no one grabs it.

Waves to all!


Laura S. 11-19-21 07:45 PM

Sorry I dropped out of sight. It has turned into a crazy week. We have had a lot of appointments - medical appointments, training sessions, etc. Plus, I finally found someone to come in on Monday to clean the main floor in the house. I found them on a site that caters to one-time task experts, so it's just the one time so far, but this means we have been working to clean up the house of the clutter some.

Plus, we found out that my MIL fell and fractured her knee. She feel a couple of weeks ago and didn't tell anyone for a while and then wouldn't go for an x-ray for a while because she didn't want to bother anyone, so they just found out that she suffered a fracture. DH's family doesn't ask questions, so we do not know if it's her kneecap or another bone in the knee or what. DH feels like we should go in to help, but they keep saying that we should wait to decide until she gets the brace they are ordering for her, but the brace isn't coming in. It didn't arrive on Wednesday or today, and now they're hoping for Monday. With next week being Thanksgiving week and storms being predicted for early next week on this coast, I keep telling DH that someone needs to simply make a decision because, if we go, we'll have to rearrange a lot of different things.

Paula 11-19-21 09:25 PM

Good evening. Workout this morning was Pahla B Body Shaping Day 18 - Moderate Weights, some stretching and a neighborhood walk with DH.

It was a nice day so we went flying.

Anita, it's possible you lost a day due to the side effects of the booster - I was sure fatigued for a couple days afterward. Plus pain at the injection site. All things considered that's mild side effects. Glad Adelija is making good friends. I didn't even know there was an eclispe of the moon last night.

Laura, so sorry to hear of your MIL's fall. Would it be easier and quicker for you to buy the brace she needs and take it to her? I know there are some huge medical facilities near you (thinking of Duke). The supply line problems are affecting everyone everywhere aren't they!

sciencelady 11-20-21 08:58 AM

Good morning!

Planning on walking Gus, raking my yard, and taking Adelija to a mall to meet some friends. Last night I got her to watch The Full Monty with me - we were both entertained :D - I think I've watched that about ten times over the years...

Laura, I'm sorry your week has been so busy and I feel sorry for your MIL - how far away from you does she live? Does she live on her own or in some sort of elderly facility? Hope the brace comes in quickly and wish she would have gotten my walker on the curb.

Paula, I'm a bit fatigued, but mostly just whole body soreness - feels like I've exercised a lot - I assume that's from the booster. No difference between my two arms though. Adelija is making lots of good friends, both foreign from her group, foreign from school, and a variety of kids from the school. She used to have a close friend from school that she would hang out with, but don't see her doing as much with her now. She now has to add back one of the classes she dropped (probably painting) for the program she's in - she's upset about that. I didn't know that limitation when it happened. I didn't bother taking a picture of the eclipse because so many others have better cameras and focusing equipment than me - no regrets standing out on my porch in freezing weather in pajamas for a few minutes though :D. Have fun flying!

Waves to all!


Laura S. 11-20-21 09:12 PM

Following a lazy morning, we had a busy afternoon with stuff around the house - laundry, cooking, cleaning up the kitchen, etc. We also went to Mom and Dad's to try to help them figure out their router woes (no luck - it's an actual outage) and then hung out there some. We still haven't gotten the house cleaned up like we want, but there's always tomorrow.

My MIL lives in Huntington, WV (8 hours from us) with DH's brother living in front of her house and his sister living up the drive and other family in another house. But my BIL is caring for his wife in the end stages of emphysema and my SIL has an adult child who is severely autistic and schizophrenic, so they are maxed out. Plus, the other people are dealing with COVID. It's just a crazy time there. My MIL lives in her own house with support from the surrounding family, but this is just a crazy time and with Thanksgiving coming up, it's even worse.

Anita - It sounds like Adelija is getting an education in American entertainment. :D It sounds like a fun night in.

Paula - Yeah, the supply issues take so many different forms - it's nuts. The brace has to be fitted before it's ordered and they are waiting on her customized brace. That was a really good idea though. I thought about it...

Paula 11-20-21 09:22 PM

Good evening. Workout this mornig was Pahla B Body Shaping Day 19 Balance, followed by some stretching and a neighborhood walk with DH.

Anita, I remember watching The Full Monty years ago - it was a fun movie. Glad Adelija is having a good experience living in our country and is making friends. I'm not surprised she had a problem with a course she's taking (or not). I don't believe I ever had a truely good course advisor. I suspect all my friends would say the same. I ended up having to take one course three times. I took it in community college (my advisor said to) I transfered to the four year college where it was upper division so they wouldn't give me credit for it from my Community College. So I took it again as a 400 level course. I was told since it was a 400 level course it would count toward a section of my graduate school requirments - it didn't I had to take it again as a 500 level course. Yes, they were all different perspectives and not idential but the advice I got was off base at every level. So, welcome to the world of higher education in the US Adelija.

I wonder if Laura is on her way to West Virginia?

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