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Pam 09-05-21 02:27 PM

Need both Edge Booty 1 and 2?
I already have Ingrid Romero's Edge Booty 2 and liked it when I did it years ago. I am considering getting Edge Booty 1 in Mary's sale. Do I need both or is the first one similar to the second one? Your opinion on the 2 sets?

bubbles76 09-05-21 02:54 PM

Just from previewing, the first one is completely different from the second. The second is much more advanced.

Taiga 09-05-21 03:54 PM

The first volume is nice but a little over-priced (before it showed up on TF sales, it was a LOT over-priced). It is 4 separate 10-20 min workouts that are great for add-ons. I like to use them to keep my muscles pumped btwn heavier weight work.They are quality programs. However, if I could only choose one volume, it would be volume 2. You get a full, high quality weight-lifting program with a lot more footage. Volume 2 gives you time to lift fairly heavy. Volume 1 is generally faster and I use lighter weights. HTH.

AsSweetAsSugar 09-05-21 04:41 PM

I do not think you need vol. 1, unless you like having short LB add on options. They are good but not similar to Vol. 2.

Pam 09-05-21 09:10 PM

Thanks everyone for your comments and for dis-enabling me.�� Kinda sad though, I think this is the first time in many years that there is nothing on Mary’s Sale that I want to order.

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