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FitBoop 09-20-21 09:57 AM

Catheís Virtual Halloween Roadtrip
Hi! Cathe’s going to be streaming her Halloween roadtrip. Is anyone thinking of signing up?

Here is a link:

Here is the info:

Calling all ghosts and goblins! Join Cathe via ZOOM on October 29th and 30th for an amazing two-day virtual roadtrip jam packed with high energy workouts and festive Halloween fun! What does a Cathe Virtual Roadtrip entail?

Much like with our in-house Glassboro Roadtrips, you’ll experience several intense classes with Cathe plus an active stretch class! Cathe will stream these classes from her filming set and will be interacting with you directly to make these streamed classes extra special!

Cathe can’t wait to see you all crushing these event classes in your homes! You’ll enjoy some other classic Roadtrip events like the lobby parties, fire pit meet & greet, Q&A with Cathe, and a virtual shopping experience with exclusive deals for virtual attendees. Cathe will also be doing some raffle giveaways live! In addition to these classics, you’ll have some extra time together with Cathe as you virtually enjoy some special Halloween themed “extras” throughout the two days!

More details on these surprises to come! Dust off your broomsticks, sharpen your fangs, mix up your potions and get ready for a hauntingly great time! Hope to see you all there, if you dare…heeee he he he heeee!

On September, 27th at 1pm EST an orange button will appear on this page so that you can sign up for the Cathe virtual Halloween road trip.

Tentative Schedule of events:
Friday 3pm EST: welcome and virtual shopping with Jenn and Nancy

Friday 5pm EST: Class 1

Friday 6:15pm EST: “Let’s Stir Up a Witch’s Brew Smoothie” with Cathe

Friday 6:30pm EST: Q&A time with Cathe and Chris and Raffle giveaways

Friday 7:45pm EST: Class 2 (Yoga/Mobility)

Friday 8:45pm EST: “Lobby” party mingle amongst one another

Saturday 10am EST: Class 3

Saturday 12pm EST: Class 4

Saturday 2:30pm EST: Class 5 (30 minutes)

Saturday 3:00pm EST: virtual selfies with Cathe

Saturday 6:15pm EST: Halloween Mocktail Making “tailgate party” with Cathe

Saturday 7-9pm EST: cocktails by the firepit/ personal time with Cathe

The cost of the Cathe Virtual Roadtrip is $119. Each registration includes a Roadtrip gift which will be mailed to your address after registration! This will include your virtual roadtrip t-shirt plus a couple of other goodies! Don’t miss your opportunity to join Cathe for her one and only roadtrip in 2021! While these past two years have proven to be quite a challenge overall, that won’t hold us Cathletes down! Get ready to get sweaty…virtually!!! Hope to see you all there!

FitBoop 09-22-21 07:14 AM

Is anyone thinking of signing up?

LizEMA 09-22-21 11:30 AM

I'm thinking of it, but I know I won't. I wouldn't feel comfortable being on screen/camera, and I feel like that might defeat most of the point of the VRT. :o
Plus, I really just try to stay unnoticed when amongst a group of people. (Again, seems a contrary feeling to have when contemplating a VRT. :p)

I'm awfully tempted by the Q&A with Cathe (& Chris), though! I'd love to pick her brain. (Mostly about future releases. Will there ever be a RWH 2?? :sun:)

Did you attend last year FitBoop? Are you planning on signing up for this one?

I do wish that there was some kind of "trailer" going in to more specifics and detail about it, showing clips or screen shots from last year's, giving a clearer idea of what the experience would be like. I feel like that would be helpful. (Perhaps, I am just over thinking it. :))

Kathy G 09-22-21 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by FitBoop (Post 2941660)
Is anyone thinking of signing up?

Iím going to wait and see how I feel mid-late Oct before I sign up, hopefully it wonít be sold out by then if Iím up to it. I have a medical procedure scheduled on the 6th (had some benign things show up on my mammogram). :(

Liz, Iím not a camera person either! And I usually go to the back of the room during the in person Cathe RTís. But the good thing about the virtual version is you can turn off or cover your camera whenever youíre not comfortable. Some people last year just put up a picture on their Zoom profile because of internet issues. You can participate as much as you want from the comfort of home. :) The classes felt like a Cathe Live with her interacting with the people on camera (and the same with the Q&A and activities). Iím mostly an introvert and I felt comfortable. :)

FitBoop 09-23-21 01:05 AM

LizEMA, I didnít attend last year, but I have attended a number of in-person roadtrips. What makes me interested is to have something fun to do with other people and of course, with my favorite instructor, Cathe. I am not sure if I will sign up, though, because I would rather spend the money on a year of streaming, as opposed to one weekend.

Kathy, please post if you do the virtual roadtrip.

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