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nyskier 09-01-21 12:32 PM

Request the Wealth- September 2021
Is there a DVD or VHS that you would love to have but cannot find?

If so, ask here and one of us may have it on a shelf collecting dust.

You may be asked to send postage or SASE.

Have fun!


Kitten 09-02-21 03:50 PM

Anybody looking to get rid of 30 minute or less dvds I am interested and I will pay/trade.

I have both of Kathy's Lift weights to lose weights, Core Secrets 20 and 25 minute workouts, Leslie's Tone Every Zone.

I am looking for similar. TIA!

DD546 09-04-21 11:50 AM

Hello everyone. I'm looking for Richard Simmons DVDs. I have Sweatin to the Oldies 1-4 and Disco Sweat. I'd like to acquire Sweatin 5, Broadway, and some others. I've been having such fun with these. I'd be willing to trade. I know some people don't click with Richard, so if you're one of them, I'd be happy to give the DVDs a good home.

IceQueen07 09-05-21 06:18 AM

Looking for the following if anyone doesn't use anymore. Willing to trade, etc.

Classical Stretch
Season 13
Rebalance & Reboot
Aging Backwards - Connective Tissue Workouts

Garrie A. 09-07-21 10:14 PM

I know these are a lot to ask for, but if anybody is willing to part with theirs I'll gladly give them a loving home.

The MB45 kettlebell DVDs
Marcus Irwin Step Fusion

I'll also consider a temp trade or loan.

txhsmom 09-15-21 06:21 AM

I would love to have Tracey Effinger's Squeeze Stronger. Can send a SAES or Amazon Gift card to cover postage or would be happy to trade something for it. I have a lot (but no trade list posted at the moment).


suzanne63 09-18-21 08:41 AM


Softshoe 09-19-21 05:08 AM

I am looking for Disco Abs Celebration Cardio. I bought it from ebay but another DVD came in case. Thank you.

The DVD labeled Disco Abs Bodies on Fire - Ring My Total Body played Celebration Cardio. I'm all set after all!

JENILU 09-19-21 11:32 PM

i used to have the floorwork Ballet Beautiful DVDs (I think they were put out twice with different covers, which I have no preference). i have cover art but cannot find them anywhere- and searched FOREVER. I have the gentler pregnancy set and use the 2nd easier DVD on that, or did, but it is pretty cracked (ya know when they come with a tiny crack and you don't notice and it gets bigger when yoy put it back in box). It is playing fairly well now with tape. I would love to reaquire her floorwork DVDs, or if anyone has a copy of that pregnancy DVD i'd love that as well. Very willing to trade for them. I do not have a list up, but I have a written list of a lot of things I put away a while back and was going to make a list till life happened and have just not had the energy to put the whole thing up. If you have any special interests, just let me know. If I am able, I will atleast start a list with a few things at a time and add to it as i can. (oh, i think there is a newer one with a lot of floorwork as well that I wouldn't mind) I do have the ones also where she is wearing a tu tu and if anyone wanted would be happy to trade those.
Many blessings. I will try to start that list!

bubbles76 09-24-21 11:38 AM

I have been trying the Discount Workouts by Gymbox lately, and really enjoying them! These came out some years ago, and are DVD-R. If anyone has any lying around that they aren't using, I'd love to give them a good home.

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